What is a Human Hamster Ball?

One of the most popular, enjoyable, and creative inventions to keep children entertained is a human hamster ball. This exciting device is specifically designed to keep individuals entertained and leave them with long-lasting childhood memories.

giant human hamster ball is the perfect addition to a kid’s birthday surprise, a festival or carnival, a sports event, or even a fundraiser and company team event. 

But certain concerns are surrounding these giant recreational balls; today, we will be addressing those so that you can stay safe and entertained at the same time. 

How Does a Human Hamster Ball Work?


Also known as a Zorb ball, a human hamster ball is a giant inflatable ball used for rolling on grass or the ground. These unique entertainment options balls are extremely popular among children and adults for sports as well as recreation.

The basic idea behind a human hamster ball is to allow people to experience what it will be like rolling about (quite like a hamster) inside an inflatable, plastic sphere. Once fully inflated, individuals can climb inside and race with friends or participate in a friendly bumper car-like activity with opponents.

And if you are alone, you can bounce around to your heart’s delight!

Is It Really Fun and Safe?

But before walking and sealing yourself inside a giant human hamster ball, you must be aware of certain essential safety precautions.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has underlined the following risks associated with this product:

Risk of Impact Injury: there is no padding inside or outside the ball, so if the person inside collides with a hard surface, there is a significant chance of an impact injury such as a fracture.

Worsening Underlying Symptoms: people already struggling with breathing issues, lung/heart disease, or other pre-existing medical conditions should avoid this activity.

Always make sure the operators adhere to the safety guidelines, such as special fences that ensure the ball remains on a specific path and stopping mechanisms that can slow down the ball if it gains too much momentum. 

Safety Guidelines for Using Human Hamster Balls

Despite the risks mentioned above, you can safely and comfortably enjoy your human hamster ball as long as you understand and follow these safety precautions.

Downhill Safety

Downhill activities take place on land, but individuals can ride the human hamster ball, dry or wet. 

If you want to engage in a wet rolling activity, the operator will fill the giant ball with a few gallons of water after you get inside. It will allow you to slide on the bottom surface of the inner ball as the big inflatable ball rolls downhill. However, wet hamster balls do not have a harness inside them, and their entrance is also relatively small to stop the water and the person inside from falling out as it rolls.

But a dry hamster ball contains harnesses to hold the rider’s chest and feet, as well as handles for gripping. Always make sure the harnesses are correctly fastened. Also, most hamster balls of this type are designed for two people. It balances the weight; otherwise, the ball could become unbalanced and go off balance. 

Some more safety tips for downhill rolling in a human hamster ball include:

  • proper inflation of the ball
  • tightly fastened harnesses
  • ensuring the total weight of the riders is less than 180kg
  • removing all jewelry and any sharp objects before going inside the human hamster ball

Safe Track

Ensure that the local park or resort you choose for your hamster ball sports has well-built tracks designed especially for such activities.

A standard hamster ball track must be adequately covered with grass, should not have any huge bumps that may cause the ball to bounce high above the ground, and there should always be special fences or safety nets all along the sides of the ride to prevent impact injuries and the ball from rolling off course. 

And lastly, where the track ends, there should be a mound of earth to slow the ball. Again, if the operating park you choose does not have these standard precautions in place, do not go for it.

Water Hamster Ball Safety

The common double-layer hamster ball is generally used to walk or tumble on water and is considered safe when all guidelines are followed. 

But if you are doing this activity on the sea, make sure you are not alone and do not float too far away from the shore.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the basic safety guidelines of rolling and/or floating in a human hamster ball, you will see that it is a really fun and safe sport to invest in at an amusement park or even a house party.

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