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Do you want your car roof to have a ceiling like a Rolls Royce? Or how nice would it be to have a twinkling starlight ceiling in your home theater?

Many Rolls-Royce Ghost, Rolls-Royce Wraith, and Rolls-Royce Phantom owners show off their starlight headliners. However, not all cars have starlight headliners. Our starlight headliner kits are available for various brands and models to make your car stand out. Although they are designed for cars, you can also use them in offices, bars, theaters, etc.

Just sit in your car, and you’ll be able to enjoy the starlight. Moreover, it can increase the safety of driving at night. In addition, it allows you to get a classic look similar to Rolls Royce. The following are the best DIY starlight headliner kits for you!


What is a starlight headliner?
A starlight headliner, also known as a star headliner, fiber-optic headliner, and headliner star light, uses fiber optic cables to transmit LED light. People usually insert fiber optic light into the vehicle roof to create a starlight effect inside the car.

Generally, the starlight headliner kit contains fiber optic starlights, an LED light engine, power cables, light coupling, and remote control.

Why choose LumBuy?
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What are the best starlight headliner brands?
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What to look for in a starlight headliner kit?
You should consider a few things when choosing a starlight headliner kit.

  • App support
Is it compatible with your Bluetooth phone app?

  • RGBW
Does the light come in multiple colors? Or is it just one color?

  • Light source
Does it use LED lights, fiber optics, or other lighting sources?

  • Stars or shooting stars
Does it imitate stars, shooting stars, meteors or other objects?

  • Power source
It can get power from a battery source or an outlet. Getting power from a car battery is the best option.

How to install a starlight headliner?
- Remove the car top, which is usually attached with adhesive.

- Mark the points on the car roof and drill holes.

- Unwrap the fiber optic cable to make wiring and organization easy.

- Thread the fiber optic into the hole.

- Secure it with adhesive or glue.

- Glue the headliner to the harder part.

- Cut off the excess fiber.

- Connect the wires and light engine and reinstall the car top.

- Mount the main controller on the C-pillar.

You can also watch the YouTube video for more details!

How much does it cost to install a starlight headliner?
How much should it cost to hire a professional to install a starlight canopy? Generally speaking, it costs $900 to install a smaller number of starburst canopies. If the number of stars is higher, it will cost about $2000 or more. We will discuss the factors that affect the starlight headliner install cost, including the quality of installation, the number of stars, and the type of vehicle.

  • Number of Starlights
It is the main factor that determines the install cost. Three hundred stars cost about $900 to install, while 1000 piece starlight headliner kit cost about $2,200. The process can take several hours to complete carefully.

  • Quality of installation
Installing a starlight canopy can be done in different ways. Some methods are cumbersome, but starbursts display better.

When looking for professionals, make sure you know how they install the starlight. A complicated installation may cost more.

  • Vehicle Type
Larger vehicles may cost more to install because more stars are needed. Some cars, trucks, and some larger 2+2 coupes may cost more to install.

Before putting the star lights on, you will first have to remove the car top. The top is usually taken out. If the car does not allow this, it will take more time and additional equipment to complete. It means there will be additional costs.

How long does it take to install the starlight headliner?
Installation by hand usually takes two men nine hours per vehicle, but a custom starlight headliner can take 17 hours.

How much is a starlight headliner?
The average starlight headliner price on Amazon is about $140.64. Cheap starlight headliners cost $ 60 or so, while high-end ones cost more than $200.