10 Best Molle Pouches – The larger, The Better

The frustration of putting your hand inside your huge backpack every time you need something urgent is real. Or the excitement of going camping can easily turn into annoyance when your important camping tool can’t fit in that bag you bought for 100 bucks. Real bad. Isn’t it? Molle pouches can solve your problem. But how? Keep on reading. Our article will make your camping or hiking trip memorable and simpler.

In this article:

  1. What are Molle pouches
  2. Our top picks for best Molle pouches
  3. Why choose Molle pouches
  4. Molle pouches buying guide

What Are Molle Pouches?

Molle might sound like an unusual word to you, but it holds a powerful meaning and abbreviation. MOLLE is a short form of “Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment.” Quite heavy! Right? Nobody knew this term until 1997. Such heavy-duty load-bearing equipment has been used by the British and the US Army.

The rows and columns of webbing on the pouch make it unique and load-bearing. That specific type of webbing is called PALS, an abbreviation of “Pouch Attachment Ladder System.” In this system, rows of top-quality nylon made grids on the vest to hold stuff securely and not let it fall.

Nowadays, molle bags are popular equipment among hikers, backpackers, travelers for all the tactical needs. These pouches are also considered a good first aid kit because of their capacity and quick open ability. The webbing system allows keeping tools safe and right at the hands.

We dug deep to get the best and durable molle pouches at an affordable cost to save your hard-earned money.

Our Top Picks For Best Molle Pouches

  1. Best Overall Molle Pouch: Orca Tactical Molle Rip-Away EMT First Aid
  2. Best Double Molle Pouch: Tactical 2 Pack Molle Pouches
  3. Best Quality Molle Pouch One Tigris Molle Admin Pouch
  4. Best Budget-friendly Molle Pouch: Honestptner Molle Pouch
  5. Best Spacious Molle Pouch: One Tigris Molle EDC Pouch
  6. Best Double Deck Molle Pouch: WYNEX Tactical Molle Admin Pouch
  7. Best Compact Molle Pouch: FUNANASUN 2 Pack Molle Pouches
  8. Best Value for Price Molle Pouch: YDa Molle Pouch 2 Pack Tactical EDC Pouch
  9. Best Tri-Fold Molle Pouch: LIVANS Tactical First Aid Pouch
  10. Best Vertical Style Molle Pouch: AMYIPO Tactical Pouch

Best Overall Molle Pouch

Product name: Orca Tactical Molle Rip-Away EMT First Aid

Dimensions: 8″×6″×3.5

Weight: 11 Ounces

Material: 600D nylon

Zipper: Two-way

Compartments: 2 with one mesh bag

Price: $21.99

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Anyone can find himself in an emergency during hiking, camping, a match, or even in the house. Orca Tactical Molle Pouch is specially designed for that, whose rip-away design allows rapid removal in any accident case.

Large compartments with pockets provide massive storage to hold maximum emergency utensils. Additional zippered mesh compartment ensures protection and management of your stuff. Ocra knows how to win hearts. They have added every single detail to make the pouch stand out.

Double stitching with high-quality material makes the molle pouch durable and sturdy. The brand is so dedicated to providing you the safety that they have added an internal bungee system to enhance security as much as possible.

Features we love

  • Rip-away backing
  • Fast removal
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Mesh compartment
  • Designed for multiple uses

Worth-considering points

The molle bag seems bigger in pictures, but it’s a bit smaller than the expected size. This might not be your best friend if you want something big.

Best Double Molle Pouches

Product name: Tactical 2 Pack Molle Pouches

Dimensions: 4.5″×2.2″×6.1

Weight: 0.45 Pounds

Material: Nylon

Zipper: 2-way

Compartments: Double

Price: $12.95

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Going to a beach? Don’t your water-sensitive tools get useless? Not with 2 Pack Molle Pouches. These double molle pouches offer water-resistant coating to protect your important stuff such as camera, mobile, iPod, USB, etc.

You can easily attach these littles to your combat vest and a large tactical backpack with the help of vertical straps and metal snaps on the back. The huge capacity pouches are sufficient to hold all your stuff safely.

A two-way zipper, another plus for backpackers, allows you to quick-zip from either side and easy access as well. It’s a fantastic deal to add storage to your backpack while hiking, camping, or any family trip.

Features we love

  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to install on your backpack
  • Two-way zipper
  • Best for adventurous trips

Worth-considering points

Some people don’t like the fact that the shape doesn’t seem square until it’s not full of stuff. Other than that, we didn’t find any other features people complain about.

Best Quality Molle Pouch

Product name: One Tigris Molle Admin Pouch

Dimensions: 9.45″×6.1″×1.57

Weight: 0.64 Pounds

Material: Nylon

Zipper: Double Zipper

Compartments: Doublewith Pockets

Price: $29.98

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Quality and durability come at a good price. But One Tigris proved it wrong by providing durability at a reasonable cost. The OneTigris Molle Pouch offers a spacious interior with water-resistant ability. Multiple pockets inside main compartments offer big space for your gear and tools.

The clamshell-designed molle bag has two rows of webbing at the front side to carry stick-like tools. The brand did an excellent job in terms of space. Outside military patches make the design more fashionable and classy. Another very convenient feature: detachable compartment with photo/ID and map holder with pen sheath.

Features we love

  • Well-designed
  • Spacious interior
  • Water-resistance ability
  • Detachable map holder

Worth-considering points

The bag gets a bit heavy and bulky with tools inside. So it’s better to skip it if weight can be an issue for you.

Best Budget-Friendly Molle Pouch

Product name: Honestptner Molle Pouch

Dimensions: 9.1″×6.7″×1.6″

Weight: 9.12 Ounces

Material: 600D nylon

Zipper: Double Zipper

Compartments: 2 + 1 mesh bag

Price: $10.99

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Are you on a tight budget and want a big molle backpack? Honestptner molle pouch can be a good fit for all your tactical needs at lower prices. The size might look tiny to you, but multiple internal pockets give additional storage capacity.

Regarding durability, the top-quality nylon works just fine with tear and water-resistant coating. The metal zipper that wide opens the molle pouch offers quick access to the items. You can easily travel with this little pack.

You don’t have to wait for a trip to use this. It’s a multi-purpose bag suitable for military use, camping, one-day trip to the beach, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, workout, or backpacking.

Features we love

  • Very economical
  • Tear and water-resistant
  • Multi-purpose pouch

Worth-considering points

Some people believe that webbing is not the best. It could be better made, while some think that the experience could have been better with a dual-direction zipper.

Best Large Molle Pouch

Product name: One Tigris Molle EDC Pouch

Dimensions: 8.4″×5.4″×1.8″

Weight: 6.7 Ounces

Material: 1000D nylon

Zipper: One-way

Compartments: Double with internal Pockets

Price: $13.98

Rating: 4.6 out of the 5

Are you among those who always want more and more space? OneTigris Molle EDC Pouch has got your back. Two main compartments with sturdy zippers allow maximum storage. Onetigris knows how to provide value with quality.

Easy attachment with tactical gear is possible with a molle strap and fasteners. You can even attach it to your belt with the help of a hook. This feature makes it easy to put and take off.

Do you want more convenience? You got it. The molle pouch has an outer compartment with one smaller pocket to hold your phone and pen. That’s impressive. Isn’t it?

Features we love

  • Extra space for mobile phone
  • Durable material
  • Multiple spacious pockets

Worth-considering points

It gets a little bulky with heavy equipment inside, which might bother most backpackers.

Best Double Deck Molle Pouch

Product name: WYNEX Tactical Molle Admin Pouch

Dimensions: 10″×7.5″×3.5″

Weight: 0.27 kg

Material: Nylon and Vinyl

Zipper: Two-way

Compartments: Triple

Price: $23.99

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Spacey? Durable? Affordable? Safe? Long-lasting? Travel-friendly? Okay. WYNEX Tactical Molle Pouch gives you all these features as mentioned above. You’ll get dual compartments with impressive space.

Two main compartments with the two-way zipper open the whole portion completely. Besides that, you’ll get one external fully open pocket with horizontal elastic loops, allowing you to store a pen, glow sticks, torch, life, and other tools—additionally, one removable vinyl sleeve to hold the map or any other documents.

The brand didn’t compromise on giving features and quality as well. The premium construction of the bag makes it more outstanding.

Features we love

  • Firm stitching
  • Removable document or map holder
  • Quick and easy access to items

Worth-considering points

The map sleeve doesn’t have a water-resistant feature. Water or moisture can easily enter through the open-ended bag and ruin your whole paper.

Best Compact Molle Pouch

Product name: FUNANASUN 2 Pack Molle Pouches

Dimensions: 10.5″×6.5″×1.5″

Weight: 0.48 Pounds

Material: Nylon, vinyl

Zipper: Double

Compartments: Triple (One main and two small)

Price: $16.99

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Want something handy and compact while on the go? FUNANASUN Molle Pouches are the best portable and easy-going bags. The external bags are made of fine-quality nylon, while the inside bags have waterproof material.

Thanks to the sturdiness and waterproof material, you can take the molle pouches to the mountains, hills, lakes, or beaches. The cute little bags are all-around. With these pouches, you don’t have to worry about installment as the package comes with two carabiners, making your attaching process much easier.

To make it waterproof, the molle pouches have vinyl material stitched from the inside. If you have a tactical backpack, the bag can be attached with two 6 inches buckle straps on the back.

Features we love

  • Perfect space for backpackers
  • Functional and sturdy zipper
  • Waterproof bags
  • Triple compartments

Worth-considering points

The only flashpoint we were able to find is its smelly material. The bags should be placed outdoors to remove the awful smell.

Best Value for Price Molle Pouch

Product name: YDa Molle Pouch 2 Pack Tactical EDC Pouch

Dimensions: 6.2″×4.2″×2.3″

Weight: 100 Grams

Material: Nylon, Vinyl

Zipper: Two-way zipper

Compartments: One

Price: $11.99

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

If you want a decent and durable companion for trekking, you can’t find anything better than this one. It’s almost impossible to put together durability and impressive features at this cost, but the YDa 2 pack Tactical Pouch made it possible.

Strongly stitched nylon handles tactical gears effectively. You can’t complain about stitching. Moreover, the molle pouch somehow resists water and moisture, owing to inside sewed vinyl. The main compartment has small pockets so you can place your small-sized items such as air pods, USB, some medicine, etc.

On the go? Combat vest attachment? You can connect the molle bag with your combat vest with the help of two vertical stripes and metal snaps.

Features we love

  • Tightly woven material
  • Water-resistance because of vinyl
  • Best value of money
  • Plenty of room to hold things

Worth-considering points

Some travelers find the snap fastener a bit problematic.

Best Tri-Fold Molle Pouch

Product name: LIVANS Tactical First Aid Pouch

Dimensions: 8″×8.3″×4″

Weight: 11.6 Ounces

Material: Nylon, Polyester

Zipper: Two-way

Compartments: 2 + 1 mesh bag

Price: $15.99

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Tri-fold and rip-away designed pouches are ideal for molle pouches when an emergency or tactical needs are concerned. LIVANS Tactical Pouch is one of those perfect molle pouches that are worth your money.

This carrier system has a rip-away back style which ensures instant removal of the bag. The main compartment holds your gadgets, tools, medicines, scissors, knife, or other electronic equipment.

The list of features is quite long, so bear with us. Included features are zippered mesh compartment, a velcro safety tape, elastic loops, buckle strap at the back, metal snap, and last but not least 60-days money-back guarantee.

Features we love

  • Three D-rings for extra mounting
  • Larger back than other molle pouches
  • Comes with two red-cross patches

Worth-considering points

One of the two pitfalls is buttons on the molle don’t stay snapped with stuff in it. Moreover, the velcro tape didn’t do enough to satisfy buyers.

Best Vertical Style Molle Pouch

Product name: AMYIPO Tactical Pouch

Dimensions: 6″×14″×4

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Material: Polyester

Zipper: Two-way

Compartments: One

Price: $19.99

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

AMYIPO Tactical Molle Pouch is listed last, but that doesn’t mean it’s less than other molle pouches in any way. The flexible and resilient polyester fabric of the pack keeps it your travel buddy for the long term. The vertically designed bag gives a unique look.

You can attach it either with a molle backpack or with a shoulder with the help of a long strap. Easy-folding doesn’t take much space without any stuff.

The durability of the material has won our hearts. No matter what you put inside, it is going to stay firm and rigorous. You can access your items in seconds as the design is not complicated.

Features we love

  • Extra carabiners with the package
  • SmootLong-lasting lasting

Worth-considering points

Buyers don’t like the fact that the pouch has no water-resistant ability. You should avoid taking the bag to beaches, lakes, or any water area. Another worth discussing point, there’s no internal pocket inside the main compartment. You got only one portion to keep your stuff.

Why Choose a Molle Pouch?

Do you really need a molle attachment? How will it benefit you? If these questions are roaming in your mind, then the following benefits and features of this attachment are for you.

  • Add extra space when your backpack feels smaller for your stuff.
  • It’s lightweight, which makes traveling so much easier.
  • It can be an ideal first aid kit with the proper arrangement of medicines and mandatory medical tools.
  • Attachment with a tactical backpack, combat vest, or belt makes your items more accessible.
  • It comes in handy on any kind of trip such as trekking, hiking, camping, running, cycling, one-day family trip.
  • Suitable for everyone. People like bikers, backpackers, travelers, students, guards, etc., can take a try.

What to Look For While Buying Molle Pouches?

Making up your mind by buying good molle pouches and actually buying a good one are two different things. Our buying guide will make both possible. You need to look for features carefully we’ll mention down.


You can get a decent and functional molle pouch at a very economical cost. We’ve listed some extremely budget-friendly molle pouches that are even resilient and do the job perfectly.


High-grade top-quality nylon material has proved popular for the molle pouch. Almost every molle bag has nylon construction webbing. But only a few offer flexible and rigorous materials. There’s clearly no compromise with the material of the pack. Water-resistant vinyl attachment is a big plus.


A molle pouch should be large enough to hold every small item you need on the trip. You can find more bags with compartments from one to three. It depends on your requirements and preferences.

Purpose of use

First, you need to understand the purpose of your use. Where are you going to need it? Are you a traveler or just a guy working in a medical center? You need different kinds of pouches for these two separate cases. The rip-away and tri-fold style is suitable for medical needs, while a regular bag with strong webbing is good for climbers. You get one accordingly.

Easy attachment

Easy attachment and easy detachment come hand in hand. The molle pouch should not have a complicated attachment system. It should be suitable for most of the tactical gear. It must have the ability to get attached to the vest, back of the backpack, shoulder, or belt.


The zipper of the molle pouch should be smooth and sturdy enough not to abandon you in an emergency. A two-way zipper makes the overall experience much better. With two-way, you can open and close the bag from either side.

That’s all you lovely backpackers. We went the extra mile to help you in getting a durable and large molle pouch. We are hoping that our reviews made your decision right.

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