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Are you still bothered by where to find the best electric skateboard? If the answer is yes, don’t worry. Knowing your needs, LumBuy has carefully selected high-quality and stylish motorized skateboards from reliable brands for you to choose from. All types sold on our website are the best electric longboards in 2022 from Maxfind, Teamgee, and WowGo.

Anyone who takes an interest in electric skateboards can have a try on our website. It’s not simply a skateboard with an e-motor attached, but a symbol of a fun and cool lifestyle. With fewer costs than cars’, it can help go uphill, make commute enjoyable and lessen the carbon footprint.


What is an electric skateboard?
  • Types
Electric skateboards, also known as electric longboards, motorized skateboards, or remote control skateboards, can be classified into regular electric skateboards and off-road electric skateboards. The latter is also called all-terrain electric skateboards.

  • Features
Unlike regular skateboards, it is a kind of skateboard with an electric motor attached. It is powered by a battery and often has four wheels. Mains parts of an electric longboard include a deck, skateboard truck, wheels, controller and remote control, battery, the power group, and some other accessories. As a faithful friend who can bring you where you want to go with great joy and fun, electric skateboards are worth purchasing.

How to buy the best electric skateboard?
Some people may wonder if they can buy an electric skateboard kit for DIY. Still, it's better for you to buy one rather than make it at home because homemade electric skateboards cannot guarantee quality and performance. Here are some factors you should consider to buy the best e-skateboard:

  • Size
Do you want a mini motorized skateboard or a larger one? Unlike other vehicles, you have to consider the portability of an electric skateboard, as you have to carry it in your hands. So, when choosing a board, you need to consider your strength and stature. Furthermore, the size of an electric skateboard usually affects the motor power and thus your travels.

  • Motor
A motor of an electric longboard is like the CPU of a computer. The engine directly influences the skateboard's peak speed, grade ability, and other performance. If you’d like a device with fast speed, you should consider buying one with at least a 1000W-power motor. Otherwise, an engine with hundreds of Watts will be enough if you prefer a board with average speed.

  • Battery
Battery determines how far an electric skateboard can go. If you have a long commute, a skateboard with a longer battery life will be more helpful, as it reduces the need to charge your e-skateboard consistently.

  • Wheels
It's essential first to consider the material of wheels. Usually, PU material is hard-wearing and durable, indicating you only have to change the wheels now and then. Besides, the size of wheels should also be taken into account. Larger wheels are better at dealing with complex road conditions. The best method is to try riding a traditional skateboard with types of wheels before purchasing an e-skateboard.

  • Deck
Deck materials can affect your safety on an electric skateboard. Ensure the deck is solid enough to support your weight comfortably; otherwise, you might fall from it. Most boards on the market are made of maple wood and other composite materials.

  • Warranty
Because an electric skateboard is not as cheap as a regular skateboard and is filled with electric components, some problems or glitches are challenging to solve manually. Seeking help from repair stores may take a large amount of money. Therefore, it's recommended to get an e-skateboard with a warranty.

  • Customer service
Customer service will be a great help If you are a newcomer in this field. You can get instructions before expertly riding an e-skateboard or ask after-sales staff for help if you encounter problems after receiving the skateboard.

What are the best brands of electric skateboards?
Maxfind, WowGo, Teamgee, Evolve, Boosted, Razor, Swell, and Meepo.

How to e-skate safely?
Safety is always the top priority because e-skating might be dangerous if you don't learn the professional and right way to ride. Besides, the advice followed should also be kept in mind:

  • 1. Always wear a hamlet and protective gear.
  • 2. Ride at the speed you’re able to control.
  • 3. Don’t drink and ride.
  • 4. Be cautious when trying stunts.
  • 5. Practice makes perfect.
  • 6. Make sure electric skateboards are legal in your country.
Why should I buy electric skateboards on LumBuy?
Because LumBuy is an e-commerce platform that only sells high-quality products. All electric skateboards you can find on our website are five-star longboards gone through the strictest selection process. They all come from noted suppliers in the industry, like Maxfind, Teamgee, and WowGo. Moreover, we also provide fast shipping and excellent after-sales services to address your concerns about delivery or quality.

How much does an electric skateboard cost?
Electric skateboards can be cheap or expensive. There is no definite number. The price of a new e-board varies from $200 to several thousand dollars on Amazon. The costs depend on many factors, like quality or brand.

How fast do electric skateboards go?
Generally, the average speed of electric skateboards is from 18 to 28 mph (or 29 to 45 km/h). The fastest speed of e-skateboards can reach over 40 mph (65 km/h). But overall, the speed is the result of many factors, including battery, riders' weight, motor power, etc.

Are electric skateboards legal in my country?
The legality of electric skateboards differs in different states and countries. Here are the latest regulations of electric skateboards in some areas or countries:

  • New York City
Electric skateboards are allowed to ride.

  • California
According to a law called AB-604, riding an electric skateboard is legal in the state if the board meets the specific definition, like wearing a helmet, keeping the speed no more than 20miles/h, or making sure the rider is over 16.

  • Australia
Laws about electric skateboards in Australia are different in different states. For example, in Victoria, it’s illegal to use electric skateboards on public roads or road-related areas like sidewalks or nature strips. Electric skateboards are only allowed to ride on private property if the owner permits.

  • India
There are no official regulations or laws that forbid e-skating, so riding an electric skateboard is considered legal in India currently.

  • Singapore
E-skaters in Singapore can come in 25km per hour on bikeways and 15km per hour on sidewalks. Despite that, riding an electric skateboard on roads is still considered illegal.

  • UK
People are forbidden to ride an electric skateboard on the sidewalk or road in England, Scotland and Wales. They are only allowed to ride on private land.