Top 10 Grow Tent Heater in 2022 Reviewed by LumBuy- Complete Guide

If you want to grow fresh fruit using a hydroponics system all year, it’s time to think about an indoor grow tent.

There are temperature control problems, pests, and smells to consider, and that’s supposing you have a decent growing area. A grow tent is a simple answer to these kinds of issues, but to boost your production, you might need another helping hand, like a grow tent heater.

What Precisely is a Grow Tent?

Using a grow tent, you may establish a garden ecosystem distinct from the rest of your indoor area. As a result, this equipment is excellent for places that aren’t typically conducive to growth, such as a garage or closet.

Grow tents are available in a broad range of sizes, features, and prices to suit your needs. The majority of tents feature a fabric exterior that is supported by a solid frame. In addition, they feature a silver reflecting coating on the inside to keep your plants warm and cozy. They will then often include several ports or apertures for electrical access and ventilation.

How to Choose the Best Grow Tent Heater?

When searching for a grow tent heater, there are a few things to bear in mind. Using a heater for grow tent or your grow room can help in giving enough warmth and securing a maintained temperature for very minimal energy used. A grow tent heater with a high power intake will cost you a lot of money and become a burden for you.

Second, maintaining the proper temperature range in your grow room can optimize plant development. The optimum air temperature range is 18C – 25C (65F – 77F), with an average temperature of 21C – 23C throughout 24 hours (70F – 75F).

During the cold months, a grow room heater will keep your growth running smoothly. Finally, check out the Opticlimate Full Climate Control Units, which maintain the ideal grow temperature and humidity conditions in your grow space.

It’s also important to know how a grow tent heater produces, increases and regulates heat. For example, it may use a spinning fan or a circulating air system, both of which directly affect the development of your plants.

High-quality grow tent heaters can evenly transfer heat across the space, resulting in superior outcomes. Checking the heating capability of the grow tent heater is the easiest method to determine this.

In addition, there are different types of grow tent heaters, like space heaters, tube heaters etc.

Lastly, check the thermostat. Product manufacturers of grow tent heaters generally consider this issue when designing heaters and can digitally control the item’s temperature.

If you’re searching for the most valuable grow tent heater, here are our best recommendations based on our research.

Reviews: 10 Best Grow Tent Heaters

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater 754200

grow tent heater

The Lasko 754200 space heater has built-in safety measures with a gorgeous silver color lining and can accommodate manual mode. This heater can accommodate high and low settings. In addition, it includes a heat regulation option on the fan mode, enabling you to control the temperature in your grow space.

The grow tent heater comes with three unique settings that allow you to select between low heat, maximum heat, and fan alone. But, of course, it’s best to grow warmer for tiny, cramped spaces.

The adjustable thermostat on the Lasko 754200 heater enables you to change the temperatures, with 11 distinct temperature settings to select from.

The carrying handle makes moving the grow room heater simpler. In addition, it aids in moving it from one location to another. It may cover an area of about 300 square feet.

The Lasko small heater would guarantee that the heater does not overheat your area even if left unattended for more extended periods.

Another safety aspect is that the heater’s body stays cold even while in high heating mode.

The Lasko grow tent heater comes fully built; plug it into a power socket, choose your preferred temperature and thermostat settings, and you’re good to go.

Stiebel Eltron 074058 1500-Watt 120-Volt Grow Tent Heater

grow tent heater

This grow tent heater has an excellent surface mount design and solid plastic and steel construction to guarantee that your cannabis grows in the unique environment possible.

Stiebel Eltron makes the heater, and it is a renowned German brand. It also has a quiet operation and a built-in thermostat for simple heat adjustment. This heater also has impressive features like a frost protection setting that can guarantee the temperature above freezing even when the thermostat is set to the lowest level.

The excellent design of this grow room heater means that it looks beautiful and performs well in keeping the cannabis grow area at a comfortable temperature.

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater for Grow Tent

grow tent heater

The MVH Vortex Heater is the ideal heater for grow tent if you want to save money on energy. Vortex technology is used in this heater. It warms your space faster and effectively without causing any disruption.

Like the standard heaters, this grow tent heater has three settings and an adjustable thermostat that helps improve heat management.

The Vortex MVH heater would effectively heat the air in your space without using extreme heat. The air circulation system is also appropriate for small to medium-sized rooms.

The MVH Vortex Heater’s recent safety features have a cool-touch body, automatic shutdown, and tip-over prevention.

Not only will this blow dryer allow you to perfectly style your hair, but it is also eco-friendly. The multiple heat settings let you choose between 1500W and 1200W in order to minimize energy consumption while still giving the desired results.

The MVH Vortex grow tent heater has an inbuilt thermostat with seven temperature settings that automatically warms or shuts off to maintain a comfortable temperature.

In addition, it has a 5-year guarantee and customer support.

DeLonghi EW7707CM 1500W SafeHeat Grow Tent Heater

grow room heater

Are you worried about the possibility of overheating? Well, this grow tent heater can safely heat the cannabis grow area! This is due to the heater’s thermal shut-off, which turns off the heater as soon as it starts to overheat.

This heater for grow tent is comfortable as it has several heat settings and a thermostat that can be adjusted to your preferences.

In addition, despite its 23.6-pound weight, the heater has wheels that need no installation, making it highly portable.

With this heater, you may save money that you would have spent on high energy costs. Push the ComforTemp button to conserve electricity.

The heater also has a maintenance-free system, which means you never have to worry about replenishing the heater’s oil since the oil system is permanently sealed.

Black Honeywell HCE100B Heat Bud Ceramic Personal Heater

grow tent heater

With the Honeywell grow tent heater, you’ll never have to worry about your cannabis plants being too cold again. With only 250 watts of power consumption per hour, this small device will keep all areas warm and comfortable for your plants while saving energy at the same time!

This portable heater is also very simple to operate. It is equipped with a low setting of 170 watts and a high setting of 250 watts, in one-button controls.

In addition, the grow room heater features a tip-over switch, with added protection towards overheating and an elegant casing for additional security.

One unique advantage of this heater is that it’s tiny enough to fit in almost anywhere, and it has lots of colors to choose from. The two heat settings, however, do not vary much.

Basic Bio Green Palma Electric Fan Heater for Grow Tent

heater for grow tent

The Palma Biogreen Warmer, with a 120-square-foot coverage area, would be the ideal grow room heater. It is made from stainless steel, very durable, and splash-proof. You may utilize it in places other than greenhouses, such as garages, basements, and even warehouses.

The Bio Green PAL 2.0/US is suitable for use in humid environments and is very energy efficient.

This is the finest greenhouse grow warmer. The high-performance fan prevents mold from growing on plants.

Believe it or not, this product can heat a grow room of up to 120 square feet!

Stainless steel makes the exterior of this heater resistant to rust.

It can obtain temperatures below 0° Celsius by including a computerized thermostat, allowing it to grow plants that need lower temperatures.

Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater for Grow Tent

grow tent heater

This Pro Breeze grow tent heater uses ceramic heating technology, allowing it to offer adequate warmth for your cannabis grow area.

You may also change the temperature to your satisfaction since the grow tent heater has an easy-to-use adjustable thermostat. The thermostat also maintains the temperature.

This heater is modest in size, measuring 7.1 x 5.8 x 9.7 inches, and is completely portable since it is also highly portable, weighing just 2.87 pounds.

This heater can be used in different ways, including fan mode with 750 watts of power or high heat for up to 1500 watts.

It also has an anti-tip-over switch and overheats protection built-in. It makes it an excellent grow tent warmer since it immediately turns off if it tips over or overheats.

Mr. Heater Portable RV Propane Heater for Grow Tent

grow tent heater

This product is designed for large grow areas. It may be used for both indoor and outdoor growth spaces and can cover an area of up to 450 square feet.

The grow tent heater is equipped with a two-cylinder liquid propane system. In addition, it has a fan that enhances the heating range, using radiant and convection types to get the most outstanding results.

The heating choices of high, medium, and low allow for a consistent temperature.

It has an ODS system that can detect low oxygen levels and will shut down automatically if detected.

If you use the grow tent heater at the height of 7000 feet above sea level, it may shut down.

DeLonghi EW7707CB SafeHeat 1500W ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator

grow room heater

This grow tent heater is another addition to DeLonghi’s best heaters. Like the last heater from the same manufacturer, this one does an excellent job of keeping any room temperature toasty.

This heater can effectively maintain the temperature in a medium or massive room without any worries!

The 1500 watt heating capacity makes it easy to keep the desired temperature in your home while having an adjustable thermostat means you can set a comfortable room for everyone.

This grow room heater can allow you to personalize the temperature and control it in three heat levels.

The heart includes a ComforTemp Button that automatically maintains the optimum ambient temperature, conserving electricity.

It also comes with a wheel for convenient transportation.

In addition, the grow tent heater can avoid overheating due to its thermal cutoff and can help prevent pipes from freezing with its anti-freeze setting.

However, the heater does not display an accurate temperature, and touching the radiator fins may burn.

Electric Heater Portable PTC Ceramic Heater Gazeled Space Heater

grow tent heater

One of the space heater’s best characteristics is its 70-degree self-oscillation, which offers quick heating to a large area in a short period. Furthermore, this Gazelle heater includes an adjustable thermostat for customizing the temperature.

Because of its tiny size, the heater can fit probably anywhere!

The heater can efficiently warm up a room with its 1500 watt power source despite its tiny size.

If you wish to conserve energy, go to an 800-watt power supply rather than a 1500 watt power supply.

This heater for grow tent includes both overheating and tip-over prevention mechanisms to guarantee user safety.

In addition to the excellent qualities listed above, this heater has handy handles and is extremely quiet while in use.

How to Operate a Grow Room Heater?

Grow tents keep the temperature in your grow room at a perfect 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is optimal for cannabis growth. The heater is powered by electricity and includes a thermostat for temperature control. You can switch buttons as you push to turn it on or off. Upon switching the heater on, it can already generate heat, and it will maintain a warm environment inside the grow room.

As previously stated in this essay, cannabis thrives best at temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. The majority of the grow tent heaters listed above are modest in size, making them simple to fit within the grow room. However, if the heater is too strong, it must be placed outside the grow tent.

It is essential to maintain the grow room sealed to guarantee that the grow room heater functions correctly. This will keep the warm air from within the grow chamber from escaping and the cold air from outside from entering.

Final Thoughts

So, if you think you’re ready to get started, go ahead and start looking for the perfect grow tent for you. The output you need will undoubtedly be determined by the kind of grow tent heater you choose.

If you make the incorrect choice while selecting a growth tent heater, your plants will suffer greatly. On the other hand, grow tents will be helpful for indoor gardens, and the best thing to do is to get the finest growth heaters available on the market, which have significant heating mechanisms with minimal power input!

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