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A plasma pen can be used to remove moles, fat particles, warts, spots, etc. Moles can be completely removed in 30-50 days. A plasma pen is the first choice if you want to remove marks and moles yourself at home.


Plasma remover is a skincare tool. It uses physical plasma micro-discharge technology to vaporize freckle and skin spots and make them disappear permanently—no damage to dermal tissue, minimally invasive operation.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Xiaomi, Dr. Pen, MSQ, Nira, LANBENA.

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Plasma is often referred to as the "fourth state of matter." It is produced when electrostatic energy is mixed with ionized gas. The working principle of the plasma pen is to convert electrical power into electrostatic energy, which is transmitted to the pen tip through pulses. At a distance of about 1 mm from the skin, oxygen and nitrogen are mixed to generate plasma, which is discharged to the epidermis to achieve the purpose of freckle removal.

According to feedback from people who have used this product, the pain is not obvious. The whole process is non-contact; plasma gas will form a very fast and controllable wound on the skin.

Plasma pen therapy is becoming more and more popular. But will the plasma pen leave scars? It also depends on the skin condition and the healing process of the healer. Because of the high concentration of melanin in the skin of yellow or black people, it is best not to use plasma pens. Otherwise, scars are likely to be left.

After using the plasma pen treatment, it is best not to put on makeup for a week. If the skin is slow to heal, wait until the skin is completely healed after two weeks before applying makeup. Otherwise, the wound will repeat and become inflamed.

The price of a plasma pen is generally between 100-500 US dollars. There are also cheaper ones, such as $40,50. But after all, it is used on the face, so it will be better to choose a more expensive one, the quality is relatively better.