Best Electric Violin: Top 6 Electric Violin Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2023

An electric violin is a musical instrument that produces sweet and lovely notes. It is also called the electric fiddle. The notes created are blissful and calming to hear. You can use an electric violin for practice or performances. Individuals can connect each of them to headphones for a noise-canceling effect. You can also plug the violin into an amp for better range.

The silent violin comes with many advantages. It can play loudly or quietly, depending on your preference. There are also various sizes and colors you can pick. Different brands produce electric violins, but some are better than others.

Are you a music lover thinking of the best electric violin for you? Or are you looking to start learning the violin? Look no further. After careful consideration and reviews, here are the best electric violins to pick.

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Our Picks for The Best Electric Violin

Are Electric Violins Any Good?

Is It Hard to Learn?

Can You Use Regular Violin Strings on An Electric Violin?

Can You Play An Electric Violin Without An Amp?

Do Guitar Amps Work for It?

How to Tune An Electric Violin?

Electric Violin VS Acoustic Violin

Things to Consider When Buying An Electric Violin

Our Picks For The Best Electric Violin

Best Sound Quality Electric Violin: Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-White Ebony Fitted Acoustic Violin (Full size – Pearl White).

Most Versatile Electric Violin: Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1BK Solid Wood Electric Violin (Full size – Black Metallic).

Best Electric Violin for Beginners: Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin With Ebony Fittings (Cut Out – Black).

Best Performance Electric Violin: Yamaha Silent Series SV-200 Electric Violin (Black).

Best Overall Electric Violin: Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin With Ebony Fittings (Cut Out – White).

Best Premium Electric Violin: Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin With Ebony Fittings (Cut Out – Mahogany)

Most Sturdy Electric Violin: Fender FV-1 Electric Violin

Most Balanced: Stagg EVN 4/4 BK Silent Violin Set

Most Unique: Tower Strings Electric Pro Violin

Best Sound Quality: Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-White Ebony Fitted Acoustic Violin (Full size – Pearl White)

Color: Pearl White.

Weight: 4.91 pounds.

Size: 32 x 12 x 5 inches.

Material: Maple, Spruce.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Efficiency: High

The Cecilio CVNAE electric violin is carved from maple wood and spruce. Its body has a very smooth feel and is comfortable to hold. This silent violin is quite popular and helpful for people learning to play. The ebony material in making the electric violin gives it excellent functionality and aesthetics.

One thing that makes this violin stand out from other electronic violins is its superb sound quality. The clear notes it produces make it very easy for beginners to learn. In addition, the silent violin has an antique varnish coating that makes it pleasing to the eye. This product is a good fit if you’re new to playing the violin.

Professional instrument players can also make use of this acoustic violin. It functions perfectly for practice and on-stage performances. You can use this electric violin if you want to practice alone at home or play for an audience.


  • It has superb sound quality.
  • It comes with an adjustable shoulder rest.


  • It has low-quality rosin.

Most Versatile: Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1BK Solid Wood Electric Violin (Full size – Black Metallic)

Color: Black

Weight: 5 pounds

Size: 32 x 5 x 12 inches

Material: Maple, Ebony

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Efficiency: Medium

Many people prioritize versatility when searching for a suitable electric violin to use. If you’re looking for a versatile electric violin, the Cecilio CEVN-1BK is the best option. The product is well-balanced and can function effectively for every occasion, whether for practice or events.

Violinists of different experience levels can use this product without any loss of functionality. This cool electric violin is made using maple and ebony wood as the top materials. Making it easy to handle and adding to its appeal.

The Cecilio CEVN-1BK comes with a 1/8 output jack and cable. Hence, it can easily be connected to different amplifiers or public address systems. The fingerboards are made from ebony wood and come with a lightweight case for mobility. Are you the type that likes to adjust the ambiance? You can do that easily on this silent violin.

In addition, this product comes with a 9V Alkaline battery and one year warranty. It has moderate weight and is neither too heavy nor light. People can easily play all genres of music on this silent violin. You should pick this product if you want an all-around balanced electric violin.


  • It has a solid body.
  • Good volume and tone control.


  • Poor acoustic sound quality.
  • No shoulder rest.

Best For Beginners: Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin With Ebony Fittings (Cut Out – Black)

Color: Black

Weight: 4.79 pounds

Size: 32 x 5 x 12 inches

Material: Maple, Ebony.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Efficiency: High

This cut-out electric violin is perfect for those learning to play the violin. The product’s structure makes it very easy to hold while playing. Beginner violinists can learn how to play more conveniently due to its cut-out feature. It has a chin rest and tailpiece made from maple and ebony wood.

In addition, since it is designed for beginner violinists, it has a lighter weight than most silent violins. This will ensure that learners don’t get tired too quickly when practicing for extended periods.

The violin comes with a lightweight case to aid mobility. It also comes with strings and pegs attached. You can use guitar amps with this electric violin without any problems. Most people just starting to play the violin are not too particular about their instrument, but this product brings excellent value for your money.

In addition, the bow of this product is made from Brazilian wood with Mongolian horsehair attached. This aids in smooth gliding across the strings without interference. The Cecilio silent electric violin also has excellent sound quality on headphones. This product is the best option if you want to start playing the violin.


  • Easy to tune.
  • It has excellent monetary value.


  • Average quality bow.
  • It requires a high-end amp.

Best Performance Electric Violin: Yamaha Silent Series SV-200 Electric Violin (Black)

Color: Black

Size: 23.7 x 12.2 x 6.3 inches

Weight: 3.68 pounds

Material: Maple, Spruce, Ebony.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Efficiency: High

The Yamaha SV-200 is rated as the best electric violin based on performance. This silent violin is built to have very high efficiency and can be used by both beginner and professional violinists. It has a sturdy build made from maple, spruce, and ebony wood.

One of the reasons why this electric violin has the best performance rating is that it comes with two pickups. Many other electric violin brands use only one pickup. This gives the Yamaha SV-200 a massive advantage over others. With the two pickups, the performance of the product is naturally high.

The electric violin also has a unique “silent mode,” which can be used when practicing. That way, you can easily switch between regular mode and silent mode. When considering the sound output, this product is one of the best. It produces lovely notes that are clear and wonderful to hear.

Many individuals love the sound quality produced by this silent violin. The clear notes allow you to hear all the subtle details of what you’re playing. The Yamaha SV-200 is a perfect instrument for professional violinists. Its bridge is made from quality ebony wood that ensures sturdiness.


  • It has two pickups
  • It is very light


  • It has no control box.

Best Overall: Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin With Ebony Fittings (Cut Out – White)

Color: White

Size: 32 x 5 x 12 inches

Weight: 5 pounds

Material: Maple, Ebony.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Efficiency: High

The Cecilio CEVN-1W is the best overall electric violin we reviewed. It is carved from maple and ebony wood with white varnish. This product has both incredible sound quality and looks. Many violinists desire functionality and aesthetics from their instruments, and this product provides just that.

The Cecilio CEVN-1W comes with a 1/8 output jack that can connect to amps and headphones. It can be used when practicing, for performances, and for studio recording. Many students and professional violinists can use this product without experiencing issues.

This product is a great fit if you’re looking for excellent sound quality and efficiency. It is rated highly and has many positive reviews. This product is at the top of many ranking lists for electric violins. The violin comes with its bow, rosin, and case, so there’s no need to buy extra attachments.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • Good sound quality.


  • The paint wears off over time.

Best Premium: Cecilio Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin With Ebony Fittings (Cut Out – Mahogany)

Color: Mahogany

Weight: 5 pounds

Size: 32 x 5 x 12 inches

Material: Maple, Mahogany, Ebony

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Efficiency: High

The Cecilio cut-out mahogany silent electric violin is made from quality mahogany, maple, and ebony wood. It is well-packaged and has all the necessary parts for the violin. The various elements are made with materials that improve sturdiness and functionality, hence, why it is the best premium electric violin.

Furthermore, it is carved by hand and is not machine-made. It comes with a strong case that weighs little. This gives it more excellent value than other silent violins. Also, the strap attached to the neck is very comfortable and makes playing convenient.

Whether you are an experienced violinist or a beginner, this silent violin can fit your every need. The product has strings attached and is adequately structured to fit perfectly into your hands. It also has good sound quality and can be used on amps and PA systems. You also do not need to get a cord for it.

This product is also rated highly and has excellent reviews from experienced and amateur violinists. If you’re looking for a quality electric violin to use, the Cecilio cut-out mahogany electric violin is the best option for you.


  • It has a sturdy case
  • The strings sound clear
  • It has excellent amp output


  • It has a high bridge

Most Sturdy Electric Violin: Fender FV-1 Electric Violin

Color: Polar white.

Weight: 10 pounds.

Size: 33 x 11 x 6 inches.

Material: Maple, Spruce, Ebony.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Efficiency: Medium

The Fender FV-1 is a unique kind of electric violin, as it is cumbersome compared to other electric violins. However, although this product is heavy, it produces incredible sounds and lovely notes. The significant part about the Fender FV-1 is that it can easily be used as a home-practice electric violin.

Another great perk of this electric violin is that it has a violin stand that can hold the instrument. So if you’re tired after playing for a long day, you have somewhere to safely drop your electric violin. This extra feature is very thoughtful, as the product is heavy compared to other electric violins.

The body of the product was made with maple, while the fingerboards were made with ebony. All this helps to ensure the product is sturdy and friendly to the user’s fingers. Also, the Fender FV-1 has superb playability and tone, making it a fascinating tool for a professional or expert player.

In addition, the Fender FV-1 is coated with polar white paint to give it a very aesthetic and appealing look. It can be connected to amps to produce tones and notes of incredible quality as output. If you love an electric violin with a classical feel, then this electric violin would be an excellent choice for you.


  • It produces lovely high notes
  • It is very sturdy


  • Uncomfortable shoulder rest
  • It is quite heavy

Most Balanced: Stagg EVN 4/4 BK Silent Violin Set

Color: Black

Weight: 5.06 pounds

Size: 32 x 12 x 5 inches

Material: Maple

Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars

Efficiency: Medium

Our pick for a standard electric violin that works for everyone is the Stagg EVN 4/4 BK Silent Electric Violin. The product has a complete set containing the electric violin, strings, a bow, fine tuners, and a case. It is a standard product to start with as a beginner and works well for professionals.

The Stagg EVN 4/4 BK electric violin features four fine tuners that can adjust the strings of the electric violin. It also has a solid build made using lacquered maple and is durable. The product also comes with a black case made using firm and sturdy materials to hold the electric violin properly.

In addition, a 1/4 amp cable is provided when the electric violin is purchased. Hence, you don’t need to start thinking about how you will get an amp cable for the electric violin. With the amp cable provided, users can connect to an amp and listen to notes derived from premium sound output.

The Stagg EVN 4/4 BK also comes with its own rosin. However, the bow of the electric violin is not rosined and must be done by the user. It comes with a 9 V battery that can accommodate an electric violin’s needs.


  • It has a great build
  • It has a great grip and ergonomic shape.


  • The amp port is damage-prone.

Most Unique: Tower Strings Electric Pro Violin

Color: Black

Weight: 650 grams

Size: 32 x 4 x 8 inches

Material: Ebony

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Efficiency: High

The Tower Strings electric pro violin is an electric violin with a rather unique build. It has an in-built pickup and preamp that gives the electric violin lovely notes. There is also a function for controlling the tone and volume of the electric violin.

In addition, this product comes with a 9 V battery to power the instrument. Users can connect this electric violin to amplifiers or headphones through the allocated ports. It also has a well-rounded bridge with ebony fingerboards that aid comfort when playing. 


  • It is lightweight
  • Built-in preamp


  • Not sturdy enough

Are Electric Violins Any Good?

Electric violins are simply regular violins that use electricity for sound output. Most electric violins have to be plugged directly into amplifiers or headphones for you to hear the instrument’s sound properly. This makes it very convenient when performing for an audience or practicing alone.

An electric violin’s body is usually made out of sturdy wood so it can adequately conduct electric current. Silent violins typically come with batteries inbuilt alongside input ports for electricity. This type of violin is beneficial for a professional violinist who performs on stage frequently.

Maple and Ebony are commonly used to build the body of electric violins. Most electric violins come with their parts already installed, including pickups, strings, bows, rosins, and tuners. They are also finished with different varnishes to give them an appealing look.

There is usually some skepticism around the use of an electric violin. Some people feel there is no point to it since there are already regular violins. However, electric violins have characteristics and features that make them stand out from regular acoustic violins.

When living in an apartment building with many neighbors, frequently, there will be noise complaints when you practice. An electric or silent violin will cancel out this problem. Electric violins are built to only sound when connected to an amp or headphones. This means you can practice in peace without disturbing others.

Is It Hard To Learn?

The electric violin has only a few deviations from regular acoustic violins. Learning how to play an electric violin is not difficult, especially if you already have experience playing acoustic. If you want to begin playing, you can consider getting lessons from professional tutors to make things easier.

Like every other instrument, silent violins are easy to learn if you know the proper steps. Here are some helpful tips on learning how to play the electric violin:

Have Your Electric Violin

Having your instrument is very crucial for every musician. If you want to start playing the electric violin, it is vital to get one for yourself so that you can practice. People without their instruments will find it hard to play correctly. Everyone needs practice.

Learn To Improvise

If you’re already familiar with playing the violin and want to switch to an electric, it is crucial to know how to improvise. Creativity improves learning. When a musician is creative, the rate at which they learn new things becomes faster. You can enhance creativity by trying new things or observing others.

Listen To Electric Violin Music

Listening to well-known electric violinists’ music will help you tune with the instrument faster. Knowing the kind of music played with the tool will put you on the right track when learning an instrument. If you’re familiar with the songs, it’ll be easier for you to reproduce them.

Get All The Needed Tools

You must have all the tools for smooth playing when learning an electric violin. These tools include amps and special effect pedals. Learning the electric violin will be more fun and effective with tools like this. You can only get the best from an electric violin with the correct tools.

After following the essential tips, all you need to do is keep improving. So if you’re wondering whether the electric violin is easy to learn, the answer is yes.

Is It Good For Beginners?

Anybody can learn how to play the electric violin. However, it is not the best option for beginners. People who are not too familiar with the violin might find it challenging to play the electric violin. They can learn with it but might have problems handling the acoustic violin later.

The sound production of an electric violin and an acoustic have slight differences. A silent violin is designed to relay sound through electrical output. This causes the notes to sound different from regular violins.

If you start playing the acoustic violin before switching to electric, you will find it easier to learn. Most beginners need to get used to the notes and chords on a hearing first, so they don’t encounter difficulties when improving. There is no real problem with learning with an electric violin. However, it is not the best option.

Do you want to start playing the electric violin as a beginner? Here are some tips you might find helpful.

First, you must learn how to properly hold the violin and bow.

Know how to play the notes before trying on the electric violin.

Practice regularly and be consistent.

Learn the correct way to tune the electric violin.

Listen and learn from more experienced violinists.

By following these few tips, beginners can become expert electric violinists.

Can You Use Regular Violin Strings On An Electric Violin?

For every string instrument, using the right strings is very important. The answer is yes, in case you’re curious whether you can use regular violin strings on an electric violin. A silent violin can use any violin string. You only need to ensure that the string’s end fits appropriately with your electric violin.

When choosing a set of strings for your electric violin, it is essential to pick the one that matches your instrument. However, there are some exceptions. Some strings have a ball end, while some have a loop end. Midi electric violins can’t just use any strings. You are required to use steel strings for them.

Apart from Midi electric violins, all others can use any string. This is because their pickups are specially designed to catch magnetic vibrations. Therefore, if the lines are not made from steel, the electric violin will not pick up any signals when played.

Most times, the strings used on an electric violin have little or no impact on the sound it produces. This is one of the advantages electric violins have over classical violins. The electric pickup in electric violins creates the sound we hear. Hence, the type of strings used does not matter.

Can You Play An Electric Violin Without An Amp?

You can play a silent violin can without an amp. However, the sound output will be meager, and you might not hear the notes enough. Sometimes, you might be in a circumstance where you don’t have an amp around. Individuals can still play the electric violin during these instances, but it will be harder to hear.

One can connect headphones to the electric violin instead of an amplifier for practice purposes. You can still hear the notes clearly while playing the silent violin. However, the sound output from the electric violin may not be as clear as when using an amp, depending on the headphone quality.

Do Guitar Amps Work For It?

The answer is yes. Guitar amps can work for electric violins. However, using a guitar amp for a silent violin is not advisable. Why is this? The sound output of the electric violin when using a guitar amp will change and sound shrill than when you use an electric violin amplifier.

You can use a guitar amp when playing at home, but other than that, it is advisable to use a standard electric violin amp. If you’re using the guitar amp for practice, it might not be an issue. However, the sound quality won’t be outstanding when playing at an event or a performance.

The guitar amp will produce a shrill tone because the pickups used for electric violins have different impedance from guitars. So when you use a guitar amp for a violin, the sound produced turns out different from what it should be. Midi electric violins, however, can use guitar amps without any problems.

Midi electric violins use magnetic pickups, which function perfectly with guitar amps; hence, there is no problem using the two together.

How To Tune An Electric Violin

The method of tuning an electric and regular violin is the same. The tuning pegs of the electric violin are located at the top of the bridge. Most violins come with four tuning pegs, which you will adjust to achieve the right tune for the instrument. You can tune the electric violin by twisting the four knobs correctly.

The easiest way to tune the electric violin is to use a tuner to precisely adjust the A-string, then adjust the other three strings based on the A-string. Using a tuner to change the strings makes the tuning process more straightforward. There are some tuners you can clip onto your violin that will tell you when the line has been tuned correctly.

You can also use phone or tablet applications to tune your silent violin. All you need to do is download the application from your mobile store. Once you open the app, the key will be displayed on the screen, which you can use to adjust your electric violin accordingly.

There are other methods you can also use to tune a silent violin, such as: using another person’s violin. If you have someone around you with a tuned violin, you can easily use that as a reference to tune yours. Some special effects pedals also come with tuners you can use to adjust your electric violin.

Electric Violin VS Acoustic Violin

An electric and acoustic violin has a few factors that differentiate them. Firstly, the volume of the acoustic violin is not adjustable, except when using an external pickup. However, you can adjust the volume level of an electric violin to your convenience at any time.

It is still quite loud when playing the acoustic violin without an amp. An electric or silent violin, on the other hand, will not be easily heard when not connected to an amplifier. You can also directly connect headphones to an electric violin but can’t do the same to an acoustic. This helps to prevent noise complaints from neighbors when practicing.

The equalization of an electric violin can also be easily adjusted, while that of an acoustic violin is not easily altered. An acoustic violin has a hollow structure that aids in sound amplification when the strings are played. However, an electric violin has a more sturdy build and is only loud when connected to an amp.

The sound produced by a silent violin is slightly thinner than an acoustic. Due to the difference in their structure, acoustic violins weigh far less than electric violins. Also, acoustic violins have only four strings, while some electric violins can have up to five strings. Hence, you will likely get tired faster when playing an electric violin.

Are Electric Violins And Silent Violins The Same?

A silent violin is simply a type of electric violin, so both are more or less the same. You can still hear the sound softly within the room when playing a regular electric violin without an amp. However, the silent violin makes little to no sound without an amplifier or headphones.

Electric violins are commonly called silent violins by many people, but not all electric violins are silent violins. The way to tell them apart is the amount of sound they produce without being connected to an amp or PA system.

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Violin

When buying an electric violin, there are a few things you need to be mindful of to avoid any problems. These things include.


Like every other instrument, most electric violins come in different sizes and designs. Therefore, when buying an electric violin, it is crucial to get the size that fits you correctly. The dimensions of an electric violin include 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, etc. If you’re buying for a child, it is advisable to get a smaller size first before moving to a more prominent violin.


When buying an electric violin, you should check the type of pickup used. Pickups determine the kind of strings to be used for the electric violin. Only steel strings will be practical if the violin comes with a magnetic pickup. Hence, it is essential to note the pickup type before buying a silent violin.


Most electric violins come with a set of accompanying accessories. These accessories include a bow, rosin, cables, and a case. Some brands also include headphones with their package, but not all. Always check if all the required accessories are included when buying an electric violin.


An electric violin is a lovely instrument that produces melodies that are blissful to hear. It works like a regular violin but has to be connected to a power source. The electric violin can also be called a silent violin. Beginner players and expert violinists can use electric violins. However, it is more fitting for professionals.

Silent violins have pickups installed inside them, which are used to produce sounds. You can hardly hear an electric violin if it is not connected to an amp or headphones. Due to this, it is perfect for practicing. Are you looking for a suitable electric violin? We’ve reviewed some of the best silent violins for you.

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