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Are you looking for the best dehumidifier for the grow room?
The grow tent dehumidifier is also called a small dehumidifier or a mini dehumidifier. The purpose of a dehumidifier is to control the humidity level in an enclosed space to maintain a constant value. Too much moisture in the environment is not good for people or plants. High levels of humidity can also have a damaging effect on furniture. For example, it causes mildew growth and wood rot, etc.

In a grow tent, it’s easy to overlook the importance of dehumidification. But obviously, installing a dehumidifier inside a grow tent is a must. The humidity in the environment has a great influence on plant growth. Installing a dehumidifier in grow tent also circulates the air. Feel a little bit confused about choosing a grow tent dehumidifier? LumBuy filter best small dehumidifier for you.


Do I need a dehumidifier in my grow tent?
Every time you water the plants in your tent, it changes the humidity in the air. The ingress of outside air is also responsible for the change in humidity inside the tent. In order to keep the humidity at a constant level, a dehumidifier needs to be placed in the grow tent to make the plant grow better.

Do all dehumidifiers work for grow tents?
Most dehumidifiers on the market dehumidify very well, which means they do a good job of keeping the relative humidity indoors or inside a grow tent at an ideal level.

How to use a dehumidifier in the grow tent?
It is recommended to run the dehumidifier 10 to 12 hours per day in the grow tent. Of course, factors such as the number of plants, the existing relative humidity in the air, etc., must also be considered.

What are the popular and well-known brands?
We do research targeting the products on the market, and there are some popular and well-known brands: Bear, Xiaomi, Midea, BLACK+DECKER, and Vivosun.

Where to buy a small dehumidifier?
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How big of a dehumidifier do I need for my grow tent?
Choosing the size of a dehumidifier for your grow room depends on the amount of watering. The greater the amount of watering, the greater the capacity of the dehumidifier required.

If the humidity in the grow tent is too high, then the plant is in an unhealthy growing environment. The stagnant temperature and humidity in the environment can lead to mold growth, powdery mildew and other pest problems.

What size dehumidifier for a 4x4 grow tent?

For a 4×4 grow tent, there is at least 40%RH to get the best humidity. Regularly, a 2000ml capacity of a humidifier is enough for a 4x4 grow tent.
Where to place a dehumidifier in the grow tent?
Where you place your dehumidifier can affect the results of the dehumidifying result within your grow tent. There are several criteria that can help determine where to place your dehumidifier, including the grow tent layout, how much you water, space airflow, and type of dehumidifier (freestanding, ducted, suspended). You can also put the dehumidifier based on the airflow direction of the fan. For hanging dehumidifiers, just place them near grow lights.

Do dehumidifiers remove CO2?
They are, in fact, like our breath, taking in the air in your room, extracting the moisture, and then blowing it back into your room. So the dehumidifier does not remove CO2.

Is it ok to water plants with dehumidifier water?
Depending on the air quality of your grow tent, if you are regularly venting your grow tent, then you can water plants with dehumidifier water. But you'd better not use it to water the fruity plants you're going to eat. Because the dehumidifier water may contain contaminants such as fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms, or it will contain trace amounts of metal ions, which are not good for plant growth and your health.

What temp and humidity for the grow tent?
The optimal growing tent temperature for the growing stage is 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is 45-55%, and by setting the optimum temperature and humidity, your plants will be able to grow well.