The 7 Best Acrylic Humidor For Storing Your Cigars

Traditional cigar enthusiasts would say wooden humidors are the best. Of course, if you have a huge collection and aim to preserve the classic Spanish cedarwood aroma lent to your cigars every time you take a puff, you would stick to wooden humidors.

However, modern needs require more convenient ways of storing cigars. Compared to all the available types of cigar humidors, an acrylic humidor offers the largest benefits. They provide several advantages over the bulky, expensive, and high-maintenance traditional models. 

Thus, if you need portable, compact, airtight option storage to keep your cigars in their finest condition while ideally controlling the humidity, shift your focus to the excellently convenient acrylic cigar humidors. 

Let us explore the 7 best acrylic humidors you can buy to store your favorite cigars

Our Picks for Best Acrylic Humidor

  1. Best overall acrylic humidor: AMANCY Crystal Clear Acrylic Humidor
  2. Best Budget-friendly Acrylic Humidor: TOIKA Quality Transparent Acrylic Long Cigar Humidor
  3. Best Acrylic Humidor with Large Capacity: Prestige Import Group – The Franklin Wood & Acrylic Cigar Humidor
  4. Best Acrylic Humidor Jar: Prestige Import Group AJ25 25 Count Acrylic Humidor Jar
  5. Popular Acrylic Humidor Jar: XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar
  6. Best Acrylic Humidor For Travel : Acrylic Travel Cigar Humidor Jar
  7. Five-star Acrylic Humidor: Acrylic Cigar Humidor Jar with Boveda 69% 2-Way Humidity System

Best Overall Acrylic Humidor

Product name: AMANCY Crystal Clear Acrylic Humidor

Brand: Amancy

Lining: Cedarwood

Finish: Acrylic

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Digital

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Price: $32.99

Amancy brings you one of the most beautifully designed acrylic humidors.If you are looking for an elegant design to store your cigar collection, this classy cigar case with a built-in humidifier and hygrometer is just what you need. The cedarwood lining inside the case where you place the cigars lend you that perfect woody aroma you associate with traditional humidors.

The acrylic humidor system with the silicone ring and the clasp locking feature keeps your cigars safe and in ideal humidity conditions. The built-in digital hygrometer on the bottom of the lid constantly monitors the humidity inside. The advanced humidity sensor of the system always maintains the accuracy level to +/- 3%. The digital reading on the transparent acrylic humidor allows easy reading, which adjusts automatically and needs no interference on your part. Store as many as 50 cigars inside this classy acrylic cigar humidor and flaunt it proudly. 


  • Portable
  • Excellent humidity control
  • Easy-to-operate 
  • Easy to see the humidity reading
  • Elegant design


  • Latches made of plastic

Best Budget-friendly Acrylic Humidor

Product name: TOIKA Quality Transparent Acrylic Long Cigar Humidor

Country of origin: Finland

Material: Acrylic

Interior lining: Cedarwood

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Yes

Capacity: 15-20

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: $12.99

Toika is your best budget-friendly acrylic humidor. If you are low on budget and still need convenient storage for your cigars, get this elegant design made out of top-grade transparent acrylic material. You can store about 15 to 20 long cigars in the transparent jar, making it the perfect lightweight, portable storage option.

The special design of the compact acrylic humidor helps to preserve proper humidity levels inside. The retaining ring and the rubber gasket help seal the air inside and prevent moisture from seeping out. The cedarwood-lined interiors keep your cigars freshly smelling and perfectly moist. The digital hygrometer lets you monitor the humidity inside without opening the lid. Considering the price, it’s truly the best you can have.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to monitor humidity levels
  • Retains moisture to keep cigars fresh
  • Budget-friendly


  • May not be very durable

Best Acrylic Humidor With Large Capacity

Product name: Prestige Import Group – The Franklin Wood & Acrylic Cigar Humidor

Country of origin: USA

Lining: Acrylic

Finish: Rich walnut finished wood base and top

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Yes

Capacity: Up to 150 cigars

Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: $185 

The Prestige Import Group – The Franklin Wood & Acrylic Cigar Humidor is one of the best large-capacity acrylic humidors you can find. With a storage capacity of 150 cigars, it is large enough to showcase your prized collection. The lightweight design has two acrylic shelves with three dividers to neatly arrange your cigars. 

The beautiful design owes to the rich walnut wood finish base and top layers. The humidifier and the external mount hygrometer help maintain ideal humidity conditions inside the box to preserve the cigars. These six shelves promote proper air circulation to avoid over-humidifying the cigars. Check out the rear mirror that beautifully showcases your cigar collection. On the whole, this acrylic humidor lets you display your cigars with style and keep them fresh and flavorful. 


  • Large storage capacity
  • Classy walnut wood finish base and top
  • Excellent storage for cigars
  • Maintains optimum humidity levels
  • Secure lock and key system


  • Does not have a two-way humidifier
  • Expensive

Best Acrylic Humidor Jar

Product name: Prestige Import Group AJ25 25 Count Acrylic

Country of origin: USA

Material: Acrylic

Lining: Spanish cedarwood

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: No

Capacity: 25 cigars

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Price: $17.95

This acrylic jar-style humidor with a traditional clasp system is one of the most popular acrylic cigar humidors that work as a compact portable storage system for your cigars. The rubber gasket seal offers airtight security for your cigars, keeping them fresh and perfectly moist. Lined with Spanish cedar wood at the bottom, it combines the classiness and aroma of traditional wooden humidors with modern-day portability and convenience. 

Only one drawback of the model is that it does not come with a hygrometer. However, the cell cast acrylic material providing absolute clarity and durability and top-notch humidity control make it one of the best choices. 


  • Transparent jar
  • Airtight seal
  • Portable 
  • Lined with Spanish cedarwood for aroma
  • Zero maintenance
  • Affordable


  • Does not include a hygrometer

Popular Acrylic Humidor Jar

Product name: XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar

Country of origin: China

Lining: Acrylic

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Yes

Capacity: 15 to 20 cigars

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Price: $20.98

One of the most popular acrylic cigar humidors is this high-quality transparent acrylic humidor from XIFEI. The humidor can store about 15 to 20 cigars and is a good portable option, too. You may choose this for a small collection, for temporary use, or for traveling purposes. The retaining ring and the rubber gasket tightly seal the humidor to prevent moisture from escaping. The high light transparency of the humidor makes it an ideal choice for cigar storage.

Moreover, the cedarwood lining at the bottom presents a pleasant aroma to the stored cigars. The fine quality of the humidor and the hygrometer lends a beautiful look and provides top-notch performance.


  • Keeps the cigars fresh for a long time
  • Authentic Spanish cedar wood lends a beautiful aroma
  • Absorbs adequate moisture for ideal storage
  • Airtight design
  • Easy to read hygrometer
  • Elegant transparent design


  • Too short for long cigars like Churchill-sized ones

Best Acrylic Humidor For Travel

Product name: Acrylic Travel Cigar Humidor Jar

Brand: Playwith

Material: Acrylic

Humidifier: Yes

Hygrometer: Yes

Capacity: 10 to 15 counts

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Price: $17.99

One of the finest acrylic cigar humidors is this fantastic, travel-friendly model. Even though the capacity is small, it is best suited for travel purposes where you cannot afford not to take a puff at your favorite cigars. Carry your collection while on the go, maintaining ideal humidity conditions with ease. 

The high-grade transparent acrylic material keeps the cigars visible, offering all the convenience similar to a glass jar, only with better protection against breaking and cracking. The acrylic humidor comes with a flannel bag as an accessory to carry the humidor without exposing it to sunlight. The airtight sealing system and the top hygrometer maintain ideal humidity conditions, which is easy to monitor.

You may also use the dropper to add moisture to the humidifier if you see the percentage dropping. Lastly, the Spanish cedar wood rolls inside the jar maintain the aroma and quality of the cigars always. 


  • Clear, transparent design
  • Digital hygrometer is easy to read
  • Spanish cedar rolls offer a beautiful aroma
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extremely travel-friendly
  • Convenient and accurate humidification system


  • None

Five-star Acrylic Humidor

Product name: Acrylic Cigar Humidor Jar with Boveda 69% 2-Way Humidity System

Country of origin: USA

Lining: Spanish cedarwood

Finish: Acrylic

Humidifier: No

Hygrometer: No

Capacity: up to 25 cigars

Rating: 5 star

Price: $27.99

This acrylic humidor with a compact, portable, glass-jar design does its job perfectly with the least complaints. The two-way humidification system is the best feature of the acrylic cigar humidor. Instead of a hygrometer and a humidifier, it is enabled with a 69% 2-way humidity control pack from Boveda, offering the finest humidification. It maintains ideal humidity conditions and also saves from over-humidification. 

Moreover, it also cuts down on your maintenance and is extremely easy and hassle-free to use. Watch your cigars stay as fresh as ever under this advanced humidification system.


  • Maintains excellent quality of cigars
  • Hassle-free
  • Zero-maintenance
  • Prevents over-humidification
  • Secure, airtight locking
  • Two-way humidity control pack from Boveda


  • Low capacity

Why Choose An Acrylic Humidor?

While experienced, traditional cigar lovers prefer a wooden humidor for the classic Spanish cedarwood aroma, acrylic humidors have their own set of benefits. Considering convenience and portability, acrylic cigar humidors win hugely in these two sectors. 

Here are some of the reasons to choose an acrylic cigar humidor over other types:


Acrylic cigar humidors are the lightest of all types. Compared to glass and wooden varieties, these are incredibly lightweight, portable, and convenient to handle.

Better alternative to glass

Glass humidors are popular because of their elegance, but they are heavy and extremely fragile. You may end up breaking your expensive glass humidor if you are not careful enough. Compared to glass humidors, acrylic ones are lighter and more durable. They offer the same transparency, making it easier to check the hygrometer readings even without opening the door. Acrylic humidors offer the same convenience and elegance as transparent glass models but are superior because they are not so fragile and high-maintenance. 

Attractive designs

Compared to wooden humidors, acrylic cigar humidors are available in various decorative designs and shapes. They become the perfect storage cases for your favorite cigars. 


Since acrylic humidors are very lightweight, they are the best in terms of portability, too. When you need to carry your cigars safely while traveling, these humidors are the best options, considering their weight, unbreakable nature, compact size, and convenience. 


Acrylic is a very durable material compared to the other types available. Unlike wood, acrylic neither absorbs moisture nor needs seasoning. Moreover, acrylic doesn’t crack or break easily like glass. The additives present in the material do not let it degrade under UV light exposure. Acrylic also offers the best transparency over time, compared to plastic, which turns yellow with age. 

Drawbacks Of An Acrylic Humidor

Like all cigar humidors, acrylic cigar humidors are not without faults.

Peculiar chemical smell

One common issue with acrylic humidors is a peculiar chemical smell that bothers you when you take it out of the box. However, if you leave it out for some time, the odor disappears on its own.

Not kept in direct sunlight

Another issue with acrylic humidors is that you need to ensure it is nowhere near direct sunlight. You cannot keep it in direct sunlight in your house or while you are traveling. Since acrylic material absorbs more UV rays than glass, the rays won’t get filtered if exposed to direct sunlight. This may end up overheating and discoloring the cigars, ruining their flavors forever. Moreover, temperature changes may impact the relative humidity in the acrylic humidor.

Acrylic Humidor Buying Guide

Even though we have listed the best acrylic cigar humidors available in the market, you must know what to look for in the ideal model. Check the following important features while selecting an acrylic humidor for your cigars. These are the criteria that will help you find out the best model.


Most acrylic humidors are shaped as boxes or jars, especially mason jars. The box-style humidors can store a larger capacity of cigars, while the smaller jars are meant for a small collection. Choose the type of model you need according to the size of your collection.

The jar humidors have humidifiers installed on the lid and provide an airtight seal to keep your cigars safe. The smaller jars and boxes often have a lifespan of six months to a year before they need replacement.

If you are tight on the budget or require a portable storage option, choose an affordable, zero-maintenance jar-type acrylic cigar humidor. Larger and more expensive models in acrylic can last as long as wooden humidors.

Airtight Seal

The seal is the most vital part of any humidor. It protects the cigars from the outside elements, humidity, and temperature fluctuations by sealing the atmospheric conditions inside the box to the degree suitable for the cigars.

A fully airtight humidor keeps the cigars fresh and moist. However, the airtightness of the seal may depend on how frequently you open the case. Choose models that have a secure gasket for a fully airtight sealing irrespective of usage or one with a magnetic locking system. The latter is the best one you can go for.


Check the construction of your humidors to ensure durability. The joints of the humidor must be appropriately glued, fused, or injection-molded to prevent moisture from escaping. Otherwise, the humidor won’t function satisfactorily in a few days.

Quality of Acrylic

The quality of acrylic determines the durability and performance of the humidor. Continuous cast acrylic is cheap, prone to cracks and scratches, and not durable enough. Cell cast acrylic is the most expensive variety, and thus, they are used in high-budget humidors for their thickness, transparency, and long-lasting performance.


The price range of acrylic humidor depends on the size and capacity. The low-budget models are generally small, portable, and can hold up to twenty or thirty cigars. High-budget models have more accessories, can hold up to three hundred cigars, and last you for years.

Tips On Acrylic Humidor Maintenance

Compared to the traditional wooden humidors, an acrylic humidor is low on maintenance. Since it is non-porous, it won’t require seasoning from time to time as acrylic doesn’t absorb moisture. When the humidor arrives, it may have a strong smell, which can seem unpleasant. Do not use the acrylic humidor right after you take it out of the box. Leave it out wide open for a day to let the smell dissipate on its own.

Since there are no routine maintenance steps to follow, you only need to ensure a few things to keep the acrylic cigar humidor in perfect condition.

If you are using a humidor with one-way humidification, check to see if the humidor has reached the desired RH level to avoid over-humidifying the system. Such problems do not occur for humidors with a two-way humidification system, which stops releasing moisture once the humidor reaches the right RH level.

Lastly, always remember to keep your acrylic humidors in a cool, shaded area or away from direct sunlight. Ensure that they are exposed to as few temperature fluctuations as possible.

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