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Are you looking for the best human hamster ball?
Human hamster ball is also called zorbing ball, the bubble soccer ball, inflatable bumper ball, buddy bumper ball. Human hamster balls can roughly be divided into two types, one is suitable for the road surface, and the other is suitable for water.

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After rock climbing and bungee jumping, human hamster ball is another emerging popular project. It meets the needs of those who pursue excitement and has high safety. It is suitable for use in various tourist attractions, water parks, and children’s parks.


The zorbing is a huge round inflatable sphere that can be used for sports games on grass or rolling on the water. It is also called zorbing, inflatable bumper ball, the bubble soccer ball.

The top brands are Intex, Kaytee, Grantville.

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  • There are three ways to play the zorb ball. One is to fix the person in the ball and roll with the ball. One is to pour several buckets of water into the ball, and people roll with the water inside the ball. The third is that when the ball rolls, the person keeps his body upright in the ball and moves with the ball.

    If you want to run in the ball, especially when on the water, you need to keep your speed and the balls' at all times; otherwise it is difficult to maintain balance.

    The most common price for human hamster balls is between $50-300.

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  • thick PVC table protector foil
  • vinyl sticker
  • tube or hose
  • Big pieces of paper
  • Step 1: Draw the basic shape on the PVC foil and cut it according to the shape.

    Step 2: Use the machine to heat seal the edges.

    Step 3: Inflate the human hamster ball.

    Step 4: Use the vinyl stickers on the corner.

    The outer diameter of the human hamster ball is about three meters, and the inner diameter is about 1.3 meters. The generally recognized height of a human bubble ball is between one meter and two meters, and children's are generally less than one meter.

    The biggest difference between a human hamster ball and a zorb ball is that one is fully enclosed, and the other is semi-enclosed. Fully enclosed can be used for water entertainment, semi-enclosed can only be used on land, such as on the lawn.