Best Dumbbell Abs Exercises to Get Back in Shape


You may include the best dumbbell exercises for Abs into your regimen to increase core muscle power . This comprises the muscles in your low back, abdomen, and pelvis. Strengthening these muscles helps to tone and enhance the look of Abs. You’ll increase your body’s stability, which benefits general function and mobility. Additionally, you’ll improve your balance, coordination, and posture with the help of these dumbbell workouts.

If you’ve been looking for a home gym dumbbell over the last year, you’re aware that the price of dumbbells has skyrocketed. This is a result of the high demand and production constraints that existed during the COVID-19 epidemic — and demand for dumbbell and gym equipment remained strong even after lockdown limits were relaxed and gyms reopened.

Due to this excessive pricing of dumbbells, you may consider purchasing simply one dumbbell rather than two. And it would be a wise choice, as you don’t need two dumbbells to have a good exercise done. In this post, we’ll discuss exercises that can be performed with one dumbbell and two dumbbells. We’ll explore some of the best dumbbell exercises for Abs that’ll help you achieve the workout and results you’re looking for.


Try the Following Dumbbell Exercises for Abs:

The following are some of the most excellent dumbbell abs workouts to help you develop your core. We picked dumbbells because they are easy to grip, extremely flexible, and readily stowed. Bear in mind that each dumbbell workout requires three sets of 12-15 repetitions with dumbbells. Thus, let us begin:


1. Lean and Drag with Dumbbells

Step by step instruction:

· Assume a pushup stance with the right hand and a neutral grip on the dumbbell.
· Maintaining a straight line with the torso, move the dumbbell down towards the right leg and then back to the starting position.
· Slide the dumbbell across your body , passing it beneath your left arm, and then return to the starting position.
· As you elevate your hips into a pike, slide the dumbbell lower and diagonally towards the left ankle, then return to the starting position.


2. Abs Slam with Dumbbells

Step by step instruction:

· In a supine position (on your back), bend your knees to 90 degrees.
· With both hands on the dumbbell, straighten both arms aloft and behind you, such that your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
· Perform an explosive sit-up. To do so, you will have to bring the dumbbell between your legs and tap it against the ground between your legs.
· Return the weighted dumbbell to the starting point in an arc.


3. Dumbbell Lying Overhead Reach

Step by step instruction:

· On your back, lie.
· Each hand should hold a dumbbell over your chest.
· Your knees should be higher than your hips and your calves parallel to the floor.
· Lower your arms slowly to the floor behind your head.
· Return your arms to their initial positions.


4. Dumbbell Swing Exercise

Step by step instruction:

· While standing, grasp the top of a dumbbell with both hands.
· As you swing the dumbbell behind your hips, hinge at your hips and bend your knees.
· Regain your standing position and raise the weighted dumbbell to shoulder height.
· Lower the dumbbell gradually to the starting point.


5. V-Sits using Dumbbells

Step by step instruction:

· Lie on your stomach and raise the dumbbell above your head.
· Bring your arms and feet up simultaneously, forming a V-shape with your body.
· Retrace your steps carefully.
· Repeat the procedure.


6. Dumbbells X-Up

Step by step instruction:

· Spine, arms, and legs stretched and spread out in the shape of an “X.”
· With both hands, grasp the dumbbell and place it on the ground over the left shoulder.
· Brace your core and move the dumbbell from the left side of your torso to the outside of your right knee or ankle, keeping your legs flat against the ground.
· Retrace your steps and reintroduce the dumbbell to the beginning position.
· Repeat the motion from right to left.


7. Dumbbell Leg Raises

Step by step instruction:

· Lie on the floor and hold a dumbbell between your ankles.
· Firmly press your back onto the floor.
· Raise your legs to approximately a 45-degree angle.
· Then return to your original position.
· Rep the procedure.


8. Dumbbell Weighted Twist (Standing)

Step by step instruction:

To increase the difficulty of this exercise using a dumbbell, perform it with straight arms.
· As you stand, grasp a dumbbell at your chest.
· To the right, rotate your torso.
· Revert to the middle.
· To the left, rotate your torso.
· This is one set of repetitions.


9. Burpees Exercise using a Dumbbell

Step by step instruction:

· Hold the dumbbell horizontally in each hand, one end in each hand.
· Squat with a straight back, place the dumbbell on the ground, and leap back into pushup position.
· Perform a pushup, reclaim the dumbbell, leap your feet back towards your hands, squat to a low position, and stand.


10. Dumbbell Kneeling Woodchoppers

Step by step instruction:

· You will have to kneel on one knee.
· Using both hands to hold the dumbbell.
· Raise the dumbbell behind you and lower the dumbbell till it hits the side of your supporting leg’s hip.
· Once your set is complete, repeat on the opposite side.


11. Dumbbell Overhead Side Bend

Step by step instruction:

· Hold a dumbbell above with your right hand.
· Placing your left hand on your hip or beside your torso is an excellent place to start.
· Bend to the left while holding a dumbbell.
· Maintain this posture for several seconds.
· Restore the initial position.
· Then repeat on the other side.


12. Oblique Dumbbell Twist

Step by step instruction:

· Lie on your back, straightening your right leg and keeping your left leg bent and flat against the ground.
· With both hands, grasp the dumbbell and stretch your arms straight overhead.
· Maintaining straight arms, perform setups until your torso is erect.
· Rotate your core to the left while keeping your arms straight and a dumbbell in front of you.
· Bring your arms (and the dumbbell) back to the center and return to the starting position.
· Rep the rightward motion.


13. Dumbbell Russian Twists

Step by step instruction:

· Sit on the floor and raise your knees to lift your legs.
· Move the dumbbell from side to side while holding it with both hands.
· Maintain your balance and manage your movements throughout the exercise.


14. Dumbbells Squat to Overhead Press

Step by step instruction:

· Assemble yourself into a standing posture.
· With your palms facing inward, bring two dumbbells in closer to your chest.
· Reduce to a squat position.
· Straighten your posture.
· Simultaneously, raise your arms upward, palms facing away from your body.
· Restore the initial position.


15. Rotating Side Plank with Dumbbell

Step by step instruction:

· By placing your right forearm on the ground, you can get into a side forearm plank.
· With your left hand, grasp the dumbbell.
· Scoop the dumbbell beneath your chest and then rotate your left arm and dumbbell in a clockwise direction toward the ceiling.
· Pause for 1-2 seconds and then resume the scooping action using a dumbbell.


16. Superman Dumbbell Pass

Step by step instruction:

· Lie on your stomach (prone).
· With both arms outstretched slightly above the ground, you’ll need to grab a dumbbell in both of your hands.
· Make sure the dumbbell is light weighted.
· Release the dumbbell using your left hand and position it behind your lower back with your right.
· Transfer the dumbbell from your right hand to your left and then back to your starting position (using both hands to hold the dumbbell).


17. Dumbbell Long Arm Crunch

Step by step instruction:

· Knees bowed, lie on a mat.
· Firmly plant the soles of your feet into the ground.
· Hold a dumbbell behind you with both hands.
· As you raise the dumbbell above and do a sit-up or crunch, engage your core.
· Reduce your body weight gradually to the beginning position.


18. Dumbbell Hip Lift Side Planks

Step by step instruction:

· Hold the dumbbell near to your hip while in the side plank posture.
· Hips should be lowered to the ground and then raised again.
· Ensure that you do this movement using your core and not your legs.
· Once the set is complete, repeat on the opposite side.


19. Dumbbell Alternating Overhead Press

Step by step instruction:

· Engage your core and maintain a straight low back during this exercise to maximize your abs’ effect.
· Maintain a hip distance between your feet.
· With each hand, grasp a dumbbell and bend your elbows to bring your hands to shoulder height with your palms facing ahead.
· Raise the dumbbell above by straightening your left arm.
· Return your arm to the starting position slowly.
· Rep on the other side.


20. Kneeling Dumbbell Reach Over

Step by step instruction:

· Place your left knee on a mat and your right leg straight to the side.
· With your right hand, grasp a light dumbbell and stretch your left hand out to the side , maintaining the dumbbell above your right shoulder.
· Your right elbow should be angled toward your right hip.
· Bring the dumbbell up and over your head to your left side until you feel strain in your right oblique.
· Bring back the dumbbell to the top of your shoulder.


21. Suitcase Dumbbell Crunch

Step by step instruction:

· Keep your feet off the ground during this exercise.
· Lie on your back and raise a dumbbell to your shoulders.
· Take a couple of inches off the floor with your feet.
· Raising your legs to a 90-degree angle is an excellent place to start.
· Simultaneously, as you elevate your upper body, lift the dumbbell toward your feet.
· Return to the starting position gradually.


If you desire a strong core, include these dumbbell workouts into your training routine . After you’ve mastered the appropriate form without the use of dumbbells, begin with a light load. Continue to improve your abilities as you advance by increasing the importance and complexity of the abs workouts.
If you get exhausted or in pain, take a step back and take a few days off . Maintain a well-balanced program by including aerobic, balance, and flexibility activities . This guarantees that you attain total-body fitness, which benefits all of your emotions and actions while also improving your general health .

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