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Anyone who takes an interest in electric skateboards can have a try on our website. It’s not simply a skateboard with an e-motor attached, but a symbol of a fun and cool lifestyle. With fewer costs than cars’, it can help go uphill, make commute enjoyable and lessen the carbon footprint.


  • Types
Electric skateboard, also known as electric longboard, motorized skateboard, or remote control skateboard, can be classified into regular electric skateboard and off-road electric skateboard. The latter is also called all-terrain electric skateboard. Most have electric skateboard backpacks to allow you to travel with them.

  • Features
Unlike regular skateboards, it is a kind of skateboard with an electric motor attached. It is powered by a battery and often has four wheels. Electric skateboard parts include a deck, electric skateboard trucks, wheels, controller and remote control, battery, the power group, and some other accessories. As a faithful friend who can bring you where you want to go with great joy and fun, electric skateboards & motorized skateboard are worth purchasing.

Some people may wonder if they can buy an electric skateboard kit for DIY. Still, it's better for you to buy one rather than make it at home because homemade electric skateboards cannot guarantee quality and performance.

Here are some factors you should consider to buy the best e-skateboard:

  • Size
Do you want a mini motorized skateboard or a larger one? Unlike other vehicles, you have to consider the portability of an electric skateboard, as you have to carry it in your hands. So, when choosing a board, you need to consider your strength and stature. Furthermore, the size of an electric skateboard usually affects the motor power and thus your travels.

  • Motor
A motor of an electric longboard is like the CPU of a computer. The engine directly influences the skateboard's peak speed, grade ability, and other performance. If you’d like a device with fast speed, you should consider buying one with at least a 1000W-power motor. Otherwise, an engine with hundreds of Watts will be enough if you prefer a board with average speed.

  • Battery
Battery determines how far an electric skateboard can go. If you have a long commute, a skateboard with a longer battery life will be more helpful, as it reduces the need to charge your e-skateboard consistently.

  • Wheels
It's essential first to consider the material of wheels. Usually, PU material is hard-wearing and durable, indicating you only have to change the wheels now and then. Besides, the size of wheels should also be taken into account. Larger wheels are better at dealing with complex road conditions. The best method is to try riding a traditional skateboard with types of wheels before purchasing an e-skateboard & motorized skateboard.

  • Deck
Deck materials can affect your safety on an electric skateboard&electric longboard. Ensure the deck is solid enough to support your weight comfortably; otherwise, you might fall from it. Most boards on the market are made of maple wood and other composite materials.

  • Warranty
Because an electric skateboard is not as cheap as a regular skateboard and is filled with electric components, some problems or glitches are challenging to solve manually. Seeking help from repair stores may take a large amount of money. Therefore, it's recommended to get an motorized skateboard with a warranty.

  • Customer service
Customer service will be a great help If you are a newcomer in this field. You can get instructions before expertly riding an e-skateboard or ask after-sales staff for help if you encounter problems after receiving the skateboard.

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Safety is always the top priority because e-skating might be dangerous if you don't learn the professional and right way to ride an electric skateboard. Besides, the advice followed should also be kept in mind:

  • 1. Always wear a hamlet and protective gear.
  • 2. Ride at the speed you’re able to control.
  • 3. Don’t drink and ride.
  • 4. Be cautious when trying stunts.
  • 5. Practice makes perfect.
  • 6. Make sure electric skateboards are legal in your country.
Because LumBuy is an e-commerce platform that only sells high-quality products. All electric skateboards you can find on our website are five-star longboards gone through the strictest selection process. They all come from noted suppliers in the industry, like Maxfind, Teamgee, and WowGo. Moreover, we also provide fast shipping and excellent after-sales services to address your concerns about delivery or quality.

Electric skateboards can be cheap or expensive. There is no definite number. The price of a new e-board varies from $200 to several thousand dollars on Amazon. The electric skateboard price depends on many factors, like quality or brand.

Generally, the average speed of electric skateboards is from 18 to 28 mph (or 29 to 45 km/h). The fastest speed of e-skateboards can reach over 40 mph (65 km/h). But overall, the speed is the result of many factors, including battery, riders' weight, motor power, etc.

The legality of electric skateboards differs in different states and countries. Here are the latest regulations of electric skateboards in some areas or countries:

  • New York City
Electric skateboards are allowed to ride.

  • California
According to a law called AB-604, riding an electric skateboard is legal in the state if the board meets the specific definition, like wearing a helmet, keeping the speed no more than 20miles/h, or making sure the rider is over 16.

  • Australia
Laws about electric skateboards in Australia are different in different states. For example, in Victoria, it’s illegal to use electric skateboards on public roads or road-related areas like sidewalks or nature strips. Motorized skateboards are only allowed to ride on private property if the owner permits.

  • India
There are no official regulations or laws that forbid e-skating, so riding an electric skateboard is considered legal in India currently.

  • Singapore
E-skaters in Singapore can come in 25km per hour on bikeways and 15km per hour on sidewalks. Despite that, riding an electric skateboard on roads is still considered illegal.

  • UK
People are forbidden to ride an electric skateboard &motorized skateboard on the sidewalk or road in England, Scotland and Wales. They are only allowed to ride on private land.

Why do you want to build your electric skateboard & motorized skateboard? Are you giving yourself a hard time? Probably not. For some electric skateboarders, the process of making a skateboard is exciting and unique; it's different from buying a finished product.

Without further ado, let's dive into this simple guide.

  • How to DIY an electric skateboard or electric longboard?
Before that, make sure you know how to ride a skateboard and have some riding experience. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you. Once you have chosen your essential equipment, you should measure the size of the skateboard and the kit to make them fit. However, it depends on your needs as to what kind of kit is best for you. Finally, attach the kit to your skateboard.

  • How to install a conversion kit on a DIY electric skateboard?
It largely depends on the structure of your electric longboard.

You can refer to the specifications in the product manual. Therefore, you will know how to match the longboard with the kit.

Then, you can filter the skateboard kits that are not suitable.

Finally, you need to attach the gear to the skateboard tightly. Otherwise, it can cause severe injuries during the ride.

  • Advice on skateboard kits.
1. Performance.

Be careful when you get information about the kit; you'd better figure out how much performance improvement it can achieve.

2. Quality of the gadget.

Resistance to stress and longevity are the most basic requirements. Also, You should take other conditions and qualities into account.

3. The difficulty of assembly.

If the assembly process is too complicated, it may cause more damage to your skateboard.

For simple installation, you can make your own by reading the instructions.

And for more complicated operations, don't forget to search on YouTube.

  • How to make an electric skateboard? - Guide
1. Board

As for the board type, we recommend the longboard. Longboards are bigger and heavier but much more stable than other boards.

2. Types of longboards :

Freeride, speed, slalom, cruising, carving, long-distance, walking & dancing, technical skateboards, etc.

High-speed skating: Cruise board, speed board, and freeride board.

Up to 35km/h: Choose the one you like.

3. Wheels

The wider the wheels are, the better the stability is.

Generally speaking, a wheel with 80mm diameter and 56mm width is big enough.

Wheels with a hardness of 80A are the most suitable.

4. Trucks

The truck is the most critical factor in determining the stability of a longboard.

If you are not looking for high performance or high speed, an ordinary truck will be enough.

But if you are a geeky player or have a high budget, I recommend a caliber two truck.

5. Bearings

Ceramic bearings are a high-end option, but it comes with a high price tag.

Most bearings on the market are adequate for DIY electric skateboards.

A slightly lower quality bearing will create more friction and affect the riding range.

6. Mechanical and electrical parts

Brushless motor + ESC + motor mount + pulley + belt + battery

7. Motor

The most commonly used brushless motor model now is N5065.

The 320KV or 270KV version is recommended, which is more suitable for dual and single drives.

8. ESC

It adjusts the speed of the motor according to the control signal. The motor has brush ESC and brushless ESC. Usually, brushless ESCs are more popular.

9. Motor mount

It is better to choose the one with a cover, which is dustproof and looks good.

10. Battery

18650 cell batteries or polymer batteries are available. The latter is safer than 18650 and can make better use of space and reduce the size of the battery.

Notes on purchasing batteries.

S: How many cells are in series?

C: Discharge multiplier

Ah: Capacity

  • Increase battery voltage
Switching from a 6s battery to a 10s battery will increase your top speed from 16-18mph to 20-25mph.

This may mean you need to change the ESC.

  • Increase wheel diameter
Increasing your wheels from 80mm to 97mm can add 2-5mph to your top speed.

You will need to purchase the correct wheel pulley to accomplish this upgrade.

Increasing the wheel size may increase speed, but it will also reduce available torque, which will result in slower acceleration and less climbing ability.

  • Increasing battery capacity
The higher the "P," the longer the range.

For example, if you are using a 10s2p battery and want to increase range, you would want to use a 10s3p or 10s4p battery.

  • Reduce wheel diameter
Reducing the size of the wheels will increase your range but reduce the top speed.

  • Reduce the number of motors
Running two motors instead of one will lose 30% range.

But adding a second motor will increase traction and climbing ability.

Generally speaking, if the battery capacity is less than 160Wh, electric skateboards are allowed on the plane. However, the airline has the final say, and some airlines will not let you fly with a skateboard. Batteries with a capacity of more than 160Wh are prohibited on an airplane. Batteries with a capacity between 100 and 160Wh require airline approval.

Due to the high battery capacity, most electric skateboards are not made for air travel. There are skateboards with small battery capacities. A few companies do offer special carry-on batteries as well.

  • Beforehand
Check online for guidelines for the airline.

Get in touch with those airlines.

If the answer is yes, print it out or save it on your phone - that way, you have proof from security and airline employees.

Save or print out the security regulations.

Remove the battery from your electronic board.

  • At the airport
Check in your electric skateboard (batteries not included).

If the skateboard is small enough, bring it into the cabin (as a carry-on)

Carry the batteries of your electronic skateboard as a carry-on item.

The best way to transport your skateboard is to remove the electric skateboard battery pack and check the skateboard in as separate baggage. Many passengers have also successfully taken electric skateboards on board as carry-on items.

I highly recommend contacting your airline before traveling, especially if you are flying internationally with an electric skateboard.

If you're concerned about your carbon footprint, electric skateboards &motorized skateboards are a great way to reduce it. They require significantly less energy. They are better for the environment compared to cars. You also don't have to worry about gasoline, which is a big plus for you.

The cost to make an electric skateboard can range from $350 to over $1,000, depending on quality and brand.

- First, open the throttle by pulling the trigger on the remote control.

- The remote control transmits data via electromagnetic waves to the skateboard's electronic speed controller (ESC).

- As we accelerate with the controller, the ESC receives information from the Bluetooth receiver and extracts energy from the battery to the motor.

- The energy from the battery goes to the motor, which drives the wheels and your electric skateboard forward.

Regular maintenance of your electric skateboard & motorized skateboard is essential and can improve the life of your electric skateboard.

  • Cleaning
After each ride, clean your electric skateboard with a slightly damp cloth to prevent any water or dirt from getting into the electronics.

Afterward, wipe the skateboard with a dry cloth.

  • Bearings
You can use "Skanunu Bearing Cleaner and Lubricant".

This oil can maintain bearings and ensure that your bearings will last a long time.

Make sure no water gets into the bearings of your wheels.

  • Battery
Connect the electric skateboard charger to the electric skateboard and plug it into an outlet.

When the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger.

It's essential to charge the battery at least once a month.

  • Motor and Wheels
When cleaning the wheels/motor, make sure no water gets into the engine.

Replace the wheels when their profile is less than 5 mm thick.

  • Adjusting Bolts and Screws
You can check, tighten, and adjust the most important bolts (truck and wheels) using a T-tool.

  • Goofy-stance & Regular stance
These are the two different ways to stand on an electric skateboard & motorized skateboard.

1. Goofy-stance

Your right foot is forward, and your left foot is behind.

2. Regular stance

You will use your left foot forward and your right foot behind.

3. Correct posture:

Your feet are more or less hip-width apart from each other.

Bend your knees to compensate for any concussions or turns. This also maintains balance.

Make sure you are not leaning too far forward or too far back. Otherwise, you will lose your balance quickly.

  • Turn on the throttle
Figure out every function on the remote control and find an open space to practice.

Bend your knees and squat down slightly. Be prepared to shift your weight backward when accelerating. This way, the back leg muscles are already a little tense and immediately tense up when the bodyweight is shifted backward. This also lowers the center of gravity, so the weight transfer is less intense.

1. Front foot

Lean forward as you accelerate, shifting your weight to your front foot. Bend your knees to lower your center of gravity. Bend the front foot more than the back foot.

2. Back foot

You want to make sure your back foot is stable, slightly tense, and ready for acceleration. Do not put your back foot on the end of the board.

  • Braking
The braking is pretty much the opposite of opening the throttle.

Your weight shifts forward as you brake.

Therefore, lean your body back slightly, bend your knees and squat down slightly.

This way, the front leg muscles are already a little tight and can immediately tense up when your body weight shifts forward.

It also lowers the center of gravity, so the weight transfer is less intense.

You want to make sure your front foot is stable, slightly tense, and ready for braking.

  • How to turn
1. Front Side Turn:

Shift your body weight slightly onto your toes. (Toe-side turn) This means that if your left foot is in front of you, you will turn to the right. The center of the turn radius is in front of you.

2. Backside turn:

Shift your weight slightly to your heel. (Heel-side turn) This means that if your left foot is your front foot, you will turn left. The center of the turn radius is located behind your body.

  • Tips for Safe Riding
- Practice and train additional braking techniques.

- Do you know how to fall, so you don't injure yourself?

- Do regular essential maintenance - especially brakes.

- Make sure your battery and the remote control are charged before you ride.

- Buy some lights and reflectors for night riding.

- Be cautious and slow down when you see other people or vehicles.

- Ride in the bike lane. Try to stay away from cars and trucks.

- Don't ride beyond your skill level, both in terms of where you ride and how fast you ride.

- Don't let inexperienced riders board your motorized skateboard without help or a helmet.

- Let younger children ride with care.

A onewheel is also called a one wheel skateboard, a onewheel pint, a single-wheel skateboard, or a one wheel hoverboard. Obviously, a one wheel electric skateboard has only one wheel. However, the electric skateboard has four wheels. Let's analyze it from the following factors.

  • Versatility
A single-wheel electric skateboard flourishes off-road. It can glide over rough roads.

  • Easy to control
A onewheel electric skateboard has no remote control and is controlled by weight through sensors. And the electric skateboard is controlled by remote control.

  • App
A 1 wheel electric skateboard is committed to developing iPhone and Android apps. The app can check the mileage, dim the headlights, etc.

  • Abbreviated mounting
You get off the onewheel electric skateboard by lifting the front heel or jumping down. However, if you jump down with only one of your feet, a onewheel electric skateboard may accelerate to the side.

  • Height
Because a single wheel electric skateboard has tires, it is higher off the ground. But it also has a long landing time.

  • Maximum speed
The top speed of most Onewheel electric skateboards is lower than that of electric skateboards. If you like to go fast, a onewheel pint may not be for you.