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Are you looking for the best electric scooters for adults and kids? Don’t know the best electric scooter for you or your kids? Don’t worry. From LumBuy comes the solution. And we also provide electric scooter wholesale; Now, our electric scooter wholesale business has covered more than 15 countries, including the USA, EU, UK, etc.

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular because they are easy to use. Compared to other vehicles, they are comfortable and lightweight. Despite untold scooters for sale on the market, our brands are handpicked to cater to demand, most of which are the latest rage among the masses, such as HX X7 and Kugoo KugooKirin, HX H8, etc.

Whether you are a green hand or an old hand, the coveted scooter will come to you in no time! We will get into various electric scooters from price, colors, balance, battery, speed, wheel size, and material to throttle type. Let’s look through the electric scooter reviews to know how to access the electric scooter you want.


  • An electric scooter is also called an e-scooter, electric kick scooter, off-road electric scooter, powered scooter, etc. As an alternative to cycling or walking, e-scooters are prevalent in the city and are suitable for commuting, security patrols, and recreation.
  • The demand for short-distance and convenient transportation in many cities means that electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular. Some e-scooters are suitable for adults, while others are suitable for kids. Sometimes, electric scooters come with seats. Ride-sharing companies first launched these scooters in major American cities in 2018. Making people's life and travel more convenient and comfortable, electric scooter rental near users is also available in some places.
  • $100 - $300:
Ordinary scooters are suitable for users with small budgets.

  • $300 - $600:
It is not a wrong choice for mid-range or entry-level commuters to buy such a scooter to make commuting more accessible and convenient.

  • $600 -:
High-end scooters provide customers with a great experience, boasting supreme quality and high prices.

And if you buy electric scooters in bulk. You can get more discount, we have chosen the best electric scooter factory and with these electric scooter manufacturers to carry out in-depth cooperation. Contact us for your quote.

  • The brand and manufacturer of the scooter will have the final say.
  • In general, the average top speed is about 25-50 km/h. It is faster than walking and less tiring than riding a bicycle.
  • The fastest e-scooter is Rion Motors electric scooter. It boasts a carbon fiber frame and a 5000-watt motor, and the maximum speed can reach 96 km/h.
The scooters sold on our website are in line with international certification requirements. Electric scooter laws vary from year to year, from state to state, and from country to country. Before buying scooters, you can acquaint yourself with local rules and requirements on electric scooters.

  • Europe
The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has been defining standards for personal transportation, called "personal light electric vehicles," including self-balancing vehicles and standing vehicles with a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h (16 miles per hour). It is expected to be in 2017. Complete the work by the end of the year.

  • Mexico
In Mexico, no regulations restrict the use of Segway in public places.

  • New Zealand
In New Zealand, Segway PT is classified as a transportation tool in the same category as scooters or electric wheelchairs. Mobile devices must ride on the sidewalk at a speed that does not endanger others as much as possible and make way for pedestrians. This ruling may not always apply: In 2011, Taupo police had to stop using Segway because no separate vehicle classification applies to them, requiring them to be registered as road-friendly in the same way as cars.

  • Ireland
Segway PT is allowed in most public places. They are allowed in certain areas on the bike path around Dublin and Cork.

For more information, please check the link below.

Personal transporter § Use and regulation by country

When you ride an e-scooter, pay attention to the following points to ensure safety.

  • Pay attention to surroundings
Whether you are getting in the car or walking on the street, you need to pay attention to your surroundings.

  • In line with laws
Electric scooters are designed for safety, but riders must ensure that they comply with safety laws, such as wearing helmets, following road signs, and knowing the behavior of other vehicles on the road. Make sure you understand the rules of your location to avoid fines.

  • For the novice
If you are not familiar with riding an e-scooter, please start slowly. Avoid roads with heavy traffic and dense pedestrians, or ride during off-peak hours until you get used to it.

An excellent e-scooter, in addition to design, other factors are also essential, such as load, range, output, maximum speed, and so on. The following points will help you find out which scooter is suitable for you.

  • Purchasing purpose
If you need transportation to go to work or school, You'd better choose a high-quality e-scooter with good battery capacity and gorgeous motor output. However, if you buy a scooter for entertainment, you can choose a cheap one.

  • Load
The rigidity of the frame determines the load of an e-scooter. All electric scooters can carry the weight of an adult; however, some are more durable than others.

  • Fold
Most electric scooters have a folding frame for easy carrying. So, it is important to find out how easy it is to fold the scooter and how heavy it is. Therefore, please consider how often you carry it and the time to fold and unfold it when choosing a scooter.

  • Range
Another critical factor in choosing an e-scooter is range. The maximum mileage of each scooter model may vary.

  • Battery
The battery capacity is related to the maximum range of the scooter. Generally speaking, the full range is from 40 minutes to several hours. However, the terrain, riding style, and rider's weight also affect the scooter range. You can check the battery depletion level on the display of the scooter. In a word, higher battery capacity will lead to a longer maximum range.

  • Steering
For most e-scooters, you can speed up and slow down by levers on the handlebars. The available speeds may vary, but the adjusted speeds remain unchanged. This system makes you free from sudden braking.

  • Braking System
Usually, an e-scooter is equipped with a good foot brake so that you can stop the scooter. Electric brakes make the brakes smoother. There may also be a good rear brake on the electric scooters controlled by a lever on the handlebar. If the e-scooter uses a gyroscope system, you can brake by pulling the handlebar toward you.

  • Wheel
Electric scooters usually boast two types of tires-pneumatic wheels and tubeless wheels. Tubeless wheels are very durable. Inflatable wheels can adapt to the road surface and better absorb the impact caused by uneven terrain. Usually, larger wheels and fat tires are more stable and suitable when riding on rough terrain.

  • Drive
The greater the motor power is, the better the experience is. The motor output range is generally from 250 to 500 W. Motors with excellent output are better.

All of the above information should allow you to determine the best car model for you. Wish you get the perfect e-scooter as soon as possible.

  • Here are the best e-scooter brands:
1.Segway Scooter : segway e12; segway ninebot es2; segway ninebot es4; segway ninebot max g30;

2.Xiaomi electric scooter: xiaomi m365 ; xiaomi m365 pro; xiaomi pro 2; xiaomi scooter 1s;

3.Razor Scooter: razor power core e95; razor e90; razor e100; razor e200; razor e300; razor power core e90;razor pocket mod electric scooter; razor ecosmart metro electric scooter

4.Kugoo electric scooter: kugoo s1; kugoo s1 pro; kugoo kirin m4;

  • The following electric scooters are also very popular:
Gotrax e-scooter; Unagi e-scooter; Bird e-scooter; Costco e-scooter; Jetson e-scooter; Jetson element pro e-scooter; Vespa e-scooter; Schwinn e-scooter; Swagtron e-scooter; Viro e-scooter; Hiboy e-scooter; zoom e-scooter; hover 1 e-scooter; zero e-scooter; Argos e-scooter; pure e-scooter; Aovo pro e-scooter; gas-powered e-scooter; Halfords e-scooter; Varla e-scooter; Rion e-scooter; Target e-scooter; Kaabo e-scooter; Pulse Performance Products.

Learning to ride an e-scooter is easy, and most people can learn it quickly. We will help you get started and tell you important information about how to ride.

  • Before riding
1. Acquaint yourself with your scooter.

2. Make sure your scooter is not out of use.

3. Wear protective gear.

4. Kicking off and pushing down on the accelerator.

5. Turn by steering at lower speeds and rely on leaning at higher speeds.

6. Shift your burden back and down when braking hard.

7. Accelerating by squeezing down on your throttle control.

8. Try to avoid obstacles.

  • After the Ride
When you arrive at your destination, it is essential to store your scooter safely.

1. The best option is to always carry your scooter with you. You can also lock the scooter in public places. We recommend using only very high-quality U-shaped locks.

2. Finally, if your scooter gets wet during the ride, wipe it quickly (towel or paper towel) to completely dry before the next ride.

LumBuy is an e-commerce company that focuses on high-quality products. We have the strictest supplier selection criteria and will only select 5-star products with an excellent reputation. For electric scooters, we support both single purchase and wholesale. You can shop confidently and rest assured that we will provide you with the best products.

In terms of wheels, there are 1 wheel electrric scooter, 2 wheel electric scooter, 3 wheel electric scooter, 4 wheel electric scooter. In terms of seats, 1 seater and 2seater are available. Let us see other types.

  • Electric Kick Scooters
If you are a beginner, electric kick scooters are the best choice. You need to kick it on the ground, and the scooter will move.

Electric kick scooter has two or three wheels, handlebars and a deck. It can be folded easily. Some electric scooters have seats. Three-wheeled scooters tend to be more stable compared to two-wheeled ones.

  • Foldable Electric Scooters
Foldable electric scooters are for commuting. Some scooters can be folded in a matter of seconds. Also, it requires very little storage space.

  • Off-road Electric Scooters
Off-road electric scooters are suitable for riding on rough surfaces and trails. The scooter comes with big wheels, a high-capacity battery, and a powerful motor.

To protect the engine, the brakes, the scooter has a protective cover and a strong suspension.

  • Fat Tires Electric Kick Scooters
Fat Tire electric scooters have wide tires that look similar to car tires. Some have fixed or removable seats. You can take the seat apart and use it as a kick scooter.

  • Electric Mopeds
Electric mopeds look more like a motorcycle. It has almost all the features of a bicycle, with mirrors, trunk, indicators, shock absorbers and more. There are mopeds for children and adults.

  • Self-balancing Electric Scooters
For those who have difficulty in balancing, consider self-balancing scooters. There are three types: unicycles, hoverboards, and self-balancing electric scooters.

- Unicycles

The unicycle comes with only one wheel. Therefore, it is not suitable for beginners to ride.

- Hoverboards

Hoverboards are easy to ride. However, it would help if you chose a hoverboard with a moderate width to help ensure stability. Also, choose a hoverboard that is lightweight and fast.

- Self-balancing electric scooters

Self-balancing electric scooters are easy to ride. Ninebot technology ensures stability and balance. You need to use your knees to control the vehicle.

  • Electric Scooters for Kids
For children between the ages of five and eight, you might consider a three-wheel electric scooter for kids. They are easy to learn and safe, with stability and good balance.