Shark Wheel And Shark Wheel Electric Skateboard

What is the shark wheel?

Shark Wheel is a company, which established in California, USA, and this company manufactures shark wheels and electric skateboards made from shark wheels. The same name of their product name and official company name does sound a little strange and funny. But there is another company similar to shark wheel in the field of electric skateboards. And that is one wheel, a company with the same name as its products. Things like this kind of company, we’d better not belittle them, because most of them are the pioneer of emerging products and field.

David Patrick invents the shark wheel. The idea of this design came into his mind when he was designing a turbine machine. The shark wheel is not round but shaped like dimensional sine waves. I admit that this phrase—dimensional sine wave, sounds very collegiate, but we don’t have to figure out what it means. Literally, when you look at the SHARK WHEEL from the front side, it seems circular, but when you look at it from an oblique direction, it is a three-dimensional rectangle shape, or we call it dimensional sine wave. Although the shark wheel is not traditional and looks like a rectangle shape, it still works like the regular circular wheels.

The shark wheel is still a niche product at present. It hasn’t made a hit for itself like “one wheel” in the electric skateboard field, whether as a shark wheel product or a shark wheel electric skateboard. One of the reasons is that the shark wheel is not a revolutionary evolution. In other words, the shark wheel is just a slight change. It doesn’t seem to make a big difference to the skateboarding community, unlike one wheel, which gave us an unprecedented product.


  • Pros:

The Shark wheel, as its name suggests, is shaped like a shark’s jaw. To me, it also looks like the shape of the ocean waves. Since the shark wheel uses the sine wave pattern, theoretically, such wheels have advantages in regular use.

More speed. 

The wave pattern design makes the wheels have a thin contact area, compared with the wheel of the same width. This means that the electric skateboard will produce less friction on the road when in motion, achieving a faster travel speed.

More stable. 

When a conventional wheel passes over rocks or gravel, the wheel runs directly over these objects, thus causing bumps; with the sine wave pattern, the gravel or dirt is automatically cleared out through the depressions between the shark wheels. Besides, thanks to the sine wave patterns, three lips allowed for grip towards the ground, which is also why shark-wheel is more stable.

Terrain free.

The shark wheel consists of three three-dimensional sine wave patterns, with two grooves in the middle of these patterns. In case of rain, sand, or puddles, these grooves carry away the liquid from the wheel’s surface and strengthen the wheel’s grip capability, thus reducing the probability of falling and being stuck in these bad road areas.

Board free.

Shark wheels are suitable for all types of skateboards. If you look through Amazon, you’ll find that there are many reviews down the shark wheel page, and among these reviews, most of them are regular skateboard-related. 

  • Cons:

Shark wheel’s unique three-dimensional sine wave design, making it to be larger than regular wheels. So, you may encounter “wheel bite” when you are skating on the road, which means the wheel might rub against the deck, thus causing the electric skateboard to stop suddenly.

Shark wheel is also currently exploring other areas to apply this type of wheel, such as luggage wheels, roller skate wheels, and much other transport-related equipment.

Type and material:

  • Skateboard wheels: 

60mm California Roll skateboard wheel, with a durometer of 78a. This type is well used for freeriding, cruising, and down hilling. And Cali-roll is commonly adopted on cruiser boards, penny boards by skateboarders. 

54mm wheels. The 54mm size is the smallest and lightest one of all shark wheels. It is especially the perfect fit for small skateboards, such as fish boards, etc. Skateboarders looking for wheels with lightweight, less contact, and friction with the road, higher speed will like this one.

  • Longboard wheels:

72mm, 78a DNA formula, and 95mm, 78a Megalodon. These two types can widely use and apply to longboards and others types of boards used for high-speed. And according to the user’s feedback and SHARK WHEEL’s official statement, the longboard-used wheels are able to handle all-terrain road conditions.

Product reviews of Shark Wheel

Shark electric Thin is one of the two Shark wheel electric skateboards. “Thin” refers to the thickness of the board. In this electric skateboard, the battery is placed inside the board, making the whole skateboard look light. Still, the deck is made of 10 layers of maple wood and one layer of fiberglass. So, I’d say this is amazing.

Although the battery is inside the board, the electric skateboard range is 11.1 miles (17.8km), so this range is enough for most use scenarios. And what astonishing me is its speed; this “thin” electric skateboard can reach 25.2mph, which equals 40km/h. With all of these features, Shark electric thin is qualified to be an all-terrain electric skateboard. And, with all of these characteristics, it only costs $699, much cheaper than its counterparts. 

Shark electric Power is one of the two best-selling electric skateboards of SHARK WHEEL. It is also a very cost-effective electric skateboard, which means that it is the lowest-priced one among the electric skateboards of the same configuration. Let’s look into it.

Shark wheel power is the upgraded version of shark wheel thin. The main difference between these two is the battery. As for thin model, the battery is inside the board. While as for the Power model, the battery is placed outside, like the other electric skateboard. Apart from the battery’s position, the Powe3 model enlarges the battery capacity, which makes it possible to have a max range of 25.2 miles. 

The official speed data is given as 26.1mph, higher than the Thin model. But from some test videos, some players use it to reach up to 30mhp. Since shark wheels electric skateboard, this tool can handle any road conditions. At least for me, with the expense of around $800, it is a small try to experience such fun that otherwise, you’d have to spend over $1000.

Interesting facts

Shark wheels conducted their crowdfunding campaigns on the Kickstarter platform to raise and support their development and manufacturing stages. Amazingly, the final funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign were eight times their initial goal.

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