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The future of personal transportation appears bright with rapid advancements in modern automotive technology across the globe. One of the significant advancements in this domain is the advent of electric scooters towards achieving sustainable transportation and living. The global sales of e-scooters and bikes are expected to reach 50 million units by the end of 2022.

Electric scooters have increasingly become a symbol of urban transportation. It is becoming a common sight in leading cities like Paris, San Francisco, Madrid, etc. However, the trend appears to be moving in a single direction –only upwards! As we believe that the recent boom of electric scooters’ popularity is impressive, let us dive into a detailed overview of the Razor electric scooter E300 –one of the leading electric scooter models out there.

Razor electric scooter E300: Overview

  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Wheels size: 10″ inch
  • Age Range: 14+
  • Payload: 220 pounds
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Max Speed: 15 mph
  • Battery: 24v Rechargeable
  • Charging Time: 12-24 Hours
  • Rating: 4.5 stars

Razor E300 is one of the best electric scooters by the automobile manufacturer Razor. It is regarded as one of the most powerful scooters in its lineage. It features everything that you need to ensure a comfortable, safer ride. The model aims at pre-teenagers with its standard build and improved top speed specifications. The model has two variations –E300S (with seat) and E300 (without seat).

There is no beating the top-class performance and reliability of Razor E300 for commuting short distances or running errands. The full-sized, heavy-duty scooter is available as a large model famous for its impressive speed, the capability of carrying larger riders, and longer range. Let us know more about the Razor E300 electric scooter review in detail!

Razor Brand Overview

Razor is a famous automobile company founded in 2000. Its primary objective was to make the concept of old, outdated, uninspired scooters quite fun and exciting. In the past two decades, the popularity of electric scooters has skyrocketed. Therefore, the company went ahead with manufacturing top-quality, innovative scooters that kids would love. The product range by Razor is equally enjoyable for young adults and parents as well.

With the impressive range of E300 electric scooters for kids and adults, Razor strives to provide its customers with a scooter having a designer frame and a super-sized deck. Therefore, the scooter is capable of carrying both teens as well as adults. Due to its unique design, the E300 range electric scooters by Razor are more convenient for teens than adults. However, you should also note that the bike’s frame will not break under the impact of an adult.

Razor E300 electric scooter: Design

The Razor E300 teen and adult electric scooter comes forth with an impressively colored design. Some of the leading color options available are black, red, white, and blue. While it is of personal preference, the given choice of attractive colors is suitable mainly for teens and younger adults. 

The Razor E300 is referred to as the ‘chunky’ scooter because of its wide-sized deck, impressive tires, and overall frame.


As far as the assembly of the unit is concerned, it is a simple procedure to follow. It will only take around 10-15 minutes to assemble the entire unit. For locking the handlebar in its place, you can simply slide the same into the respective hollow post located in front of the wheel. Then, you can utilize a hex key for tightening the clamp. A hex key –also referred to as the Allan Wrench, is made available with the scooter.


Additionally, Razor E300 features a solid build made to last. The entire body is made out of tubular steel for maximum durability. You can, therefore, consider using the scooter for several years to come. The big frame of the scooter is capable of accommodating individuals of around 220 pounds. Despite that, however, it is still recommended to use the bike only for younger adults. Otherwise, excessive weight can break the body of the vehicle.

The deck of the scooter is quite wide. It is made out of a non-skid material for increasing friction. Therefore, when you are on the bike, you can be assured of confidence and security on the road.


Another impressive design feature of Razor E300 is the presence of air-filled tires delivering improved bump absorption compared to the airless counterparts. This implies that the bike tires are capable of absorbing big shocks without jostling the rider too much. The presence of 9-inch tires also helps in supporting riders whose weight might be on the upper limit.

Portability and Foldability

Unfortunately, it is not possible to fold Razor E300. However, you can still consider dismantling the handlebar to ensure that you can store the electric vehicle conveniently.

Moreover, because the entire weight of the unit is around 42lbs, it is slightly difficult to carry the same around.


The bike features hand-operated rear brakes—the braking system of the electric vehicle functions similar to that of standard bikes. The brakes are present on the left handgrip. Like other bicycles, the brake in this model operates by pulling the bike’s lever by hand.

Once you have activated the brake of the bike, the power of the motor gets cut. This helps in bringing the vehicle to a safer stop. It is an extra precautionary feature provided by the Razor E300 model.

On an overall basis, the braking system of the scooter is quite convenient. It ensures the overall safety of kids. Moreover, adults can also make use of the same effect while riding on busier roads.

Some of the sought-after design features of the bike that make it a popular choice are;

  • Hand-operated rear brake
  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Presence of kickstand
  • Extra-wide 9-inch tires for delivering a smoother ride
  • Twist grip throttle acceleration control

Razor E300 electric scooter: Performance

Top Speed

In terms of the overall performance, Razor E300 delivers a decent value for maximum speed at 15 mph. However, there is the absence of a speedometer in the model. Therefore, it becomes difficult to observe whether the maximum speed limit has been reached.

Speed might not be the most important feature that young bikers might look for. However, it is also important to note that higher speed does not automatically imply improved safety.

Ease of Operation

Like other electric versions, Razor E300 is easy to operate as well. If you wish to speed up the bike, you can twist-grip the scooter’s right handlebar. This helps in delivering control to the riders on the scooter’s speed. If you wish to apply the brakes, you are simply expected to pull the scooter’s left handlebar lever.

The presence of the retractable kickstand in the bike allows you to leave the vehicle standing upright on its own without the need for any additional support from any wall or surface.

Battery Performance

In terms of the bike’s riding performance, there is a rechargeable battery pack in the unit. It provides 24V of power that can last for around 40 minutes in case of continuous riding. The Razor E300 model is capable of riding up slight inclinations. However, you can still expect to lose some power and speed –especially if you happen to be a large rider. The E300 travels on pneumatic tires of 10 inches –featuring a diagonal tread pattern. Therefore, it serves to be the best-ever electric model for riding excellently on smooth pavements.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter: Assembly

The overall assembly of the unit is quite simple. It only takes around 10-15 units to assemble the entire unit on the go.

For the assembly of Razor E300, all you are required to do is slide the handlebar post into the given hollow post –sitting above the front-side wheel. Then, you can tighten the clamp to secure the handlebars in place. You can make use of the Allen Wrench for tightening the clamps.

For more information about the assembly, you can check this video on Youtube.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter: Customer Experience

Upon testing the bike’s performance on a 6-year-old boy, it turned out quite well. The top-speed value of 15 mph makes the bike suitable for the pre-teen age range. It performs well for teenagers and adults as well. However, it will still be quite naïve for adults to ride this electric scooter.

The pneumatic front tires are 10 inches in dimension. Therefore, the boy felt that the bumps were handled properly. As per the customer’s experience, the Razor E300 is one of the best electric scooters available in the market.

In terms of customer experience, the power of the vehicle is decent enough for pre-teens. Average power and performance specifications allow young minds to enjoy themselves while seamlessly riding through smaller hills and grass-top cliffs. In addition, the bike features ample space on the footpad. Therefore, kids can comfortably stand on the deck with ample space between legs. This helps further in improving the overall stability.

Overall, it delivers a decent riding experience for the youngsters. The only disappointing factor could be its charging time.

Comparison of Razor Electric Scooters

Model NameColorsBatteryCharging TimeTop SpeedBrakeMotor
Razor E300Blue, black, white, and red24V rechargeable battery12 hours15mphHand-operated rear brakesSuperior Motor
Razor E100White, black, pink, brown, blue24V rechargeable battery12 hours10mphHand-operated100-Watt
Razor RX200Green24V rechargeable12 hours12mphHand-operated, rear discChain-driven
Razor EcoSmart MetroWhite36V rechargeable12 hours18 mphHand-operated500-watt chain-driven
Razor E200Green, White24V12 hours12 mphHand-operated rear200-watt high torque


Razor E300 is a top-rated electric scooter while serving as one of the best models out there in the market. It is pretty efficient and durable. The bike has been designed sturdily such that pre-teens, teenagers, and even adults weighing up to 220 pounds can ride the same conveniently. The bike comes with an efficient braking system while delivering a speed of around 15 mph at its maximum limit. The electric bicycle makes use of an efficient battery system- capable of lasting for about 40-45 minutes. The scooter is cost-effective and designed to deliver maximum comfort to the users.

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