5 Best Standing Wheelchair for Paraplegic [Reviews & Buying Guide]

A standing wheelchair brings a whole lot of dynamics to the human posture. The big question is, How?

The usual wheelchair limits all that an individual can do. It’s like you are stuck just sitting down all day, and you are yearning to be free. But, the truth is, sitting for long hours causes several health problems.

According to the economic times, sitting long hours can cause problems to the back, heart, and general body posture. The good news is a standing wheelchair gives your posture a better experience and increases your ability to carry out daily activities.

How Standing Wheelchair Changes The Game – Its Benefits

When we talk about the benefits of a standing wheelchair, we can expect a long list. But I’m not going to bore you; hence it’s going to be brief and straightforward.

First things first, let’s recall the story of Lizzy above. You will see that the standing wheelchair helped Lizzy regain an upright posture while still being mobile. In turn, it also relieved her of the back pain.

Let’s skim through a few other benefits

  • Improves quality of life.
  • Increases the possibility of an individual to carry out daily activities such as cleaning, cooking, etc.
  • Lowers muscle contracture.
  • Improves bladder and kidney functioning.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Lessens pressure sores.

The list goes on and on, but get one fact right; it’s all comfort and relief with a standing wheelchair.

What to Check out for When Buying A Standing Wheelchair?

You know, it could be very tough to decide on which standing wheelchair to purchase. However, you are not to blame because there are a whole lot of products out there. The truth is every product has essential features that qualify it as quality.

Remember, you have a need, and the ideal standing wheelchair must fulfill that need. Hence, it would be best to have a checklist that you must look out for when buying a standing wheelchair. Here we go.


There are different types of standing wheelchairs, and identifying the type that best suits your needs and budget is the first step you must take.

The types of standing wheelchairs include;

  • Manual standing wheelchairs: Although lighter, they require physical effort, as you have to push yourself into standing positions manually.
  • Power/Electric standing wheelchairs: these are much heavier standing wheelchairs but far easier to operate. With a power-standing wheelchair, you can get into a standing position by pressing a button or using a joystick.

Level of Independence

How much support you have at home is an essential factor in this checklist. Let’s make this clearer with two bullet points.

  • If you have a caregiver, i.e., someone who can provide support, then a manual standing wheelchair will do.
  • If you are all alone or want greater independence, you need to go for a power-standing wheelchair.


It’s evident that you would not want to buy a standing chair that will last lesser than the expected time.

Hey there, you deserve the value for your money; hence the standing wheelchair should serve for a long time. On average, an ideal standing wheelchair should last five or more years before replacement.

Other Necessary Factors

  • A good armrest height is crucial as this will prevent your arms from falling.
  • A well-fitting seat width: it should fit your hips perfectly because a slack in the seat size can cause wounds to the hips.
  • Top-notch footrest: the footrest is vital because if the feet dangle or inclines at a high angle, it may lead to pelvic tilt.
  • A good seat depth is vital as it prevents constriction of blood vessels in the legs.
  • User’s weight: it’s ideal to go for a standing wheelchair that can carry your weight.
  • Consider some other accessories such as brake handle, fully reclining backrest is not a bad idea.

In all, your choice of automatic wheel chair should provide mobility, standing posture, and comfort.

Our Top Picks


Best Karman XO-505 Fully Powered Standing Wheelchair  
Back suspension for improved stability and comfortPresence of an easy to use JoystickSeat size: 18″ x 18″Weight: 145kgSeat height: 23″18 inches seat depthTurning radius: 25Two 12V 36Ah batteries  17.5 – 20.5 inches seat-footage range8.5″ armrest height  

Best Draco Power Standing Wheelchair  
18″ -20″ adjustable seat depth2″ ground clearance25.2″ backrest heightWeight: 135kg14″ -16″ seat widthTwo 12V 36Ah batteriesA 24VDC, 320W motor10 slope angle9.5″ front wheel3″ back wheel13″ middle wheelAdjustable footrest to seat length: 17.7″ – 23″24.4″- 27.4″ total product width45.3″ total product length46.5″ -56.5″ total product height  
Best Leo II Manual Standing Wheelchair
Weight: 26.2kg -27kgProduct total width: 23.8″ -27.8″Product adjustable total height: 33.5″ -37.4″17.5″ -20.5″ adjustable footrest to seat length13.8″ -17.7″ backrest height20.5″ seat height14″ -18″ seat width14″ adjustable seat depth: 16″ -18″16″ adjustable seat depth: 18″ -20″18″ adjustable seat depth: 18″ -20″Product total length: 40″  
Best Pegasus II Lightest Semi Powered Standing Wheelchair

17.5″ – 20″ footrest to seat length14.8″ -18.7″ backrest height(with backrest extension)12″ backrest height(without backrest extension)Weight: 35kgSeat width: 16” & 18”Product height with backrest extension: 33.3″ -37.2″Product height without backrest extension: 31″Product total length: 39.8″Adjustable seat depth: 18″- 20″Product total width: 24″, 26″  
Best Karman XO-202 Full Power Standing Wheelchair    

Weight: 49.8 Kg16″ -18″ seat width25″ seat height8.5″ armrest heightTurning radius of 2518″ -20″ seat depthProduct height: 40″Product length: 42″Product width: 25″ -26.5″19″ backrest height

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Stand Up Wheelchair for Quadriplegic | Karman XO-505 Automatic Wheel Chair | Fully Powered Standing Wheelchair for Handicapped

automatic wheel chair

Karman XO-505 is a product from the reputable brand Karman Healthcare. The company tags it as “the only cost-effective automatic wheel chair.” The manufacturers report that its production is a result of customer feedback on the Karman XO-202 series.

It comes with a top-notch LCD to optimize control coupled with a mid-wheel drive allowing a better center of gravity.

Karman XO-505 boasts of being a low-cost automatic wheel chair with impressive features. So let’s check them out.

Outstanding Specs

  • Back suspension for improved stability and comfort
  • Presence of an easy to use Joystick
  • Seat size: 18″ x 18″
  • Weight: 145kg
  • Seat height: 23″
  • 18 inches seat depth
  • Turning radius: 25
  • Two 12V 36Ah batteries 
  • 17.5 – 20.5 inches seat-footage range
  • 8.5″ armrest height


  • it covers approximately 25 miles before a battery recharge
  • an easy to use joystick makes life easy
  • there is a power tilting feature
  • you can connect mobile devices since it supports USB
  • frontal food tray feature for a good meal
  • power reclining feature
  • top sit to stand power function


  • the seat cushion is flat which may be troublesome a few people

Best Wheelchair for Paraplegic | Draco Power Standing Wheelchair Manual Power Wheelchair | Standing Chair for Paraplegics

Stand Up Electric Wheelchair

Draco is a power-standing wheelchair, which means you have everything in control by just pressing a button or using a Joystick. It is an entire-function Stand Up Electric Wheelchair that permits standing, movement, reclining, and laying down in comfy positions.

The Draco automatic wheel chair is a real deal because it is one of the few available wheelchairs that reduces excessive nap transfer during the day. All you need to do is recline the wheelchair and have a pleasant rest time.

Outstanding Specs

  • 18″ -20″ adjustable seat depth
  • 2″ ground clearance
  • 25.2″ backrest height
  • Weight: 135kg
  • 14″ -16″ seat width
  • Two 12V 36Ah batteries
  • A 24VDC, 320W motor
  • 10 slope angle
  • 9.5″ front wheel
  • 3″ back wheel
  • 13″ middle wheel
  • Adjustable footrest to seat length: 17.7″ – 23″
  • 24.4″- 27.4″ total product width
  • 45.3″ total product length
  • 46.5″ -56.5″ total product height


  • there is provision for standing posture in several stages since it has an adjustable footrest
  • presence of LED lights to thrive at night time
  • the draco power standing wheelchair covers 18.5 miles before needing a battery recharge
  • excellent stability due to 8 wheels
  • an H-shape safety belt make it top class
  • the product has an LED display feature that makes control much easier
  • spring suspension for comfort in rugged terrains


  • the seat cushion is flat which may be troublesome a few people

Best Leo II Manual Standing Wheelchair Stand Up Electric Wheelchair Handicap Standing Frame for Handicapped

Stand Up Electric Wheelchair

Here is a product from the Wheelchair88 brand. Leo II is the lightest standing wheelchair available in the market. With a full aluminum alloy frame and an adjustable fit into the trunk feature, Leo II stands to be one of the best health-improving wheelchairs out there. 

Outstanding Specs

  • Weight: 26.2kg -27kg
  • Product total width: 23.8″ -27.8″
  • Product adjustable total height: 33.5″ -37.4″
  • 17.5″ -20.5″ adjustable footrest to seat length
  • 13.8″ -17.7″ backrest height
  • 20.5″ seat height
  • 14″ -18″ seat width
  • 14″ adjustable seat depth: 16″ -18″
  • 16″ adjustable seat depth: 18″ -20″
  • 18″ adjustable seat depth: 18″ -20″
  • Product total length: 40″


  • Very light.
  • It is foldable and can fit into your car trunk.
  • Hence makes transportation stress-free.
  • Since it has an adjustable seat depth, angle
  • footrest, and seat width, it’s suitable for
  • individuals of any height and size.
  • Top safety standards
  • Thrives in rough terrains due to the ability
  • to suspend the polyurethane back wheels


  • It is a manual standing wheelchair, hence will need more effort to control

Best Pegasus II Lightest Semi Powered Standing Wheelchair Stand Up Electric Wheelchair for Handicapped

standup chair

The Pegasus II is also a light-standing wheelchair. It comes with the term semi-powered because one can control up and down movement using a little control button on the armrest.

The mindblowing aspect of the Pegasus II is that it is suitable for individuals with one functional hand or finger.

Outstanding Specs

  • 17.5″ – 20″ footrest to seat length
  • 14.8″ -18.7″ backrest height(with backrest extension)
  • 12″ backrest height(without backrest extension)
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Seat width: 16” & 18”
  • Product height with backrest extension: 33.3″ -37.2″
  • Product height without backrest extension: 31″
  • Product total length: 39.8″
  • Adjustable seat depth: 18″- 20″
  • Product total width: 24″, 26″


  • The adjustable footrest tilting angle
  • makes it suitable for users of different
  • heights and size
  • A whopping two-year warranty isn’t a bad idea
  • Its design supports easy transportation.
  • Good for physiotherapy


  • Although it is semi-powered, it still can’t meet up with the outright power-standing wheelchairs.

Best Karman XO-202 Standup Wheelchair Automatic Wheel Chair | Full Power Standing Wheelchair Standup Chair for Handicapped

Standing Wheelchair

There is no doubt that the Karman X0-202 power standing wheelchair will place you in a standing position. Karman X0-202 is one of the reputable products of the Karman brand and has a lot of good reviews on its belt.

Outstanding Specs

  • Weight: 49.8 Kg
  • 16″ -18″ seat width
  • 25″ seat height
  • 8.5″ armrest height
  • Turning radius of 25
  • 18″ -20″ seat depth
  • Product height: 40″
  • Product length: 42″
  • Product width: 25″ -26.5″
  • 19″ backrest height


  • It has safety accessories such as leg straps, knee support, chest support, and safety
  • belts.
  • It covers 25miles before needing a recharge.
  • Enhances comfort with its aluminum frame
  • he pace of movement is subject to the
  • controller.
  • Easy to use the drive and stand remote.


  • It is quite heavy
  • May have limitations in the absence of power supply.

Final Words

Irrespective of the condition we find ourselves in, we can always get the best of life. You could be struggling with your mobility or even get bedsore and desire to switch postures when you need it easily.  The standing wheelchairs can help get you active, independent and improve your blood and muscle health.  Here is a chance.

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