The Top 7 Molle Holster to Buy (Detailed Reviews and Top pick)


Whether you’re an adventurous person or a hiker that needs supplies all day round, you need a suitable carrier for your firearms. Molle is here for you. Nowadays, molle holsters are gaining popularity, owing to their practical features and stylish looks.

Suppose you are looking for a Molle holster that offers more possibilities and customizations options and works with standard PALS platforms, including backpacks, vests, tactical belts, and many more. In that case, you will have to look for a molle that can help you keep your firearm sturdy, safe, and handler and have more customization available.

But due to the large variety of molle holsters available in the market, you can be clouded to choose a proper molle holster. To cut down your research time and look at the minor details that fit the best description for every firearm, we have concluded a list of available top 7 molle holsters for you to pick. In addition, we have added a buying guide to help you choose the best molle holster from the list.

In this article:

  1. Our picks for the best Molle holster
  2. Why choose a Molle holster
  3. Molle holster buying guide

Our Picks for The Top 7 Molle Holster

  1. Best overall Molle holster: quanlei Tactical Right Hand Waist Gun Holster and MOLLE Vest Pistol Holster
  2. Most durable Molle holster: EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Pistol Universal Adjustable for Holster
  3. Most affordable holster: Pistol Molle Holster
  4. Best both hand compatible Molle holster: LarKoo Pistol Pouch Holster for 9mm 1911 Glock
  5. Best value for money Molle holster: DYJ Tactical Pistol/Gun Molle Belt Holster
  6. Most adjustable Molle holster: FRTKK Adjustable Tactical Pistol/Gun Holster
  7. Most comfortable Molle holster: Huntvp MOLLE Pistol Holster

Best Overall Molle Holster

Product Name: quanlei Tactical Right Hand Waist Gun Holster and MOLLE Vest Pistol Holster

Weight: 143gm

Price: $27.99

Many molle holsters secure the gun but make it difficult to draw quickly. But the Quanlei Tactical Right Hand Waist Gun Holster and MOLLE Vest Pistol Holster do both. The holster securely holds the pistol and features a side release button.

The holster securely holds the pistol and features a side release button. You won’t lose your firearm in the mountains if you use this product, and you’ll be able to remove it fast after a few practices. The speed-cut design also lets you quickly draw, acquire a target, and re-holster while keeping your eyes on the target.

Quanlei Tactical Right Hand Waist Gun Holster is our top pick because of its flexibility and durability. The molle holster can be attached to a tactical vest and waistband, having a maximum width of 2.4 inches. Besides, the brand provides a 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • Fast-pull holster for right hand
  • Equipment can be added to this holster
  • For security, there is immediate retention and an audible click when re-holstering.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • Dull color
  • Not a universal molle holster

Most Durable Molle Holster

Product Name: EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Pistol Universal Adjustable for Holster

Weight: 110 gm

Price: $26.19

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Pistol Universal Adjustable for Holster is the perfect fit for tactical situations. The holster is made of high-quality Nylon. Additionally, This molle holster can accommodate a variety of pistols ranging in size from full-sized to mid-sized, as well as small carry pistols. Furthermore, even when it is turned upside down and vigorously shaken, this molle holster holds them securely in place.

Also included are top-fastening straps with a metal clasp and a magic sticker. This keeps your pistol from dropping out in the field, keeps it pointed downward, and allows you to quickly cross-draw your weapon in seconds.

It is ready to use when mounted to any leg holster, waist molle gear system, or chest molle gear system. Additionally, it has an inside barrel depth-adjustable strap that firmly ties your pistol with many points of contact. This molle holster features well-made molle straps with a snap mechanism and ample adjustment using four different types of molle webbing to obtain the best fit.


  • Provide tremendous flexibility and security in any tactical circumstance
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Many attachment options
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for daily use
  • It does not effectively cover the trigger guard in some firearms.

Most Affordable Molle Holster

Product Name:  Pistol molle holster

Price: $10.99

With two top fastening straps, the KWNRAOR pistol molle holster provides two degrees of safety. This feature keeps your handgun from falling out in the field, keeps it pointed downward, lets you cross-draw quickly, and allows you to reach and draw your weapon in seconds. It’s also made for law enforcement, the military, airsoft/paintball lovers, or anyone who enjoys adventure or hunting.

This molle holster includes three hook and loop hood straps that can be adjusted, as well as a front pocket for additional holster storage. This right-handed shooter is also composed of 600D Nylon, is water-resistant, and features a pistol construction with a quick-drying function.

Apparently, the KWNRAOR Pistol molle holster can be your next choice due to its universal design and durable security straps.


  • Designed with right-handed shooters in mind
  • Adjustable three, hook-and-loop hood straps
  • Extra holster storage in the front pouch
  • Durable security strap with a plastic buckle that releases quickly
  • Affordable
  • Universal design


  • Rough inside the cover
  • Not for daily use

Best Both Hand Compatible Molle Holster

Product Name: LarKoo Pistol Pouch Holster for 9mm 1911 Glock

Price: $20.19

The Larkoo Pistol Pouch Holster for 9mm 1911 Glock is built to last. Furthermore, the product is made of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, which makes this molle holster lightweight but durable, with a heavy-duty Hook & Loop buckle holster for ambidextrous pistols.

The most distinguishing aspect of this molle holster is ambidextrous, meaning it may be used with either your left or right hand. If you have a little practical experience, the convertible is pretty basic and straightforward to handle, whether left or right.

In addition, the holster has additional pouches and has a straightforward built.


  • Quick-release clasp, Snap-On button
  • Adjustable retaining strap for secure different size handguns
  • Adjustable hook & loop belt
  • A built-in magazine pouch
  • Thick nylon material
  • Heavy stitching


  • Not high-quality fasteners
  • Less durable

Best Value for Money Molle Holster

Product Name: DYJ Tactical Pistol/Gun Molle Belt Holster

Price: $17.36 to $19.59

This molle holster is designed for right-handed shooters and made with the tough 1000D Nylon, both sturdy and water-resistant. It also features universal connection straps with metal buckles for all MOLLE webbing and adjustable hook, a safety loop hood strap, and one extra magazine pouch with a Velcro retaining strap. It also has a standard durable security strap with a plastic buckle that releases quickly.

This molle holster is sturdy and mounts securely to a gun belt. Though it is difficult or impossible to re-holster easily, it could be a great choice due to its retention system. The retention system consists of three straps.

  • Velcro strap overlapping a snap strap and a separate third strap can be tied down over the pistol grip and has a post-lock type connector.
  • You can, of course, use the one Velcro strap and have quick access to the weapon while having moderate safety retention according to your needs.


  • Great value for money
  • Polymer80 Frame with holosun 507c red dot
  • Suits for Innovation’s compensator.


  • A standard belt doesn’t work best with this holster
  • It does not work with compact pistols (G43/MP Shield)

Best Adjustable Molle Holster

Product Name: FRTKK Adjustable Tactical Pistol/Gun Holster

Price: $21.59

If you need a durable field holster that works with many firearms, FRTKK Adjustable Tactical Pistol Holster is best for you. It’s a variation of the Army’s multipurpose holsters, with the improved traits and features that have been used in recent years.

This molle holster has a secure, adjustable snap strap that releases conventionally, not backward like too many others. Furthermore, the construction technique provides a stiff panel that protects the firearm and prevents breaking down, making the holster too flexible. Additionally, a stitched cloth construction that breaks down and folds into the trigger guard.

Finding a holster that properly fits more than one field pistol with any under-rail mounted light or laser is rare, but this holster does the job. The alternative is a Kydex molded holster which too often is a custom fit to a precise list of options and cannot be easily changed. Much fewer lead times of weeks to months for that specific model – is available at all – is where this holster excels.


  • Ambidextrous design – can be used in both hands
  • Many attachable options
  • Offer extra straps
  • Adjustable design
  • Fit subcompact, compact, medium, and even full-size pistols and revolvers


  • Inferior molle straps
  • Uneven measures straps in some holster

Most Comfortable Molle Holster

Product Name: Huntvp MOLLE Pistol Holster

Price: $10.99

Huntvp Molle Pistol Holster is more of an airsoft pistol holster, but it can be used as a handgun holster due to its design. This holster emphasizes being comfortable and straightforward. The Huntvp molle pistol holster’s wrap-around design with an adjustable strap makes it more secure and comfortable.

The molle webbing design on the back of the pistol holster can be attached to your belt, vest, backpack, or other molle equipment. This molle holster includes four paste methods to fasten your pistol, usually for the right hand. Furthermore, it has high-quality straps and a quick standard many k-release buckle system, ensuring that your firearm won’t fall out easily.


  • Universal design
  • Affordable molle holster
  • Comfortable and adjustable design
  • It can be used for large size handguns


  • Less in stocks

Why Buy A Molle Holster?

Molle holsters have revolutionized outdoor adventure and hiking experience due to their multi functionalities and comfort. It has become essential for the military, police, and adventurers. Moreover, molle holsters help carry concealed firearms, safety, and attachments.

How to Choose The Right Molle Holster?

Most of us take a lot of time to decide on the right molle holster. However, we end up buying the wrong move holster. Here are some factors to look at when purchasing a molle holster:

Type of molle holster

Molle holsters have many types; choosing the right molle holster depends on one’s preference and needs.

  • Inside the Waistband Holster: This holster secures your waistband and keeps your firearm concealed inside it.
  • Outside the Waistband Holster: These molle holsters help carry a revolver or semi-automatic firearm. These holsters fit outside the belt.
  • Shoulder Holster: These molle holsters fit in a loop over your shoulders and are helpful in a comfortable journey.
  • Pocket Holsters: These molle holsters are used to keep the firearm in your pocket without having the hassle of getting snug on your clothes.
  • Ankle Holster: These holsters fit around your ankle. However, they are highly uncomfortable while running or pulling up.
  • Open Carry Holster: These holsters are the most popular among many due to their accessibility and comfort.
  • Tactical and Duty Holster: These holsters are traditional military and police solutions. Additionally, these holsters help in keeping other equipment accessible.

Holster material

The durability of a molle holster depends upon the material of the molle holster. There are mainly three types of materials used in holsters:

  • Leather: Leather holsters are versatile and trending these days. These holsters have a molded design for a specific model of pistol.
  • Kydex: Kydex is rigid plastics that make up an excellent holster material. This material is usually shaped for a specific firearm.
  • Synthetic Fabric: Synthetic fabrics are tough and low maintenance. This material is more waterproof than leather. However, holsters made from synthetic fiber are bulkier.

Hand orientation

Every molle holster is manufactured by keeping the hand orientation in mind. Always make sure that you buy a molle holster according to your hand preference.

Size of pistol

Every molle holster is made for specific models of pistols to fit it properly. If you are looking for a molle holster, it’s better to check the size of the gun beforehand.


While a molle holster can upgrade your pistol’s security and hiking experience, it is always time-consuming to find a molle holster that really fits your needs. Therefore, to help you out, we have listed the top 7 molle holsters that are indeed a good product and bought by many.

Our top pick is the quanlei Tactical Right Hand Waist Gun Holster and MOLLE Vest Pistol Holster because of their features and quick accessibility. Other molle holsters are in no way disregarded; they also have unique characteristics and could be your next ideal purchase!

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