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Are you looking for the best sheep shears?
There are several knives for sheep shears: 13 Tooth Flared Comb; 20 Tooth Show Comb; 24 Tooth Show Groomer Comb. Generally speaking, the thicker the animal’s fur, the looser the comb, and the easier the shearing is.

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Thick wool can cause an imbalance in the sheep’s body temperature. In summer, the sheep can’t disperse properly, leading to hyperthermia and disease. Therefore, shearing should be carried out in the early spring of each year. Shearing wool, however, requires skill, and an electric sheep shear is a better option.


What are sheep shears?
An electric sheep shears are a tool for trimming sheep, cashmere goats, or fur-dense animals. The blade of the sheep shears and the fixed combing teeth cooperate with the shearing motion to cut the wool.

What is a good brand of sheep shears?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Drillpro, LAOA, ele ELEOPTION.

How to use sheep shears?
Step 1

Find a spot where the sheep's back is against your legs and trim the belly first. The wool on the sheep's belly is usually the dirtiest and worthless to sell. So it is a good starting place. Ensure the sheep will not struggle, and your work runs more smoothly.

Step 2

Cut off the inside of the hind legs and crotch. Still, keep the sheep between the knees. Be careful not to hurt the nipple of the ewe. You can cover it with your hands.

Step 3

Switch to a suitable position and start shearing the sheep's hind legs, starting from the toes and working up to the back until the bottom of the back is sheared.

Step 4

Adjust the position again and trim the chest, neck, and chin. Push your shears up from the chest to the chin. Then continue parallel shearing along the neck.

Step 5

When shearing the wool on the shoulders, the skin on the shoulders may be wrinkled so that you can pull it tightly before shearing. Start at the front leg and work your way up to the back while removing the wool from the inside of the front leg.

Step 6

Adjust the position and cut the wool at the back. You can start by shearing one side of the fleece from the belly to the back and the same on the other side.

Where to buy sheep shears?
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Do sheep like being sheared?
Sheep will feel a little cold after being sheared. What's more, they will feel more relaxed, and shearing can also avoid some diseases.

Do sheep get cold after shearing?
Sheep experience cold stress after shearing, but then they self-regulate their body temperature.

Why do sheep need to be sheared?
How often are sheep sheared?

Once a year

When is the sheep-shearing season?

Early spring

Too much wool can cause an imbalance in the sheep's body temperature. In summer, sheep can't disperse properly, leading to hyperthermia. Additionally, feces and urine can hide in the wool, attracting pests, flies, and maggots to the sheep, causing disease. Therefore, shearing should be carried out in the early spring of each year.

Does shearing hurt sheep?
Shearing usually doesn't hurt sheep. It's like cutting hair. Shearing wool, however, requires skill, and electric sheep shears are a better option.

Can you use sheep shears on a dog?
Sheep shears are used for shearing animals with thick fur and are not suitable for dogs. And sheep shears can be loud and scare dogs, so using a pet shearer is better.