Electric Scooter Repair Guide-All You Need to Know


When you’ve used your electric scooter for a while, it is bound to develop one fault or the other. When this happens, what do you do?

Many electric scooter users tend to abandon or replace their scooter when it becomes faulty. This is primarily because they don’t know how or where to fix their scooter. If you fall into this category, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explore all your options and guide you through the steps needed to repair your electric scooter.

There are several options available to you if/when you choose to repair your faulty e-scooter. These options might seem elusive when you need to fix your scooter, so we have put them together in this guide.

Where to Repair Your Electric Scooter

Return To Distributor

This is the most reliable way to fix your electric scooter. The manufacturers of your scooter are the best places to repair or replace broken parts with new parts. If you bought your electric scooter from a trustworthy and easily accessible distributor, you’re in luck.

It is essential to check out the warranty information on any electric scooter you are planning to buy. If it gets faulty or broken, you can send it back to the distributor to get it repaired for free or for a fraction of the cost.

Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) Repair Shops

As the name implies, PEV Repair shops deal with small electric vehicles like electric scooters, electric skateboards, electric unicycles, and electric bikes. Since scooters and other electric mini-vehicles started becoming popular, PEV Repair shops have become increasingly common.

If you are lucky to find one within your vicinity, you can take your electric scooter there for repairs. 

ESG Forums

Electric Scooter Guide (ESG) Forum is a fast-growing online forum for electric scooters and related vehicles. Here, you can find willing experts and electric scooter enthusiasts who will be more than happy to advise you on how to repair your faulty scooter.

To start a conversation, you have to sign up for the electric scooter guide forum. Alternatively, you can log in with your Facebook account. Once you sign in, you’ll get access to a mine of information on electric scooters and how to fix your electric scooter.

Bike Shops

In some ways, scooters are pretty similar to bikes, so a bike shop might be able to help you. If you choose to visit a bike shop to fix your electric scooter, you should keep an eye out for bike shops that perform repairs on electric bicycles. 

Although many bike shops do not work on electric scooters, many other bicycle shops will accept your faulty electric scooter. Most bicycle repair shops reject electric scooters because it is out of their range of expertise. Still, bike shops that work on electric bikes will most likely accept your faulty electric scooter because they are more likely to know what to do with it.

DIY Repair

If your electric scooter is maintenance-friendly, you can attempt to fix minor faults like tightening loose parts, adjusting brakes, and changing tires by yourself. You can refer to the manual to guide you. 

However, it is essential to note that many electric scooter models are not maintenance-friendly, and fixing electric scooters in this category might do more harm than good. Attempting DIY repair is only recommended if you have rich experience in fixing vehicle parts. If you do not, it is in your best interest to consider one of the other repair options.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Electric Scooter

Like all other vehicles, electric scooters require care and conscious maintenance to stay in optimal condition. Apart from the general tips, we apply them to all vehicles, and you can practice some scooter-specific tips to keep your scooter safe. Here are some tips to keep your scooter working smoothly.

  • Keep your electric scooter away from rain and other watery conditions. Water affects the metal parts and reduces the lifespan of your electric scooter.
  • Keep your electric scooter clean. 
  • Charge your scooter regularly to keep the battery healthy. 
  • Don’t let your battery run out completely. If it does, plug it in as soon as possible. Leaving your electric scooter uncharged for more than a few hours can reduce its battery life.
  • After a ride, allow your electric scooter to cool down before you start charging it.
  • Do not overcharge your electric scooter. Unplug it when the battery is full to maintain our battery health.
  • Do not exceed the recommended air pressure on your tires. If your tire pressure is lower than recommended, your speed will be lower, your batteries will run out faster, and you might damage a rim. On the other hand, if your tire pressure is higher than recommended, your tire might burst, resulting in an accident, and you will have an uncomfortable ride.
  • Lastly, if you do not use your electric scooter for an extended period, charge it using a battery tender charger. A battery tender charger will regulate the charging process and keep your battery from overcharging.


Ultimately, you are responsible for maintaining your scooter and keeping it in the best possible condition to prevent it from developing faults. Maintenance is always better than repair, so pay attention to your scooter and keep it healthy.

However, despite your best efforts, your scooter might develop faults for several reasons. It may result from bumpy roads, an accident, exposure to rain, or other unfavorable weather conditions. If this happens, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you do the proper research to ensure that your scooter will be adjusted appropriately and returned in a healthy condition.

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