Tattoo Pen Machine Buyer’s Guide: 6 Best Tattoo Pen Machine Reviews 2023

A tattoo artist is utterly reliant on his tattoo equipment. Whatever level of ink artistry you have, the most incredible tattoo pen machine can take your work to new heights.

Modern tattoo artists are no less than wizards if they use the most incredible tattoo pen machine as their magic wand. They slashed. They doodle. And, in the end, each brightness on the skin’s surface. Then there’s the matter of the magic wands. No tattoo artist wants to feel inept due to a lack of necessary equipment and the best tattoo machines.

What machine for the tattoo to acquire?

Because of the versatility it provides, you should get the best pen tattoo machine without hesitation. According to statistics, tattooing as a career is in high demand, and only a pen rotary tattoo machine can enable artists to be mobile with their art form and vocation.

Simply put, pen tattoo machines are rotary pen machines that provide professionals with great shading and lining capabilities. Furthermore, they are minimum resources with no obtrusive structural aspects to take into account.

What is a tattoo pen machine?

In terms of tattoo machines, pen refers to tattoo machines with a thickened pen form. The typical rotary motor is the housing within this device. The driving power is first turning into a rotating and then progressive force. The needle moves due to the motor’s operation, ensuring an even and gentle touch on the skin.

Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine with German FAULHABER Motor

Best Tattoo Machine

This tattoo gun was put to the test by professionals, and the results were astounding. It is a CNC machine that provides an excellent user experience.

The enclosure makes of an air-crafted aluminum alloy, which adds to its appeal. The tremendous performance of the German-engineered powertrain is impressive. Furthermore, it is hushed and provides optimal stability.

The machine has a sleek appearance. It aids tattoo artists in achieving a comfortable holding position. This best tattoo gun also comes with all the necessary tools for optimal performance. Professionals prefer this machine to others since it is the quietest and most vibration-free tattoo pen available.

Quick features:

Powerful German motor: This best tattoo machine has a powerful motor and a beautiful appearance. It is the first choice for tattoo artists because it is lightweight and highly stable.

Build quality: Hawnik CNC manufactures its machines with cutting-edge technology. In addition, the material utilized in its construction also uses in the manufacture of aircraft. So, you can anticipate a high-quality build from this hybrid machine.

Stability and noise: The HAWINK pen rotary machine is quieter and vibrates less than traditional tattoo machines.


  • Lightweight design
  • Provides the most significant amount of stability
  • No-noise operations
  • Maintenance-free


  • Over-heated after 10V

STIGMA Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

Best Tattoo Machine

If you want to operate wirelessly, take a look at the cheap Stigma pen kit. This model comes with a new-generation power supply that eliminates the need for old wires, allowing you to move freely while inking.

You can get at least 3 hours of work done with a 1500 mAH lithium battery unit that powers the pen. It could take anything between 3-6 hours, depending on the five different voltage levels used while working. It comes with two batteries. As a result, there’s no need to take a break from your work.

This pen with a space aluminum frame gives you more control over the inking than a coil tattoo machine. Its lightweight design, along with the sophisticated vibration-free motor, ensures a comfortable tattooing experience. The unit’s 8000 rpm stitching speed will help you do the job quickly. It can be called one of the best tattoo machines.

Quick features:

Japan Motors: The Japanese engine is potent. It allows the tattooist to be highly efficient at all forms of line, color packing, and shading work with precise results, thanks to the innovative gear system.

Easy Homemade Tattoo Gun: It is more oriented toward professional tattoo artists as a kit. It isn’t as comprehensive as most beginner-friendly tattoo kits are.

Two batteries: Two tattoo batteries are included in the box to keep the machine working continually. When the artist is collaborating with one, the other can task with assisting the artist.


  • Lightweight rotating machine in the shape of a pen
  • A rechargeable battery powers it.
  • Space Aluminum created the design.
  • It has a quiet feature.
  • Accessories for a Healthy Lifestyle


  • Lack of practice material

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Best Tattoo Machine

The Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Machine demonstrates that the brand produces excellent rotary tattoo machines. It is another well-known delicate rotary tattoo machine for crisp lines and color packing because it is cost-effective without sacrificing quality or performance.

Despite its low price, the Mast is an impressive performer. It’s frequently contrasted to more expensive options such as the Cheyennes coil tattoo machine and rotary machine, implying that it has a lot to offer. It nicely lines, has a lot of colors, and tones the pieces beautifully. It’s also relatively strong, catching many of the world’s top artists off guard.

Quick features:

Versatility with effectiveness: The Mast Pen rotary machine is highly adaptable, thanks to its adjustable stroke length. You may adjust the stroke from 2.8mm to 3.5mm to line, pack, and shade your work with only one tool.

Excellent value for money: It is not only inexpensive, but it also performs admirably. Without breaking the bank, you won’t have to worry about getting what you paid for with this tattoo machine because you’ll get a quality device.

Pen-like feels: It’s simple to use and doesn’t shake as much as other coil or tattoo rotary devices. Because of this, it is switching from a standard pen to a tattoo pencil should be a breeze.


  • The design is appealing.
  • Ink saturation is faster and easier to utilize.
  • Detailing is a plus.
  • Lightweight
  • Portable and compact
  • Excellent value for money


  • For some people, it’s a little too hefty.

Mast Tour Pro Tattoo Rotary Pen Machine

Best Tattoo Machine

Tattoo artists always look for the best tattoo machine that injects ink into the skin delicately and smoothly and is suitable for every skin type. With its ergonomic design and German custom power motor, MAST TATTOO’s Mast Tour Pro tattoo pen machine accomplishes just that.

The machine has a stroke length of 3.6 millimeters and a needle protrusion of up to 4 millimeters. It has a 32 mm sleeve grip that is highly reliable during prolonged usage. Changing and refilling cartridges is a breeze with this device. It is compatible with all conventional power supplies and a wireless power battery.

Quick features:

Flexible and lightweight: For every style, it’s flexible and light. Transfers ink to the skin in a gentle and even manner. This tattoo machine is powered by a cordless power pack and is compatible with all standard power supplies.

Smooth and soft: This allows for faster, higher-quality packing with minor trauma. Tattoo artists will love this tool. The innovative gear system in this rotary tattoo pen machine is smooth, soft, and silent.

Wireless power battery: Covering and protecting are simple. Change and replace cartridges quickly and efficiently. All standard power supplies and wireless power batteries are compatible.


  • RCA jack that is both durable and suitable.
  • The wireless power battery is compatible.
  • The operation is relatively quiet.
  • For easy control, use a comfortable grip.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • A bit heavy

BIGWASP Cartridge Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Best Tattoo Machine

The Big Wasp is one of the more dependable pen tattoo machines on the list, and it also outperforms the competition in terms of affiliate links, shopping experiences, and promos. The main features of the same include an excellent operating range and a maximum stroke length of up to 5mm, which can be modified to fit any tattooing style.

The Big WASP’s precision CNC adds to the trustworthiness of this tattoo machine. The swash pallet also keeps the needle drive bar moving, ensuring improved control and performance. Finally, if you’re looking for the best tattoo machine with quick assembly and adjustment locks, this is one of the better options.

Quick features:

Ergonomic and lightweight: This machine has a strong motor and a sophisticated gear system that ensures dependable, vibration-free operation.

Personalized tattoo techniques: Bigwasp tattoo machine pen allows you a customized tattooing experience in a wide range of styles and designs.

High grip: This equipment, which mimics the grip and feels of an actual pen, enables more pleasant and precise tattooing than typical devices.


  • Operation with no noise
  • Skin rupturing keeps to a minimum.
  • When it comes to body parts, there is a lifetime warranty.
  • Versatile machine to handle color packing with ease.


  • It is not always possible to manage needle depth.

FK Irons Spektra Xion Tattoo Machine

Best Tattoo Machine

The following item on the list is a fantastic tattoo pen machine. FK irons are the manufacturer of the machine. Since 2007, this company has been producing top-of-the-line tattoo equipment. This unique equipment has a 6-watt motor that provides you with the best torque for tattooing on your client’s skin. Furthermore, the machine is lighter in weight, making it more convenient to use.

Furthermore, while the machine is smaller in weight, its durability is unmatched. This machine’s outer shell makes from military-grade materials. Users have a 40 mm grip on this pen machine, which gives them more control over the tattoo pen machine.

With a full charge of 15 hours, the battery provides 7-8 hours of use. A single battery can charge 600 times before it needs to replace. It is possible to put the battery in sleep mode. The battery is quickly replaced by inserting it into the slot.

Numbers and colored LEDs use for the indicator. A colored LED also shows the charge state of the battery.

Quick features:

Convenient stroke: Interchangeable strokes make it easy to adapt to different tattooing styles. Wheels with 3.2mm and 3.7mm strokes are included in the purchase.

Needle depth control: The world’s first pen-style machine provides artists complete control over all parameters, allowing them to express their creative ideas fully. Artists may lock in needle depth settings using a secure ratcheting method.

Adjustable voltage: The voltages can be adjusted using two buttons. You immediately become accustomed to rapid and straightforward functioning.


  • The 6-watt motor is designed to provide maximum torque
  • The weight is insignificant.
  • Stroke wheels that can change
  • More ergonomic grip


  • Heats up on more than 7 volts

What to focus on when selecting the best tattoo pen machines?

A decent rotary tattoo machine that looks like a pen causes minor skin irritation and helps you to complete patterns faster than usual.


Before choosing a pen-style rotary tattoo machine, make sure the brand has a good reputation. Choosing brands such as FK Irons, Hummingbird, Dragonhawk, and others is recommended to make a rewarding purchase.

Some pens will not “accept” cartridges from other manufacturers, so be sure you get the proper one if you’re used to a particular brand. You should be aware that it is preferable to use high-quality cartridges with membranes with high-end equipment. Consider that for a moment.

Weight balance

The most significant feature of a pen is its balance. The weight of the interior architecture must be evenly distributed across the tattoo machine’s length so that it does not pull backward or downward.


An effective diameter tool will be awkward to hold in your hand if you have a small hand; it will not fit. So choose the pen that easily fits in your hands and makes your work easier.


Because many people try to compensate for the machines’ wrong operation or design problems by simply upping the operating voltage on their power sources, the operating voltage is a critical factor. As a result, the voltages differ by two or more times from the optimum.

As a result, the devices burn out, heat up more quickly, and stop performing correctly or consistently.

The grip and its replaceability

The shape and comfort of the grip, the number of grips included in the machine’s kit, and the ability to add a disposable grip or another brand are all options for customizing the machine to make it more comfortable.

In addition, the manufacturer’s grip should be a comfortable form in and of itself. For example, some people prefer to hold a pen with ribs, while others prefer a pen without ribs and a smooth grip surface.


It can be tough to keep the costs of tattoo pen machines under control due to the best possible architecture. Furthermore, most high-end coil machines are less expensive than pen-style machines.

As a result, it is vital to purchase those that are cost-effective while maintaining operating efficiency.


Because the tattoo pen machine’s design allows it to be held and tattooed like a regular pencil or pen, its weight should keep to a minimum.


There are many options in the market to get you completely confused. The best tattoo machine that works for you might not work for others, and vice versa. Purchasing a device can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for them.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 tattoo pen machines, one of which will undoubtedly meet your needs. To assist you, even more, we’ve outlined the selection criteria to assist you in making a better-educated final decision. Consider the buyer’s guide listed above.

Finally, it’s critical to have the tattoo design executed correctly using the appropriate instruments, but it’s also crucial to remember to follow the aftercare instructions.


What happens if a tattoo needle is inserted too far into the skin?

Blowouts are an uncomfortable but common tattoo problem that arises when the artist applies the ink too profoundly. If the ink is applied too deeply, it will spread throughout the skin layers. Keloids affect some persons more than others, especially those with darker skin, and they should be cautious while obtaining a tattoo or piercing.

What does a novice tattoo artist require?

Needles, tubes, tips, grips, ink, a machine, stencil materials, and a power supply should all include in your tattooing supplies for a decent start. The appropriate tattooing equipment can help you get started on generating gorgeous works that your customers will appreciate.

What is the ideal depth for a tattoo needle?

So, how deep should a needle be inserted into the skin? The fluid is injected about 1/16th inch deep into the skin. It means that the ink will be deposited precisely between the dermis layer’s two millimeters.

Do tattoo lines become hazy as they heal?

During the healing process, tattoos can appear sloppy and fuzzy. While your skin is mending itself, you may notice some ink leakage and gray lines. However, if your skin has healed and the lines of your tattoo are smudged and uneven, you have a tattoo blowout. Allow a few weeks for your tattoo to heal.

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