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A level and tidy lawn is what everyone is after, from homeowners to landscapers. However, sprinkler systems, moles, and the like often get in the way of a level lawn. This is where a lawn levelling rake comes in handy. Although it is a simple piece of equipment, it makes all the difference.

The lawn levelling rake is a wide, flat rake that pushes up debris from the surface of the lawn. The debris is lifted up as the rake passes over the yard’s surface. After walking in your yard, you will be surprised to find the surface has been levelled and free of bumps. To re-level the soil regularly, you will have to use it frequently. Therefore, choosing a rake is particularly important, and a good rake will make your gardening activities much more effortless.

It pays to look for a rake that you can afford. As most rakes are similar, choosing the right one can be tricky. LumBuy shows you the different options, and you will be able to buy the ideal levelling rake with this guide.


What is a lawn leveling rake?
A lawn leveling rake, also known as a lawn leveling tool, levelling rake, or yard leveling rake, can help you fill in uneven lawn areas without much effort by spreading fertiliser, soil or sand evenly over the surface of the lawn.

The lawn leveling rake dimensions should match your strength and height. You only need to move it back and forth to achieve an even distribution. Usually, larger rakes require more strength on your part.

Why choose LumBuy?
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What are the best lawn leveling rake brands?
  • Best Brands
Sun Joe

True Temper

Standard Golf



A.M. Leonard

Midwest Rake

Field Tuff



Green Care Parts

Kikuyu Guru

What to look for in a lawn levelling rake?
When buying a lawn levelling rake, what can you look for when choosing a lawn levelling rake? You need to consider material, weight, head type and handle. We will guide you through your purchase.

  • Material
The material determines longevity. A high-quality lawn levelling rake will not rust or break even after many years. The material of the handle should last for many years without cracking. Rakes made of stainless steel are ideal.

  • Weight
Weight is something you should not overlook. Heavier lawn levelling rakes tend to level sand, dirt and other debris, while lighter rakes can clear dry leaves and lawns.

  • Head types
Lawn levelling rakes are available with different heads such as bow, lawn and bush. Each head type has different uses.

The lawn head is designed for wide areas, the bush type is suitable for handling leaves, and the bow type is used for dirt and sand.

  • Handle
Most rakes have a plastic handle to ensure you are comfortable. The handle should also be just the right length to allow easy movement. A good handle will not cause hand pain or fatigue.

How to use a lawn leveling rake?
Lawn levelling rakes are suitable for small areas or areas that require special treatment. They use a mixture of sand, compost and topsoil to level the garden evenly. Before using a lawn levelling rake, please note the following points.

  • Mowing the lawn
Ensure the lawn is the correct length (2-3 inches high).

  • Removing debris
If there is a lot of debris on the lawn, make sure you remove it first.

  • Surface treatment
Mix sand, fertiliser and topsoil

Spread them over the grass (watch out for sunken areas)

  • Dig out certain areas
Dig out the grass first for sunken areas and then fill in with soil.

The grass may not grow to bare areas, and you will have to reseed these areas.

Before you start, learn how to overseed your lawn.

For more information on how to level your yard, go to the following link.

If you prefer a video, please go to the following link.

How does a lawn leveling rake work?
The grid-like structure of the lawn levelling rake sets it apart from ordinary rakes. Its shape and design alleviate potential problems when working. It uses angled tines to collect debris from the surface of the lawn and distribute it evenly over uneven areas.

Why is the lawn uneven?
Is the lawn often uneven? Want to know why? It can be dangerous for children to run or walk on uneven lawns. It would help if you first delved into the causes and then learned how to level your yard. If you find out why, you will succeed in finding the most sensible solution. The following are typical causes.

  • Improper maintenance
Wrong gardening tools, mowing mistakes, incorrect irrigation methods and failure to fertilise regularly can all cause uneven turf.

  • Earthworms and nightcrawlers
Earthworms produce lumps (also known as 'castings'), leading to an uneven surface.

  • Wild and domestic animals
Wild visitors such as voles or moles dig holes, and the lawn will have holes and lumps. Children may do the same.

  • Freeze-Thaw-Freeze Conditions
This can cause the soil to rise and fall, creating unevenness.

  • Sparse grass
Thick, dense lawns are not usually uneven.

  • Drainage systems
If the drainage system is disturbed, water has difficulty draining out, causing build-up and eventually settling. If the soil is over-compacted or if there is no drainage system, there is a risk of uneven turf.

  • Trees
The roots of trees can also cause this problem, but this is not common. You should first remove them before levelling the area.

Why is a DIY lawn levelling rake not a good idea?
Most people usually want to make a lawn levelling rake because DIY lawn levelling rakes can save money, and you can customise them.

However, making a lawn levelling rake can be challenging. Many people don't use the right tools, so much so that DIY rakes often break down. In addition, with a DIY rake, you are not working as efficiently as possible.

When buying a lawn leveller, you can get professional advice on choosing the ideal rake. As a result, you will get the right rake for your height and mowing style. In addition, you will be able to buy something efficient.