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Are you looking for the best RC Excavator?
RC excavator is the abbreviation of remote control excavator. It is also called remote control bulldozer. The main types of excavators include CAT, JCB, Komatsu, and Hitachi. The remote control excavator replicates the excavator’s body, track, arm and bucket and can perform forward, backwards and left-right movements. Once you are familiar with the controls, you can start digging and transferring sand and rocks.

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Whether adults or children, remote control excavators are the coolest toys for lovers of construction equipment. In the past, construction toy cars were simple, with low reductibility and operability. However, no matter what kind of toys, they are completely reproduced according to actual items, and the same is valid for remote control excavators. It can replicate all the executive actions of a real excavator.


What is an RC excavator?
RC excavator is the abbreviation of remote control excavator. A remote control excavator is a toy that reproduces actual excavators' main functions and appearance, suitable for adults and children alike. It is also called an RC bulldozer.

What is the best RC excavator?
When choosing a remote control excavator, you can take the following two points as a buying guide.


The operation performance of the RC excavator ranges from simple forward and backward control to some complex action commands. Generally, those that can perform complex actions are equipped with multiple motors. Some remote control excavators also have flashing lights, sound and music.


RC excavators are powered by rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. The battery will drain faster if you want additional features like lights, sound, or music.

What are the top brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Volvo, DOUBLE E, BEZGAR, EACHINE, LBLA, and HUI NA TOYS.

Where to buy an RC excavator?
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How does the RC excavator work?
RC excavators refer to excavators that are manipulated by wired or wireless circuit devices. The general wired remote control distance is 150-300m. The wireless remote control distance is 1500-2000m. For the remote control device, the displacement amount of the joystick is converted into a voltage, which is then converted into a digital value by the A/D converter, and the parallel signal of each joystick is transformed into a series signal, and the wireless motor is used for transmission processing, and the signal is transmitted onto the RC excavator.

How much is an RC excavator?
The price range of RC excavators is relatively large. Due to the differences in performance, configuration and materials, the price ranges from tens of dollars to thousands.

How much does a micro RC excavator cost?
The price of the micro RC excavator is similar to the regular RC excavator, and the price will not reduce with the size. On the contrary, the cost of micro RC excavators may be higher due to the more sophisticated production technology.