Top Cigar Cooler: Choose From The Best Four

Are you someone who loves to start the day with a fresh cigar? Get a cigar cooler to preserve your classy cigars.

A cigar cooler is a storage container that comes with a temperature control system. It lets you set the optimum temperature for your cigars, keeping them crispy and fresh.

Some cigar lovers who live in hot and humid climates store their cigars in wineadors. While it might work to some extent,  you need a specific solution, like a humidor, to prevent your cigars from cracking and losing flavor.

Unfortunately, with so many cigar cooler humidors available, selecting the right one is challenging.

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the finest cigar coolers in several categories. Before we get to know about them, let us find out what makes a good cigar cooler.

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What to Look for in a Cigar Cooler

A cigar cooler gives your cigars longevity and protection against excessive heat and cold. However, you will get the desired outcomes only when you choose an appropriate cigar cooler.

Consider the following factors when buying a cigar cooler.

Temperature accurateness

It is an essential aspect for every cigar enthusiast. Always invest in a cigar fridge humidor that maintains the optimum temperature for your cigars.

Wooden Material of Shelves

Generally, a cigar fridge humidor with Spanish cedar shelves is excellent at maintaining the flavor and humidity level.

Storage Capability

Storage capacity is another major factor to consider when buying a cigar cooler humidor. At least it should be able to store 250 cigars.


The cigar cooler with a digital hygrometer detects the humidity level more accurately.

Click here to know more about the humidor hygrometers.

Our Picks for Best Cigar Cooler

1. Best overall: Schmécké 250 Cigar Cooler

2. Best storage capacity: NewAir Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador

3. Best budget-friendly: Whynter CHC-120Sa Cigar Humidor

4. Best premium: Electronic Cigar Humidor Cigar Cooler ZHJBD Cigar Utensils

# Best Overall Cigar Cooler

Cigar Cooler

Product Name: Schmécké 250 Cigar Cooler Humidor              

Country of Origin: USA

Material: Stainless Steel and Spanish Cedar Wood

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Digital

Capacity: 250 Cigars

Rating: 4

Price: $379.99

Are you looking for a cigar cooler that improves the flavor and lifespan of cigars? Consider Schmécké 250 Cigar Cooler Humidor.

We have put it in the Best Overall Cigar category after comparing all four cigar coolers.

The cigar cooler humidor is very practical as it consists of a fridge, heater, and humidor altogether to provide the best possible temperature. Its advanced compressor cooling technology creates an ideal temperature (61°F-72°F and 65 % and 75% humidity) for cigars. Therefore, it preserves the natural aroma and flavor of your cigars.

This cigar fridge humidor features a glass door and Spanish cedar shelves. The glass door blocks harmful rays while cedar shelves preserve the flavor.

It also has a digital hygrometer to monitor the moisture level inside the cooler. The exterior of this cigar cooler humidor has stainless steel, giving it an elegant look. It also makes a good gift for cigar enthusiasts.


  • It keeps your cigars fresh and flavor-rich
  • You can store up to 250 cigars
  • Spanish cedar shelves and drawers for easy organization
  • Stylish stainless steel exterior body
  • Double-pane glass door
  • Interior LED light for easy visibility


  • If the upper shelves have cigars, the bottom drawer is not visible even with the light on

# Best Storage Capacity Cigar Cooler

Cigar Cooler

Product Name: NewAir Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador            

Country of Origin: China

Material: Stainless Steel and Spanish Cedar Wood

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Digital Hygrometer

Capacity: 250 Cigars

Rating: 4.4

Price: $479.17

This electric cigar cooler from NewAir keeps your cigars cool to excellence, thanks to its Opti-Temp system. It lets you set the temperature as low as 52F with its touch screen control panel.

NewAir Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador uses Spanish cedar for shelves and drawers. Not only it enhances the flavor, but also it maintains the humidity level.

It is the best in class when it comes to storage capacity. You can store up to 250 large-sized cigars.

This cigar refrigerator humidor also has a digital hygrometer to check the humidity level. Moreover, it also includes a security lock system so that no one can access your premium cigars without your consent.


  • Better storage capacity (250 cigars)
  • Thermoelectric cooling and secure door seal to lock in moisture
  • Spanish cedar shelves and drawers to improve cigar flavor
  • Digital hygrometer with user-friendly interface
  • Compact design and elegant stainless steel casing  
  • Advanced lock system
  • One-year warranty


  • Little expensive

# Best Budget-friendly Cigar Cooler

Cigar Cooler

Product Name: Whynter CHC-120S  Cigar Humidor        

Country of Origin: the United States

Material: Stainless Steel and Spanish Cedar Wood

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Analog Hygrometer

Capacity: 250 Cigars

Rating: 5

Price: $349.0

Whynter CHC-120S cigar cooler is the least expensive cigar fridge humidor on the list. While it is affordable, it does not compromise on the features. The cigar cooler humidor features a hygrometer and humidity tray. You can store cigars at the ideal humidity range that is 62 to 75%.

It comes with detachable Spanish cedar shelves that let you store 250 plus cigars. The cigar cooler humidor also has a digital temperature display. It makes it easier to read the temperature.

With an adjustable thermostat, you can set the inside temperature between 50ºF – 66ºF. Furthermore, the humidor box distributes humidity uniformly throughout the cabinet.


  • Can hold more than 250 cigars altogether
  • Stainless steel body with glass door
  • Self-Supporting cigar cooler
  • Removable Spanish cedar shelves
  • Interior LED light to find cigars in the dark
  • Adaptable thermostat (Temperature range 50ºF – 66ºF)


  • Missing digital hygrometer

# Best Premium Cigar Cooler

Cigar Cooler

Product Name: Electronic Cigar Humidor Cigar Cooler Humidor (ZHJBD Cigar Utensil) 

Country of Origin: China

Material: Glass

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Yes

Capacity: 300 to 400 Cigars

Price: $3,970.10

This cigar cooler is for all those cigar enthusiasts who are serious about the quality of their cigars. Even though it is the most expensive on the list, you will not regret buying it.

Since this cigar fridge humidor also has a transformer, buyers of European countries can use it without changing voltage requirements. It works fine in 220-voltage.

The cigar cooler humidor has a stainless steel body. Its black color gives it an exceptional aesthetic appearance. You also find Low-E glass in this cigar refrigerator that does not allow UV rays to damage your cigars.    

You can store between 300 to 400 cigars in this humidor, depending on the size of cigars.


  • Elegant design that goes with your personality
  • Holds up to 400 cigars
  • Stylish stainless steel frame in black
  • Spanish cedar shelves
  • UV protected glass door


  • Expensive

Why Choose A Cigar Cooler

There are many benefits of a cigar cooler for cigar lovers. Some major ones include:

  • A cigar cooler preserves the natural flavor and aroma of cigars.
  • It maintains a suitable moisture level for your cigars.
  • It protects your premium cigars against harmful UV rays and a bad environment.
  • Cigar cooler humidors extend and prolong the life of your cigars.

Drawbacks of A Cigar Cooler

  • If you do not invest in a quality cigar cooler, you might get in-consistent temperature cooling.
  • A cigar cooler is an expensive investment for some people.
  • Because cigars are highly sensitive to light, if the front glass door is not UV protected, the quality of the cigars will suffer.

Tips on Cigar Cooler Maintenance

Like every machine, a cigar cooler also needs maintenance from time to time. Regular maintenance improves the lifespan and efficiency of a cigar cooler.

Below is how you can maintain your cigar refrigerator humidor.

  • If your cigar cooler has wooden shelves, you should dry it thoroughly before placing the cigar. It will help your cigar cooler attain a proper humidity level.
  • Do not place your cigar refrigerator humidor in wet locations like the basement. Such areas might attract fungus.
  • Don’t place your cigar cooler in direct sunlight.
  • Keep cigar cooler away from the area with extreme temperature swings.
  • Check your cigar cooler regularly to see the humidity and temperature level.


A cigar cooler is a must-have for every cigar enthusiast who wants to enjoy a fresh and flavorful cigar every time. It stores hundreds of cigars together and keeps them fresh for a long time. Cigars lovers who live in a humid and hotter climate must get it.

However, to get desired results, invest in a quality cigar refrigerator humidor only. Depending on your budget and needs, you can buy any of the above-listed cigar coolers.

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