The Fastest Electric Skateboard—Speed and Product Reviews


Do you want the fastest electric skateboard? People who own cars might admire those that are faster. The worship of speed seems to be human nature, and you can find that so many men and women are fascinated by sports cars. It also seems to apply to electric skateboards. More and more manufacturers are producing devices with high speeds, and more skateboarders are buying them. But speed can sometimes be dangerous. This article has a breakdown of the factors that influence speed and a review of the fastest electric skateboard currently on the market. Let’s begin our reading journey.

Max speed considerations:

One electric skateboard needs to make everything all right to achieve maximum speed. It is not hard to understand, like when an athlete breaks a sports record; it requires perfect subjective preparation and perfect objective conditions. The former includes adequate training preparation and mental state. In contrast, the latter includes things like good weather conditions, field conditions, etc.

For electric skateboards, max speed considerations include motor power, rider’s weight, battery power output, wheel, terrain, deck, etc.

  • Motor power

The higher the power of the motor, the higher acceleration and max speed of the electric skateboard. Powerful motors give you plenty of torque and horsepower. Usually, electric skateboards with max speed need to equip two motors.

And motor types directly influence the performance of the electric skateboard, including its torque and speed. Motors have four types, which you can see in this article (I have written it before). High-speed electric skateboards now most adopt belt-drive motors because they can provide more torque and speed to you.

  • Rider’s weight

It is a must that the rider’s weight does not exceed the deck’s weight limit. A heavier weight will exert more gravity on the skateboard. Hence, it requires more power to drive the electric skateboard. Correspondingly, speed and range will be affected.

  • Battery power output and ESC

The battery provides the power to the motor, and these two accessories work together to ensure the electric skateboard has a strong power output to achieve high speed. The controller is the brain of the whole device, and it controls and adjusts the power output. For example, although the battery and the motor can theoretically reach a speed of 50km/h with each other, you can rarely get this result unless you program and set the controller.

  • Wheel

First, size. Assuming the same distance and the same power output, it is evident that the skateboard with larger wheels will take less time to complete. But there is no doubt that larger wheels require more power, namely electricity.

Second, material. Another factor that affects speed is the coefficient of friction. The higher the friction, the lower the speed of the electric skateboard. But proper friction can ensure safety during the riding process. The current electric skateboards on the market, especially budget and low-speed wheels, adopt PU material wheels. And off-road adopting the rubber material.

  • Deck

The deck is the largest component of the electric skateboard. The deck’s type, shape, and material are the key factors that affect the riding experience. If you want to achieve high speed, the deck should be lightweight, strong, and sturdy.

  • Remote control settings

Most remotes have three or four gears. Lumbuy’s partner, wowgo, has four-speed modes on the remote control: slow mode, middle mode, fast mode, and turbo mode. However, the turbo mode of the remote control may not always correspond to the maximum speed. Still, this requires adjustment of the controller.

  • Weather condition and terrain  

The speed test of any equipment has to consider environmental factors, including wind speed and humidity. The humidity of the weather affects the friction coefficient of the road surface. However, a slightly slippery ground has a low friction coefficient, while can easily lead to accidents during high-speed riding. In many cases, the road surface must be dry for speed testing situations. 

Furthermore, the road surface condition also affects the maximum speed of the electric skateboard. The ideal road surface is a standard highway. Suppose the electric skateboard is driving in the mountain ways, woodland, or other complex road conditions. In that case, the maximum speed will reduce.

  • Battery range 

The more battery capacity, the longer range of the electric skateboard can travel. And with the same battery capacity, the faster the skateboard travels, the shorter driving time. Therefore, to maintain a maximum speed for a certain period, the electric skateboard should better have sufficient battery capacity. Also, according to the players’ practical experience, the electric skateboard is not easy to reach a high speed in low battery power conditions.

  • Quality of accessories

During the driving process, the electric skateboard will generate a lot of heat, leading to poor working conditions. If the heat does not get disseminated in time, the device will wear out and lead to severe accidents. If the pursuit of high speed, all the accessories should be fit for high speed, and the material should be solid and heat-resistant.


Fastest electric skateboard reviews:

I selected the fourteen fastest electric skateboards for product review and all of these products’ speed exceeding 45km/h (28mph). These electric skateboards are not cheap because they all have high-performance components. Some’s the price of some part can even buy an ordinary electric skateboard. Some brands listed below have already been mentioned in another blog post.

  • Nextboard NGV 

Deck: super light carbon chassis

Weight: 9.5kg

Motor: In-wheel motors

Max speed: Up to 113km/h (70 mph)

Battery: Lithium polymer batteries

Nextboard set a world record for electric skateboard speed. Mischo Erban, the record creator, set the Guinness World Record riding on Nextboard NGC. And in the official announcement, the skateboard reached an actual speed of 95.83 km/h (59.55 mph). You can find videos and news about this event on the internet.

Deck. Nextboard is like the Bugatti of the sports car field. Its product is the collection of many current high-performance accessories. The deck is made of premium carbon fiber material, which is both strong and lightweight. The interior of the deck is also inlaid with a waterproof coating part.

Motor. Unlike other high-speed electric skateboards, Nextboard is not equipped with belt drive motors but with hub motors on each wheel. This four-wheel-drive structure is the unique design created by Nextboard. This kind of design can reduce the pressure of each motor while providing the whole vehicle with surging power and strong torque to achieve the perfect speed and power.

Battery: Lithium polymer batteries are better than lithium-ion batteries in terms of stability, capacity, and volume, safety. You can think that lithium polymer batteries are an upgraded version of lithium-ion batteries. And in this case, adopting lithium polymer batteries on electric skateboards can make this whole device more compact and lighter than using lithium-ion batteries.

  • Bioboards Plutonium 

Deck: maple and glass fiber material

Motor: Dual/QUAD motor

Max speed: 80km/h (50mph)

Battery: Samsung 40T battery 1034Wh

Bioboard is a Swiss company founded in 2018, created by a group of electric skateboard enthusiasts. The company’s tenet is to make the best electric skateboard in the world. Since they claim to be combining together the best parts, if you order this product, you better be able to accept a delivery time of up to 6-8 weeks.

Deck: The Bioboard deck is made of maple wood and glass fiber, which is durable and light. The 46″ length deck makes the board have a comfortable zoom to hold your feet. And the professional design deck is tailored for high-speed riding, effectively handling acceleration and braking issues.

Battery: The board equips a dual-battery system. It upgrades from the Bioboard Thorium, roughly 30% battery range increased than the last generation. And the overall battery capacity can ideally reach 80km.

Motor: Bioboard Plutonium has two models to choose from; you can choose dual motors or four motors. Whatever type is fit for speedy acceleration and max speed.

Special features: Bioboard Plutonium is installed with a high-definition electric display to show the current status and parameters of the electric skateboard, such as speed, battery status. At the same time, Bioboard provides three types of remote control, all ergonomic design. In addition, the electric skateboard is also equipped with Bluetooth technology; you can link the electric skateboard through any one of the three apps.

  • Bajaboard Pantera

Deck: Maple composite deck

Motor: 4×3.5kw brushless belt-drive motors

Max speed: 70km/h (44mph)

Bajaboard Pantera is the newest generation of Bajaboard, which is more expensive and more excellent than G4 and G4X model.

With four motors, one driving each wheel, the Bajaboard model knows how to take off. It only takes less than 3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 30mph. This is a pretty impressive record but very hard to test.

Moreover, the alloy suspension structure makes it a good enough board to pass over the rockiest, most bumpy tracks. This suspension system can be said the example of almost all off-road electric skateboards. If you’ve watched the Bajaboard test video, you’ll be impressed by the road condition it has conquered.

  • Lacroix Nazaré

Lacroix is from Canada; as one member of the “assembly board” of the electric skateboard market, it also aims to help skateboarders provide high-performance electric skateboards. 

About this product’s specs:

Lacroix Hypertruck applies the self-correcting speed wobble tech. This makes it easy to auto-switch skateboard status and handle different road conditions. As for the motor, it adopts the dual 6389-190kv motors. The feature of this kind of motor is big rotor bearing, which is especially used for increased rotational stability and individually epoxied magnet, especially for longer service life. The battery is able to let you have a 50km journey, and its top speed is said to be 41mph (66km/h). 

  • Kaly NYC was started by Ernesto Clark, a member of the DIY electric skateboard community. Its products are also preloaded with many advanced accessories.

With a price of $6350, the XL-R model is probably one of the most expensive electric skateboards on the market. The battery range of this skateboard is about 65-95 miles. And the dual motors combined can reach 10,000W at their peak power. There is no exact figure about the XL-R model’s speed; I found one estimated number, 38mph (58km/h).

  • MetroboardX

Metroboard has been around since 2004 and has a well-established reputation for building solid, dependable boards that last indefinitely. And X model is without one masterpiece of Metroboard. 

Metroboard X provides two options, street wheels and AT wheels. There are not so many differences between them. But whether you choose AT-wheels or street wheels is depending on your daily needs. The top speed of X ranges from 28-36 mph (58km/h) on AT-wheels type. And one merit of this X model is its slightly concaved deck, making it easier to hold your feet steadily on the board when riding at an exciting speed.

  • ONSRA Black Carve 2

Onsra Black Carve 2 is a new electric skateboard, of which Onsra claimed “3 years in the making”. This new one has made many upgrades from the last generation, making it capable of achieving the top speed at 35mph (56km/h).

Deck: Black Carve 2′ deck is made of six layers of maple wood, one layer of bamboo, and three layers of glass fiber. The elastic-rich deck surface enables you to easily adjust your body to get through when passing over different road conditions.

ESC: The Hobbywing Turbo 12S ESC can operate at higher currents, giving Black Carve better-driving performance. And this is also reflected in the strong torque and acceleration specs.

  • Meepo AWD Pro

Meepo is a Chinses company from Shenzhen, but it is even more well-known than some American brands in electric skateboards. The Meepo AWD Pro is the cheapest one of all the fastest electric skateboards in the article. It is under $1000 and is only $799. But do not belittle it. This electric skateboard has high performance, with its top speed at 34mph/55kph.
AWD Pro is also fitted with four motors, like many other fast electric skateboards. The total power of this little beast is up to 2160 Watts. Though the deck of AWD Pro is made of maple wood and bamboo, not as expensive and high-end as those fiber-made deck, if you are really an enthusiast, you’d better know that, though the deck is a little unideal, it can help you have hundreds of dollars left to achieve the same performance and experience of other skateboards, so why not.

  • Exway ATLAS

Exway is also a company that has been around for almost a decade. Exway’s products are positioned in the upper middle level, suitable for both general players and enthusiasts. 

This electric skateboard is one of the best you can buy at the moment, with a price of $1000-$2000. The Atlas provides consumers with four models. Dual-motor and four-motor types are both available in street and off-road models, respectively. Of the four models, Atlas Carbon-4WD possesses the most extreme performance. 

Carbon fiber: Not only the deck material is carbon fiber, but also the battery pack is equipped with a fiber panel, improving the heat dissipation effect. 

Specially features: Consumers can customize their Atlas by adding accessories. Such as mudguards, shred lights, etc.

Power and speed: The Atlas Carbon-4WD (All-Terrain) can reach 32mph or 51km/h. Meanwhile, its hill-climbing capability is 40%.

Atlas makes a hit by its excellent performance. At present, you can hardly place an order on its websites and receive the electric skateboard soon. For the pre-orders, you probably need to wait until the end of May, this year.

  • Backfire Zealot S

Zealot S is backfire’s first electric skateboard adopting belt drive motors. It is also, without a doubt, the fastest one among backfire’s several electric skateboard models, with two 875W motor combinations; the official data is 48KM/h / 30MPH. There are still many highlights of this electric skateboard. Zealot S firstly uses the ABS glass fiber composite deck, and the performance of this deck is better than the maple wood and bamboo boards on the market.

In addition, zealot S also provides 105mm cloudwheels as an alternative to the usual 88mm and 96mm wheels, but you need to buy them separately.
Overall, the Zealot S is a high-performance electric skateboard that is worth considering. The overall color of the skateboard is purple, and the LED AMBIENT light is also purple. When you turn it on at night, the ambient light surrounding the board is splendid and colorful, making you the best-looking person on the street.

  • Meepo NLS Pro

The Meepo NLS Pro is the next generation of the NLS. It is also one of the fastest of all budget electric skateboards, or you can say it is one of the lowest budgets of all the fastest electric skateboards. You can get it for $649 on the official website, but its official speed figure is 29 mph / 46 kph. Although it’s from a Chinese company, you can receive the item in as little as two days by air.

The NLS Pro’s powerful dual 540w motors can get your skateboard to 30km in 5 seconds, while the total distance to reach that speed is only 10m. The NLS Pro also has upgraded its battery technology, and in the official test, riders weighing 75-85kg were able to ride 20miles or a distance of 32km. The 100mm wheels, compared to the 90mm wheels, give good support and shock absorption for riding.

Safety Cautions:

There is no doubt that riding at high speed is a very dangerous trying. Although we wear protective gear both in electric skateboard riding and bike riding, things are not the same. Riding an electric skateboard is much more complex than riding bikes when at the same speed because the former requires you a high level of balance skill. When riding an electric skateboard, your hands get no space to attach.

Besides, when riding at high speed, the vast impact resulted from the clash must be taken into account. If twenty kilometers per hour, falling from the board probably lead to at most a flesh wound. Still, fifty kilometers per hour or higher, the result may be a fracture or even more severe.

Why pursue high speed:

Humans are born with a higher pursuit of speed. Speed stands for power and passion in a way. Skateboarders enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with high speed. This is excellent! Now the speed milestone in the electric skateboard field was achieved by Mischo Erban, using the Nextboard. The record was 95.83 km/h (60 mph), higher than the demand set by Guinness Officials, which is 84km/h (52 mph). The speed is very close to the max speed given by Nextboard, 110km/h (68mph).

However, not everyone necessarily needs a high-speed electric skateboard. Most people still buy electric skateboards for commuting. And riding at high speeds is dangerous behavior to do in the city. You may receive a fine notice from the traffic police, and more severe results may result in you breaking other laws. I have written another article detailing the various legal issues of electric skateboards in the United States. Click here to know more.

The pursuit of speed and passion is one’s freedom, but at least in my opinion, it is not worth promoting. I always believe that in whatever sports, safety is the first consideration. Anyway, if you are keen on pursuing high-speed skating, the following are some tips.

Tips to who want to ride at high speed:

First, you need a skateboard that can skate at high speed.

Wear protective gear, like knee pads, elbow pads, etc. But the most important one is the helmet, helmet, and helmet.

Find a flat and long roadway.

Have a fully charged battery and bring a spare one if necessary.

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