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Men who like to implicit their heroic and rugged look often opt for tattoos. Amongst all available options, men with bold and outrageous taste prefer a gun tattoo made by tattoo machines. These tattoos are the symbols of hardcore masculine personalities. Men with a focus on a strong body, action, and body-building prefer gun tattoos. Rappers and bouncers also have a knack for gun tattoos, as these tattoos enhance their image.

In this article,

What Does a Gun Tattoo Symbolize?

Most people opt for gun tattoos to display their anger, strength, rebelliousness, courage, or the ability to fight and protect. In many cases, surprisingly, men opt to make the tattoos of people they hate. Long-term hatred and fights often lead to gun tattoos where people get inked with the face of their rivals along with the gun. These are the marks of their bitter relationship.

The most common reason to get a gun tattoo is to show protection and defense. Men consider it to be their responsibility to protect women and children. Some people embrace this job and derive pride in protecting their clan and surrounding.

Folks working with security agencies, club bouncers, and celebrity security forces are the main customers for gun tattoos. They have to live by an image and reflect the same to the public.

Other people may opt for gun tattoos to show off the level of their strength and toughness. Men love to show their masculinity and come across as tough and fierce. However, some men do not hesitate or shy away from accepting their limits regarding physical strength. But for certain men, it’s impertinent to have a strong masculine outlook and personality. Gun tattoos speak volumes about the personality of the person having it in the first look itself.

Bikers, explorers, and adventure seekers may also opt for gun tattoos with slight variations.

Adventure club owners, hikers, paragliders are not exactly associated with the field, which requires them to exhibit toughness but still choose different styles of gun tattoos inked to keep up the spirit of adventures high.

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What does a Tattoo with AK47 Represent?

Pistols, machine guns, AK-47s, and many other sorts of guns could be inked. Revolvers are very rare a choice and not opted for by many. Certain ethnic groups mostly prefer the unusual options with a history of revolver involved in their cultural and socio background.

Men with rebellious traits like to challenge the rules of society and do not fall for the social dogma like to go for the bold choice of getting inked with an AK 47 tattoo.

AK-47 represents a very fierce and revolutionary personality. People with strong patriotic character and ideologies may opt for these tattoos. Sometimes, the enmity between countries gets so bitter that armed forces personnel get tattooed with AK-47 guns to reflect the anger and agitation.

Where Can You Get a Gun Tattoo

People have the freedom to choose where they get an amazing gun tattoo. Some common and popular placement areas will be shared in this article, including the neck, arm, finger or hand, chest or back, leg, and other unconventional body parts. You may find one type you take the most interest in.

Angel Gun Tattoos on Neck

Gun Tattoos on Arm (Most Common)

Amazing Gun Tattoo on Finger or Hand

Angel Gun Tattoos on Chest or Back

Gun Tattoos on Leg:

Other Unconventional Areas to Get a Gun Tattoo

Top 45 Amazing Gun Tattoo Ideas

1. Angel Shooting with a AK47 Tattoo

A touch of soft and hard image blended in one. Angel represents love and soothe, and the tattoo with an angel shooting could express romance, love, affection, or bonding.

This is a very popular selection and may make its way to the arms of die-hard romantics.

2. Rose & AK47 Tattoos

What can be better than the quintessential roses and guns combination for a gun tattoo idea? You can never go wrong with classics, and this idea surely wouldn’t disappoint. It is a much too impressive gun tattoo idea that will make heads turn.

3. Small and Simple Gun Tattoos

People choose a small gun tattoo and some accessories because they can match other tattoos better.

4. Revolver Tattoos (Black & Colorful Ink)

5. Gun Tattoos with Colorful Ink

Nothing adds life to a work of art better than colors, and it is probably the easiest way! If you wish to make your gun tattoo appear more attractive, all you need to do is add a pop of color to break the monotony of dull and somber tattoos. You can either add color to the additional designs, such as roses or laurels, rather than coloring the central element of the tattoo that is the gun.

6. Gun & Snake tattoo:

A snake and a gun together make the most badass combination there can ever be for a tattoo design. There are a plethora of snake and gun tattoo ideas, and the good news is you can choose according to your liking. You can go for the classic snake wrapped around the entire body of a gun, or you can even have a quote written on the snake’s body. If the available options do not sound pleasing enough, you can always show your creative side and think out of the box to create your design.

7. Eye-catching Pistol Tattoos

8. Skull Gun Tattoo Ideas

One of the most conventional manly gun tattoo ideas has to be the one with a skull and two guns. It speaks volumes without really holding a written message, and every onlooker would get the vibe that your tattoo emits- masculinity. Many boys and men wish to get a gun tattoo to showcase their innate strength and powerful personality.

9. Military-themed Gun Tattoos

An absolute banger, the military gun tattoo idea is spectacular in every which way possible. Even if you belong to a non-army background but love your country and hold respect for the brave hearts protecting us at the border, this tattoo is just the one for you. You can choose the design according to your liking and make it big or small. If you are confused as to what to choose, then we have a fantastic suggestion for you. You can opt for a tattoo design that shows hands joined together for praying while holding a gun.

10. Sexy Garter Gun Tattoo for Girls

11. Gun Tattoos with Girls

12. More Creative Gun Tattoo Inspirations


Gun tattoos are an integral part of some gypsy communities where generations have been inked with several patterns of guns and knives. There are many creative and interesting gun tattoo ideas.

Different tattoo artists have different styles, and each one has its method and taste according to which they make suggestions to their clients.

Choosing a tattoo artist with great consideration and research is essential if you are new to this business. Certain tattoo artists blend in their unique style and provide a niche even to a common gun tattoo.

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