5 Best UTV Trailers [Ultimate Guide 2023]

5 Best UTV Trailers [Ultimate Guide 2022]

UTVs can be a great way to have fun and adventure off the road. UTV vehicles can transform your dull days into happy ones. But do you know you need a UTV trailer to haul it with? What kind of trailer will be beneficial for you? What are the features the UTV trailer should have? Keep reading this blog post to get the necessary information about UTV Trailers.

We all know the fantastic off-road adventures of the UTV. The UTV rides on bumpy roads where there’s public traffic. But it can also be used to load stuff and transfer it from one place to another. How? You will need a UTV trailer for this purpose. Hauling this trailer to the UTV vehicle helps transfer your belongings, such as furniture, household items, antiques, and much more.

This blog post is all about UTV trailers so that you won’t find it challenging to select the right and suitable UTV trailers. Let’s take your UTV experience to the next level.

Our Picks for the Best UTV Trailer

Best Overall
MotoAlliance Heavy-duty Impact ATV/UTV Trailer (Utility Cargo Cart)

MotoAlliance Heavy-duty Impact ATV/UTV Trailer (Utility Cargo Cart)

  • Item Weight: 165 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 85 × 48 × 30 Inches (Bed: 54 × 28 × 15 Inches)
  •  Hauling Capacity: 15 cu. ft.
  •  Load Capacity: 1500 Pounds
  •  Max Speed: 10 MPH
  •  Tires: 17'' × 9'' 4-ply
  •  Ground Clearance: 12''
  •  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0


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Best Affordable
Extreme Max Off-road Utility Trailer for UTVs, ATVs, Garden, and Lawn Tractors

Extreme Max Off-road Utility Trailer for UTVs, ATVs, Garden, and Lawn Tractors

  • Item Weight: 118.8 Pounds
  •  Dimensions: 50.4 × 33.7 × 12.1 Inches
  •  Hauling Capacity: 15 cu. ft.
  •  Load Capacity: 1500 Pounds
  •  Tires: 18'' × 8''
  •  Ground Clearance: 11''
  •  Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0


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All-steel Construction
Yutrax TX159 Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty and Off-road ATV/UTV Trailer

Yutrax TX159 Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty and Off-road ATV/UTV Trailer

  • Item Weight: 198 Pounds
  •  Dimensions: 60 × 31 × 21 Inches
  •  Hauling Capacity: Not Found
  •  Load Capacity: 1250 Pounds
  •  Tires: 10''
  •  Warranty: One Year
  •  Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0


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Best Premium
Bannon Utility Trailer - 1600-Lb. Capacity, 24 Cu. Ft.

Bannon Utility Trailer - 1600-Lb. Capacity, 24 Cu. Ft.

  • Item Weight: 379 Pounds
  •  Dimensions: 91 × 56 × 36 Inches
  •  Hauling Capacity: 24 cu. ft.
  •  Load Capacity: 1600 Pounds
  •  Tires: 18'' Pneumatic
  •  Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0


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Best for Maneuverability
Agri-Fab Inc45-0554 UTV Trailer (Swivel Steel Utility Dump Cart)

Agri-Fab Inc45-0554 UTV Trailer (Swivel Steel Utility Dump Cart)

  • Item Weight: 145 Pounds
  •  Dimensions: 82 × 50 × 43 Inches
  •  Hauling Capacity: Not Found
  •  Load Capacity: 1250 Pounds
  •  Tires: 18'' × 8'' Pnuematic
  •  Ground Clearance: 8.5''
  •  Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0


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Let’s look at detailed reviews and specifications of our hand-picked UTV trailer. This section will make you aware of the good features and pitfalls of the recommended features as well.

1. Best Overall: MotoAlliance Heavy-duty Impact ATV/UTV Trailer (Utility Cargo Cart)

Our Score

You do not need to worry about your cargo demands when the MotoAlliance Heavy-duty UTV trailer is right here to serve you.

The spacious bed of the trailer allows you to load as many items as you want. Additionally, features like 1500 lbs loading capacity, tilt beds, and foot release dump make this trailer perfect for outdoor activities.

In terms of the trailer construction, the sturdy and durable frames and beds of the ATV/UTV trailer make hauling easier than ever.

Besides, the easy-to-assemble trailer will be a great addition to your garage. The compact design won't demand big space so you can adjust it to a small garage space.

All in all, this utility cargo trailer will surely be worth every single penny of yours.

  • Compatible with a lot of UTV vehicles
  • Well-balanced cart
  • Easy to load and unload.
  • Easy installation
  • A bit noisy in the woods

2. Best Affordable: Extreme Max Off-road Utility Trailer for UTVs, ATVs, Garden, and Lawn Tractors

Our Score

Extreme Max never disappoints regarding the durability and resilience of outdoor products.

This Pro-Series off-road UTV Trailer is one of the examples of the extraordinary services of this company. Making something premium and under budget are two opposite things. But Extreme Max has made it possible.

If you're about to experience wood hauling, furniture transferring, gravel moving, or even hunting, this utility trailer is all you need.

Premium quality tires run smoothly on rough terrain, rocky fields, and muddy roads. Other features like easy titling and removing cargo, impressive maneuvering, and ultimate mobility.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Take less than an hour to assemble
  • Versatile for many uses
  • 12'' wall extensions that provide an extra carrying capacity
  • Not well-balanced

3. Best for All-steel Construction: Yutrax TX159 Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty and Off-road ATV/UTV Trailer

Our Score

If you want a utility trailer for heavy-duty cargo work, this Yutrax UTV Trailer can be your ideal choice. You'll undoubtedly love running it off-roads on your adventurous trips.

Besides that, this trailer isn't among cheaply made and difficult-to-use ones. The Yutrax trailer is made of a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame that keeps the trailer corrosion-free for life.

Additionally, loading can be done without hassle, thanks to removable side rails and tailgate. Not only that, but the off-road ATV/UTV trailer also offers an easy-release dump latch to achieve easy unloading.

Another heart-winning feature is the shock-absorbing tires that provide traction and stability.

What is in the Package: UTV trailer, Wheels, Hitch, Hardware, and User Manual.

  • Large flotation tires
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Premium steel with heavy-duty construction
  • Great for all kinds of outdoor activities
  • Coming with an operator's manual
  • The capacity can be greater

4. Best Premium: Bannon Utility Trailer

Our Score

Are you looking for a premium-quality cargo trailer to invest in? If so, then don't look further.

The Bannon UTV trailer can be your cargo companion forever. The versatile design of the utility trailer makes it perfect for almost every situation.

Removable side panels, for example, make it a flat-style trailer to transfer bulky items. Besides that, easy bed access is possible after removing the fold-down tailgate.

Moreover, there is no question about the quality of the heavy-duty utility trailer. The durable steel frame with tough construction makes this trailer a cargo solution for everyone.

The huge storage bed allows you to transport bulky items as well. Furthermore, pneumatic tires won't find it difficult to run on bumpy and rough terrains.

You'll love riding this UTV trailer off-roads. Just experience the best ride with Bannon Utility Trailer.

What is in the Package: 1×Utility trailer, 1×Hardware kit, 4×Tool holders, 8×Pneumatic tires, and 2×Chainsaw holders

  • Stationary front and rear pivoting tires for smoother running
  • Versatile construction
  • Straight forward assembly
  • Great for bulky conveyance
  • Very high price

5. Best for Maneuverability: Agri-Fab Inc45-0554 UTV Trailer (Swivel Steel Utility Dump Cart)

Our Score

The Agri-Fab Utility Trailer is our last pick for the list of the best UTV trailers.

If you're planning to cargo some stuff from one place to another but don't want to go more than $1000, then the Agri-Fab is the best option to go for.

Whether you want cargo wood, hunting tools, huge rocks, or even furniture, this swivel utility trailer can do everything.

Not to forget that unloading the stuff isn't a headache with this trailer because it comes with 80 degrees swivel while 60 degrees dump angle. Although, you have to assemble the UTV/ATV trailer, which hardly takes half an hour.

In addition to that, the powder coating on a steel frame makes it even more reliable and long-lasting.


  • Well-built frames and tires
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Single-lever dumping mechanism
  • A grease gun is required

How to Choose the Right UTV Trailer?

After deeply analyzing the UTV trailer, we compiled a buying guide you should keep in mind before getting your hands on the UTV trailer. Let’s get deep into the detailed buying guide.


Size should be the first factor you must be concerned about when buying a trailer. Now, the trailer size depends on the size of the UTV vehicle you will haul it with. Never go for a smaller trailer as compared to the utility vehicle. The trailer won’t fit perfectly and keeps causing trouble while running. So, size selection plays an essential role in choosing the right trailer.

For example, if you choose a 14-foot trailer with broader width, you can easily fit it with your 4-seat Ranger without any problem. Additionally, some longer-sized vehicles require a 16-foot trailer. On the other hand, a 12-foot trailer would work perfectly with small-sized or 2-seater UTVs.

Before placing an order for the trailer, ensure you have a clear idea of your vehicle so that you won’t find it difficult to pair it up. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a useless UTV trailer.


Commonly used materials in trailers are aluminum and steel. While shopping, you’ll notice that most of the trailers are made of steel, and only a few are aluminum made. The trailer should be lightweight to move it more easily. Steel-made trailers offer durability and resilience. Other than that, aluminum trailers provide features like being lightweight and convenient to use. Both materials work best for cargo needs.

Go for the material that is most suitable for your needs. If you want a trailer that isn’t hard to move, aluminum would be your choice. On the other hand, steel trailers are great for you if you want longevity.

Types of Trailers

When you hop into the UTV trailer world, you’ll get to know about different types of trailers. That includes flatbed trailers, open trailers, and tilted trailers. Each type is intended for different purposes.

If you want to move huge items such as furniture, huge equipment, or even small vehicles, an open trailer will work fine for you. The open trailer can be used without a ride for transferring purposes.

If you want a side-by-side, a flatbed trailer can be an ideal choice for you. The flatbed trailer is one of the most convenient-to-use trailers that allows easy loading and unloading. The flat and spacious bed of the trailer makes it perfect for loading vehicles.

Next, the tilt trailer. If you want a fuss-free and simple trailer, a tilt trailer is the one for you.

So, before buying, you need to understand your needs and preferences. After making sure of everything, place an order for the most suitable trailer for you.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions also play a vital role in making your purchase a hit or flop. Imagine you are transferring your furniture, and suddenly a cloudburst happens, and all of your furniture gets drenched in rainwater. A situation nobody wants to encounter. To avoid such circumstances, check the weather or take some precautions beforehand.

Also, the material of the UTV trailer should be corrosion-free and doesn’t get affected by extreme weather conditions. Otherwise, your investment will go all in vain.

Other Features

The best UTV trailer should have other complementary features that make it stand out, such as sturdy pneumatic tires, easy assembly, easy maneuvering, a tilted bed, and robust construction. Your selected utility trailer should have all the features mentioned above. Otherwise, your users will be affected, and you’ll find issues maneuvering it.

FAQs About UTV Trailers

1. Which Material Should I Choose? Aluminum UTV Trailer or Steel UTV Trailer?

Aluminum trailers are more durable than steel trailers. We recommend you go for an aluminum-made trailer. Aluminum trailers offer a lightweight frame, rust-free construction, easy to look after, and long-lasting. But steel trailers aren’t a bad deal, either. You just need to be a bit protective about them.

2. What Size of Trailer Works Great for Two UTVs?

A 20 to 22 feet long double axle setup will be great for using two UTVs. Besides that, 60 inches width will make it perfect for hauling with double UTVs.

3. Can I Go with a 5 × 8 UTV Trailer Side-by-Side?

No, that can be a bad idea. Most side-by-side are 100 to 160 feet long, which is unsafe to use because side-by-side vehicles will hang from behind, making the ride super dangerous.

Final Verdict

UTV vehicles are fun to ride to escape from daily life. But UTV can be converted into trailers that can be used for cargo operations. We have analyzed some of the best UTV trailers and compiled a list of our top picks. If you’re looking for a long-lasting trailer and don’t have any budget restrictions, a Bannon Utility Trailer is the one for you. On the other hand, if you want to invest more than $800, choose either the Impact UTV Trailer or the Extreme Max UTV trailer.

You can pair a utility trailer with your UTV vehicle and use it as you want. Before going online or even offline shopping, read a good buying guide to invest your hard-earned money in something reliable and sturdy.

That’s all for today’s blog post. We hope you like our effort to put value in your life. We know how hard high-investment decisions can be, so we tried our best to make it a little less hectic for you.

Happy Trailing!

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