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Are you looking for the best balloon stuffing machine? As an elegant way to wrap a gift, they are more than just a machine. They also make your gift look upscale and fun.

If you sell flower arrangements, candles, gifts, crafts or keepsakes, it may just be what you need to further your business. What if you’re a DIY person who wants to create gifts for family and friends? Then you might consider having your balloon stuffing machine!

Two of the most popular machines are Keepsake Stuffer and Classy Wrap. Of course, many people will also consider a second-hand balloon stuffing machine. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, here are our top-ranked products that are top sellers.


A balloon stuffing machine is also known as a balloon stuffer, a balloon stuffer machine, or a balloon expander machine. The machines allow you to wrap your gifts in balloons, providing supplies and equipment for businesses that make big money. People often use the machine to put flower arrangements, candles, gifts, crafts or keepsakes in a balloon.

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  • Best Brands
Keepsake Stuffer

Classy Wrap

Super Stuffer

Puff N' Stuff

Zibi Balloon Stuffer


Party Zealot

Learn & Climb



The brand and model affect the balloon stuffing machine price. In addition, costs can also vary between used and new balloon stuffing machines.

The price of a new machine ranges from $359 to $999. The average price on Amazon is about $170.

Generally, cheaper models do not have a motor to inflate. If you have an inflator, you may want to consider one of these machines.

The machine sucks the air out of the balloon, which causes the balloon to inflate and remain inflated. It can remain inflated despite the large opening of its neck. Each machine has an airtight chamber, which can be rectangular or round. An electric pump or motor is also required to suck out the air and create a vacuum.

  • Classy Wrap (Simple Steps)
Step 1

Remove the lid.

Make the balloon fixed.

Step 2

To lock the cam, please rotate and widen the balloon's opening.

Step 3

Opening the cap and pressing the button to inflate your balloon (The cap should be open.)

Step 4

Put the desired gift into the balloon.

Step 5

Closing the cap and lifting the lid.

Step 6

Twist the balloon.

Loosen the cam.

Secure the balloon using a safe-tite disc.

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  • Keepsake Stuffer
The Keepsake Stuffer comes fully assembled. Get a workplace and a power outlet, and you are good to go.

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We recommend buying a professional machine, as DIY balloon stuffing machines may not be as easy to make, even though the process is fun. However, if you don't mind the hassle, you can also make a machine yourself. We have handpicked a video for you that will surely allow you to make the perfect machine.