Electric Scooter Lock – An Ultimate Guide That No One Will Give

Well, you’ve got a current plan to buy or have already purchased a brand-new electric scooter. Now, what a delight it is to take it out for a swing around the city, right? Next, you’ll realize before you go out and about, you’ll have to park your e-scooter somewhere outside. Ever end up thinking, what if someone steals it? What if your favorite riding partner gets a new unwanted owner?

Fortunately, there is something that can come to rescue your favorite ride. Yes, we are talking about an electric scooter lock. You can easily carry a lightweight e-scooter in a backpack. Or keep it in your car’s boot as well. But the case is the ensure opposite for a heavy or a powerful electric scooter.

The world of the electric scooter lock is full of variety. In this guide, you will learn about different lock types, tips to secure your e-scooter, and much more.

Why is Electric Scooter Lock a Much Needed System?

The majority of the e-scooter owners wish they knew how to secure their ride earlier. Wondering why you need to protect your e-scooter or what’s the actual purpose of this locking system? Read till the end to know what’s best for your brand new electric scooter.

E-scooters are a relatively new entry. People don’t sell it for its systems and components. This includes even those who steal them in particular. Indeed, you need to opt for a legit security system to ensure it doesn’t get stolen. You can take a lighter scooter along with you wherever you go. But a heavier one needs proper parking, and without an electric scooter lock, it’s a big no.

Unfortunately, not all e-scooters available in the market are flexible and light. You are free to ride the e-scooter in playgrounds and businesses but don’t leave it there. This is because outdoor parking is often not very safe for everyone. As a result, you only have one legit choice: protect it anywhere with an electric scooter lock and park.

The Best Types of Electric Scooter Lock

You can learn how to secure an electric scooter using the most up-to-date electric scooter locks. Our top picks include ring locks, cable locks, D-locks, scooter chain locks, and moped-style locks. Although several smart locks for electric scooters are much more effective than other options, experts have no guarantee that your electric scooter will not be stolen.

The case is especially true when it comes to stubborn and persistent thefts. This makes it extremely difficult for a thief to rob your parked electric scooter when it has the most reliable locking solutions. Have a look below to learn what are the best types of electric scooter lock systems available:

Ring Lock

A Ring Lock is the best solution for a scooter having open spokes, such as the Turboant X7. A solid steel ring with quite a wire in the center is a prominent feature in these locks. The wire wraps around the wheel’s rim, preventing it from moving while you lock and walk away.

Several of these locks are silver-rated. They are best known for offering far more security than a standard cable lock. A handful of these alternatives also have the capability of the plugin, thus allowing them to connect to a cable lock for some extra protection.


Cable Locks

The second most cost-effective way to secure your electric scooter is to use bicycle cable locks. They’re stretchy, sufficiently enough to wrap around various parts of the e-scooter. You can attach the electric scooter lock to everything that goes within the cable. Also, storing a cable lock in a bag or straightforwardly on the scooter is a no-brainer.

This sort of electric scooter lock has one primary problem. The lock can be easily cut through with wire cutters in a split second. As a consequence, practically all cable locks get a Bronze rating. This indicates that it will very certainly only prevent naïve criminals. If the thieves have some good equipment, it will do little to hinder them.


A D-Lock, which is commonly given the name U-Lock, is the most reliable conventional form of electric scooter lock by far. This sort of lock holds nearly the top ratings everywhere. A D-Lock is basically a shackle. The manufacturers use solid steel to make such locks so that you can fasten them to the electric scooter and any solid item.

To beat this super secure electric scooter lock system, you’ll need either powerful wire cutters or chainsaws. If you are serious about hindering any potential robbers, go for the D-locks. The only drawback is the hard construction that is not as movable as a chain or cable lock.

Scooter Chain Locks

An electric scooter chain lock is indeed an upgrade from a basic cable lock. Well, it functions similarly but in a better manner. A network of enclosed chain links secures the e-scooter to any solid thing rather than a cable. Wire cutters are unable to cut chain locks. So a thief must own a hacksaw or bolt cutters to defeat scooter chain locks.

As per the rating system, many chain locks have been given a silver rating. In simple words, a silver rating denotes a lock that strikes a balance between safety and cost. Not only this, but many expensive chain locks also hold a gold bicycle or motorbike rating.

Special Electric Scooter Lock Systems for Mopeds

If you reside in a high-crime area, purchasing a lock meant for heavy bikes or mopeds is a wiser choice in so many ways. These special locks are classified on a different scale than that of the above list. Thus, the experts believe they are ideal for being safer than bicycle-rated locks.

Security Alarms

Alarms are usually included in most advanced locks for mopeds and motorcycles. To provide an added degree of security, alarms work the best. When enough attention is drawn to the alert, it will freeze a robber in their tracks. Such security alarms can also be used in conjunction with any electric scooter lock systems on the list. Also, if you are looking for a stand-alone device, go for security alarms.

Disc Lock

A disc lock is another pro solution when it comes to scooter security. You can use a disc lock on an e-scooter with the help of a braking caliper. The top choice is the Macwheel MX1. Disc locks secure the brake caliper to the wheel and block it from rotating.

In terms of ranking, there are no Motor Scooter Silver discs. But there are a few Motor Scooter Gold discs available. As a result, the security ranking agencies consider the disc locks safe from any typical or ordinary burglar.

Best Tips on Locking Your Electric Scooter

Below are some helpful hints as well as the easiest techniques to secure your e – scooter. Following these tips for better protection when leaving it in a parking lot is a big yes. Have a look below:

Always Secure Your E-Scooter to a Solid Object

The question that arises in many people’s heads is how to protect an e – scooter. Before locking your electric scooter, ensure it’s connected with something solid. While sealing the scooter, try shifting the bike carrier or fencing and see if that’s sturdy enough. You might just have the top electric scooter locking in the world, but that wouldn’t matter if you couldn’t simply anchor it.

Always Use Two Locks

Since you’re curious about how to lock an e-scooter perfectly, you’ve come to the right place. There are two sorts of locks that are ideally best for each other for better e-scooter security measures. Though you can afford it, ensure you invest in a good second lock. It may be more expensive, but anything that prevents you from getting your electric scooter stolen is well worth it.

Invest in a Protective Cover

We assume you are very keen on learning the best ways to use an electric scooter lock. Therefore, you are reading till now, right? Here’s the workaround: covering up your electric scooter would end up making it less appealing to robbers. Many experienced folks swear that utilizing an outdated covering instead of a glossy one makes a scooter look less attractive.

Robbers are constantly seeking something simple to grab, and therefore this extra step will help safeguard you. The electric scooter braking system lock is also secure against the elements, such as dust and other foreign objects.

Go for a Smallest Possible Whenever Possible

How else to lock up an electric scooter is the best solution to this robbing situation. We suggest, when you shop for an electric scooter lock system, look for small alternatives. In this case, you have many options such as cable lock, chain lock, a shorter D-lock, etc. Such locks prohibit thieves from fitting and severing an interlocking tool.

Beginner’s FAQs

1. Is it easy to steal an electric scooter?

Theft of electric scooters seems to have become very common nowadays. Unless you already own an electric scooter that appears to be a rental, there’s a good chance the robbers will take it away. You may secure your electric scooter using simple bike locks. But if the burglar is serious, you won’t be able to stop them. That’s why it is crucial to invest in a good-quality electric scooter lock to ensure your scooter is safe.

2. Is it true that electric scooters are available with ignition keys?

A typical electric scooter has never had keys in the past. An electric scooter cannot still have keys in its electrical system. However, if you wish to have one, you can easily buy a key ignition system and install it manually. Finding a specialist if you lack the right knowledge is a good option in any case.

3. Is it possible to track if someone steals my electric scooter?

The majority of the electric scooters that use batteries for power usage are now available easily. They have been around for a while now. The best part is, nowadays, the modern e-scooters come with GPS trackers and wireless internet. So yes, you can track your scooter if it gets stolen.

4. What is the top speed of the majority of e-scooters?

If we talk about adult electric scooters, these rides have a maximum speed of roughly 20 mph (32 km/h). On a bicycle lane, an adult battery-operated electric scooter will smoothly move at this pace. Recent advancements, especially in the battery capacity of electric scooters, have demonstrated that these bikes can reach 30 mph.

Final Thoughts

When you are enjoying a sidewalk, never leave your electric scooter without any security. Make very sure you park your ride in a secure location. The best is to park it somewhere where you can see it. There’s no such thing as a closed lock. But with the above tips and tricks, you can make sure your electric scooter is safe. Only a determined thief will be able to rob everything he can lay his eyes on.

The only best way to use an electric scooter lock is to ensure the thief has no way to win the game. Only the best legit lock prevents it from spinning away and keeps minor crooks out. We recommend going for the tiniest D-lock or Cable chain of good quality if you can find one.

Last but not least, it is critical to make sure the electric scooter lock you’re using on your ride is sturdy. The best e-scooter lock is the one set up properly to thwart. Even the most experienced thieves will wonder how to beat the safety without messing up with your view. We hope this guide served the purpose and provides the exact knowledge you are seeking.

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