Best Electric Scooters Buying Guide in 2023

Electric scooters are an excellent way to joy as you travel. You can travel more than five times quicker than walking. Electric scooters are environmentally friendly and the best way for enjoyment and fun.  There are many factors which you have to keep in mind before buying an electric scooter. Speed, size, range, weight, suspension, and cost are the few main factors you must keep in mind. In this guide, I have tried to help you to buy a good electric scooter.  There are many online stores in which you can buy electric scooters. But I will suggest you first check the overall rating and customer feedback. If you are satisfied, then also check the following factors.

Ride quality:

The ride quality of some scooters is extremely, very bad; it cannot be ridden for more than 2 miles. Many online stores publish a good picture of the products in their store, but when people bought them, they are shocked. It is because they don’t know well how to buy a good electric scooter.  Three main factors affect ride quality. 
  • Wheel size:
Wheel size is an essential factor in giving better ride quality. We recommend you avoid wheels less than 8 inches in diameter. Small wheels provide a rough ride. 
  • Suspension:
A better suspension in the scooter provides better performance. A bike with enormous, air-filled tires without suspension will give a smoother ride than a bike with suspension, yet with solid tyres and small wheels.
  • Solid or air-filled tyres
Air-filled tyres give you a smooth ride as compared to solid tyres. I strongly recommend you to buy a scooter with an air-filled tyre. But if your road is not proper or some nails on it, then a solid tyre is a good option because it can’t puncture. For a smooth ride, I recommend air-filled tyres.  


The motor of the scooter determines the speed. Better motor power will give better speed. Some scooters can go with a speed of 30mph if you are not professional. Then I suggest you not buy such an electric scooter. A speed of 15mph is ideal, which is best for a beginner. The average walking speed of a person is 4mph. The weight of the person affects the speed performance. If you are heavier, then might be you get low speed. 


Brakes are the essential factor for your safety. I will recommend you consider the following factor for the braking system. 
  • Electric brakes: It has Low maintenance but less effective at stopping you quickly.
  • Foot brakes: Require you to put a force on the foot brake system to stop the scooter. 
  • Disc brakes and drum brakes: This is the best braking system. Many cars have the 


Many scooters have a considerable size, or some have small. I will recommend you such an electric scooter that you can ride easily or can carry easily.  Some of the factor to be considered:
  • Deck length and width
  • Deck size

Build Quality: 

Many electric scooters are manufactures in China. Chinese companies produce many high-quality products like iPhone. But also Chinese company produce some less expensive products. For this companies use not much better material. Therefore some electric scooters are cheap, and they have poor build quality. I will recommend you buy a scooter at an average price to get some better quality product. 


Electric scooters have different ranges according to their battery timing. Some scooters provide 6 miles per charge, while some good scooters provide 40 miles per charge. It is important to note that cheaper scooters have cheaper batteries, which can’t offer you better performance. If you are searching for a good scooter for your school, I recommend selecting it according to your school-to-home mileage. 


The electric scooter is a new product in the transportation category. I recommend you to go for the large manufactures. I have heard that some electric scooters come with faults.  You have to consider the two main points:
  • Warranty:
Try to buy that scooter that has a minimum 6-month warranty by the company. There are many advantages of the warranty. Unfortunately, if you feel your scooter has some fault, then you claim the warranty. Many manufacturing companies have their outlets in many countries. But some company have not many outlets. I will recommend you buy such a product that has outlets in your state. 
  • Fakes and Cheap scooters:
There are a lot of fakes scooters in the world. Some shops provide the fakes or copy version of the scooter, which is not the most reliable. Xiaomi M365 is one of the most selling scooters globally, but there are many copies in the market. I will recommend you to buy the scooter from trusted companies. 


Some electric have a front light and rear reflectors. It is easy to upgrade your bicycle lights into your scooter. If you love to ride a scooter at night, I recommend you buy the scooter along with a light. 

Weight of scooter:

It is one of the essential factors for buying a new scooter. You have to know how much weight your scooter is. Some electric scooters are very weightless, 9kg or some are so heavy, 18kg. I will recommend you to buy an average-weight scooter like 12 kg or less. 

Maximum Load:

All the electric boards do not carry the same load. It depends upon the model which you want to buy. Mostly cheap electric scooters have low weight as compare to expensive scooters. Every scooter is designed for such a load. So, I will recommend you to buy the electric scooter according to your weight. 


Some electric scooter motors made a much annoying noise. I know many people who have stopped riding their scooter due to embarrassment by noise. Always try to buy the scooters with minimum sound.  Cost: There are the main factors to be considered for the retail price of electric scooters
  • Import duty: Some companies produce electric scooters in a cheap price range, but due to import duty, this price increase very much. Let’s suppose you want to buy an electric scooter from a Chinese manufacturer; keep in mind that the retail price of the company will be different in your state, 
  • Finance available: It can make your payments more affordable. In this option, you have to pay the electric scooter price at different periods. Many companies provide this finance option for the user, but the price range is slightly more than actual.
  • Postage: Some companies provide the free delivery of their product. But this case is not the same for all. Some companies charge for their product delivery

Accessories we recommend: 

  • Helmet: electric scooter will be gone as the average car can go. So I will recommend you to always wear a helmet during the ride the scooter. 
  • Phone holder: It’s very comfortable if you want to use maps. It also concentrates you to ride the scooter not to think about where your mobile is. 
  • Puncture protection fluid: If your electric scooter tyre is air-filled, I recommend keeping the puncture tool in your scooter. 
  • Lock: Lock in the scooter safe the scooter and lose such a valuable thing. 
  • Light: Lights should be attached to your electric scooter for proper riding and visibility. 

The 3 Best Electric Scooters for Adults in 2021

Here I will discuss the 3 best electric scooters for adults in 2021. We know electric scooters are not even for the enjoyment of kids but also for adults.  

TurboAnt X7 Pro

TurboAnt is one of the best electric scooter manufacturing companies. TurboAnt X7 was the best-selling scooter in the world. Now they produce another greater scooter in the market named as TurboAnt X7 Pro. The 10-inch large size of the air-filled tyre provides the best comfort and smooth ride for the users. It has a 36 10Ah battery. The battery takes only 6 hours to charge fully. The battery provides 30 miles range per charge. The built quality of the scooter is extremely good.
  • Specifications of TurboAnt x7 Pro: 
    • Max Speed: 20 mph
    • Max Range: 30 miles
    • Max Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
    • 36 10Ah battery 
    • Only 6 hours charging time
Why we recommend: battery timing and load capacity of scooter is awesome. If you are a heavy person, the scooter will be best for you. We recommend this because of its vast specifications. 

Razor EcoSmart Metro – Best Electric Scooter With Seat 

Let’s suppose you don’t want to ride the electric scooter while standing straight. Razor comes with the best electric scooter with a seat. The electric scooter was produced to keep in mind the diseased and other issues in the adult age. Ultimately the seat in the scooter becomes the ride smooth and awesome. Due to the small storage of the battery, its range is 30 miles per charge. The maximum load capacity is 220 lbs. In this scooter, you also have a luggage rack in the back. You can put books or other kinds of things on this rack.
  • Specifications of Razor EcoSmart Metro:
    • Max Speed: 18mph
    • Max Range: 12 miles
    • Max Weight capacity: 220 lbs
    • Comfortable, smooth ride
    • Ultra padded seat
    • Luggage rack
Why we recommend it: if you are searching for an electric scooter with a seat and luggage rack, it will be best for you. You can use it for a short distance because you can only travel 12 miles per charge.

GoTrax GXL V2 – The Best Budget Electric Scooter:

With the budget price, GoTrax GXL V2 will be the best scooter for you. The scooter has a 250-watt motor responsible for providing good speed—the motor help to achieve a speed of 12.5mph.  The scooter has 8.5 inches tyres. Due to the small size of the battery, you can only travel 12 miles per charge. Battery charge entirely in 3.5 hours. 
  • Specification of GoTrax GXL V2:
    • Max Speed: 15.5 mph
    • Max Range: 12 miles
    • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.
    • 250 Watt motor 
Why re recommending it: It is one of the best scooters with a budget price. Its also trusted by millions of riders. For a short-range, this product is fantastic for you.    

The 3 Best Electric Scooters for Kids in 2021

The electric scooter is a good way for joy and fun. As we know, kids love fun. They ride the scooter for pleasure. 

 Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

For the age of 13 or up, this product is best for you. The electric scooter has a 280-watt motor—the motor help to achieve the maximum speed of up to 15 mph. The scooter has a lightweight of 46 lbs. the maximum load weight is 220 lbs. The scooter has a battery of 24-volt. It requires 12 hours to complete the charge. The scooter provides 10 miles per charge. For a long journey, it is not good if you are looking to go to a school, best for you. 
  • Specifications of Razor E300 Electric Scooter:
    • Max speed: 15mphMax Range: 10 miles
    • Max weight load: 220 lbs
    • Battery: 24 volts
    • Charging time: 12 hours
Why recommend it: For kids, it is a good product. But the lack factor is charging time, but you can charge at night. For your kids to go to a school, it is the best e-scooter. 

 Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter (Best under $100):

No doubt, Electric scooters are a significant source of joy and fun. And at the age of 6-9 kids are always wanted some things for enjoyment. Swagtron manufacture the electric scooter which are for the little age kids For the age of 6 or up, this product is best. The scooter comes with a 120-watt motor. Due to a less watt battery, its high speed is 9.3 mph. The scooter has a low weight of 8.3 lbs. So, it is easy to carry for kids of the age of 6-9. Therefore it has low speed compared to other scooters in the market; it is safe for your kids to drive and less the case of an accident.
  • Specifications of  Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter
    • Max Speed: 9.3 mph
    • Max Range: 8 miles
    • Max weight load: 135 lbs
    • Battery: 25 volts
    • Charging Time: 2.5 hours
    • Recommend age: 6 years and up
Why recommend it: we recommend this scooter for the age of 6 or up because it has less carry weight capacity. But due to the slow speed of 9.3 mph, this scooter is relatively safe or easy to ride. 

KIMI 3 Wheel Electric Kids Scooter:

This scooter has been designed for kids age 5 to 9. The scooter has 3 wheels. Its motor comes with 60-watt power. Due to significantly less power, it can achieve a high speed of up to 5 mph. The scooter has a weight of 14.4, which is slightly heavier.   The scooter has a battery of 21.6 volts. As it is designed for little kids, so it cannot give you much longer range.
  • Specifications of KIMI 3 Wheel Electric Kids Scooter
    • Max Speed:5 MPH
    • Max Distance:4 Miles
    • Max Weight Load: 120 lbs.  
    • Battery:21.6-Volt
    • Charging Time:3 Hours
    • Recommended age:5 to 9 years old
Why recommend it: we recommend this scooter for the age of 5 to years,due to its stainability and load capacity. For the kids, it is the best product. 

The 3 Best Electric Scooter for Girls in 2021 

Razor E125 Electric Scooter: (under $ 200 ):

Electric scooters are the first choice of girls for enjoyment and fun. Rozar comes with E125, which is best for the girls. The scooter is very helpful if you are a student and use it as transport to go to school.  The scooter comes with a good poor motor, which helps the scooter to achieve a maximum speed of 10 mph. It is the best scooter for the age of 8 or above. The scooter is not much heavy; its weight is 25 lbs. 
  • Specifications of Razor E125 Electric Scooter:
    • Max Speed:10 MPH
    • Max Distance: 15 Miles
    • Max Weight Load: 120 lbs.  
    • Charging Time: 12 Hours
    • Recommended age:8 or above 
Why recommend it: It is the best scooter for girls on a low budget. It has all the specifications that all the high prices scooters have. So, we highly recommend it to you.

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8: ($ 200-500 ):

Segway comes with a new scooter of Ninebot eKickScooter. This scooter comes with 130-watt power. Due to this power, the scooter can achieve a speed up to 8.7 mph. Its speed is slightly less as compared to the previous one.  It carries 110 lbs. its scooter is best for girls of age 6-12 or above. The scooter has a little weight of 21 lbs. So you can carry it easily. It is the best scooter after. First, we recommend you.
  • Specifications of  Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8:
    • Max Speed:8.7MPH
    • Max Distance: 10.5Miles
    • Max Weight Load: 110 lbs.  
    • Charging Time: 4 Hours
    • Recommended age: 6- 12 or above
Why recommend it: For the Lille age kids, it is the best product. The battery performance is very good. So, we strongly recommend it to you. 

Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter ($200-500):

Hiboy is one of the best manufacture companies. This company many electric scooters for the users. The scooter has a high-power motor of 250 watts. The motor helps the scooter to achieve a high speed of up to 13 mph.   The electric scooter can carry a maximum weight of 180 lbs. It is the best choice for young girls. 
  • Specifications of Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter: 
    • Max Speed: 13 MPH
    • Max Distance: 10.5Miles
    • Max Weight Load: 180 lbs.  
    • Charging Time: 5 Hours
    • Recommended age: 12 or above
Why recommend it: we strongly recommend this scooter for the age of 13 or above. It is the best choice for adult girls. 

Electric Scooters FAQ:

  • Do you have any need for a license for an electric scooter?
No. you don’t need any license to ride an electric scooter. The USA and many other states consider electric scooters with bicycles, which don’t require any license to ride. 
  • Can an electric scooter go uphill?
Yes, you can ride your scooter to ho uphill. The scooter has strong wheels that help us a lot in grip.
  • Can we use an electric scooter in the rain? 
The answer is yes or no. Some companies produce waterproof e scooter, and some not. So, we recommend you to ride in the rain if your scooter is waterproof. 
  • Can we take our electric scooter on a plane? 
Yes, you can take electric scooters on the plane. Some airlines consider the weight of the scooters for takeaway in the plane. 
  • Can I ride an electric scooter on the sidewalk or bike path?
No, You cannot. You could not ride electric scooters on the sidewalk or bike path. You have to follow the rules and regulations of traffic to ride an e scooter. 
  • Can a 13-year-old drive an electric scooter? 
Yes, you can. There is not any age limit for the riders to ride electric scooters. 

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