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Are you looking for the best cigar humidor?
The cigar humidor is also called cigar box, and humidor cabinets. According to the material, there are many types of cigar humidor, such as wooden cigar humidor, paper cigar humidor, ceramic cigar jar, glass cigar jar, metal cigar humidor, and cigar humidor.

There are a variety of cigar humidors on the market. Feel a little bit confused? LumBuy provides quality and popular brands: COHIBA, CIGARLOONG.

The cigar humidor is a necessity for people who often smoke cigars and an indispensable tool for storing cigars. Cause it can prevent the environmental effect on the cigar. Maintain the quality of the cigar to the biggest extent.



What is cigar humidor?
Cigars are pure natural tobacco products made from tobacco leaves that are dried, fermented, and aged. Cigar lovers have always believed that only the red soil of Cuba can produce the best tobacco in the world.

The cigar humidor is a storage container to prevent the humidity in the air from affecting the cigar. The cigar humidor is also called moisturizing cigar box, cigar box, and humidor cabinets. According to the material, there are many types of cigar humidors, such as wooden cigar humidor, paper cigar humidor, ceramic cigar jars, glass cigar jars, metal cigar humidor, and cigar humidor.

What is the best type of cigar humidor?
The humidor is a necessity for people who often smoke cigars and an indispensable accessory for storing cigars. The best type of humidor is cedarwood. This kind of wood is loose, moisturizing, breathable, and has a mellow smell. The top cigar humidor is made of Spanish cedarwood.

However, on the other hand, the best type of humidor depends on your purpose. For example, if you are going to travel, the best type is the small and portable travel humidor. If you like the old style and can show your financial status at the same time, then the best for you is an antique humidor. If you like a personalized cigar humidor, you can customize one or DIY it by yourself.

What are the best brands?

Bald Eagle, Givee, Boveda, AILE, Xikar, Cigar Oasis, Bye-Berk.

How to use a cigar humidor?
Wipe the entire cigar humidor wet: (Once every four to six months)

Wipe the inside of the humidor with cotton or cloth soaked in distilled water until the wood is moist. Then use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess water in the humidor.

Soak the humidity conditioner: (once every two to five weeks)

Soak the humidity conditioner in distilled water for 15-20 minutes until the sponge inside is full of water. Then put the conditioner on a dry cloth for 10 minutes, shake the conditioner gently, and no water flows out. The optimum humidity is 65-75%.

Thermometer adjustment: (once every six months)

Put the thermometer in the soaked cloth for one hour, and check whether the value of the thermometer is between 95%-100%. If it is not between 95%-100%, use a screwdriver to adjust the value to 100%. The optimum temperature is 64-70°F.

After completing the above three steps, put the temperature regulator and humidity regulator back into the cigar humidor, close it, and wait six hours before you can use it.

Do cigars go bad in a cigar humidor?

Cigars are easy to deteriorate, but if they are kept in a humidor well, they will taste better as time goes by. Usually, after five years of storage, the cigar begins to brew its best flavor. So you need to check the temperature and humidity in the humidor every 1-3 months.

How long can a cigar last in a cigar humidor?

In an ideal environment, cigars can be stored for up to ten years.

How to set up/ calibrate cigar humidor hygrometer?

If the humidity in the humidor is too low, you need to add some distilled water or humidifying liquid to it. If it is still not enough, you can put a 69 moisturizing bag in it, and the moisturizing bag will become hard, which means it has no effect. If the humidity in the humidor is too high, you need to open the lid. Or take out the humidifying strip.

Should I take cigars out of plastic in a cigar humidor?

The function of cellophane is to minimize water loss during the transportation of cigars. However, the plastic packaging in the humidor will restrict the humidor's proper control of the cigar. Removing the plastic packaging can make the cigar mature faster. Do not remove the plastic packaging to keep the cigar from smelling.

Can dry cigars be revived?

In both cases, dried cigars cannot be revived. There is a crack on the first cigar, and the propyne crack has reached the center. Second, the grease on the surface of the cigar has completely evaporated. If your cigar does not fall into either of these two conditions, then your cigar can still be revived. But it will take a long time, weeks or even months.

How to revive the dry cigar?

Soak the towel with distilled water and wipe the inside of the box. At this time, the humidity conditioner should be restored to the best humidity: 70%. Keep the cigar in the box for a few weeks, and the cigar will gradually recover. The speed of recovery depends on the size of the cigar.

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  • How to season a cigar humidor?
    For New cigar humidor:

    Open the lid of the humidor, keep it in a ventilated place, and leave it for a few days.

    For old cigar humidor:

    Alcohol: Dip a small amount of alcohol with a towel, wipe the entire inside of the box, and then place it in a ventilated place for one day.

    Baking soda: Put the baking soda into the container and put it in the empty cigar box. It may take a week, but it is very effective.

    Is it ok to smoke an old cigar?
    If the shredded tobacco has no hairs and is not spoiled, it can be smoked. Moreover, the longer the cigar tastes, the more mellow.

    How to keep a cigar without a cigar humidor?

    You can use a space that can maintain the best humidity and temperature for cigars.

    How to make a cigar humidor?
  • First, find a suitable container, such as a plastic box, a cigar box.
  • Second, sterilize the container and let it dry.
  • Third, you can replace the moisturizing strip with a damp sponge.
  • Finial: put the container in a cool place, check the surrounding temperature, and keep the temperature at 64-70°F.