Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Review

Tattooing is a heavily tool-dependent activity, just like other artistic crafts that require a creative flair. Having the correct type of tattooing gear, just like the Dragonhawk tattoo gun in hand, you can hone your skills and amazingly cut the learning curve.

It can also let you enhance the quality of the results and performance of the tattoo artist. While having the best tattoo gun in hand, you can also reduce the effort and time required to ink some intricate pieces in the best possible way.

However, when it comes to buying the best tattoo gear to enjoy your artistry to the fullest, you can find many different options in the market that can be a good selection to consider in this regard. While to complete the job in the best possible way, you require an arsenal of tools that includes tattoo inks, tattoo needles, tattoo machines, clipboard, foot pedal, armature bar nipples, tattoo lining tube, and other essential accessories. All of such items are necessary to complete and enjoy your tattooing job to the fullest.

It is why buying a complete coil tattoo machine kit from a reputed brand can be the best choice here. Fortunately, nothing can beat the level of Dragonhawk tattoo kit in this regard.

Best Starter Professional Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit

Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit can be an amazing value start kit to consider for any budding tattoo artist. Anyone familiar with the tattoo industry even a little bit must have heard about Dragonhawk tattoo machines. It is because Dragonhawk has been the most prominent and well-reputed tattoo supplies manufacturer in the industry.

However, with its complete Dragonhawk tattoo pen kit, the manufacturer has provided an ultimate streamlined starter package that can work amazingly for professionals and amateurs who need a simple setup that can easily help them to do anything with ease. Whether you need to shade, do a dot work, create a precise lining, or provide essential detailing to your tattoo, the Dragonhawk tattoo kit comes up packed with everything that can let you give a perfect finish to your tattoo work with ease.

Here you will get a strategically organized package consisting of tattoo machines, grips, pedals, inks, needles, and a lot more to start using your tattoo machine out of the box. Most amazingly, all of these things are available in an affordable price range.

tattoo pen machine
professional tattoo pen machine

Product Highlights

Overall, the Dragonhawk tattoo coil machine comes up with six tattoo machines that can make it easier to perform shading, lining, dotting, and finishing tattoo work in the best possible way.

The high-end and best quality tattoo machines come up with a matching supply and all the basic and essential accessories to start creating your favorite tattoos immediately after opening this package.

Pre-sterilized, medical-grade, disposable needles are also included in the package without any additional cost.

In short, the entire wireless tattoo pen kit is available at a highly affordable price that makes it a perfect starter kit to consider.


An amazing brand to consider for the best tattoo kits

Dragonhawk gained popularity by manufacturing the best quality tattoo kits suitable for professionals and beginners alike. Due to the increasing interest of people in tattooing from all around the globe made a lot of manufacturers come into the race of creating the best tattoo kits. Most amazingly, Dragonhawk comes up with one of the most varied portfolios of products that you can easily find anywhere. This brand is specialized in everything from power supplies to tattoo machines, pedals to needles, and much more.

However, the Dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine gained maximum popularity and praise from tattoo artists worldwide. This may be because the manufacturer provides the best quality in its tattoo kits and offers a lot of accessories in the package to make its kits a complete package for tattoo artists.

Key Features of Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit

Do you want to know what makes the Dragonhawk tattoo kit one of the most sought-after units in the industry? Or do you want to know why the wireless tattoo pen kit is an all-time favorite of most tattoo artists from all around the world? Well, in any case, it is highly important to know the key features of the Dragonhawk tattoo kit. This way, understanding things will become easier for you in this regard.

So, here we go:

Tattoo Machines

All of these tattoo machines are the best in class and offer a stable and comfortable tattooing experience. Six pieces of tattoo machines are the core feature of this tattoo pen machine. All the tattoo machines included in the package are packed with durable construction along with composite exterior material to offer you a sturdy yet elegant frame. 


The package also includes ten immortal tattoo inks that are smooth and vibrant. Even more, these are vegan-free and can let you have a consistent tattooing experience for any application. Fortunately, all the tattoo inks included in this package are made in the USA. So, you can ultimately stay stress-free from the quality of these inks with ease.

It means the addition of 10 tattoo inks in the package is also making it a more affordable bet. Buying these inks can cost you about 25 bucks as you don’t have to pay extra to get the essentials of tattooing here.

Power Supplies

Whenever you are buying a tattoo pen machine, the power supply is always a significant concern. A power supply is one of the most important things in a tattoo kit to develop durability. One of the most common problems with the power supply is losing its connectivity due to power cord wear and tear.

Fortunately, you will not face any such problem with the power supply included in the Dragonhawk tattoo kit. It is because here, you will get an OEM power supply with top-tier quality and durability.


The Dragonhawk rotary tattoo machine also features high-quality metal grips. These grips come up with high quality, as expected from Dragonhawk. The sturdy construction is here to provide the grips maximum durability.

Overall, these grips can ensure a firm hold on your tattoo machine. So, maneuverability can be enhanced in the best possible way.


The Dragonhawk tattoo kit features commonly used round shaders and liners in the package. All of these needles are packed in separate sterilized packages to make them safer to use for you. Even more, all the needles included in this package are also pre-sterilized to ensure the highest possible level of safety.

However, when it is about quality, as you are getting these needles from Dragonhawk, you certainly stay stress-free from the unit’s durability, reliability, and quality. Most importantly, all the needles included in the package feature a medical-grade stainless steel construction to ensure maximum stability in the best possible way. 

Other Accessories In The Package

Another amazing feature of this Dragonhawk tattoo kit is the availability of extra accessories in the package. Along with the key elements mentioned above, the package includes tips, transfer paper, clip cord, foot pedal, etc. The depth of accessories included in this package can let you enjoy your tattooing session more feasibly.


  • The Dragonhawk tattoo kit is featured as Amazon’s Choice and is also trusted by professional tattoo artists worldwide.
  • It is a kit featuring all the essential items in the package.
  • The pricing of the Dragonhawk tattoo kit is highly affordable.
  • Robust and reliable construction can let you have a stable and comfortable tattooing experience.
  • The product is made in the USA, so you can rest assured of its quality and durability with ease.
  • Different styles of tattoo guns available in the package can make shading, lining, dotting, and finishing easier.


  • Some customers have complained about the missing and broken accessories in the package.
  • Out-of-date stuff in the package can be a problem.
  • The tattoo machine may heat up when running for long hours.


A tattoo is no longer a professional skill. Instead, people are considering it as a hobby now and love to experiment with their tattooing skills. The availability of Dragonhawk tattoo kits has made it easier for people to hone their tattooing skills in the best possible way. A Dragonhawk tattoo kit is an amazing unit that tends to max out your performance affordable without ever compromising on the quality.

Dragonhawk tattoo kit is a top pick for numerous tattoo artists. It is because the brand has done an amazing job to provide you an interesting yet exciting selection of products in this package with quality and affordability at its core. As a result, you can get done with your job peacefully and enjoyably without getting stuck, as the package includes virtually everything required to get done with a tattoo job in the best possible way.

Nevertheless, this tattoo kit is preferable for the ones who want a more robust tattoo kit without even spending a lot on this. The most significant thing in this package is the availability of 6 tattoo machines.

Overall, this is an accessories-packed tattoo kit that can let you hone your tattooing skills in the best possible way.

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