Ten Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Review

Tattoos have been in trend for so long. Some people want to get the one with special meanings, while others want to be creative when getting a tattoo. It is because the best wireless tattoo machine can let them get their favorite tattoo inked with ease.

However, when it is about to get the best tattoo on your body which is both creative and expressive, the decision can be a bit harder. Along with deciding what tattoo design you should get, deciding how you can get that peacefully, the size and placement of your tattoo design, and various other things. After all, your inked tattoo is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next fresh new ink? Or do you want to get the best wireless tattoo machine? In any case, this article is going to be very helpful for you.

Top 9 Gun tattoo Ideas / Get the best gun tattoos with a wireless tattoo machine.

Gun tattoos are the most sought-after tattoo design. Especially people who love the armory and weapons love to get gun tattoos. Having a gun tattoo doesn’t mean the person has evil thoughts. It is because guns symbolize self-protection and a true fighting spirit as well.

Here are some of the best gun tattoo ideas that you must know in this regard:

Finger Gun Tattoo design

A finger gun tattoo design can easily score brownie points due to the innovative conceptualization it has. In this design, you can use all of your fingers to complete the design of a gun. However, even though this isn ‘t a big elaborate tattoo design, it can turn into a trendy and subtle tattoo design.

Waist tattoo design

Gun tattoos come up with various implications. For females, gun tattoos speak to peril, so a distinctive implication would be more attractive as a gun tattoo can also speak to security and respect. A waist gun tattoo design can speak to pursue peace at any cost. Get this tattoo design with black ink for perfect representation.

Gun with bow tattoo design

A gun tattoo with a pink or black bow can be a perfect way to showgirl power. You can get a gun with a bow to flaunt your feminine charm that can never be mistaken with fragility or weakness. It is because this gun tattoo design can be a perfect representation of feminine strength.

Skeleton with Gun tattoo

Elaborate and macabre, a skeleton with gun tattoo idea comes up with all the ingredients that make it unique. It can be a bit violent for some people. However, it doesn’t fall short of genius and brilliance.

Miniature Gun Tattoo

Are you looking for a gun tattoo idea that looks subtle and attractive at the same time? A small gun tattoo can be the best option for you. It is best to get a minimalistic and miniature design to get a perfect result.

Floral Gun Tattoo

Yet another feminine theme gun tattoo idea, you can combine different flowers to get a gun’s shape. It can be an abstract representation of feminism and strength.

Gun with broken heart tattoo

A broken heart symbol is just a cliché. However, you can pair a broken heart with a gun for a unique and trendy gun tattoo design. It will let you get admiration from peers and friends for sure.

Gun tattoo inspired with tribal art

If you want to get a non-traditional gun tattoo, this artistic gun tattoo design idea is best to consider. You can get this creative gun tattoo design in medium size to make it look prettier. However, the best placement for this gun tattoo design is on the arms and shoulders.

Multicolored gun

From neon blue to bubble gum pink, a multicolored gun will have it all. You can use a shocking color pallet beautifully in this gun tattoo design to make it unique, artistic, and quirky at the same time. It is surely an attention-grabbing gun tattoo design.

10 Best wireless tattoo machine options reviewed you must know:

Do you want to ink your skin but do not have the best wireless tattoo machine for that? Let’s have a look at some of the best wireless tattoo machine options we have reviewed below to make a better choice with ease in this regard.

Mast Tour Rotary Tattoo Kit Wireless tattoo machine: Best wireless tattoo machine for reliable motor

This Mast wireless tattoo machine comes up with astonishing features that make it a highly reliable unit for any tattoo artist. The coreless motor of this unit makes it last for approx. 3000 hours. The design of this unit itself is very classy, simple, and sophisticated. This will allow you to perform delicate linework and shading very precisely.

The installed LED can let you have better visibility for voltage tracking. Overall, this is a convenient and lightweight unit.


  • LED- Light display
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Working hours 3000, at least
  • 2 wireless power supply


  • The elegant and ergonomic look of this unit makes it easier to handle.
  • The pen can let you have a precise linin and shading experience.
  • The unit is amazingly lightweight and comfortable.


  • In the beginning, the needle of this machine can give you a strange experience.

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine: Best wireless tattoo machine for battery backup

This is another amazing wireless tattoo machine by Mast Archer. This unit comes up with all the essential specs and a bright LCD screen and voltage adjustability. Most amazingly, you can keep working with this wireless tattoo machine freely for up to 8 hours straight. Even more, the 3.5 mm stroke length makes this unit perfect for both lines and shading.

Additionally, the gear system of this piece is also quiet, gentle, and soft which can offer you a very comfortable handling experience.


  • Requires 2 hours to full charge
  • 3.5mm stroke length
  • Flexible and lightweight


  • This is one of the most affordable wireless tattoo machines suitable for both professionals and beginners alike.
  • It comes up with a wider voltage range that will let you tackle any tattoo work with ease.
  • Voltage levels are easier to track and manage via the display screen.


  • Needles adjusting with this unit can take more time, as compared to other wireless tattoo machines.

Solong wireless tattoo pen kit machine: Best wireless tattoo machine for build quality

This rotary wireless tattoo pent kit machine is the dream of every artist. This is a compact kit made of aluminum alloy and offers you high durability and reliability in the best possible way. Even more, the device has managed amazingly to shade the weight. So, users can get a lightweight and well-balanced tattoo pen kit. Ultimately, you can have an easier handling experience while using this tattoo pen.

Even though the battery is plugged in the top, still the pen kit doesn’t tip over that side. The motor at the core perfectly complements the structure. Also, you can make this unit work smoothly without any vibration.


  • Battery capacity 1500mAH
  • Cartridge tattoo needles 50pcs included in the package
  • DC 5.5 connection
  • 1-year warranty
  • CE certification


  • The Solong wireless tattoo kit comes up with almost everything you need to start creating your favorite tattoos.
  • The unique design of this tattoo pen can let you have a real pen-like feel.
  • One year warranty with this unit can make it a peaceful purchase.


  • Some customers have complained about missing parts in the kit.

Hawink Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine: Best tattoo machine for beginners

This is another fantastic wireless tattoo machine that is much more than just a tattoo pen. It comes up mixed pack to let you get your artistry right away. An easy-to-insert system of this machine can allow you to change the needles as per your preferences faster.

Now we will talk about the pen here. The 1500mAH battery is so lightweight that it won’t add any real weight to the unit. That is why the pen can give you a nice balance, making it easier to handle and use even for longer without getting tired. Even more, the battery unit comes up with a straightforward switch along with capacity and voltage indicator displays. With the help of this single button, you can easily switch your tattoo pen on or off and track the change between capacity or voltage levels for both shading and lining work with ease.


  • RCA Cord connection
  • Needle length is 4mm
  • Needle Stroke is 3 mm
  • Adjustable voltage 7-11V


  • This wireless rotary machine comes up with a modern yet elegant design.
  • The ergonomic and lightweight design of this wireless machine makes it super easy to handle.
  • This wireless tattoo machine comes up with a good motor.


  • To avoid a faulty power supply with this unit, you have to check the quality with the seller.

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited: Best wireless tattoo machine for easiest operation

This is the first rotatory tattoo pen machine developed by Cheyenne. Even though the design of this tattoo machine is a bit heavier comparatively, its incorporated battery can make this model special. This incorporated battery can let you use this machine for 5 hours approx.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Additional battery included in the package
  • Long working hours


  • This wireless tattoo machine comes up with extended battery life.
  • Lining and shading work has become easier with its easier to switch modes.
  • The tattoo machine comes up with an additional battery.


  • The design of this wireless tattoo machine isn’t lightweight.
  • Unfortunately, this machine is compatible with cartridges only.

Stigma Premium quality rotary tattoo machine: Best wireless tattoo machine for user-friendliness

Undoubtedly, devices by Stigma scream out for their high quality. Most amazingly, these come inside a box that contains everything you need to use this high-quality rotary tattoo machine. Along with the battery and pen machine, the package also includes five grip options. Three of these are of metal, while the other two are rubber grip. So, you can easily switch the one you are more comfortable with while working with this tattoo machine.

However, the machine itself is made of solid aluminum alloy. Therefore, it is a lightweight pen machine that is super easy to handle. Even more, the display is right on the battery, due to which you can know its charging quickly and easily.


  • Adjustable voltage
  • Lithium Battery with the capacity 2000mAh
  • 5 grip sleeves


  • The low vibration of this wireless tattoo machine makes it more stable.
  • The unit comes up with an easier-to-adjust voltage mechanism to provide you ease.
  • 5 grip sleeves make this rotary machine a more amazing option to choose from.


  • Customers complained about battery problems after using the unit a few times. So, be careful while buying it.

HAWINK Tattoo Machine Rotary wireless tattoo machine: Best wireless tattoo machine for power efficiency

Hawink has a fantastic range of tattoo machines. However, this rotary wireless tattoo machine comes up with two power bolts that make it easier to use. The machine is pretty lightweight, making it easier to handle and complete your tattoo design without even getting tired. Overall, the design of this wireless tattoo machine is really practical, ergonomic, and comfortable. Most importantly, you can use this machine freely for up to 9 hours straight freely.

The battery of this wireless tattoo machine is fast-charged and takes less than 2 hours to get charged properly. Additionally, this model has an eco-friendly motor that can let you enjoy amazing operation time with low energy usage.


  • Power bolt of the machine is 900mAh
  • Needle stroke is 3.5mm
  • 1.5 hr charging


  • This wireless tattoo machine offers quick charging and can let you use it for an extended period.
  • The eco-friendly motor makes the tattoo machine more amazing.
  • The instruction manual is included in the package for easier usage.


  • Qualities of the battery may vary. So, make sure to ask about it before completing your order placement.

Mast Saber Battery Tattoo Machine: Best wireless tattoo machine for control

This solid wireless tattoo machine comes up with an upright battery at the top of it. This gear comes up with a pen-style that offers it a well-rounded balance. The 2000mAh battery of this wireless tattoo machine is its core benefit. It is because the machine can run up to 8 hours straight with a single charge only due to its amazing battery capacity. Most importantly, it also takes only 2 hours to complete 100% battery charging.

With a single on-off button, using this tattoo machine is a complete joy. Along with its amazing battery quality, the machine also has a display on it to track its working voltage and time. Overall, it can be an amazing inking unit you can have.


  • Working voltage 5-10v
  • 2000 mAh battery capacity
  • Needle stroke 3.5mm


  • This tattoo machine comes up with a good quality battery.
  • Simple features make it a pretty straightforward tattoo machine to use.
  • Charging takes only 2 hours to complete.


  • Some customers have complained about the issues with the light and screen after using the tattoo machine for some time.

Solong Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine: Best wireless tattoo machine for professionals

Fortunately, this amazing wireless rotary tattoo machine comes up with a lot more than what can meet the eyes. It is because of the two power supply modes. With that, you can use the unit’s battery to power up the machine and use it. Along with that, you can also use the machine as a conventional wired unit by connecting it with a DC adaptor. Ultimately, you can easily improve your productivity without putting any break in your work.

Even more, the machine comes up with a reliable and quiet Japanese motor inside to let you have a stable and reliable working experience in the best possible way.

Overall, this is a perfect tattoo machine that can work amazingly for both newbies and professionals alike in a more effective way.


  • High-quality machine built with aluminum alloy
  • Voltage changes between 6.4 to 8.2 volts
  • Accessories included in the package


  • The high-tech Japanese motor let it operate quietly.
  • This wireless motor comes up with 9 different speed settings to make it easier to set the machine as per your needs.
  • This machine comes up with fast charging capabilities that can let you charge the device completely within 1 hour.


  • The speed settings can be higher for some users.

Yuelong Tattoo Kit: Best wireless tattoo machine for affordability

The design of this wireless tattoo machine can fit in your hand perfectly and will provide flawless operation in the best possible way. This tattoo pen is made of durable aluminum alloy with a strong motor. It comes up with a silent and low vibration operation, making it a suitable option for all tattooing techniques. The design also offers enhanced stability with lower ink spit back.

Most importantly, the customer support from Yuelong is also reliable and available all the time.


  • Japanese Motor
  • Accuracy control design
  • Tattoo kit included in the package


  • This wireless tattoo machine comes up with a powerful motor.
  • It is suitable for all tattoo-creating tools.
  • The tattoo kit is completely equipped with all essential accessories.


  • To be dependent on the kit solely, you might have to buy some elements separately.


Finding the best wireless tattoo machine that can offer you professional results has become easier now. You can find a range of independent tattoo artists who have been building their tattoo machines already. However, various popular brands have also come on the bandwagon and created the best wireless tattoo machines.

So, if you love to draw unique and attention-grabbing tattoo ideas, you must have the right wireless tattoo machine in hand for this. However, here we have reviewed some of the best wireless tattoo machines that are easier to handle and can easily let you create a well-balanced, artistic tattoo design in the best possible way.

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