10 Best Starlight Headliner for DIY – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

With so many starlight headliners in the market, you might get confused about choosing the right one for your vehicle. Please go through our car headliner star lights list and pick a winner.

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What Is A Starlight Headliner?

How to Choose a Starlight Headliner Kit for My Car?

Our Top Picks for the Best Starlight Headliner

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Starlight Headliner?

The starlight headliner enables you to customize the interiors of your vehicle. The optic fiber strands of light can create any graphic pattern you like in the configuration of color.

The galaxy headliner can incorporate between 500 – 2000 fiber optic stars in the roof lining of your car or the ceiling of your room. It will help depict the constellations, sea waves, or any other starlight headliner designs you want.

The optic fibre lights can get programmed to shine in any color or pattern, which helps create any atmosphere you want in the car or any room of your house.  

How to Choose the Best Starlight Headliner Kit for My Car?

When choosing a galaxy headliner for your car, you have many options to consider. It is best to select a Starlight Headliner based on your car’s size, the vehicle model, and whether it has a sunroof and budget.

The components of the starlight roof kit can get customized in different ways depending on the class and size of your vehicle. The various factors you need to consider when choosing the best starlight headliner for your car include:

  • Quantity of Fiber Optic Lights

Fiber optic lights get installed on your car’s roof or your room’s ceiling. The number of lights you need will depend on the type of car you own or the size of the space you want to decorate. Owning a large SUV might need 600 – 2000 fiber optic lights to cover the entire interior area.

  • Power of Light Engine

The light engine is the source of power for the star light headliner. When the LEDs get powered, they shine brightly through the fiber optic strands. Some light engines also have the twinkle motor function. It helps create a sparkling effect at the end of the fiber optic cable.

The power output can get scaled from 10W to 50W. You will need a larger power output if you have more optic fiber lights. When the power is appropriate to the number of lights used, you will get a brighter result.  

  • Length of Fiber Optic Cable

The fiber optic cable is available in varying lengths and diameters. It is because they need to fit many different applications. The optic cable length can vary from 6 to 20 feet depending on your vehicle or room size and where you have placed the power source.

If you own a smaller vehicle, you might need six feet of optic fiber, whereas if you own a large car, you might need 12 – 15 feet. The starlight headliner kit can also get purchased with varying diameters to get different light intensities.

Our Top Picks for the Best Star Light Headliner Kit

  1. AKEPO Car Home APP Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner
  2. Starry Night Light Projector – 3 in-1 Galaxy Starlight Headliner
  3. AKEPO Car Home (20W) Dual Head Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner
  4. Star Projector Night Light, LED Galaxy Starry Starlight Headliner
  5. Govee Car LED Strip Light, Interior Car Starlight Headliner
  6. AMKI Bluetooth Controlled Starlight Headliner Twinkle LED Remote RGB Four-Speed Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit (32W)
  7. AZIMOM Bluetooth Control (16W) Twinkle Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner
  8. AZIMOM Dual Port (16W) Twinkle Bluetooth Fiber Optic Lights Star Ceiling Light Kit (900pcs)
  9. AKEPO APP Twinkle Fiber Optic Lights Kit Music Activated RGBW Star Ceiling Sky Light (32W – 1000 pcs)
  10. AZIMOM (2022) Upgraded Bluetooth 20w Twinkle Fiber Optic Lights Starlight Headliner Mixed (860pcs)

Best Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner Kit: AKEPO Star Light Kit for Car Ceiling | Home APP Rolls Royce Starlight Headliner DIY

Starlight Headliner (1)
Starlight Headliners

The upgraded Akepo car star light headliner has more than 16 million static colors. You can control the 20 dynamic modes using an app. The brightness level of starlight for car can get adjusted from 1% – 100%.

The waterproof fiber optic cable reduces the chances of electric shock. The car starlights ceiling kit has a power adapter and a two-meter-long car use plug. The fiber optic headliner comes with a two-year warranty.

Install the starlight roof liner in your car, bedroom or media room to create a realistic skylight effect. Choose your favorite mode or color, and then turn on the twinkle feature for an incredible impact.

The starlight car roof lights can be white or of any color you choose, or you can add many effects to them. The brightness of the Starlight Headliner kit can get controlled so that you don’t get distracted at night when driving or sleeping in your bedroom.


  • Upgrade music and twinkle effect.
  • 28 key RF remote control.
  • Waterproof fiber optic cable.
  • Six dynamic changing modes.


  • There are too many pieces.

Best Star Light Headliner Kit – 3-in-1 Galaxy Light Projector Starlight Headliner Kit Starry Night Headliner

Starlight Headliner
Starlight Headliners

The Starry Night Light Projector is compatible with Google Home and Alexa when you switch on the wi-fi mode. You can also control the light projector using your voice.

The phone app will also enable you to control the projector. When you switch on the music mode, the night light and spark will change their colors and rhythm based on the music beats.

The multi-functional starlight headliner designs enable you to adjust the brightness of the night light. The different lights can get controlled and changed as per your specific needs.

The Starry Night Light Projector visually combines ocean waves and starry light, which helps create a fantastic light show for your birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas and much more. The lights can get used to change the décor of the room too.


  • Multi-function design.
  • Smart night light projector.
  • Works efficiently with Google Home and Alexa.
  • Superior battery and power efficiency.


  • The starlight headliner might stop rotating at times.

Best Starlight Headliner Kit with Shooting Star: AKEPO Starlights for Car Home (20W) Dual Head Fiber Optic Star light Headliner

Starlight Headliner
Star light Headliner

The AKEPO car and home 20w dual-head fiber optic starlight headliner kit provide a realistic starry night environment on your car’s or home’s roof. The shooting star and twinkling effect make it more awe-inspiring.

The star headliner kit has been upgraded with a sound sensor mode. You can activate and control the many lights using sound or music. The dual-head RGBW lamp beads ensure that you get white light, which is ideal for a starry night sky.

The two fiber heads enable you to get pure white light and RGB mixed white. It allows you to install more fiber optic strands. When you install a larger quantity of fiber optic strands, the overall effect on the car’s roof will be outstanding.

The remote control and the upgraded app with Bluetooth will enable you to control the twenty lighting modes. With the remote control, you can control the static colors, including purple, ice blue, yellow, blue, green, red, mixed and pure white.

The remote enables you to adjust the brightness of the star lights, mode speed, twinkle speed, fade and jump. The app control with Bluetooth helps connect with the light engine. Apart from this, you can also control a group of light kits efficiently.

The fiber optic cables enable you to manage different applications with no risk of electric shock. It is because the optic wires are waterproof.  


  • A unique shooting star and sparkling effect.
  • Dual head RGBW lamp beads.
  • Upgraded app control using Bluetooth.
  • High brightness.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • The number of light pieces could be more.

Starlights for Car, LED Galaxy Starry Light Projector – Best Starlight Headliner Kit Starry Night Headliner

Starlight Headliner
Star light Headliner

The Star Projector Night Light, LED Galaxy Starry starlight headliner kit helps create a realistic starry night sky onto the ceiling of your room. The LED light projector will make a starry night, water wave, and galaxy effect. It will make your bedroom or any other room in the house look like a universe or ocean in different modes.

The starry night headliner‘s brightness is automatically adjusted to lower when you choose the sleep mode. The waves will become silent, and you can sleep peacefully. After an hour, the light projector will auto turn off.

The starlight headliner kit can get placed in different directions. The three flat surfaces on the base will enable you to position the projector at varying angles. Project the ocean or the universe on the wall, ceiling or any other direction you want.

The remote control enables you to change the light modes, change the brightness and volume and turn it on or off quickly. The light brightness can get adjusted in four different ways.

The advanced built-in motor delivers four levels of speed. The light projector has a large capacity battery of 3000 mAh. The battery can provide three hours of music play with lighting and five hours of starlight projection.

The starlight headliner kit is an ideal kit for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, and other festivals. You can enhance the décor of your home with these night light projectors.


  • The 3-in-1 LED star projector has a starry sky, water wave and galaxy.
  • 10 colors and 32 lightning combinations.
  • Auto-off timer and remote control.
  • TF memory card function and Bluetooth.
  • Three projection directions.


  • It is too large for small rooms.

Best Star Light Headliner Kit: Govee Car LED Strip Light, Interior Car Starlight Headliner Rolls Royce

Starlight Headliner
Star light Headliner

The Govee Car LED Strip Light has two excellent control methods, which enable you to change the music mode, colors, and brightness. The two-line design has been upgraded, making it a good choice for different models of cars.

The cigarette lighter plug feature has an indicator light, switch, and a built-in fuse. It helps protect the lights of your vehicle. The music sensor of the Govee LED strip light has an in-built sensitivity mic, which helps change the lights’ colour.

The LED strip lights are safe for children, and they will not get bored on the road. The changing lights and music will keep them entertained and enjoy the journey.

The interior car lights have a memory function and short circuit protection. The low heat lights make them safe to touch. The star headliner is waterproof, ensuring efficient lighting at all times.


  • Upgraded two-line design.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Waterproof.
  • Flexible tubing.
  • Safe for children


  • Doesn’t provide good power support.
  • The cord is slightly short.

Best Starlight Headliner with Sunroof: AMKI Bluetooth LED Remote RGB Four-Speed Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner Kit (32W)

Starlight Headliner
Star light Headliner

The Amki Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner kit has wide applications. The light kit can get used to decorate the car, bedroom, home theater, and living room. The fiber optic cable is safe to use as it is flexible and waterproof.

With the remote, you can control ten static colors; when you use the app, you can access more than 16 million colors. Apart from this, you can control the brightness of the twinkle light.

The RGBW LED and twinkle features are built-in, enabling you to have a realistic starry experience. When you choose the sound mode, the starry night headliner moves with the beat of the music.

The fiber optic cables are non-conductive, flexible, durable, and waterproof. The safety features make them safe to use at all times. The starlight headliner kit will help create a relaxing atmosphere and provide a different driving experience.


  • The fiber optic headliner is durable, flexible, and waterproof.
  • Four-speeded twinkle and brightness control.
  • Wide application.
  • Two years warranty.   


  • The built quality isn’t good.

Best Fiber Optic Headliner Kit: AZIMOM Bluetooth Control Twinkle Fiber Optic Starlight Headliner (16W)

Starlight Headliner
Star light Headliner

The Azimom Bluetooth-controlled fiber optic cable gets made from premium flexible and transparent plastic PMMA. The 16W light engine has RGBW lamp beads, a mix of RGB mixed white and pure white.

The twinkling fiber optic ceiling lights are ideal for home decoration, wedding decoration, disco, coffee shops, bars, hotels, cars, parties and other similar festivities. Use starlight roof liner to create a waterfall, curtain, starry skies, waves, and more. You can customize the starlight headliner designs in any way you want.

The remote has 28 critical controls which get used to choose and change the light modes. Static colors can get manipulated to flash, fade, and jump. You can also combine the RGB colors with pure white to create a stunning palette of colors.

When you choose the app to control the starlight headliner kit, you get access to 16 million colors, and this can get combined with twinkle mode, sound control, dynamic, and static.

The starry night headliner effect has been upgraded, and when you choose the music mode, the twinkling strands of fiber optic move to the rhythm. Play your favorite music, and the flashing bright lights will help create a dynamic atmosphere.  

The brightness and speed can be adjusted from 1% to 100% based on your specific needs. There are 20 dynamic modes: breath and flash mode, fade, jump, and static colors.


  • Upgraded starlight effect.
  • Bluetooth and App control.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Twenty dynamic modes.
  • High-performance fiber optic lights.


  • The Bluetooth connection might be unreliable at times.
  • The starlight headliner is expensive.

Best Star Light Headliner Kit: AZIMOM Twinkle Bluetooth Starlight Headliner Kit That Looks Like Rolls Royce (900pcs)

Starlight Headliner
Starlight Headliners

The Azimom dual port twinkle Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner kit will enable you to create a starry night at home or in your car. Change to a party atmosphere in your home within seconds. The beautiful sparkling nights in your car’s interior will enable you to drive safely.

The RGBW dual port light engine and PMMA fibers will enable you to create light anywhere you want in your home. The premium plastic end glow fiber optic cable is transparent and flexible, ensuring light travels through it to create incredible starlight headliner designs.

When you choose music mode in-app control, the optic fiber strands start dancing to the rhythmic sounds of music playing. The fiber strands are so sensitive that they respond to ambient sound when you choose the mic mode to control lighting.

The four-speed twinkle is ideal for car starlight headliner decoration, enhancing your vehicle’s overall appearance. The car headliner star lights can also get used to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom or your car as you drive with your loved one. The two-year warranty adds value to your star headliner.   


  • Music and twinkle mode.
  • 900 light pieces.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Bluetooth, remote and app control.


  • The starlight headliner’s Bluetooth range is limited.

Best Star Headliner Kit: AKEPO APP Twinkle Fiber Optic Lights Kit Music RGBW Starlight Headliner Kit 1000 Piece Galaxy Headliner

Starlight Headliner
Starlight Headliners

The Akepo 32W Starlight Headliner kit has upgraded app control, music, and twinkle-activated features. The app control enables you to connect the light engine using Bluetooth. When you use the Bluetooth, you don’t have to search for the remote control to operate the starlight headliner.

The twinkle effect will make the car headliner star lights look more realistic. When you turn on the music activated feature, the star lights will shine fabulously to each beat and rhythm of the sound and music. You can customize and build a multi-function zone as per your specific needs.

The 32W fiber optic light kit provides high brightness for your home or car ceiling. It is the perfect choice for large cars and rooms as you can create awesome star ceiling lights that replicate the universe in all its glory. With two different plugs, you can use the lights in your car and the movie room of your house.

The remote control enables you to operate more than 13 static colors, which include purple, cyan, yellow, blue, green, red, pure white, and more. Apart from this, you have six dynamic changing modes: breath, flash, fade, and 3/7 color jump.

The twinkle speed can get adjusted to four different levels. Sound sensitivity and brightness can also get adjusted as per your specific needs. When you control the fiber optic lights using the app, you can choose from the 16 million colors available.

The brightness can get adjusted from 1% to 100% depending on the atmosphere you want to create in your car, bedroom, or living room. The app enables you to set more light groups, which can get controlled with a single touch.

The remote control has 28 essential functions that enhance the look and feel of your car and home. With 1000 pieces of light, you can create the most beautiful starlight headliner design you want on the ceiling of your bedroom or car.

The fiber optic cable is waterproof, which makes it safe. You can use it in different applications with no risk of shock. The two-year warranty adds value to the starlight headliner kit.


  • 1000 light pieces.
  • Twinkle and music activated function.
  • Upgraded app control.
  • Waterproof fiber optic cable.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • The installation time is extended.

Best DIY Starlight Headliner Kit: Bluetooth Fiber Optic Lights Star Ceiling Lighting Kits Starlight Truck Headliner (860pcs)

Starlight Headliner
Starlight Headliners

The Azimom upgraded Bluetooth-controlled starlight headliner kit is an ideal decoration choice for your home and car. Apart from this, you can also use the starlight headliner to decorate your business establishments, such as coffee shops, discotheques, and bars.

The 860 pieces of light respond to sound and twinkle activation. It will enable you to create a stunning starry night image on the ceiling of your car, room, or any other place you want.

The PMMA end glow fiber strands are flexible, enabling you to create any starlight headliner designs you want with the lights. The fiber color is transparent, and this is ideal for optical conductivity. The speed and brightness range of the lights can get adjusted, and you can make them dim or extremely bright as per your specific mood.

As there are 20 dynamic modes, you can set them depending on the type of celebration you are having at your home, car, or any other place. Setting up the lights in different modes is easy and can get done with an app.


  • 20W double head light source.
  • Bluetooth app control.
  • Sensor and twinkle mode function.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • 860 pieces of light.


  • The installation process takes time to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install a Starlight Headliner?

Installing a starlight headliner is a lot easy than most people think. The process becomes easy if you have the necessary skills and experience. If you are experienced in the installation process, then all you need are a few tools, and you can efficiently complete the task.

  • The first step of installing a star light headliner is to remove the room home ceiling board or car roof. Next, you need to mark points of the different patterns you want on the car roof or home ceiling.
  • Make use of electric drills or other tools to drill holes.
  • Put the fiber optic inside the drilled holes. Glass glue or other similar items get used to fix the cables in place.
  • Tie up the fibers and straighten them to prevent tangle.
  • The excess length of fiber found needs to be trimmed to fit under the car roof.
  • Finish the installation and connect the power to find a good range of colors and music entertainment as you drive.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Starlight Headliner?

Choosing a professional service to complete the star light headliner installation process is a good idea as it can be tricky and tedious, especially if you don’t have the experience or the skills to do so on your own.

The cost of installing a car star ceiling will vary depending on the number of star lights you have in the pack. The price will start at a few hundred dollars for a small quantity of headliner star lights and increase to thousands of dollars if the quantity is more.

Let’s look at some factors that affect the cost of installing a star headliner.

  • Star Quantity

The total number of stars is often the determining factor when deciding the installation cost. Each fiber optic headliner light gets inserted into the top of the vehicle. It gets pressed or stitched through the headliner fabric and holds it in place.

The process takes many hours to complete as several hundred-star lights need to get fixed to create a fantastic display in your car or room.      

  • Quality of Installation

A star light headliner gets installed in different ways. Some ways might take many hours, but the overall display will be gorgeous. Most installations involve piercing the headliner fabric with fiber optic lights. The lights then get cut so that they sit perfectly with the headliner.

Even though it is the quickest way to complete the installation, the fabric might get torn, spoiling your car’s entire look. The other installation process involves not piercing through the headliner fabric, which minimizes the damage. As the quality of installation improves, so will the cost of installing the car star ceiling.

  • Vehicle Type

A large vehicle will require more star lights to cover the entire roof, which increases the installation cost. When installing a star headliner on an SUV, you need more star lights, whereas you need less for a smaller vehicle.

How Long Does it Take to Install the Starlight Headliner?

The time taken to install each star light headliner will vary depending on the total number of star lights you need to install on the roof of your vehicle or your room. If the star light headliner designs are complex, it will take many hours. A simple design will take a couple of hours to complete the installation process.

Each fiber optic headliner needs to get fixed perfectly so that you get a unique effect. The installation technique will also determine the total amount of time to complete the process.

Final Words

The star light headliner will make the interiors of your vehicle look unique. Apart from your car, you can use the star headliner to create magic at your home too.

The car star light headliner can transform the look and feel of your vehicle and home within a few hours. Create a fantastic atmosphere with headliner star lights, which increases the value of your car and home.  

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