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Jumping shoes have become popular with children and adults alike, whether they want to have fun or get some exercise. They have many health benefits and also protect injured tissues and joints.

Jumping shoes offer a lower impact than regular sports shoes. It gives you a low-impact workout while burning a lot of calories. Because Kangoo shoes promote tissue repair, they are often used as an alternative to walking aid mechanisms. You’ll soon be hooked once you notice improvements in your muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

As the popularity of Kangoo shoes continues to grow, choosing a good pair can be tricky. With that in mind, LumBuy has handpicked the best jumping shoes for you! We’ll help you find the right one in this guide.


Jumping shoes, also known as Kangoo shoes or bouncy shoes, are low-impact shoes with springs for jumping. They can be used as an alternative to regular athletic shoes.

Everyone from kids to seniors can benefit from the jumping shoes workout. They also work the core and have a lower impact than regular shoes. Adults with chronic pain can find they can relieve tension in the knees and ankles.

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Kangoo Jumps



Finding the right size is the biggest obstacle. Remember to check and measure for size.

The purpose of jumping shoes is to balance yourself while finding your centre of gravity. As soon as you buckle your boots on, you can start working out. When you first use it, start by doing simple movements like walking. Once you get used to it, you'll be able to do more challenging activities, such as running.

In a workout, twice as many calories are burned as walking. You can also work your core, thighs and hips.

Although they appear to be dangerous, they are relatively safe. The safety depends on your sense of balance and coordination, as they are similar to walking, jumping or running.

However, since they allow you to apply more G-forces, be careful the first time you use them. You'll want to warm up by taking small steps and then challenge yourself to dangerous movements.

Do you have plans to buy the best but don't know how? There are several factors to consider, including brand, weight, age and skill level, to name a few. Read below for more details.

  • Body Weight
For best results, high jumping shoes should be able to support your body weight. Before purchasing high jump shoes for kids, measure your child's weight. If the wrong weight is purchased, the result can be pain and even injury.

  • Brands
Some famous brands include Adidas, Kangoo Jumps, Saucony, and Byox. You can trust them.

  • Age
Some high jump shoes are designed for adults, while some are suitable for children. Please choose the right one for you and your kids.

They are fun, but they also have health benefits. Their design is friendly to the joints of the feet. They can help you lose weight and build muscle. You will lose weight faster because it increases the calorie burn rate.

The springs act as shock absorbers, keeping you away from the bumps when running on asphalt, concrete and other hard surfaces. It has less impact and makes your feet more comfortable.

Generally, jumping shoes cost between $100 and $260. The average jumping shoes price on Amazon is around $170.

If you do a kangaroo jump for 30 minutes, about 267 calories are burned.