Top 7 Inflatable Zorb Balls: Human Hamster Ball Review 2023

Zorbing is a sport you might find adventurous by rolling inside a zorbing ball. Other than using them for leisure and recreation, zorbing balls are one of the best ways to improve your physical health across all age levels.

Zorbing ball games are one of the most enthusiastic and captivating sports you can imagine joining. You might want to do deep research before venturing into the zorbing ball game sport. You will need to get ideas and tricks on how the games work to be the best at it.

There are numerous brands of gerbil balls for humans that are available in the current markets. It might be pretty tricky and hectic to decide which zorbing ball to consider using. This article shall give you more information on different brands and their attributes. Stay glued throughout the article for you to ace the purchase.

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Zorbing Variants Worthy Knowing

Why Choose Zorbing Balls

Our Picks for the Best Zorbing Balls

What is A Zorbing Ball?

How Long Can You Stay in A Water-zorbing Ball?

Can You Suffocate in A Water-zorbing Ball?

Where Can I Buy a Zorb Ball?

Zorbing Variants Worthy Knowing

This type of sport is one of the most fascinating because its adventurous nature has been moderated over the years to ensure safety standards and features. The safety standards and gauges have seen the rise of the different zorbing ball games. These games include as follows;

Zorb Football

This variant of the Zorb ball game is set to have players playing while stacked inside. You will have to cover half of your body with a zorbing ball to ensure you are safe.

Water Bubble Zorbing

In this type of game, you are fit inside a zorb ball as a participant. While in the zorbing ball, you will try to cover the set distance on the water surface up to the finish line.

Hydro Zorbing

You can also refer to this as the water zorbing. If you are a participant, you are required to sail in a zorbing ball in a manner that is unharnessed.

Why choose Zorbing Balls

Zorbing balls are one of the minor risk game affairs that is more than traditional. It has numerous advantages and reasons why you should try it. Here are some of the benefits of playing zorbing balls.

Minimal Damage and Injury

The Zorbing balls are PVC plastic designed. The materials used to make Zorbing balls are incredibly durable even in extreme conditions enhancing the performance of zorbing balls all along. The exterior and interior are well-designed for slopes when inflated. This ensures no risk when playing with zorbing balls on water or hard rocks.

Health Recommended Game

If you have previously sustained injuries and joint problems, the zorbing balls are the better option available for you to try. You can try challenging workouts with zero risk of being hurt or injured.

Way More Fun

Zorbing ball games are way more fun than you could imagine. The fun accrued by the zorbing balls has no age or sex limitations. Go ahead and try it sometime.

Endure extreme Temperatures

Zorbing balls are one of the best to use, even in extreme winter conditions. They cannot easily crack, even at very low temperatures. However, checking on the warranty time or period to expect poor conditions is good.

Our Picks for the Best Zorbing Balls

Best Overall: SUNSHINE-MALL Bubble Balls for Kids

Best ergonomic: 2 Pack-bumpers for kids

Best Durable: Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls

Best Non-Toxic: Inflatable Sumo Balls

Best Plato PVC: GoBroBrand Bubble Bumper

Best Heavy Duty: Giant Hamster Wheel Human

Best Easy to Inflate: HearthSong Roll With It Wheel

Best Overall: SUNSHINE-MALL Bubble Balls for Kids


Material: PVC

Item Weight: 1.95kGS

Product Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 1.95cm

Suitable for Ages

This type of zorbing ball has no age limitations. Whether you are a kid, a mid-aged person or a full-grown adult, it fits you. The wearable bumper is one of the most fantastic outdoor fun toys for your kids and even for yourself as an adult.

You can roll, bounce or even tumble with a lot of ease and safety. It encourages your kids to go out and have more fun with friends, making them healthy through friendly plays and competitions.

Material and Durability

The wearable Zorb ball bumper is one of the safest that you got to try. It is made from Polyvinyl Chloride, which is non-toxic since it is heated, sealed, and tested on the Sumo bumper ball set before being released to the market. The cushioning for this zorbing ball bumper makes the zorbing ball very safe for your kids and even more fun for them to play with.

Wearable Inflatable Ball

With this zorbing ball, your kids will have endless laughter with their friends bouncing non-stop with ease. It comes in different sizes. This zorbing ball can be used by kids and adults of any size or age as it is wearable on your body.

Many Ways to Play

With this kind of zorbing ball, your kids can invent multiple ways to play. This is because this type of zorbing ball is quite dynamic, especially outdoors. There are many ways that your kids will play. These can be rolling around, wearing, or even bumping up against friends. Kids can come up with numerous methods and techniques for playing independently.

Great Gift Idea

This inflatable buddy bumper ball can make one of the best gifts with a hug factor. Whether it is your kids’ birthday or celebrating a life achievement, you must change a little from the regular toys. You can have the zorbing ball as a gift for your girls or as a novelty gift.


  • Multiple ways to play
  • Eco-friendly zorbing balls
  • Great gift idea


  • Can’t bear more than 80kg
  • Likelihood of slow air leakage with time

Best Ergonomic: 2 Pack-bumpers for Kids


Material: PVC

Item Weight: 4 pounds

Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 23.6 x 19.7”

Rating: 3.9

One of the most significant values and factors to pay attention to is the high-quality materials used to make this product. Here are some fascinating features of the 2-pack bumpers zorbing balls for kids.

Design and Safety

It is made from a high-density vinyl material which is remarkably non-toxic. The heat-sealed material is thoroughly tested before being released to the market. It is approved to meet the safety standards and is safe to be used by both kids and adults.

Suitable for All Ages

This is one of the most fantastic fun toys for kids to use outdoors. Adults are free to use this type of zorbing balsa as they are wearable and easy to tumble, bounce or even roll on.

The rigorous gaming activities with this kind of zorbing ball will be fun and a health boost. You don’t have to worry about any lifestyle disease with this kind of zorbing ball.

Wearable Inflatable Ball

Your kids will be happiest with this kind of bouncing, bumping, and bopping wearable sumo balls. Being wearable means having independence and doing anything you wish with this kind of zorbing ball. The two-pack bumper zorbing balls are one of the surest ways of maintaining your kid’s laughter in the backyard throughout their gaming sessions.

Ergonomic design

The way 2-pack zorbing ball has the best safety features taken into account. It is very safe to play with whether you are a kid or an adult. The high-quality material and design of this particular material ensure no injuries or minimal injuries in case of an accident.

Easy instructions

The zorbing balls come with instructions that are very easy to follow. It has illustrations on how to inflate and deflate the zorbing balls. This ensures you don’t get bursts or accidents due to unfamiliar use.


  • Clear instructions
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Good for all ages


  • Not fit well for kids under the age of three years
  • It is not best for a demanding environment; it needs adult supervision while kids play.

Best Durable: Bumper Bubble Soccer Balls

Brand Name: YUEBO

Material: PVC

Item Weight: 16.5 Pounds

One pack of the YUEBO Balls comes in the best sizes on the market. It has a diameter of 4, and 5 ft and heights of 3.9” to 4.9”. These are some of the features that are worth knowing.


The human-sized bubble balls can support you even if you weigh 250 lbs. It has two handles and shoulder straps that are adjustable. The shoulder straps make the YUEBO bumper ball durable and safe to play with.

Friendly to Set Up

It is effortless to inflate or deflate the YUEBO bumper balls. You can either use an electronic pump with the shortest means possible or the mattress pump. It is good to note that the pump Is not included in the purchase package. So be advised accordingly if you are thinking of buying one.


These kinds of big air balls are one of the best in terms of their versatility. Designed for various age purposes, they give the best experience whether you are an adult or a kid. They can support a weight range of 60-250lbs.

Wide Range of Use

You can use this type of zorbing ball for different events and places. You might opt to use them for picnics, school events, and birthdays. You can enjoy a bundle of styles and the freedom to choose how you want to bounce, roll over, pump or flip.


  • Friendly material
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Excellent wear resistance


  • Pump not included in the package
  • Limited running distance and speed

Best Non-Toxic: Inflatable Sumo Balls


Material: Plastic

Item Weight: 7.4 Pounds

Product Dimensions: 35.4 x 35.4 x 31.5”

Rating: 4

Inflating and deflating carefully are the secrets to the long life of this particular zorbing, according to the manufacturer. However, even with those few glitches, the inflatable Sumo balls have the following fascinating features that you might want to look keenly at.

Applicable Age Range

People of all ages can use this type of human hamster ball. It is applicable to kids and adults of different sizes/dimensions. It is, however, worthwhile to note that there is a weight limit under which it can operate optimally.

Ergonomic and Ecofriendly

The Sumo balls are one of the human hamster balls you can invest confidence or trust in for your safety while playing. This is because they are designed ergonomically and have enhanced safety features.

Multiple Ways to Play

Whether you are a kid or an adult, there are so many ways that you can play using this type of zorbing ball. This might be flipping, bouncing, or rolling. All you have to do is look for a suitable surface for your game, so don’t be limited in being creative with the zorbing balls games.

Wearable Inflatable Ball

The sumo buddy balls are one way to ensure you and the kids have a burst of constant laughter throughout your gaming sessions. Using these balls, you can bounce, bop, or bump as much as you want.


  • Very eco-friendly
  • Extremely ergonomic
  • Medium priced


  • Has a weight limit
  • Only best for kids aged 3-12 years of age

Best Plato PVC: GoBroBrand Bubble Bumper

Brand Name: GoBroBrand

Material: PVC

Item Weight: 5.15 Pounds

Other than this product being warranted, it has the best features, which you might want to consider to rule out its peers. Take a close look at some listed below:

Family Active Play

Taking even a kid aged five years is one of the best. It is even suitable for significantly older people, making it ideal for family use.

You can have an easy and fun time at your family gathering, birthday parties, house parties, and even beach sports, as everyone has the opportunity to use this human hamster ball with no fear of any safety issues.

Portable, Compact and Unlimited Use

Besides being very easy to inflate, the bumper balls are easy to transport by being compact and collapsible. The size and packaging make it easy for you to pack them in the trunk of your car.

Durable, Safe, and Eco-friendly

The GOBROBRAND balls are made of PVC vinyl that is not only heavy-duty but also highly durable. The vinyl material is heated, sealed, and of the highest quality, tested, and approved by the authorities.

You will also get a repair as part of the package. How cool is that? However, the inflating pump is omitted. Meaning you may need to consider buying one.


  • Approved to be ergonomic and safe
  • A comprehensive package with a repair kit
  • Friendly price


  • Pump not included in the package, meaning extra costs
  • Slightly heavy

Best Heavy Duty: Giant Hamster Wheel Human

Brand Name: Giant Hamster

Material: PVC

Item Weight: 22 Pounds

A Great for Entertainment Hamster Roll Wheel

This giant roller will give you and your family or friends endless moments of joy. Your kids will be filled with laughter as they will be fully engaged in the fun affair. It is a true and one of the best for bonding or team building zorbing ball game.

Easy to Use

The roller can easily be inflated or deflated after gaming. The instructions in the manual are pretty brief, clear, and straightforward to follow. There are no special skills needed to blow it up. You can use it outdoors and on water.

Safe and Durable

Made from safe materials that are zero toxic to the environment. You don’t have to worry about any hazardous materials for your kids or them getting sick after playing on this large human hamster rolling ball.

Great Design and Construction

The interior of this giant roller wheel is extremely beautiful, with a stair-like design. Everybody in your yard is going to love it!


  • Great design and entertainment tool
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic materials


  • Blower not included
  • Weight limit of 200lbs

Best Easy to Inflate: HearthSong Roll with It Wheel

Brand Name: HearthSong

Material: Polypropylene

Item Weight: 22.31 Pounds

This is one of the best and most exclusive products you and your kids can roll in. With a push, you can easily get to enjoy the luxury game on all corners of this human hamster ball. Here is what you should know about this zorbing ball.

Durable Materials

This zorbing ball has seams that are reinforced and hence can withstand rolling, walking, or even numerous pushes. The materials used to construct this zorbing ball are generally not only of high-grade quality but also highly durable. Meaning they can serve you for more extended periods.

Colorful and Bright

The colors decorated on this zorbing ball are as beautiful as a rainbow. Your kids will never bow to this zorbing ball while playing as they spin and roll the color combinations for an attractive color canopy to look at.

Engaging Active Play

With this inflatable ride, your kids or adults will fully engage with their whole bodies and minds. While pushing or riding, the stretching of arms and legs to develop balance for this inflatable ride will ensure not only physical fitness but also mental wellness, according to experts.


  • Numerous ways to play
  • Easy to inflate
  • Wonderful multicolor
  • Extremely durable


  • Not cheap
  • Requires monitoring of kids and terrain


What is a zorbing ball?

Initially designed as a hamster ball, a zorbing ball is a sport where one can bounce, roll, run, flip or skid using a Zorb ball. Originating from New Zealand around the 1970s, the game has since spread to many countries around the globe.

How long can you stay in a water-zorbing ball?

The duration that you can stay in your zorbing ball is determined by the oxygen capacity of that zorbing ball. However, for most zorbing balls, it is recommended that you don’t exceed 15 minutes; else, you will suffocate after using all the oxygen.

Can you suffocate in a water-zorbing ball?

Suffocating happens if you exhaust all the oxygen in your zorbing ball. If you exceed the recommended stay time in a zorbing ball, you will likely go short of oxygen.

Where can I buy a Zorb ball?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people have embraced online markets and platforms. Some of the online platforms you might consider are; Be sure to check on the shipping cost to your region before purchasing one.

What is special about Rotorua?

Rotorua can be found in the Bay of Plenty area of New Zealand’s North Island. It is located on the southern shores Lake Rotorua’s, where it gets its name. It is home to the Rotorua lakes District, a territory authority that covers Rotorua as well as several nearby towns. Rotorua, with a population of approximately 57,900 residents, is the 12th-largest urban area in the country and the Bay of Plenty’s second-largest urban area after Tauranga. Rotorua is a popular destination for international and domestic tourists. The tourism industry is the biggest in the district. It is well-known for its geothermal activity and includes geysers, including the Pohutu Geyser located at Whakarewarewa, as well as hot mud pools. The Rotorua Caldera is where the thermal activity originates. The Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology is located in Rotorua.

Zorb in New Zealand

Superman will jump into an inflatable ball, roll down Mt Ngongotaha, and then use a ZORB to do it. The fun will make you laugh uncontrollably. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wash your clothes in a washing machine? ZORB is the answer to all your questions! This iconic adventure experience in New Zealand is not to be missed. ZORB was created and developed in Rotorua and is the only place in New Zealand where you can enjoy this bizarre and fun activity.

Gatlinburg Ball

Are you familiar with those huge inflatable balls that can be rolled inside to the size of a person? Zorbing is when you are inside a huge inflatable hamster ball that you can roll down a hill. It measures 11 feet in width and is made of over 300 square feet of double layers of plastic. The layers are separated by 1,000 anchors. These anchors keep you safe as the gatlinburg ball rolls downhill. Every gatlinburg ball has an entrance point you can slide through to get in and out. The entry is closed while you ride so that you don’t worry about getting hurt. You can see every second of your thrilling ride.

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