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Are you looking for the best tattoo gun?
The wireless tattoo machine is also known as tattoo gun, rotary tattoo machine, tattoo pen. It comes into three basic types: coil, rotary, and pneumatic.

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The tattoo gun is the most suitable choice for those who love tattoos and want to try them independently and who have a foundation in drawing. A tattoo designed and executed by yourself is very interesting meaningful.


What is a tattoo gun?

A tattoo gun is a small tattoo machine in the shape of a hand-held gun. It can pierce the tattoo ink into the skin through a needle tube to draw patterns. Generally, this kind of trace can follow you to the grave.

How to choose a tattoo gun?

First of all, you have to consider the shape and weight of the tattoo gun, especially for women. Women's hands are relatively small, and their arm strength is not as strong as that of men's, so it is best to choose a smaller size and lighter weight.

The coil tattoo machine was called "the best tattoo machine" in the past, and it can handle most types of shadows and repairs at a relatively low cost. Maintenance and adjustment of the machine are also relatively easy.

Rotary tattoo machines used to be famous for handling only small needle groups. Still, with continuous development, pen-type rotary machines that are ergonomic, lightweight, and can handle thick lines have appeared. They also tend to be more expensive, and the operating price is two to three times the price of the coil machine.

What are the top brands?

The top brands are Ambition, Autdor, Mummy, Dragonhawk, Wormhole Tattoo.

How does a tattoo gun work?

  • Magnetic coil: The magnetic coil machine is a classic tattoo machine. It allows alternating electromagnetic current to pass through the coil and open and close the magnet in rapid succession to pull the spring-loaded armature rod and produce up and down movement, which causes the armature rod to pierce the needle into the skin.
  • Rotating motored machine: The rotating motored machine provides power for the small rotating electric machine connected to the armature to move up and down. Rotating machines have less noise than coil machines and can move the needle tube more smoothly than coils.
  • A pneumatic tattoo machine is a machine that uses pressurized air from an air compressor to move the needle up and down. The main advantage of this type of machine is that it is light in weight.
  • How to set up a tattoo gun?

    First of all, when the copper touch of the tattoo gun is placed on the pressure-sensitive shrapnel, the force should be moderate.

    Then install the needle tip where the needle tube is placed. The head of the needle tube should be slightly bent to fit the needle tip better. Insert the slightly curved needle tube into the needle tip.

    Finally, install the handle, the pin cushion and the black iron, and then use a small rubber band to fix the tail of the needle tube to the body to prevent ink jetting.

    How to use a tattoo gun?
  • How do you turn a tattoo gun on?

    1: Hold the needle tube of the tattoo pen, press the bottom of the tattoo pen, and press the needle tube fixing button with your thumb.

    2: Switch on the alternating current and insert the cable into the tattoo machine jack.

    3: Pinch the adjustment fixing button with the thumb and index finger to adjust to a relaxed state. Until the tattoo gun gets into the best speed and sound, you can touch the magnetic strip under the needle tube fixing button.

    4: Adjust the push button with your right hand's thumb and index finger, keeping your strength and not relaxing. When the thumb feels numb or itchy, it is the best working condition.

    Note: The distance between the magnetic strip and the magnetic strip coil is greater or equal to 2.5 mm.

  • How to hold a tattoo gun?
  • There are two ways to hold a tattoo gun. The most suitable angle for the tattoo outline is 50-80 degrees, and the best angle for the color filling is between 40-50 degrees.

  • Do you need to stretch the skin when tattooing?
  • Be sure to tattoo with your body relaxed. If you tattoo when the skin is tight, the pattern will be deformed after you relax. So just relax as much as possible.

  • How hard do you press when tattooing?
  • Don't put too much force. Otherwise, it will cause secondary damage to the acupuncture parts. The most important thing is to practice. If you practice more, you can master the most suitable strength.

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    How to make a homemade tattoo gun?
    Find a motor to supply the power that the tattoo machine needs. You should creat a needle tube from a pen. You also need a frame to support the needle tube. Assemble them together. And then you got a homemade tattoo gun. Video guide:
    How much is a tattoo gun?

    Tattoo guns vary according to their brands and quality, and their prices will vary. The general price is between 50-400 U.S. dollars.

    What comes in a Dragonhawk tattoo kit?

    Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit includes four Standard items: tattoo gun Power Supply, ten colo tattoo Inks, fifty Needles Tips Grips.

  • How much does a Dragonhawk tattoo gun cost?
  • A Dragonhawk tattoo gun costs about $200-500.

    How to make a power supply for a tattoo gun?

    Find the 12v charger cable from the router or other wireless home phones, connect it to the screw of the tattoo machine, and wrap the interface with insulating tape.