12 Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Weightlifting at Home [Reviews & Guide]

It would be best if you thought about a variety of aspects when selecting the best adjustable dumbbells. The first is the range of weights. If you’re a serious bodybuilder, you’ll need separate dumbbells that go up to 40 pounds at the very least.

If you merely want to do light exercise, consider how adjustable dumbbell systems function, such as if you prefer to manually add and remove plates or like to use a simple dial system. Although some dumbbell sets are designed to be easier to adjust, you may find that they make you feel less safe and comfortable. A 20-pound ax should be enough. However, you’ll want a wide range, as that’s the whole idea of getting adjustable dumbbells.

Our Top Picks for the Best Adjustable Dumbbells 

Below are some of the best adjustable dumbbells of 2023 you should look to purchase.

1. Best Overall: 2022 Best 50lb Dumbbells For Sale

This pair of dumbbells come with weights ranging from 5 to 25 pounds, making it ideal for a variety of workouts. When working out, the steel grips of these dumbbells are designed to provide a safe, secure, non-slip grip.

Overall, these incredible dumbbells systems are an excellent choice for those who prefer to push themselves with intense ‘drop set’ workouts and routines or who are short on space. The only drawback to purchasing these dumbbells is the cost, which will make you sweat even before you attempt to lift them.

These dumbbell sets’ cast iron heads are further coated with a protective layer to reduce wear and tear on the equipment while also improving ease of usage.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 40-50lb | Total Set Weight: 200 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Lightweight when the dumbbells are empty
  • Space-Friendly
  • Wide weight range


  • Bit Costly

2. Best Budget: 2022 Best Dumbbell Weight Set

This is one of the most cost-effective and simply adjustable dumbbells on the market, and they come at a great price. To adjust the weight of the dumbbell, turn the handle from 5-45 pounds. There are no additional steps required, so you can effortlessly alter the weight as you move from your legs to your arms and core and then back.

These dumbbells include octagonal plates to prevent rolling and make storing easier. The adjustable dumbbells also come with a foam barbell, so you can swap them out for more alternatives throughout your lifting workout.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 4-45 pounds | Total Set Weight: 180 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Design for professional bodybuilders
  • Space-Friendly
  • Different weight range
  • Cheap


  • Hard to use at first
  • Weight plates of these dumbbells may not lock over time.

3. Merax Deluxe 15-55lb Adjustable Dumbbell for Home Gym, 5-in-1 Adjustable Weight Plate

Adjustable Dumbbell

The textured grips on this adjustable dumbbell are perfect for lifters who need a unique non-slip handle. Even when lifting with wet hands, the hands never slipped from the handles, even when performing exercises with heavier weights.

These dumbbells adjust from 15 lbs to 55 lbs in 10 lb increments, ideal for intermediate to advanced lifters. This weight range may not be the best for beginners, as starting at 15 pounds can be difficult for those just starting out.

You can easily adjust the weight of the dumbbells, and a safety locking mechanism keeps the dumbbells in place at the weight of your choice.

These dumbbells are super easy to set up. With its storage base, this pair of dumbbells is easier to store than other options.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 15-55 lbs | Weight: 5 Kilograms | Sold as: Pair


  • Safety locking
  • Assembled
  • Anti-slip


  • 10-pound increments.
  • 15 pounds is not good for beginners.

4. Best Lower Weight: Nice-C Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Pair

These adjustable dumbbell sets come in four distinct colors and two weight ranges, allowing you to start with a beginner-friendly 4.5-pound dumbbell or progress to a more experienced 11.2-pound dumbbell.

These excellent lower-weight dumbbells are well-balanced and robust. When you lift these dumbbells, the weights don’t rattle, and the handle, despite being plastic, feels solid.

Regardless of which dumbbell or barbell system you choose, you’ll be able to start with a 2.3-pound weight (per dumbbell) and gradually increase the weight of your dumbbells.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 11.2 pounds | Total Set Weight: 150 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Design for professional bodybuilders
  • Has a variety of colors
  • Cheap Price


  • Hard to use at first
  • The material is not that durable

5. Best Mid Weight: FLY BIRD Dumbbell

Flybird isn’t as well-known for creating adjustable dumbbells as other major dumbbell companies like Bowflex or PowerBlock, but that doesn’t mean the Flybird Adjustable mid-weight Dumbbell won’t do the job.

With only one turn of the anti-slip grip, this single FlyBird dumbbell can be adjusted from 5 to 25 pounds. If you don’t want as much weight and are looking for the best mid-weight dumbbell, these are some of the greatest dumbbells on the market right now, with a 4.7-star rating based on over 1,200 Amazon reviews.

The weights have a helpful arrow & numbers written on them to let you know exactly how much dumbbell weight you are getting or lifting without having to lift & double-check, and an eight-lock structure guarantees the plates of the dumbbells won’t be falling off in the middle of your lift.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 5-25 pounds | Total Set Weight: 200 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Rating on the internet is very high.
  • Easy to adjust
  • Different weight range
  • Cheap Price


  • Not easy to adjust
  • Weight plates of these amazing dumbbells may not lock over time.

6. Best Heavy Weight: BOLT FITNESS SUPPLY x NÜOBELL 5 – 50LB Adjustable Dumbbell for Full Body Workout Home Gym

For advanced lifters, the NÜOBELL 80LB Dumbbell is the best choice. You can easily adjust it by simply twisting the handle. They are adjustable from 5 lbs up to 80 lbs in 5 lb increments.

While these dumbbells don’t come fully assembled, it was relatively easy to set up and unbox, and it took less than 9 minutes. Intermediate or advanced lifters should find it easy to set up, but beginners may need help. The dumbbells also have manuals with instructions and pictures.

The dumbbells are great for ease of use and grip. It has the same shape as a standard dumbbell and can be used for all exercises with traditional dumbbells. You don’t need to change your posture or grip and can hold it securely in both wet and dry hands. These dumbbells are portable and have a storage stand.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 5-80 lbs | Weight: 160 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Easy to adjust
  • 80 pounds of weight
  • 5-pound weight increments


  • Expensive
  • Bigger increments are not good for beginners.

7. Best Smart Dumbbells: PowerBlock Elite EXP 5-50 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells

These dumbbells don’t look like traditional dumbbells but allow you to get 16 weights. And, thanks to their shape, they only take up a little space, earning high marks for storage.

Dumbbells are the most durable. As these dumbbells break concrete, don’t slam them on the floor. The dumbbells didn’t even have a slight scratch after you dropped them on foam floors and concrete.

The dumbbells are adjusted from 5 lbs to 50 lbs in 2.5 lb increments. Clients who want to lift more can purchase additional weights, up to 70 or 90 pounds.

The adjustment mechanism is simple. You need to place the auto-locking handle on the color-coded bar that corresponds to the weight you want to use. There are also two chrome-weight boosters. You can add weight in 2.5 lb increments, and your experience will be even better.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 5-50lb | Weight: 5 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Durable
  • Assembled
  • Provide lots of weights


  • It doesn’t look like traditional dumbbells.
  • Complex adjustment mechanism.

8. Best Portable: Dumbbell Water Bottle For Sale

A water-filled adjustable set of dumbbells are ultra-portable and perfect for traveling. These dumbbells are flexible – you can put in as little or as much water as you need to make these dumbbells the ideal weight for a certain exercise.
Because these dumbbells are filled with water rather than metal, their maximum weight is far lower than most other adjustable dumbbells at 22.5 pounds. Water bottle dumbbells are affordable, making them great for those on a tight budget.

The most difficult aspect is filling up the dumbbells with water. The majority of people who commented on the internet noted that these dumbbells worked well when they were short on space, and that they are incredibly portable, strong, can be filled and reused, and are constructed of high-quality material.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 40-50lb | Total Set Weight: 200 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Very flexible and adjustable
  • Space-Friendly
  • Different weight range
  • Very good material used


  • Hard to use at first
  • Filling the dumbbells can be tricky

9. Most Versatile: Best Dumbbell Set for Professional Bodybuilders

The MOVTOTOP 2-In-1 Adjustable Dumbbell is recommended if you require a more versatile dumbbell with a more conventional feel. These dumbbells can hold up to 165 pounds, have metal weight plates, and, while not the quickest to change, the Quick-Lock System is really clever.

Because they mimic a fixed dumbbell and have the appearance and feel of an old-school weight room, these are also known as the Lifter’s Adjustable Dumbbells.

The MOVTOTOP 2-in-1 Adjustable Dumbbell Set is noted for its versatility and long life. According to studies, most people believe that possessing these sets of dumbbells makes them considerably fitter than they were previously.
Because these dumbbells are totally constructed of steel and iron, it makes sense. The handles of the Movotop 2-In-1 Adjustable Dumbbell are chrome plated, and each dumbbell weight plate is machined and carefully cast to ensure a snug fit. They look fantastic, feel great, and can be relied on for years of use because of the high-quality materials used in their creation.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 40-70lb | Total Set Weight: 200 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Design for beginners and professional bodybuilders
  • Small, space-Friendly
  • Different colors and weight range
  • Cheap Price


  • Hard to use at first

10. Best for Smaller Spaces: Dumbbell Water Bottle

As these dumbbells are filled with water rather than normal metal, so these dumbbells are the best for smaller spaces. The maximum weight of the water dumbbell is only 22.5 pounds – which is way lower than any other normal dumbbell. Also, water bottle dumbbells are very cheap – so that anyone of any age with a low budget can buy these dumbbells easily.

So if you’re in search of detachable body fitness dumbbells for your gym, then these water bottle dumbbells are an ideal choice.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 22.5 pounds | Total Set Weight: 150 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Design for beginners
  • Space-Friendly, best for smaller places
  • Cheap Price


  • Hard to fill and use at first

11. Best Classic: Adjustable Dumbbell Set Online

For weightlifters and bodybuilders who want to pump some serious weight, these adjustable dumbbells are made for them as they can also size them to whatever level they require for curls & lateral raises.

With 12 plates per side, there’re many ways to customize these adjustable dumbbells for workouts. The chrome handle has diamond knurling for a firm, non-slippery, tight grip, while spinlock collars safely keep the plates in place. This Adjustable Dumbbell set is best for:

The people who want to save money. Adjustable Dumbbells lets you purchase a single dumbbell, which cuts the cost of your purchase in half. (You can purchase two sets of adjustable dumbbells.)

Those people who don’t mind working out with a single dumbbell.
Weightlifters and bodybuilders who want a heavier adjustable dumbbell.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 40-60lb | Total Set Weight: 250 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Design for professional bodybuilders
  • Different weight range


  • Hard to use at first
  • Not Space friendly

12. Best All-in-one: 40lb Dumbbells For Sale

Considering everything, including the cost, versatility, weight spread, construction cost, and material, We would recommend the 40lb Adjustable Dumbbell for home use, especially for those who like to go heavy in their workout sessions.

One minor problem is that you’ll probably need two sets of dumbbells to perform exercises, and admittedly, it will cost you. That said, it is still cheaper than getting two huge Bowflex dumbbells. That is why this adjustable dumbbell set is our all-in-one pick for both home and gym use.

Weight Per Dumbbell: 40-50lb | Total Set Weight: 200 Pounds | Sold as: Pair


  • Space-Friendly
  • Different weight ranges


  • Hard to use at first
  • Not too adjustable

What to Look for in Adjustable Dumbbells?

You should think about two sorts of adjustable dumbbell systems:

Automatic Dumbbells
These advanced weight systems or dumbbell sets have a spinning dial or similar device to vary the weight. Bowflex’s famous SelectTech series of weightlifting equipment, for example, offers a space-saving and cost-effective home and gym weightlifting solution. Dumbbell sets with automatic weights typically cost around 350 dollars, with heavier and more advanced variants costing $500 or more.

Manual Barbells
Manual barbells need the user to add or remove weights using a hand, which is the most popular type of adjustable dumbbell set found in gyms. A barbell collar holds the weights, which are commonly cast iron. These weight systems take up more space, but they are usually less expensive, starting at $90.
If you’re looking for dumbbells, you’ll almost probably need a pair to get a good workout. Many merchants sell dumbbell systems separately, so double-check the item descriptions to determine if they are marketed as a set or not.

Dumbbell Weights
Your choices will determine which adjustable dumbbell systems are suitable for your home gym. Do you lift a lot of weight? Do you desire a system that is attractive to the eye? Are you on the lookout for a good deal? The changes between weightlifting products are generally minor. Still, the most important thing to consider is whether you want to modify the dumbbell weights manually or automatically. If automated, whatever type of adjustment mechanism appeals to you the most: a primary dial, spinning handle, or any electronic button.
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We have got every kind of dumbbell system that is easy to use and adjustable as well. You can use our adjustable dumbbells for your home workout as well as for a gym workout.

We’ve got dumbbells of different ranges and styles – from most versatile to the dumbbells that best suits the smaller spaces. So if you need an adjustable dumbbell system for your personal need, you can contact us or write a comment in the comment section below.

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