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The stripper pole is also called the dance pole, a spinning pole. There are two different types of stripper poles – rotating and static. Rotating poles can either be set to rotate or can be fixed. Static-type dance poles do not rotate. However, they are also more expensive than static-type dance poles. There is also a distinction between the standard pole and the show pole. The show pole comes with a platform and lights.

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Where did pole dancing originate?/When was pole dancing invented?
The pole workout dates back at least 800 years to mallakhamb, a traditional Indian sport. American pole dancing originated in the 1890s with the “Little Egypt” tour, featuring the sensual belly dance performed primarily by Ghawazi dancers.


Pole dancing combines acrobatics and dance based on a vertical pole. This form of performance is not only used as erotic dance but is also a popular form of fitness, practiced in gyms and dance studios.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Yaheetech, VIVOHOME, Raylon, and GLAMOURR.

Before you start pole dancing, you should know that it's not all about your arm but your leg strength. It takes some getting used to the feeling of hard metal against your skin. But you are going to get used to it.

Step 1: You'll put your leg on the pole. Then flex your foot on the side of the pole.

Step 2: Put your knee on the other side. Pull your body up and bring your other leg behind the first one to push the leg into the pole.

Step 3: Squeeze the pole with your legs and make an up move. That will take you up higher. Keep your arms close to your body. There's more strength in that.

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Screwing the short extension onto the base. Screwing the long extension on the short extension.

The next hole has little screwing. It is the top portion of the pole. Take a cover and slide it over. Take the dome, slide it over too. Put the rubber grommet on the dome, and that's the part that goes their turn into the ceiling.

Put the dome part onto the base part. Make sure that you thread it on correctly. The rubber on the top gives it a good grip on the ceiling, and it also prevents marking.

Twist the shaft until it comes in contact with it, extending the pole but getting the sealing between the floor and the ceiling.

Slide the cover collar up to cover the threaded portion and give the right vacuum instead of gold. You line up those two threaded holes. Use the screw, and that just keeps the collar in place correct.

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The dance pole has two different types, rotating and static. In the rotating type, the poles rotate using ball bearings. This type helps more experienced pole dancers complete the pole action.

Can you put a stripper pole on the carpet?

You can install a stripper pole on the carpet. But the rug will sag down. Make sure to tighten the pole for added stability.

How many calories does pole dancing burn?

Pole dancing can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise. You can burn around 250-350 calories in an hour of pole dancing. Another benefit of pole dancing is that it can help you with muscle endurance and coordination training.