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Inflatable tents, also known as air tents, blow-up tents, are set up with inflatable beams. Instead of fiddling with poles, you can inflate the inflatable beams, and you’ll relax while everyone else at the campsite is still busy!

No matter how bad you are at camping, you can’t go wrong with an inflatable tent! Inflatable tents are easy to set up. All you have to do is stretch the corners and let the airflow. Even with a foot pump, you can easily set up the inflatable tent yourself without significant problems.

As the inflatable tent doesn’t have any poles, you don’t have to worry about breakage. Air tents are just as sturdy as their tent brothers, ensuring a safe and comfortable camping experience.


What is an inflatable tent?
An inflatable tent (or inflatable camping tent) is like any other tent, except for one crucial difference. Instead of using metal, plastic, or fiberglass poles, the tent is inflated using inflatable beams.

Vango was the first company to bring inflatable tents into the mainstream camping market with the AirBeam series. It remains the most popular tent. However, other companies are now increasingly popular, including Zempire, Outwell, Kampa, and others of very high quality.

  • Types
Inflatable dome tent

Outdoor single tunnel inflatable bubble tent

Inflatable gazebo

Inflatable igloo

Inflatable dome tent

Inflatable party tent

Airbeam tents

What's the best inflatable tent?
Here are some factors you should consider to buy the best:

  • How many people it can hold
  • Whether you can stand up in the tent
  • whether it has a mosquito net
  • whether it has vents
Inflatable tents tend to hold up better in bad conditions because you don't have to worry about collapsing poles. The tent will still be secured with pegs and drawstrings, just like a traditional tent.

What are the best brands?
  • The best brands
Vango inflatable tent

Coleman inflatable tent

Generic inflatable tent

Intex inflatable tent

heimplanet inflatable tent

Kampa inflatable tent

Tuomico inflatable tent

SAYGOGO inflatable tent

How to put up an inflatable tent?
How do you put up an inflatable tent? Wonder no more - follow our simple guide.

  • Read the instructions
Some manufacturers have detailed instructions on their website and even a video to guide you through the pitching process.

  • Lay the tent flat
Unfold the tent, find the door and place it where you want it. Lay it flat and pin the corners.

  • Find the valve
Different brands will have valves in various places on the tent. Some enjoy one valve. Others boast one for each beam.

  • Connect the pump
Depending on your model, the fitting will screw, snap or push into the valve.

  • Start the inflation
Don't pump too much air into the beam. It is best to use a pressure gauge pump and not exceed the pressure level.

  • Push the beam into shape
If there is a bit of a breeze here, you may need help - especially if you have a large or heavy tent.

  • Pull out
Peg out the groundsheet and sidewalls, checking for creases as you go. Insert any poles for canopies etc.

  • Nail out the steel ropes
Untie the ropes and secure them loosely around the tent, then tighten them up again.

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How to deflate an inflatable tent?
1. Open all doors.

2. Open the valve and wait.

3. Take off your shoes and walk along the air tube towards the valve. (This may void your warranty, so please exercise caution.)

4. Fold the sides of the tent towards the middle.

5. Roll up the tent.

6. Tie up the tent.

7. Put back in the bag.

How do inflatable tents work?
  • Tube and sleeve design
1. There is a plastic tube that you can inflate to a certain pressure.

2. Insert the plastic tube into a polyester sleeve.

3. A tent sleeve inside the tent accommodates the tube and sleeve, forming the tent's inflated structure.

4. A small hole is put where the valve is. You can inflate or deflate a tent from the outside.

  • Air valve
A simple valve on one side of the inflatable tent allows you to open and insert a pump into it, inflating the beams to create the tent's structure.

Two valve systems are usually available.

1. Airbeam - twist valve

2. Push-button valve

Can inflatable tents puncture?
Like a regular tent, an inflatable tent can take quite a beating but can be damaged if not properly maintained. Punctures are very rare in air tents. When you pitch your tent, you need to be aware of any specific sharp objects.