Our Mission

Welcome to LumBuy. We are a team dedicated to giving you the best products from all over the world. Our writers and editors are experts with years of experience and knowledge in their own verticals. They spend more than 100 hours per week finding trending topics, researching and comparing products, studying market reports, running hands-on tests, checking customer feedback, and integrating all information and findings into comprehensive, easy-to-understand review articles.
Although we’ve covered a wide range of topics, from electric skateboards to cavitation machines, electric mops to tattoo machines, we promise that we never use software or AI algorithm to select the products or create the content. All products are hand-picked and tested by the research team who specializes in the field, and all reviews are written by writers with extensive experience.
The time we spent on researching and testing varies with the topic, since some are YMYL (your money or your life) topics — like health-related cavitation machines, while others involve much simpler products — like RC toys for kids. For example, our writers have spent plenty of time reading extensive papers and journals about ultrasonic cavitation to ensure that our articles are evidence-based and science-backed. We even wrote another post to answer if ultrasonic cavitation causes cancer based on scientific findings to resolve consumers’ concerns.
To help you make a better decision, we usually first list all the best options we’ve found in each category and then review them one by one from various perspectives, such as pros and cons, durability, and usability, so you can be well-informed of all features of each product and make a purchase that meets your budget and needs.


Why You Should Trust Us

We know exactly how much it bothers you when you’re looking for something but have no idea which specific one to purchase. With our audience in mind, we, the authentic testers, have reviewed hundreds of products and would never recommend something we didn’t buy or use ourselves. Each piece of content goes through a rigorous editorial process in line with strict editorial policies to enhance its trustworthiness and reliability.


Editorial Process

Our editorial process focuses on making sure LumBuy’s articles are accurate, relevant, helpful, and practical. First, each review article is written by one or more writers with years of expertise in the field. Then it will be edited, fact-checked, and reviewed by our team of experts before being published to guarantee the relevancy and accuracy of product information included in the articles.


Editorial Policies


3.1 Hand-picked Products

LumBuy is committed to recommending really useful and helpful products to its audience. To follow the principle, all products presented on our site are hand-picked and tested by our expert testers, who spend days researching products, comparing different models, studying competitor content, conducting tests, and checking customer feedback.


3.2 Independence and Impartiality

LumBuy adheres to impartial and independent journalism. We promise our reviews are comprehensive and unbiased based on extensive research and testing and will not be influenced by any advertisers, third parties, or
other stakeholders. All LumBuy staff members are held accountable to a high level of transparency and honesty.


3.3 Originality

LumBuy aims to provide valuable and original content. Any suggestion of plagiarism will be thoroughly investigated and is grounded for dismissal.


3.4 Accuracy and Corrections

The accuracy and trustworthiness of our reviews are core to LumBuy. Since the market changes often, our review content is regularly updated, verified by experts, and fact-checked based on research to guarantee each product recommended on our site is available to consumers and that all the reviews are complete, accurate, useful, and up-to-date. When we discover a significant error, we will make corrections as soon as possible. We also welcome our audience’s help in our commitment to fact-checking and accuracy. Please let us know if you believe there is a factual error in any of our content.


Meet Our Team


Affiliate Disclosure

Reviews on LumBuy may contain affiliate links. We may earn certain commissions when you click through our links to a third-party seller. This will not impact our adherence to impartial and independent journalism, however, because we believe the audience should always be put first, and all products recommended have been thoroughly tested before publication.


Contact Us

If you have feedback or queries or just want to say hi, please contact us here. We highly value your suggestions/questions/feedback.


FAQs About Us


7.1 How Many Hours Do You Spend Researching a Topic

To be honest, it varies with the product type. For example, our home-improvement writer spent about 100 hours studying the best electric mops. She first picked 50 different models according to Amazon’s rating to compare their features and functions and then narrowed them down to 10 mops by cleaning performance.
Other topics, like beginner’s pottery wheel, take much less time to research because our craft writer is a pottery enthusiast who has already tested the products herself.


7.2 How Often Do You Update Your Content

Generally, our team updates content monthly to make sure that newly available and trending products are reflected, so our reviews can remain up-to-date and current to consumers.


7.3 When You Test a Product in Person, How Many People are Involved

While ensuring the formal testing criteria are consistently followed, we’d like to involve as many writers in the testing as possible, as each writer can bring their unique insights to a product.