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1. Definition: What is an Electric Skateboard


  • As equipment: E-skateboard is a skateboard-shaped tool, powered by a battery and driven by a motor. Generally, players stand sideways on the board when riding. The standard type of electric skateboard includes four wheels.


  • As a sport: Players carry out activities, including racing and many others, on the appropriate terrain using the electric skateboard equipment.


2. Electric Longboard Components 



1. Deck


The electric skateboard inherits from the skateboard. There are as many kinds of decks as there are kinds of skateboards today. Because of the need to adapt to high-speed driving demand, the mainstream electric skateboards apply the same use of longboard or downhill board, and some other larger boards are more suitable for adding various components. As a skateboard for easy commuting, the cruising board has gradually been popular. Skateboard materials range from traditional laminated maple, bamboo to carbon fiber, aluminum, and other emerging materials.


To meet various needs, people are constantly exploring different materials. Early electric skateboard, to achieve convenience or shock-absorption and other purposes, is more inclined to attach one or two boxes to fill the rest of the components. With the maturity of technology and production, all-in-one board (built-in features) has been gradually accepted.



2. Skateboard truck


As part of the connection between the deck and the wheel, the truck plays a vital role in steering control, shock absorption, and stability. Because the primary use of electric skateboard is used for relatively high-speed driving, so the stable and flexible longboard truck and down-hilling truck become the favored choice.



3. Wheels


The electric skateboards’ wheels are also inherited from the standard skateboards, which are mainly all kinds of large-sized wheels (PU wheels), down-hilling wheels, etc. With the development of electric skateboard as a new sports branch, wheels adapted to various terrain were gradually developed, such as rubber wheels, inflatable AT wheels, etc.



4. Controller and remote control


The controller is the electric board’s brain, which is a circuit board that provides almost all functions. Manufacturers and players will modify controllers to their own needs, creating their particular features and possibly programming with the remote. The remote control is the controller’s signal input part, using to send out instructions.



5. The battery


The battery is the electric skateboard’s power source, which is generally composed of the battery core or chip and the protection plate. A good battery can ensure the skateboard has enough endurance mileage and excellent power performance. Still, relatively, the battery’s volume and weight have become a significant bottleneck for the development of the electric skateboard.


The balance of the battery has become a headache when DIYing and purchasing a finished electric skateboard. Simultaneously, the price of a good battery is not cheap, which accounts a lot for the manufacturer.



6. The power group (mainly the motor)


The application of the motor determines the power status and driving mode of the electric skateboard. The following part will focus on the motor.



7. Other accessories


According to different needs, there are many extensions of the electric skateboard. There are many various accessories, such as the bound feet and night lighting lights, headlights and taillights; the pursuit of shock absorber suspension devices and bridge pad sandpaper, and so on.


3. Electric Longboard Types



1. By driving device quantity


  • Single drive

Generally, in this type, the right rear wheel or the left rear wheel is the driving wheel characterized by power saving, typical in low-end electric skateboard around 200$. It has poor safety (Easy to lose force when turning, resulting in speed change and even imbalance).


  • Double drive

This type is usually the rear two-wheel drive, both power performance and safety are better than the single drive, but the double drive system requires the synchronization rate of the two wheels. Especially at high speed, the synchronization speed of two wheels is the key to safe driving.


  • All-wheel-drive

It is generally seen in high-end DIY skateboards or top-brand boards. It is the choice of the veteran who has the ongoing pursuit of the electric skateboard.



2. By driving mode:


  • Hub motor drive

Hub motor is a kind of outer motor. The wheel is fixed on the motor shell, and then the motor is set on the skateboard truck so that it has the function of the driving wheel. Because the hub motor is an emerging category, there is no perfect and powerful hub motor to choose from for now. But because of its concise, stable, simple maintenance advantages, this has become popular among brands.


  • External belt drive

The motor fixed on the skateboard bridge connected with a bracket, and the wheels are driven to rotate by belts or chains. Because the synchronous wheel’s transmission efficiency and the power are abundant, and the strength is strong. It has far more torque than the hub motor drive one. But at the same time, there are a high failure rate (broken belt, loose components),maintenance difficulties, so it is suitable for the old players with the ability to DIY. At present, this type is the mainstream of electric skateboards.


  • Direct drive motor

In essence, it is similar to the hub motor, of which the motor is directly fixed to the bridge. But as it adopts a direct-fixing tire structure, which has more space to use the larger motor.

About motor type, we have written another blog post for you. Please clike here to learn more.


4. Characteristics



1. Security


Safety is one of the most important elements of any sport. Only when we ensure safety can we talk about other issues such as skills and hobbies.

  • At least follow the following safety rules when playing:

  • Always wear a helmet and protective gear.

  • Play at a speed you can handle.

  • Be cautious to try stunts.

  • Try to play in open areas.

  • Road playing is discouraged


2. Entertaining


Entertainment refers to playing styles. The technical bottleneck makes electric skateboards not as smart and portable as the standard skateboard. So present mainstream use is for commuting. But at the service of skilled players, electric skateboards can also be used as a tool to race.


3. Convenience


It mainly refers to commuting. As the solution to the last kilometer of urban traffic, the electric skateboard has gradually entered the public sight. Being a commuting tool, it is portable than e-bikes, and it is energy-saving than bicycles.

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