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When you enjoy a massage, cold massage oil can ruin it. A massage oil warmer can heat massage oils and lotions evenly to give your clients extreme comfort. Of course, you can also heat the oil in your palms, but this method is not very efficient.

Therefore, a massage oil warmer is essential to give your customers a warm feeling. They can heat the massage oil just right and activate the main ingredients to nourish your skin. In addition, they are not only designed for professionals. You can also use it at home to give your partner a massage.

LumBuy has selected the most popular massage oil heaters. There are various options, such as ceramic ones or modern massage oil heaters with automatic shut-off. Try to choose the right one for you and start a comfortable massage journey.


A massage oil warmer, also known as a massage oil heater, or a massage lotion warmer, can heat the massage oil and lotion evenly to give a comfortable massage. Usually, when the oil reaches a certain temperature, it will stop heating automatically. If the temperature drops, it will reheat. Usually, there are two types available: candle massage oil warmer and electric oil warmer.

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  • Temperature Control
Temperature control is an essential feature. It should control the temperature automatically or allow you to adjust it manually with a knob. It should keep the massage oil at just the right temperature, and the oil will not be under or overheated.

  • Type
Electric massage oil heaters should have a safety switch that turns off automatically to avoid overheating. Ceramic models without an ignition source are safer. If you purchase a ceramic one, there should be enough distance between the bowl and the candle holder to ensure the best heating effect. Also, ceramic massage oil heaters with deep pouring ports can hold more oil.

  • Material
Some plastic ones may be easily damaged. While ceramic massage oil heaters last longer, electric massage oil heaters give you a better experience.

  • Size & Capacity
A massage oil warmer should be compact and portable whether you get a massage at the salon or at home.

Some oil warmers fit a single bottle, but professional massage oil warmers can hold 2 or 3 bottles.

1. Plug the massage lotion warmer into a power outlet.

2. Turn on the switch.

3. Fill the water tank with water.

4. Adjust to the desired temperature.

5. Place the bottle into the massage oil heater.

6. The heating plate heats the water.

7. Heat is transferred to the oil bottle.

8. When the temperature is right, it will automatically shut off.

Massage has many benefits, but warm massage oil improves the results. Ayurveda , which means "knowledge of life," is an Indian tradition. Health depends on a balance between the body, mind and spirit. Abhyanga , or massage with warm oil, can help you maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • What is warming massage oil used for?
Heating massage oil helps relax and loosen your muscles and soothe pain caused by stress or injury. In addition, the oil can penetrate the skin more thoroughly.

  • How to heat the massage oil?
1. Rub it in your hands

If you rub the oil on your hands for about 20 seconds, the oil will warm up slightly. This is a good option if you are rubbing quickly. But if you want a full body massage, you may need a massage oil warmer.

2. Microwave

Pour the massage oil into a ceramic or glass cup. Put the oil in the microwave oven for 30-60 seconds. However, the oil will not stay hot for a long time.

3. Hot water

Pour hot water into a cup, bowl or pot.

Place the oil in a glass container and place it in hot water.

Heat it for 5-10 minutes.

Take the oil out of the hot water and rub it.

Put the oil back into the cup, bowl or pot and keep the oil warm.

4. Candle

Light the candle.

Place the bottle on top of the candle.

Pour the oil into the bottle.

Check the temperature with a thermometer.

5. Massage oil warmer

If you incorporate partner massage or self-massage into your routine, you might want to get an electric oil warmer.

Yes, you can use a microwave to heat up the massage oil. However, you need a container that can be heated in the microwave, such as a ceramic or glass mug. You can put the massage oil into it for 30-60 seconds first and then measure the temperature. However, the oil is likely to cool quickly.

It depends on your pain, physical needs, and budget. We recommend that you get a weekly or bi-weekly massage. Remember, one massage is not practical; you need regular massages.

  • Stress reduction
Stress decreases heart rate variability. Massage causes HRV stimulation, and aromatic oils also have an effect. Therefore, it is possible that abhyanga, which is related to massage and essential oils, also has a stress-reducing effect.

  • Lower blood pressure
During the massage, the blood vessels will dilate. This speeds up blood flow and helps lower blood pressure.

  • Improved skin health
The oil nourishes the skin and can improve its appearance. Massage increases blood flow to the skin and reduces cellulite and scars, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

  • Reduce muscle stiffness
It is believed that abhyanga reduces stiffness by relaxing tight muscles.

  • Promote lymphatic drainage
The lymphatic system removes waste. If you have had surgery, fluid can build up in the lymphatic system, which can cause swelling. Massage enlarges the lymphatic vessels, promoting lymphatic drainage and eliminating lymphedema.