Top 6 Electric Wheelchair Reviews [All You Want To Know]


An electric wheelchair is an awesome cart for old and disabled people who lack manual assistance. The internet is now flourished with tons of options when it comes to electric wheelchairs. There are lots of things to take care of when buying a motorized wheelchair, and that’s where our buyers may be left confused.

No worries, since this article is a fantastic buyers guide that combines 6 top picks and product reviews associated with an automatic wheel chair.

Considerable Factors When Buying An Electric Wheelchair

When buying a power wheelchair, here are a few factors that you should be looking for in them.

1.      Slope Percentage

Slope percentage denotes the elevation angle that a wheelchair can move on. For instance, hilly areas experience sloped surfaces, which demand a automatic wheel chair with a high slope percentage. Most wheelchairs have a rated safe slope percentage measured in degrees. The ideal safe slope ranges from 6 to 8 degrees, which allows a wheelchair to climb on elevated or sloped surfaces.

2.      Cost

Cost depends on the features, design and appearance, model, brand, etc. A fancy wheelchair with several features and accessories is usually priced higher. If you’re looking for an automatic budget chair, consider going for a automatic wheel chair with a simple design. Expect starting prices to be $1,200, which can rise up to $3,000 or even more.

3.      Wheel Drive (Front/Mid/Rear)

Wheel drive denotes which wheels will be powered. For instance, the term “all-wheel drive” denotes that all the wheels in a automatic wheel chair will be powered at once. Since “all-wheel drive” isn’t mandatory, most electric wheelchairs are equipped with front, mid or rear-wheel drive. The mid-wheel drive is considered the best, while the rear-wheel drive can result in a risky ride for disabled and older adults.

4.      Turning Radius

The turning radius determines the required space for turning the motorized wheelchair. A wheelchair’s turning radius resembles a car’s turning radius. Any power wheelchair with a high turning radius will be capable of turning in tight areas, demanding less area to turn around.

5.      Travel Range

Travel range means the distance that a motorized wheelchair can travel per complete battery charge. It resembles the mileage of a vehicle. A high travel range is expected if the automatic wheel chair is equipped with a powerful battery, has less carriage weight, and travels on a flat surface. Rough terrain and excess weight in the motorized wheelchair contribute to reduced travel range per battery charge.

electric wheelchair

6.      Style Of The Cushion

Varying styles of cushion contribute to the seater’s comfort. If you’re buying an automatic wheelchair for a disabled person, consider a regular yet durable cushion. If buying for an older person, go for a soft cushion.

7.      Size And Strength

The terms size refers to the seat’s size measured in width. Ideally, you’ll get a standard 16” seat size, while other size options widely exist, though. Similarly, strength is identified by the raw materials used to make an automatic wheelchair. A plastic wheelchair will obviously be a poor choice in terms of strength. Metals such as stainless steel offer the best strength while avoiding aluminum products is a smart choice.

8.      Safety Details

Safety features can include a seat belt. The armrest, padded backrest, and support for other body parts (such as footrest for feet) further contribute to safety and comfort. Most entry-level electric wheelchairs lack safety features, making the rider vulnerable to accidents. Another important safety feature is a wheel lock, which can be automatic or manual. The purpose is to avoid the wheels from moving while the chair stays stationary.

9.      Lifestyle

Lifestyle refers to the purpose of the automatic wheel chair and determines the lifestyle of the rider. For example, if the automatic wheelchair is for an older adult who can’t walk properly, perhaps their lifestyle would be different from a disabled person. When buying an electric wheelchair, it’s mandatory to be clear who you’re buying it for. If buying for a disabled person (say someone with impaired feet), go for a wheelchair with a footrest or one that doesn’t demand effort from the leg for the movement.

10.  Battery

The battery capacity (as stated previously) helps determine the travel range. Furthermore, the type of battery is crucial as well. For instance, lithium-ion batteries are way better than lead-acid batteries. The power capacity measured in ampere-hour (Ah) denotes its power. A high Ah battery is suited for a long travel range.

11.  Controller

The controller equipped on the armrest or somewhere near the fingers act as a remote control to control the motorized wheelchair. It resembles a radio-controlled toy car’s remote but is embedded in the wheelchair. Almost every electric wheelchair will have a controller attached to it.

12.  Warranty

Different sellers have different warranty policies. Ideally, the motor and PCB are the only parts covered in the limited warranty. The chair’s frame can have up to 3 years of warranty, one year of warranty on the motor, and six months of warranty on the spare parts (the warranty time period will be different).

electric wheelchair

Our Top Picks

Let’s jump to the top 6 picks that we believe are the best for our valued buyers.

ProductBrandBattery DetailsCharging TimeSuitabilityPrice

Elderly Compact Portable Power Wheelchair for disabled adults
N/A24v 20Ah6 to 8 hoursBest battery output$1810
Gzanbanjia Lithium-ion Ultra-light Foldable Power WheelchairGzanbanjia12v 10Ah4 to 5 hoursBest overall$1250
Gzanbanjia Lightweight Portable Automatic Wheelchair With Rear Remote ControlGzanbanjia24v 20Ah or 12v 40AhUp to 6 hoursBest for advanced features$2350 for 20Ah and $2560 for 40Ah
Motorized Foldable Power Wheelchair for HandicapNoEnName_Null12v 6Ah or 10AhUp to 6 hoursBest portable option$1882
Pcmos Folding Electric Wheelchair for HandicapPcmos24v 12Ah3 to 6 hoursBest entry-level model$1316
Pcmos Motorized Lightweight Wheelchair for HandicapPcmos22v 10Ah5 to 6 hoursBest for low budget$1105

Automatic Wheel Chair for Elderly | Compact Portable Power Wheelchair for Handicap [Best Battery Output]

electric wheelchair
electric powerchair

This is an electric wheelchair designed for older people, which houses a compact design. It’s a portable and motorized wheelchair, eliminating manual efforts to move. The intelligent controller is the primary reason for buying this product.

Features And Highlights

The chair is made of carbon steel, which ensures high durability in addition to quality. Moreover, the carbon steel contributes to low weight, making this product merely 42Kg. Since it’s a foldable chair, you’ll find it astonishingly easy to fold and carry it with your luggage. It can fit in tight spaces without hindering the chair’s frame.

There are independent cushions that can be removed, washed, and put back to place in the motorized chair. Washing the cushion won’t affect life, performance, and comfort. The controller can avoid radio-magnetic interference, has speed control options (speed up or down), displays battery capacity, and is equipped with an alarm horn. This product uses twin motors (each 250W), which ensures comfortable movement on slopes, leading to notable climbing ability.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 100Kg
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Battery details: 24v and 20Ah
  • Slope: 20 degrees
  • Speed: up to 8Km per hour


  •   Strong, durable, and low-weight product.
  • Attractive design.
  •    Detachable cushions.
  •    Wonderful battery output


  • High charging time.

Gzanbanjia Lithium-ion Lightest Foldable Power Wheelchair Collapsible Cheap Electronic Wheel Chair for Disabled Adults[Best Overall]

electric wheelchair
collapsible electric powerchair

This electric wheelchair offers excellent features, which help achieve comfort. It’s best suited for disabled and older adults. The foldable design and black chair frame make it aesthetically appealing too.

Features And Highlights

It houses a 6Ah lithium-ion battery, which has a low self-discharge rate. Upon single charge, the wheelchair can travel for up to 20KM. There are two motors, each of 180W, which help in climbing slopes.

The large rear tires size further makes this motorized wheelchair climbing-efficient. The chair frame is made of magnesium alloy, which offers a smooth finish in addition to a strong frame.

Technical Specifications

  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity: 100Kg
  • Slope: 20 degrees
  • Battery details: 6Ah battery (18Kg)


  • Comfortable and convenient design.
  • Low battery charging time
  • Lightweight and foldable design makes
  • it highly portable.
  •  Long-lasting battery since it’s a lithium-ion battery.


  • Low battery capacity.
  • Low motor power.
  • Magnesium alloy is not so strong as steel.

Gzanbanjia Lightweight Portable Automatic Wheelchair With Rear Remote Control for Seniors [Best For Advanced Features]

electric wheelchair
electric transport chair

This is a lightweight, portable, and automatic wheelchair, which features a highly comfortable design in addition to several convenient features. It’s best suited for disabled people, while buying it for older adults isn’t so important. Older people unable to walk or are bed-ridden should consider this automatic wheelchair.

Features And Highlights

Battery options include low capacity (20Ah) and high capacity (40Ah). It has twin brush motors, each 320W, along with large rear tires, which all together make this electronic wheel chair perfect for climbing slopes with ease. The electric transport chair frame uses aluminum alloy, which won’t receive damage from corrosion.

The travel distance can go up to 25KM with a single charge. It has a lithium-ion battery, which has a low self-discharge rate. This motorized wheelchair is foldable, becoming ideal to be carried as luggage. It’s ideal for the elderly and or bed-ridden people. Not so suited for disabled people, especially those with disabled legs.

Technical Specifications

  • Speed: up to 8KM per hour
  • Battery details: 20Ah (24v) or 40Ah (12v)
  • Weight capacity: 150Kg
  • Weight: 40Kg
  • Seat width: 18 inches


  • High weight carrying capacity.
  • Portable design.
  • ·Aesthetically appealing appearance.
  • High battery capacity.
  • Heavy-duty motors.
  • Rear remote control for better reach (meaning more convenience.)


  • The aluminum body isn’t so appealing and durable.
  • Slightly expensive product.

Motorized Foldable Collapsible Power Wheelchair Light Weight Electrical Wheel Chair [Best Portable Option]

electric wheelchair
electronic wheel chair for handicapped person

This motorized wheelchair weighing a mere 23Kg is a foldable power wheelchair, which offers multiple battery options. It’s lightweight, durable, and offers a fairly simple design.

Features And Highlights

Battery options include 6Ah and 10Ah options (lithium-ion batteries). The electric transport chair frame is made of magnesium alloy, which is lightweight and durable, leaving a smooth finish. The electronic wheel chair can fold and can be carried as luggage.

There are two motors of 180W each. The product can climb the slope easily. The electromagnetic brakes add security and safety features, which won’t be affected by access heat.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight carrying capacity: 160Kg
  • Travel distance: 10KM with 6Ah battery and 20KM with 10Ah battery
  • Seat width: 16 inches


  • Simple and affordable product.
  • Remote control at the rear becomes highly convenient.
  • One-step folding makes the folding process quick.
  • Fast battery charging.


  • Low battery output.
  • Not suited for high slopes.
  • Simple and not so comfortable design.

Pcmos Folding Collapsible Electric Wheelchair Electric Mobile Chair [Best Electric Wheelchair for Travel]

electric wheelchair
electric mobile chair for handicapped person

This lightweight and foldable electric wheelchair is designed for disabled and elderly people. It’s an entry-level model, which is not only affordable but also features a simple design. It houses almost all the basic features and is available in blue and white color options.

Features And Highlights

There’s an intelligent remote control system that can avoid electromagnetic interference. The independent cushions can be easily removed, washed, and installed back to the chair. Two motors, each 250W, make this automatic wheelchair perfect for climbing the slopes.

Security and safety features include anti-theft lock, anti-tip design, and removable charging facility. The shock absorbers installed at the bottom keep the rider safe even if moving on a rough or bumpy surface. The electromagnetic brakes ensure avoiding accidental movement while the electric mobile chair is stationary. Such enhanced safety features make it an ideal product for every person, whether disabled or elderly.

Technical Specifications

  • Slope: 13 degrees
  • Weight carrying capacity: 100Kg
  • Battery details: 12Ah 24v lithium-ion battery
  • Charging time: 3-6 hours
  • Speed: up to 8KM per hour
  • Travel distance: up to 15KM


  • Enhanced security and safety features.
  • Affordable product.
  • Powerful motors.
  • Universal remote control.
  • Stable operation.


  • Not so comfortable design.
  • You can’t climb high slopes.
  • It’s made of aluminum alloy, which isn’t so durable and long-lasting.

Lightweight Wheelchair for Small Adults | Pcmos Motorized Electrical Wheel Chair [Best For Low Budget]

electric wheelchair
electric mobile chair for handicapped person

This motorized folding wheelchair is another entry-level model, which features almost all the basic features. It’ll prevent from tipping backward due to an anti-tip design that’ll keep the rider safe without requiring another human’s assistance.

Features And Highlights

There are two motors, each 180W. The built-in lithium-ion battery operates on 22v and has a capacity of 10Ah. Lithium-ion batteries have a low self-discharge rate. For the sake of safety, there are electromagnetic brakes installed in this automatic wheelchair.

The seats are padded, which will let the rider sit on this electric chair for a long time without pain in the buttocks. The individual cushion design allows uninstallation, washing, and re-installation without hassle.

Technical Specifications

  • Make material: aluminum alloy
  • Weight carrying capacity: 100Kg
  • Battery charging time: 5-6 hours
  • Speed: up to 6 KM per hour
  • Weight: 17Kg
  • Travel distance: 20KM


  • Breathable cushion design.
  • Affordable product.
  • Multiple security and safety features.
  • Foldable and portable design.


  • Very simple product and not so comfortable.
  • The armrest can be uncomfortable.
  • Lacks color option.
  • Not so aesthetically appealing.
  • Low battery output and low travel speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to maintain an electric wheelchair?

With these easy tips, you can ensure perfect maintenance of your electric wheelchair:

  1. Charge the battery to 100% when charging for the first time.
  2. Avoid severe battery drain as it can reduce battery life since they’re not deep cycle batteries.
  3. Always use the genuine charger that came with the wheelchair or buy only a genuine replacement charger from the authorized sellers.
  4. Do not knock down the chair into walls or heavy objects.
  5. Ensure that the color doesn’t peel off the chair frame.
  6. Avoid carrying excess load than the prescribed load capacity.

How far can an electric wheelchair go?

Most electric wheelchairs are designed to travel up to 30KM with a single charge, while there’s no such official limit of how much a wheelchair can travel per battery life. Still, expect the electric wheelchair to travel up to 20 miles or even more per battery life.

Can I take my electric wheelchair on a plane?

Most electric wheelchairs have FAA-approved gel batteries, which are allowed to be carried in an airplane. So yes, you can take your electric wheelchair on an airplane.

How long does it take to charge an electric wheelchair?

Most lithium-ion battery-based wheelchairs should charge completely in up to 6 hours or even less. Lead-acid batteries can, however, take up to 8 to 10 hours to charge completely.

electric wheelchair

Final Words

By the end of this guide, we covered 6 top recommendations when it comes to buying an electric wheelchair. We covered wheelchairs for different groups of people. If you’re looking for an affordable option, we’ve covered such relevant products. If you’re looking for maximum features, we’ve covered products with high features as well. We also discussed the factors that you should look for when buying a motorized wheelchair, so not it’s your duty to filter the products and make a wise decision.

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