How to do an Incline Dumbbell Press?


In our stress-ridden and slow-moving lives, we must find ways to stay fit. Both physical and mental fitness is essential to lead a healthy life. Thus, we should make the right nutritional choices to enhance our energy levels.

In addition to this, working out with dumbbell set can protect you from several diseases. Nowadays, gyms and fitness centers are considered integral parts of healthy societies.

A broad chest is generally considered to be a sign of masculinity. Chest muscles, often called pecs, have two parts. They are the pectoralis major, the superficial part of the pectoral region. And the other one is pectoralis minor, triangular in shape, and located under pectoral major.

Strong chest muscles can make everyday activities easier. Pecs provide support to your arms. They help in flexing, movement, and balancing the upper body.

We often see when the male lead throws off his shirt, only to reveal strong and toned pecs in movies. The Gym can help you achieve that sculpted look . But choosing the ‘right’ workout is also necessary. Incline dumbbell, also known as incline chest press, is considered one of the best upper body exercises.


What is the Incline Dumbbell Press?

Incline dumbbell press is an intermediate-level upper body exercise. The incline chest press is just like the traditional weight lifting exercises. It makes use of an inclined bench and some free weights.


It engages the pecs, shoulders, and triceps muscles. It will strengthen your pectoralis muscles, giving them a toned look. It also helps greatly in the process of muscle building and muscle growth. By lifting dumbbells this way, you will also improve your grip.


Usually, weightlifters and bodybuilders do this kind of exercise to build and strengthen muscle. It can also prove to be beneficial for athletes to practice for their rigorous competitions.

You can also include a variety of other exercises, such as flat bench presses and push-ups. It will make your chest day more structured.


What Muscle Does the Incline Dumbbell Press work on?

Incline chest press can be considered as a complete upper body workout. It works on the following muscles:


1. Pecs, including the pectoral major and pectoral minor, are involved in this kind of exercise. This exercise is curated mainly to target pectoralis muscles.

2. It also works on the triceps, the muscles located on the backside of your upper arm. In this exercise, your arms go through a range of different movements. It helps with the growth of triceps muscles.

3. Deltoid muscles, including the anterior deltoid and lateral deltoid, are involved in this exercise. This exercise helps strengthen the shoulder and arm motion.

4. One of the main functions of this exercise is engaging the clavicular head of the chest. There are not many exercises that work on this part of the chest. It also engages your core and other supporting muscles.

What are the Benefits and Risks of Inclined Chest Press?

Inclined dumbbell press is generally a safe exercise. If done keeping in mind all the safety precautions, it provides nothing but benefits . Here is the list of advantages that inclined chest press may help you achieve:


1. Not many exercises can work on the largest portion of the chest, the clavicular head. Incline dumbbell press mainly focuses on this part of the upper body. It not only increases the mass but also effectively strengthens the clavicular head.

2. It also engages other upper body parts together with triceps, delts, and arm muscles. It also strengthens the supporting muscles.

3. Incline dumbbell press also helps to stabilize the upper body. It has been proved beneficial for balancing the strength between both arms. When you are using the same amount of force to lift dumbbells, you will overcome the strength imbalance in your arms after some time.

4. Lifting dumbbells can improve your grip. Thus, everyday tasks will become easier. Your resilience will increase. It can also help in building muscles and promoting their growth.

5. Incline chest press can improve muscle endurance and toleration. Usually, athletes and bodybuilders can benefit a lot from this type of activity.


Here are some of the risks of incline chest press you should be varied of:


· If you already have pre-existing shoulder conditions, you may want to avoid this exercise. Incline dumbbell press is one of the most common culprits of causing severe shoulder pains.

· Incline dumbbell press can also cause wrist injury. Thus, it would help if you tried to lift the weight at the right angle. Cocking and rotating your wrist can cause damage to your wrist joint.

· Lifting dumbbells that are too heavy will have more risks than advantages. You can strain your back. The workout can also be rendered ineffective. You can also break your bones if done without any professional supervision.


How to do the Incline Dumbbell Press?

To begin this exercise, all you need is an incline bench and a pair of dumbbells for each arm. You would want to start with lighter weights because you would have to lift different dumbbells in each arm. Dumbbells that are too heavy can strain your arms. So, you should start light and build your way up.


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do the incline dumbbell press:


Step 1
As the first step, lay down horizontally on the inclined bench. Now adjust the angle of the bench according to your needs. We consider 30 degrees to be the perfect angle. You can also adjust above and below that angle. An angle of 45 degrees will better engage your shoulder muscles.

Step 2
Relax your shoulders and grab a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure that your body is at a correct angle and your legs are laying flat. Now lift the dumbbells. They should be right above your shoulders, making a 90 degrees angle. Also, make sure to engage your core muscles .

Step 3
Exhale when lifting the weight. You Should adjust your wrists correctly to avoid any injury. Inhale when you are lowering the weight. Your wrists should be at a 45 degrees angle. Try to exert pressure on your core.

Step 4
Take a second and then repeat the process. You should be able to complete almost 12 repetitions. Do at least 3 to 5 sets. After completing, place the weight on your knees. Try not to drop it too quickly.


How to Work Out Safely and Avoid Injury?

Working out is an important part of the day for many individuals. Exercise promotes health and keeps the mood fresh. But overdoing it and not keeping in mind the safety precautions can do more harm than good. You can strain yourself and get injured.


Here are some tips to help you work out safely:

Tips to Avoid Injury
Tip 1
Warm-up for at least 5 minutes before starting the workout. Warming up stimulates body functions. It cools the body down and lowers the risk of exertion-related injury.
Tip 2
After warming up, you should stretch for a few minutes. Stretching can increase your strength and make your movements more flexible.
Tip 3
You must make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can cause fainting, lack of strength, and even heat stroke. So, drink enough water before and while you are working out. If you are doing an especially difficult exercise, opt for drinks with free electrolytes.
Tip 4
Start with the least straining exercise and gradually build your way up. If you are working out after a while, lower the training level.
Tip 5
It would help if you curated your training routine according to the climate you live in. If you live in warmer areas, excessive exercising during heat can cause fainting, dehydration, and cramping. So, work out during the cooler hours of morning or evening. If you live in colder areas, dress adequately and warmly to avoid getting sick.
Tip 6
Join the training programs that offer balanced plans for all parts of your body. Do not do heavy exercises too frequently. Take a break when possible and have assigned days in a week for different pieces of training.
Tip 7
After warming up and doing an intensive workout, take some time to do unheated and cool-down exercises. This is a safe way to end your training. Make sure that your body is relaxed and you have cooled down.
Tip 8
Make sure that you take enough time to rest. Exhaustion can wear you out. Take some days without training.
Tip 9
See a doctor immediately if you experience an injury or intense pain in bones or other crucial organs.


How to make Incline Dumbbell Press Harder or Easier


Incline dumbbell press is not for everyone. Mostly heavy lifters and bodybuilders can benefit from it as their goal is to burn calories and grow muscles in minimum time.


You can easily modify the dumbbell press if you want to make it harder or easier. Here is how you can do it:


1. You can choose different weights according to your needs. To make it harder, you can switch to kettlebells instead of dumbbells. In kettlebells, the weight is typically not balanced, unlike dumbbells. Therefore, they are much harder to lift.

2. To make it easier, you can try barbell press instead of dumbbell press. A single barbell can be much easier to lift than two dumbbells. In dumbbell press, you have to focus on the movement of both wrists. But in barbell press, weight can be distributed evenly among both arms. Thus, it can prepare you for dumbbell press.

3. You can also try lifting only one dumbbell at a time. Just move it around in different hands from time to time. Later, you can build your way up to holding dumbbells in both hands.

4. You may also want to try the decline dumbbell press. Like the incline dumbbell press targets the upper pecs, the decline chest press focuses on your lower pecs. It also can tone up your lower chest. This exercise is usually considered less tough than an incline chest press. It puts less strain on the shoulders.

Common Mistakes while doing Incline Chest press

Incline dumbbell chest press is typically not a very dangerous exercise. But it is entirely possible to make mistakes when it comes to this workout. Incline dumbbell press must be done with proper precautions. Doing it with the wrong equipment and unsupervised can lead to severe injuries.


These are some of the mistakes you should avoid:


· While doing this exercise, pay extra attention to the movement of your wrists. Avoid cocking or tilting them back and forth. It can put extra pressure on them and cause injuries. Make sure that your wrists are straight and linear.

· In the dumbbell press, you lift a separate dumbbell in each hand. It focuses on the chest muscles, usually unengaged in other exercises. Therefore, it would be a bad idea to lift excessive weight. Get used to the weight you are lifting at first and then gradually increase it.

· You must choose the correct angle of the inclined bench to focus on your target body part. Thirty degrees angle is usually perfect for an upper-body workout.

· You may end up bending your back if you lift a weight that is too heavy or you are tired from the exercise. This can put pressure on your back and cause injury.

· If you are lifting for the first time, you would probably try to drop the dumbbells and bounce them off your chest. You should probably not attempt this. It is considered cheating. It will also make your workout unproductive and pointless.



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When lifting the dumbbells, make sure that your elbows are straight up your body. Do not try to cock your elbows. If you are bending your elbows while lifting, it could mean that you are carrying too much weight. Cocking your elbows will also make the training tougher on you. Hence, while lifting, make sure that your scapulae are below your body and your elbows are not flared out.

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