How to Use Boveda Humidor Packs to Keep Your Precious Items Safe and Fresh


The great things need to be taken care of in the most exquisite and precise manner. Only a cigar lover or music enthusiast can tell you how they have lost their precious cigars and elegant guitars to the fluctuating humidity attacks.

When you wish to have a great time while having your cigar or terpene-rich cannabis, you must ensure they were well stored earlier. Exposure to extreme heat, cold, or humidity conditions or storing them in extremely dry conditions can make them lose their taste and magic. For example, the humidor humidity rate for cigars should be between 68 to 74%; otherwise, they will start to taste like ash.

For this reason, Bovedahumidor packs are perfect for controlling the humidification level in the storage containers of terpenes, cigars, guitars, and other such precious items. With various humidity percentages and pack sizes, the packets could be used in several ways. 

This article will guide you on how to store your most valued items using BovedaHumidor packs quickly and easily.

Who is Boveda?

Boveda Inc., formerly known as Humidipak Inc., is a famous American brand in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The company was co-founded by a chemist, Albert Sarri, and packaging expert Robert Esse in 1997.

Their groundbreaking product has a special membrane that regulates the humidification level using the process of reverse osmosis. The two main ingredients, water and salt solution, make it the safest product to use for your cigars.

Its 2-way humidity control maintains the (RH) Relative Humidity level at a specified level. That ranges from 32 to 83% and needs no activation and maintenance whatsoever. The ISO Certified and FDA-approved product regulate the moisture level most accurately as compared to its competitors.

The star product has been serving a multitude of industries now. Initially, it was used by cigar companies to preserve the cigar’s flavors while shipping and aging processes. Now it has several applications and numerous benefits. Some of them are:

  • Cigar fanatics use it to maintain the natural sugars, oils, and flavors of their cigars
  • Collectors and art museums use it to conserve the historic pieces
  • It extends the shelf life of cannabis
  • Helps to preserve the musical instruments of musicians
  • Used in food manufacturing, medical industry, pet food, electronics, etc.

Why Choose Boveda Packs for Your Humidor?

The Boveda humidor packs are smartly designed to maintain the exquisite flavor of your cigars, terpenes, or anything that they are used for. You could trust them because no one has anything like their two-way humidification process, which maintains the humidity level at its best. When the level drops, it releases moisture, and when it increases, it absorbs moisture.

Compared to their usefulness, the Boveda products are relatively low priced, great quality, and smart enough to function in areas with varying temperatures.

Compact Design

The humidor packets are compact and do not take up much of the space in your containers. Just place the ready-to-use packets on the cigar packs or within the container; they will take less space and perform excellently.

Little to no maintenance

The Boveda product releases the user from constant maintenance, changing, and recharging of the product. The products can serve you for about a year if kept in a well-sealed container, which may vary due to the humidors’ quality as the wood also breathes and takes in air. You will not feel any difference in the moisture level throughout its lifespan. So, you are safe to use them for a long time. The product continued to work when it had reached its last days.

It’s another perk if you won’t have to refill them ever, nor do they pose any danger of spilling contents over your valuable cigars. 

Humidity Distribution Like never before

The humidity distribution of the Boveda product is exceptional in humidors. They work by distributing the even amount of humidity throughout the container, releasing the user from moving and changing items’ positions after some time.

Moreover, this water-based product does not release any by-product that could spoil the quality, aroma, or flavor of your favorite stogies.

An avid cigar user must be aware that wet sponges, beads, and gels perform a partial job and only bring moisture to the container, which usually leads to over-humidification. This will not be the case with the specifically designed patented technology of the Boveda humidity packs.

Summary of the benefits they serve

  • Available in multiple RH Levels
  • No complicated activations
  • No danger of getting molds 
  • Maintains accurate balance of moisture
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No refilling
  • Used by famous cigar makers as well

How to Choose the Right Boveda Humidor Pack Size?

The Boveda pack comes in varying sizes to fit the needs of many. The ideal size for you will depend upon the item you are planning to preserve. You will come across five major sizes, according to the weight of the product.

The smaller ones are usually used for storage and retail purposes, but you don’t have to worry about their sizes as there is no such thing as excessive use with Boveda Packs.

We have discussed below the sizes of the Bovedahumidor packs that you can use based on your needs:

Boveda SizeRecommended For
320 gramsLarge storage, cabinets, and coolidors
60 gramsTupperdors and desktopHumidors
8 gramsTraveling and Shipping
4 gramsRetailandPackaging
1 gramRetail and Packaging

8 Grams Boveda Pack

An 8-gram packet is a pocket-friendly option that is usually preferred while traveling and in shipping procedures. The 8- gram pack is enough to preserve five cigars at a time when you are traveling and do not want to get overburdened.

60 Grams Boveda Pack

This is a standard Boveda humidity pack. The 60 grams pack is the most popular sized one that smokers use happily during travel and storage at home. It can keep about 25 cigars fresh and new at a time. This is the storage capacity of the tupperdor or humidors. Multiple this storage capacity with the number of packs, and you will get your answer.

That is four humidity packs for a 100 count cigar humidor.

320 Grams Boveda Pack

These are suitable for large storages, cabinets, and coolidors. Introduced in 2016, it was a much-needed product for cigar lovers. Please place it in your wooden humidor or coolidors, and you will get maximum protection ever imagined.

A single pack of 320 grams is enough to provide moisture for a single square foot of storage space. Find out the size of your storage space and get the Boveda packet accordingly.

What Relative Humidity Levels Does Boveda Humidor Pack Have?

The Relative Humidity (RH) levels mentioned on each packet in an airtight environment are +/- 1% accurate.  As the performance of RH level depends upon the temperature and material of the container, you need to be specific and careful of certain factors. Let’s take a look at which level is suitable for which items.

Do not mix Boveda products with other humidification products or different RH levels in the same container.

RH LevelItemsParticulars
62%CubansFor long term aging
65%Cuban CigarsTightly bound
69%Airtight HumidorsMost Popular
72%Most HumidorsUseful for wooden, glass, or travel humidors
75%Drafty HumidorsRecommended for dryer climate, use with great care
84%Humidor SeasoningPrecondition the wooden humidor without cigars in it

62% Boveda Packs

The low RH level is suitable for long-term storage. Lowering your RH level may be beneficial if you plan to age your cigars over a long time. Keep the temperature cool and consistent at this time for better results. The suggested temperatures are 10°C to 15°C. Very few prefer this level, but it’s a choice of personal preferences.

65% Boveda Packs

The Dominican and some other brands’ cigars store and age well in lower temperatures like 65%. Like Cuban, Cigars absorb more moisture than others; therefore, a 65% RH level is suitable. Besides, there is a high chance that they will develop molds in higher temperatures. So, storing them at a lower temperature helps in long-term storage.

69% Boveda Packs

The 69% RH level is considered the ideal temperature for airtight humidors, coolidors, and tupperdors. If the acrylic or plastic containers are sealed properly, then a 69% RH level will work well. At the same time, wooden ones check their capability and increase the level if it’s not suitable.

72% Boveda Packs

Use this humidity level when your container has weaker seals. 72% level is considered ideal for typical wooden humidors and also works well for musical instruments. If you notice any mild humidity exchange in your container, 72% will keep it moisturized and well preserved.

Do not use it for airtight containers to avoid over humidification.

75% Boveda Packs

The typical zip-lock bags do not offer many seals; therefore, going for a 75% RH level keeps your cigars safe despite the leakage. This could serve as a temporary solution for your broken or leaking humidor, not as a permanent resort.

84% Boveda Packs

This level is perfect to season your humidor boxes or containers. Extremely high levels are not suitable for storage. Give your humidor a 14 days good seasoning session and feel the difference in your cigars. This method is effective and most recommended by connoisseurs.

How to Select the Right Number of Boveda Packets?

Generally, you can use 1 Boveda packet for every 25 cigars the humidor can store. The further guideline is mentioned below:

Humidor CapacityNumber of Packets
Replace packets after every two months.

How to Use Boveda Packs in Your Humidor?

Using Boveda humidor packs is as easy as making two-minute noodles. Even easier than that. The usage process is simple and made highly convenient for users. Just remove the plastic wrapper from the packet and place it right on top of cigars or adjust it in the Boveda holder.

The customized holders by Boveda even look more presentable and dapper.  Or you can also attach it to the lid. Just be sure that there are no other humidity devices present. As soon as the lids close, the Boveda humidor packs will start their magic, giving you the perfect smoke whenever you wish.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why can’t Boveda be used with other humidifiers?

Boveda is a stand-alone device that absorbs excess moisture and releases moisture in a dry environment. If other humidifiers are present in its presence; the exact results will not be achieved. Just follow our guidelines for perfectly fresh cigars every time you smoke.

2. What is the right time to season the humidor?

Season your wooden humidor one or two times a year if you live in a dry climatic region, as the level in your humidor tends to get dried faster.

3. What is the right way to season the humidor?

  • In an empty wooden humidor, place an 84% Boveda seasoning pack.
  • Keep the box closed for at least 14 days.
  • After 14 days, remove the packs and discard them.
  • Place your cigars in the seasoned box carefully and place a new Boveda pack on top of them. The RH level of this pack can be according to the guideline provided above.

Related: humidor seasoning.

4. Is there any way to recharge the completely used Boveda?

For optimal performance, it is advised not to recharge your humidor humidity packets by Boveda, as using rehydrated packs is risky and can spoil your product’s taste. In case of a leakage, it can cause damage to your precious products as well.

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