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Searching for the best dog bike trailer for your little ones? A dog bike trailer, also known as a dog bike carrier or bike pet trailer, is an enclosed compartment on your bike’s wheels attached to the bike.

A dog bike trailer suits anyone with a bike, a dog, and a liking for biking or two-wheeled speed. If you’re interested, come and take a look at the bike pet trailers listed below. LumBuy promises that all of them are tested quality pet trailers distinguished from others.

With a good and safe dog bike trailer, freely bringing your dog along becomes a reality for all biking adventures. You don’t have to keep a close eye on them when they’re running alongside you or worry that they get exhausted and cannot keep up.


A dog bike trailer, also known as a dog bike carrier or bike pet trailer, is an enclosed pet trailer attached to the back of your bicycle, where you can put your dog with no worries. The best dog bike trailers provide a chance for the dog to enjoy the thrills from the relaxing ride without getting tired. Depending on your dog’s body size, you can choose a dog bike trailer for extra large breeds or small puppies, both of which are for sale on the market.

To get the right bike pet trailer for your little ones, you should take several factors into account while purchasing:

  • Capacity
Checking the payload of the dog bike trailer is the first thing you should do. The maximum weight capacity is closely related to the body size of your dog. Besides, take a look at the bike trailer’s interior dimensions to ensure there is enough space inside for your dogs as well.

  • Construction
Check whether the dog bike trailers on your shortlist have a solid and stable frame. The fabric should be durable and well-built. Large pneumatic tires are always preferred.

  • Maneuverability
To some extent, almost all dog bike trailers are highly unwieldy. Ensure you feel comfortable when cycling with something towed behind you before heading out if you’re new to dog bike trailers. Usually, expensive ones have higher maneuverability.

  • Storage
Think about the place where you plan to put the trailer between uses. Foldable models are preferred because they can be stored in limited spaces. Anyway, make sure there is enough space for you to store the dog bike trailer.

  • Hardware
Check if the dog bike trailer you’re going to buy has the right hitch for your bicycle.

Retrospec, Schwinn Rascal Plus, Thule, Petsafe, Doggyride Novel, Booyah, Trixie, Burley, Aosom Elite, Solvit and Vidaxl.

When cycling with your dog in the dog bike trailer, you must take the following tips to ensure the safety of you and your dog.

1.Check whether the dog bike trailer is in good condition and installed appropriately.

2.Make sure the dog’s weight doesn’t exceed the maximum weight capacity of the bike trailer.

3.Pay attention to your cycling speed. For the sake of safety, you should travel at a speed less than ten mph and lower your speed while turning. Five mph is recommended to avoid flipping. Quick or sharp turns are not advised.

Because LumBuy is an e-commerce platform that only sells high-quality products. All dog bike trailers you can find on our website are five-star products gone through the strictest selection process. They all come from noted suppliers in the industry. Moreover, we also provide fast shipping and excellent after-sales services to address your concerns about delivery or quality.

Well-built dog bike trailers are not only safe for your dogs but also for you. They often hold up to more abuse and can last for a longer time than trailers cheaply made. To ensure your dogs’ safety, always make sure the dog bike trailer you choose has a strong frame, robust wheels, and quality fasteners and connectors.

The answer is yes. It’s safe for a dog to ride with you if it is slowly introduced to a bike trailer. Keep patient. Because it often takes days or even several weeks for a dog to get used to the bike trailer. Once the dog trusts the trailer, it will be willing to enjoy the thrills of the riding.

Attaching your dog trailer to your bicycle may sound daunting at first. However, with this guide, you can set it up in six easy steps without a hassle.

  • 1. Before installing, make sure you have the tools needed.
  • 2. Attach the tow bar to the bike trailer and secure it.
  • 3. Undo the bolts or the quick release securing the back wheel to the axle.
  • 4. Put the trailer hitch between the axle and bolts/quick release.
  • 5. Connect the tow bar with the hitch.
  • 6. Take a test and make sure everything works well before taking your dog for a ride.