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Keeping the body slim with glowing skin requires some effort. Ultrasonic cavitation is one of the latest less invasive methods that use deep penetrating waves, which helps to break down fat molecules.

Before the process, some procedures are necessary to ensure the best results. Oiling is the most crucial step and must be done to allow the hand transducer to glide easily on the skin.

Generally, people use cavitation or massage gel to lubricate their bodies before the procedure. However, can you use coconut oil with a cavitation machine? This is our main question of concern since many people need clarification.

Cavitation Treatment Explained

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is a body slimming procedure that enables fat removal from fat from the body without surgery. Unlike liposuctions, the method uses ultrasonic radio waves that break fat molecules underneath your skin.

The broken fat cells then get absorbed by the body and eliminated through the lymphatic system. With this, the body enjoys faster recovery, although the results are slow.

Can You Use Coconut Oil with Cavitation Machine for Preparation

To enjoy outstanding results, there are some considerations which one needs to check. One of the checks is having great body hydration. Experts recommend taking at least 2 liters of water 24 hours before the process. Also, maintain a low carbs/fat diet a day before the treatment.

Apart from preparation before the process, as mentioned, the body needs to be well oiled. Properly oiled skin makes the hand device slide smooth without causing discomfort.

The amount of oil to apply depends on the body parts and the frequency level to be used. In areas with more fat tissues, more lubrication is needed since you need more concentration.

Cavitation gels are most common for professionals and personal levels. Notably, most people use gels since they are conductive. However, no rule says you must use gel for best results.

The good thing is many substitutes can replace gels, like coconut oil, aloe Vera gel, bio-oil, and moisturizers. In this case, let’s focus on the coconut and why you should use it with cavitation machines.

can you use coconut oil with cavitation machine

Advantages of Using Coconut Oil with Cavitation Machines

Keep body hydrated

If you take coconut oil from a scientific point of view, it has medium fatty acids building blocks. These fatty acids are essential for keeping the skin supple and hydrated.

Through trapping moisture inside the skin, there is excellent flexibility. This prevents cracking and, in turn, results in remarkable results.

Help reduce redness

After the cavitation process, some skins can develop redness. However, using coconut oil is proven to offer fantastic soothing. By naturally protecting skin from redness, you can enjoy exceptional results even after the procedure.

Great conductivity

Coconut oil provided excellent ultrasonic waves transmission. As a result, even when using this oil, there is no reduced cavitation machine performance. By providing the perfect medium for the transducer to slide in, it allows for natural waves transmission. Therefore, using coconut oil delivers the same results as gels.

High in antioxidants

Apart from offering lubrication, the oil is fantastic for the provision of antioxidants. Also, the presence of high levels of phytonutrients helps to boost your skin’s health. Antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals, which in turn keep the skin looking young.

Soothing irritated skin

Known for its incredible healing power, coconut oil is fantastic in soothing bruises and inflamed skins. Consequently, you can apply before, during, and after the ultrasonic cavitation process.

Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties

Coconut oil has the potential to protect the skin from harmful microorganisms. Specifically, there is protection from bacteria and fungi. After the ultrasonic cavitation, the skin reaps the benefits of coconut oil.

FAQs About Coconut Oil With Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

1. Can coconut oil with a cavitation machine damage transducers?

Contrary to many beliefs, the use of coconut oil doesn’t cause damage to the machine. Since oil has almost similar properties, is there no damage?

2. Does coconut oil have side effects?

Although coconut oil is excellent, some people can experience side effects. Always ensure to do testing by applying on a small area to see the reaction.

3. Is it advisable to use a cavitation machine daily?

It is possible to use cavitation machines daily as long as you maintain the recommended time. Typically, each area gets 30 minutes per treatment, therefore safe to do it every day.

4. Is homemade coconut oil suitable for use with a cavitation machine?

Yes, whether you have homemade coconut oil or one bought at the store, they are suitable to use with cavitation machines. Organic coconut oil is best since it doesn’t have additives.


Oil is one of the vital components when performing ultrasonic cavitation. Without oiling, the machine won’t work well and can cause discomfort. Although most people go for cavitation gels, coconut oil is a great alternative.

The oil has many benefits besides allowing a smooth process. Additionally, there is excellent safety for your machine. Therefore, keeping the body in shape and skin glowing doesn’t mean spending fortunes to get slimming gels.

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