Best 15 Lightweight Strollers For You

Are you tired of your old heavy-weight stroller?  Like all parents, for strollers, you must also love a heavy one that can carry your child and his/her diaper bag or even a few of your groceries. Is it a hassle for you in the end when you need to keep the stroller back in your trunk or need to take it through a crowd or down the stairs?

Well now, these lightweight strollers will make your life much easier. The lightweight strollers are made just to ease your life. They don’t add much more to the load you’re lugging around, making them the best strollers for travel or navigating public transit. There are many lightweight strollers in the market nowadays. 15 best lightweight strollers are selected for you.

Our Picks for Best Lightweight Stroller

1. Best overall: Foldable Lightweight Baby Stroller For Newborn 0-3 Years

2. Best convenience: Summer 3Dmini Convenience Lightweight Stroller

3. Best budget-friendly: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

4. Best lightweight stroller for travel: gb All-Terrain Lightweight Travel Stroller

5. Best for extra storage: Summer 3Dlite Lightweight Stroller

6. Best for compact: Summer 3Dpac CS Compact Lightweight Stroller

7. Best reclining lightweight stroller: Baby Umbrella Stroller with a Reclining Car Seat

8. Best double lightweight stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

9. Best for ultra-compact: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Ultra-Compact Lightweight Stroller

10. Best for car seat compatibility: Graco Breaze Click Connect Lightweight Baby Stroller

11. Lightest umbrella stroller: Maclaren Mark II Style Super Lightweight Stroller

12. Best luxury lightweight stroller: Bugaboo Bee 6 Lightweight Stroller

13. Best umbrella stroller for infants: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Single Stroller

14. Best umbrella stroller for toddlers: Joovy Kooper Lightweight Stroller

15. Best for everyday use: Graco NimbleLite Lightweight Stroller

What is a Lightweight Stroller?

A lightweight stroller is also called an umbrella stroller. They are known for their incredible lightweight and for being compact and easily foldable.

Parents who travel a lot and have to be on the go need to buy a portable and compact stroller. Because it is more convenient to carry around and can easily be folded to be kept in a trunk. A lightweight stroller does compromise a few features but it surely makes life much easier for parents and more comfortable for children.

There are several different types of baby strollers to choose from. These lightweight strollers usually weigh around 10-15 pounds. Despite the amazing advantage, they might not be suitable for newborn babies because they cannot be reclined as much and might not have steady wheels.

Why You Might Need a Lightweight Stroller?

Travel friendly

Carrying around a heavy stroller and taking it out of the trunk and unfolding it every time you need it and closing it back and putting it back in is always a hassle. A lightweight stroller can be folded with one fold and is easy to take out and put back in the trunk too.

Easy to carry

Taking a full-size heavy stroller through crowds, or down the stairs, or pushing them around for long is always difficult. So having a lightweight umbrella stroller that is to carry, push around, and comfortable for your baby too is an all-in once solution. Thus moving around the city with a lighter stroller makes life much easier.

Extra-large canopies

The large canopies on the easy folding lightweight strollers protect children from the sun and make them more comfortable.

Affordable and compact

These strollers have more reasonable than heavyweight strollers and also are very compact and easy to carry around.


The large canopies, double padded seat, reclining seat, food trays, and cup holders are all different features that make a lightweight stroller even more desirable.

# Best Overall Lightweight Stroller: FoldableLightweight Baby Stroller For Newborn 0-3 Years

The best overall lightweight stroller would be the Foldable Lightweight Baby Stroller from LumBuy. It is the best stroller for kids between the ages of zero to three years of age and it can also be used easily for newborn babies as well. It is one of the lightest strollers in the market.  

It is very travel-friendly as it is lightweight, easily foldable, convenient, and easy to use. The wheel in this stroller can rotate all the way that is up to 360 degrees. Moving it around in any direction that is forward, backward, or sideways is very easy for parents.

Foldable clips are attached to the sides of the stroller to fold it completely and tightly seal the stroller together as well so that it takes up less space in your trunk compared to what a normal stroller would take. The large storage space provided in the stroller also provides a lot of capacity to put a lot of stuff. Parents don’t need to carry bags full of stuff around along with the strollers.


  • Portable
  • 360 degrees rotating wheels
  • Large storage
  • Travel friendly


  • Less storage space

# Best Convenience: Summer 3Dmini Convenience Lightweight Stroller

This stroller weighs only 11 pounds and is designed to be compact and travel-friendly. The stroller is not comfortable for children but it also makes sure that the parent’s comfort level is met. The stroller has two cup holders along with a storage pouch and basket.

It also has auto-lock and anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels that provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The stroller has a full-sized, padded, and reclining seat that can be adjusted in multiple different positions. The canopy provided in the stroller protects the baby from the sun and it also has a small opening that pops out for little sunlight and a view.


  • Portable
  • Travel friendly
  • Convenient
  • Compact


  • More suitable for kids above 6 months who can at least sit

# Best Budget-Friendly: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

It is a travel-friendly stroller that weighs only about 11 lbs that makes it very light. It can be easily folded with one hand and is very convenient to use. The easily accessible and large storage space also gives parents ease and comfort to carry anything around.

It has an extra extended canopy and an all-terrain wheel with suspension in the front wheel for an easy and smooth ride.  The three-tier maximum canopy of the stroller gives maximum coverage and protection to the baby. The harness provided for the baby is also adjustable and can be easily adjusted according to the baby’s needs. Lastly, the food tray and cup holders provided are easily removable and can be cleaned easily.


  • One hand fold
  • Three-tiered canopy
  • Convenient trays
  • Good storage space


  • Recommended for babies above 6 months

# Best Lightweight Stroller For Travel: gb All-Terrain Lightweight Travel Stroller

It is perfectly sized for babies and weighs only about 12.3 lbs. It is only of the smallest strollers in the market. The best feature of this stroller is that it is a 2 in 1 travel partner. The adapters included just need to be clicked for a car seat along with that the seat is adjustable to any position.

The lightweight stroller makes sure that a baby sits up or lays down in a comfortable position. The double wheels on the stroller make it both easy and comfortable to use It is very easy to push around as it has a very smooth ride because of the double wheels as well.


  • Easily changed to a car seat
  • Adjustable back seat
  • Extended canopy


  • Slightly heavier than other lightweight strollers
  • Not designed for newborn babies

# Best For Extra Storage: Summer 3Dlite Lightweight Stroller

It has a stylish aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable. It is the lightest stroller with the most features in the market. A compact frame that is easy to fold makes it very travel-friendly. It also has a removable canopy and a carry strap along with an auto-lock feature too. The anti-shock front wheels are lockable rear wheels and thus provide a smooth ride. The canopy attached is removable and can be adjusted easily according to the baby’s needs.


  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Removable canopy


  • Only recommended for babies 6 months up to 50 lbs.

# Best For Compact: Summer 3Dpac CS Compact Lightweight Stroller

This stroller is a compact stroller that can be folded with one hand easily and kept in and out of a trunk. This feature makes it very travel-friendly. The stroller has an extra-large canopy with a peek-a-boo window. This stroller is compatible with a car seat and removable child snack tray that can be removed and cleaned easily, large storage basket can be used to store shopping bags or baby stuff rather than carrying a separate bag around.

The multi-position recline makes it easier for children to sit, parent storage pocket, parent cup holder makes it a very suitable stroller for parents use too and the  5-point safety harness makes sure the baby is always safe and comfortable.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Travel-friendly


  • Extra-large canopy makes it difficult to fold

# Best Reclining Lightweight Stroller: Baby Umbrella Stroller with a Reclining Car Seat

Travel-friendly lightweight stroller. It is wider than other lightweight strollers. Provides all the features of a landscape stroller. The wide canopy provided on top of the stroller is waterproof and makes sure the baby is kept safe. The 5 point harness keeps the baby secure and comfortable and the 360-degree front wheel makes it easy to move around and makes sure that the baby has a smooth ride all along.


  • Lightweight
  • Wider than other strollers


  • Not easy to fold

# Best Double Lightweight Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

It is a double stroller with a child and parent tray that makes it easy for the parents and child to keep their food and drinks comfortably. Two baskets provide enough storage for quick trips to the park or long vacations. The other features are extendable canopies along with reclining seats and front-wheel suspension ensure children ride in comfort and smoothly.  

It folds easily and is very compact to use. It also has a dynamic front-wheel suspension that helps give a smooth ride. The trays and cup holders can also be removed easily and cleaned and placed back without any hassle.


  • Double seats
  • Suitable for twins
  • Extended canopy


  • Not intended for car seat

# Best For Ultra-Compact: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Ultra-Compact Lightweight Stroller

The most travel-friendly stroller. It also has a carry bag and a comfortable baby seat. This stroller can easily be folded with one hand and is very compact. The weight of this stroller is around 14 lbs. This also has a reclining seat that makes sure that the baby is at comfort and safety as well. The storage space helps parents store things easily and move around with ease.


  • Lightweight
  • Equipped with a reclining seat
  • Enough storage place


  • Heavier than other lightweight strollers

# Best For Car Seat Compatibility: Graco Breaze Click Connect Lightweight Baby Stroller

This stroller has a multi-position reclining seat along with an adjustable harness for the baby to sit comfortably. Lockable front-swivel wheels with suspension give the stroller more stability for a smooth ride. This stroller also has an extra-large canopy with UV 50 protection with maximum protection for your baby. This particular stroller is also suitable for babies or infants.


  • Lightweight stroller
  • UV 50 protection
  • Cup holder and storage space


  • Short for tall kids

# Lightest Umbrella Stroller: Maclaren MarkII Style Super Lightweight Stroller

This is the lightest full-size reclining stroller. It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum hexagonal tubing and ultra-light fabrics. This stroller is ideal for children of ages between 6 months to 3 years of age and the stroller can hold up a baby that weighs up to 25lb to 55lb.

The weight of the stroller is only 3.6kg/7.9lb. The seat of this stroller can be adjusted in several different positions and also has a breathable seat. The extendable UPF 50+ hood with a built-in sun visor. The seat of this stroller is removable and can be washed easily. The wheel suspension also has replaceable wheels.


  • Lightweight stroller
  • UPF 50+ hood
  • Built-in sun visor


  • Removable seat can be difficult to fit in

# Best Luxury Lightweight Stroller: Bugaboo Bee 6 Lightweight Stroller

This stroller can be easily folded in one piece with high ventilation and performance fabric. It is very easy to use and very friendly for newborn babies. Its unique feature of an extra-large sun canopy which has a rotating bumper bar that provides extra protection and support to your child.  This stroller is best suitable for parents too as it has enough storage place to carry around things easily.


  • Luxury
  • Leigthtweight
  • Extra-large canopy


  • Expensive

# Best Umbrella Stroller For Infants: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Single Stroller

This stroller provides a comfortable ride with its padded seating and is easily portable with its lightweight tires. It has an under-seat storage basket giving enough space to store all the necessities of your child. It can be easily paired with a baby jogger infant car seat and easily folds into travel size.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to fold
  • Has an infant car seat


  • Fabric of the basket may be fragile

# Best Umbrella Stroller For Toddlers: Joovy Kooper Lightweight Stroller

Its luxurious canopy provides extra protection from the sun’s heat. It has a customizable seat recline for naps and for resting on the go. It is one-hand folding and very lifts friendly for travel. It has spacious storage for all your needs.


  • Lightweight stroller
  • Compact
  • Luxurious canopy


  • Weak fabric

# Best For Everyday Use: Graco NimbleLite Lightweight Stroller

The stroller accepts all the Grace car seats with a one-step attachment. It can be easily folded and stored in a compact. It provides a parent’s tray with cup holders and also a baby’s cup holder as well. It includes a storage basket to carry along all the essentials for the child.


  • Lightweight stroller
  • Compact
  • Travel-friendly


  • Heavier than other strollers

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