A Complete Guide on Electric Skateboard Battery – All You Need to Know

With the rising transport technological advancements, skateboards are on the rise in trending globally. It is worthwhile to note that incorporating motors and batteries in the skateboard world is a game-changer. Different electric skateboard batteries have been developed over the years and have proved to be the best in the field. Depending on the type of skateboard, there are a variety of features that you can get.

This article will equip you with the best insights into the different types of electric skateboard batteries. Other than the types of electric skateboard batteries, you will know the different types of skateboards and the best types of batteries that work best for those skateboards. Read this article keenly to get the best information and be a pro before going for your e-skateboard online or in-store.

Types of Electronic Skateboard Batteries

There are a few types of electric batteries for your skateboard that are worthwhile to know. Here are some of the trending kinds; read on.

Lithium Polymer Batteries

One of the best types of Electric skateboard batteries that you got to consider is Lithium polymer batteries. One advantage of LiPo batteries is that you will get a high number of charging cycles. They can support you even if you have a high compact weight. There are two types of batteries that you can get in the market; Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer batteries.

The Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery

With the BMS system, this type of lithium battery is the most long-lasting battery that you got to taste. If you are a commuter board or cruiser, this kind of battery can be great for your skateboard. Other than stability, you will get the most amount of speed if you are a lightweight rider. However, it is worth noting that this battery can be pretty expensive compared to other types of batteries.

The Lithium Polymer Li-Po battery

If you are searching for a pocket-friendly electric skateboard battery, the Li-Po battery can’t miss on your list. They lack the BMS; hence you will need to use an external charger to recharge your battery. This kind of battery requires that you handle them with a lot of care when skating. You might need to check with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines before installing them on your skateboard.

The Sealed Lead Acid Battery

If you are looking for cheap batteries, then you might want to consider the lead-acid battery. They are quite heavy therefore might not be best for you if you are a heavyweight rider. They are quite similar to car batteries but come in different sizes and prices.

Hybrid Batteries (NiMH)

These kinds of batteries are rechargeable and can last quite averagely compared to other regular electric skateboard batteries. One disadvantage is that they lack a significant number of charging cycles. They might not be cost-effective as they are not long-lasting as compared to other batteries.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries (NiCd)

If you opt to use this type of battery, you will be able to recharge. One disadvantage is that they are hardly recyclable. This kind of battery is quite heavy and might not be suitable for most electric skateboards.

Alkaline Batteries

This type of battery is best in terms of size. The only disadvantage is that you can’t be able to recharge. However, if you need cheap batteries, then the alkaline batteries best fit the definition of cheap.

Best Tips for Maintaining Skateboard Batteries

If you have acquired skateboards and your riding dream has become a reality, you need to ensure that the reality lasts as long as you need to enjoy it. One of the core factors for the best life of an electric skateboard is battery life. It will help if you put several factors to ensure that your E-Skating battery serves you longer. Below are tips and tricks for maintaining the life of your electric skateboard battery.

Regulate Your Charging Habits

According to most battery manufacturers, it is best to charge your battery fully before using it. It is, however, at some point be almost be impossible to do that. This could be due to the circumstances and urgency of your ride. It is also best you drain your battery thoroughly before charging it. It is best to ensure that you use your e-skate regularly to ensure that the battery is charged consistently. This will help improve the life of your battery for your e-skateboard. The recommended levels for using your battery are about 75%.

Temperature and Moisture Considerations

Ensure as much as possible that your skateboard does not overheat or doesn’t show signs of overheating. Overheating can be a sign of malfunction of the battery. The conditions should be dry and cool when charging the battery to ensure no overheating due to the surrounding states. Due to this fact, ensure that you store your electric skateboard in a cool, dry place to last your battery life.

Humidity and water typically damage any electronic gadget, so your e-skate battery is not exempted.

Know the Lifespan of Your Battery

Knowing the best time to replace your battery is key. No battery lasts forever. Most manufacturers measure the life of a battery using charging cycles that the battery can support. Knowing the battery life will let you know the specifics about charging and using the battery you have installed on your e-skateboard. If your battery has overstayed, it is easy to explode or cause damage to your skateboard by releasing high or very low voltage. Be sure to check on the manufacturing dates and the manufacturer specifics on the battery life.

Know the Type of Battery that You Have

This is one of the most crucial aspects to check before purchasing any battery. Knowing the type of battery your e-skate uses helps you ensure you replace the battery with the correct type of battery. It is also crucial to establish that different batteries come with various standard safety and maintenance requirements.

There are different variations in lithium batteries. Li-ion requires various measures in maintaining them. For example, their charging cycles are not the same as the ones for the li-Po type. Some have a high number of charging cycles as compared to other batteries of the same category.

What is the Best Battery for Your Skateboard

Determining the best battery determines a lot of things for your skateboard. Some of the things you will get are a high amount of torque, durability, and speed for your skateboard. Low-quality batteries can mean to have numerous voltage sags.

Voltage Sag

If you are skating and suddenly experience a drastic drop in power or performance, then this phenomenon is referred to as voltage sag. You are likely to face this incident if you use a poor battery or a very weak battery pack. To avoid this phenomenon, use the following factors to consider for your next battery pack or your new electric skateboard battery.

Understand Your Battery Range and Power

The battery range determines how long you can ride your skateboard without recharging. This also can determine the torque and the speed of your skateboard. Batteries with a low range tend to have high chances of voltage sags. Different batteries have different amperes per hour given specific conditions; before purchasing any battery pack or electric skateboard battery, be sure to check on the key specifications like voltage and battery range.

Know the Battery Size

The size of the battery might not necessarily mean a lot of power. At the same time, the size of the battery you are using might determine the compatibility with the skateboard. Big batteries tend to be heavy and might not be compatible with most skateboards. More ever heavy battery will affect the skating styles you can use if you are an adventurer skater.

Consider the Number of Charge Cycles

Charge cycles are defined as how many times you can recharge your battery. It would help if you went for a battery with as many charge cycles as possible. The more the number of charging cycles means you can have an elongated life performance and span. It is best if you consider selecting the lithium batteries that have the best performance ratings. There are three variations of lithium batteries that you can consider checking out. These are the lithium-ion batteries, the lithium polymer batteries, and the lithium-ion polymer batteries.

Check on the Price and Ease of Replacement

Before choosing any battery, it is wise to consider budgetary issues. You don’t want to go for a battery that is to way expensive. Go for an affordable battery but with outstanding performance properties. Always consider how often you will need to replace the battery. It is best to opt for a battery with the highest lifespan to avoid replacing the battery frequently. Some batteries are quite hard to replace due to difficulty in installation procedures. Be sure to check the manufacturer recommendations on the same.

What Factors Impact the Electric Skateboard Battery Life

Knowing how best to elongate your electric skateboard battery life, it is best to understand what will determine or affect that battery life. Some factors affect the battery life either positively or negatively. Here are some of the common but unique factors.

The Rider’s Weight

The skateboards are designed to support a certain capacity of weights. More weight on the skateboard means that low speed and voltage drugging. Heavyweights will mean more power consumption; hence, ruining your battery due to high voltage drainage within short periods. It is best to carry any luggage or things that will weigh during your riding time. Ensure as much as possible that you are light and don’t drain a lot of power.

How Frequent You Stop or Accelerate

Accelerating your skateboard more often imposes stress on your skateboard’s battery. This means you are going to drain more power from the battery in the shortest time possible. It is best to skate at a constant speed to ensure no power variations in usage. Check on the road conditions as well as the weather conditions before taking out your e-skate. Harsh weather conditions can cause constant braking and acceleration at the same time. Be sure to skate on the best terrain and improved road to avoid more power usage in accelerating hence making the battery lose and ineffective in the shortest time possible.

How Frequent You Use Your Electric Skateboard

Riding your skateboard more frequently might kill your battery more easily and quickly. If you use the e-skate without charging often, it easily shortens the lifespan of your battery.

Not riding your skateboard also for long will mean dormancy of battery hence shortening the lifespan of your skateboard. It would help if you balanced your charging cycles for your battery to ensure that it lasts longer.

Weather Conditions and Battery Discharge

It is best to be aware that some batteries discharge even when not in use, depending on weather conditions. According to experts, some batteries like the Li-ion batteries drain or discharge depending on the prevailing temperatures. The higher the temperature, the higher the rate of draining. Some users argue that when temperatures are low, you are unlikely to experience the draining phenomenon.

The Terrain and Riding Style

It is of great essence to note that the lifespan of your battery depends on the speed and style of skating. High-speed skating enhances high power consumption hence damaging the battery. Also, it is very crucial to note that when riding uphill, you will use more power.

This means skateboards used uphill have their batteries ‘die’ easily compared to downhill skating ones. Skating downhill saves your skateboard a lot of power hence salvaging your battery. The downhill riding or skating takes advantage of gravity, thus saving on your battery and power.


The usage and maintenance of electric skateboard batteries are entirely dependent on the user. If you need to enhance your skating experience, it is best to know which is the best skateboard to go for in the first place. Once you have your preferred skateboard learn and know how best to maintain it. Keep improving and advancing in the skating experience through online research and reviews.

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