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Many indoor growers have complained about the rigor of buying a grow tent. It is one of the most important decisions you have to make as a hydro grower. Growing indoors is rampant, as many people now grow crops inside their houses for many reasons. Having a perfect growing tent makes growing crops indoors easier and better. Grow tents are used to grow crops or plants indoors. Most people use growing tents to grow high-quality and expensive crops inside their houses that they use for personal purposes or sell at high rates. Grow tents are also used to grow flowers. Grow tents are now in use in many places all over the world. However, many people later complain that the grow tent they ordered for isn’t good enough. There are certain things you should look into before you buy a grow tent.


SIZE One of the essential things to look into before buying a grow tent is the size of the tent. This goes a long way in determining the result of whatever it is you want to grow. Considering the type of the plant should determine the size of the tent you would want to buy. For instance, the growth of your tall crop or plant would be affected if you buy and use a small-sized grow tent. EQUIPMENT Another thing to consider when you want to buy a growing tent is to check for the equipment provided for in the tent. You need to check for the tent’s light because proper light must be provided for your tent to get a constant temperature in the tent. Also, you should also check the ventilation system. Since you cannot control the external temperature of the tent, the cooling, and heating system must be top-notch. SAFETY This is very important when getting a grow tent. Safety of using the tent is very paramount; this is why the quality of a tent is essential. Even though the safety of any tent cannot be guaranteed, it would be best to avoid cheap tents. You must try to get the better quality because of the fabrics to avoid damage. MATERIAL For a tent to be good, it must have very good material. Having a very good material means that such a tent has good fabric density and a good ventilation outlet. Also, it is imperative to check what material the tent was made with. For instance, on fabric density, for a good grow tent, it shouldn’t be less than 120-600 D. Use this video to learn how to grow tent materials should look.
For indoor growing, using a grow tent is the best option you can opt for. And the best grow tent you will want to get for your indoor hydro growing is the gorilla growth tent. This is the thickest, tallest, and strongest grow tents that there is. The following are the three types of Gorilla grow tents lines that there are. LITE LINE: As the name implies, these are very light tents because they are low in the density of fabrics. These types of tents are usually very affordable. They are good but are not the most suitable option for specific crops.
2 x 4 lite gorilla all in one hydroponic grow box GGT LINE: This is another type of tent suitable for most of all the indoor crops you want to grow. The gorilla growth tent has the best density and thickness, which is most appropriate for any indoor crop you want to grow.
GGT line gorilla grow closet SHORTY LINE: This is the third type of growing tent. This is better than the lite line but not as good as the GGT line. It has similar features to the GGT, but it is shorter than the GGT.
This article will focus on the Gorilla grow tent, how it can be used, why it should be used, and what to consider when buying it. For beginner indoor hydro growers, certain features make the Gorilla grow tent the best for you. The following are some of the features of a gorilla grow tent. HEIGHT: The Gorilla at home grow system is the tallest grow tent. It has a kit extension that can make you increase your indoor growing ability to about seven, eight, and sometimes nine feet, which allows your plant or crop to grow up to about fifty percent larger. It also helps because your plant will never outgrow your lights and the room you are planting. THICKNESS: This at home grow system is the thickest type of grow tent. As a hydro grower, you should know that the Gorilla grow tent is about nine times denser than any other grow tent that you know of. This is simply because it is made of a fabric that is 1680D reflexive and threaded. This makes it very durable, stronger, light proof. The undetectable growing environment can be easily created by using the Gorilla grow tent. QUALITY: Judging by the quality of grow tents, the Gorilla grow tent still comes up as number one, which is because thick metal poles hold the filters and the heavy lights sturdily, and these poles can exist for a longer time than most grow tents. The Gorilla grows tent is durable because of the heavy-duty zippers and the reinforced stitching. TEMPERATURE: This is another feature that the Gorilla grow tent beats other tents at. Because of the height of the Gorilla grow tent, the internal temperature is brought down by about ten degrees. Also, the thickness of the tent helps regulate the internal temperature because the fabrics protect the internal environments from external temperature fluctuations. DURABILITY: The Gorilla grow tent is very durable. The poles of the tent are very strong and primarily metallic. And the poles are very firmly attached to the structures of where the tent is to be used. Also, it should be noted that the Gorilla grow tent, just like the name implies, is about five times stronger than most other grow tents. There are also some other top qualities of the Gorilla grow tent that will not be mentioned, but stemming from the ones that have been mentioned so far, you should know that choosing the Gorilla to grow tent will be the aptest choice for your indoor growing. TYPES OF GORILLA GROW TENTS As explained earlier, the Gorilla grow tent has oy three types of lines: the GGT line, the lite line, and the shorty line. These three gorillas grow tent lines are quite similar. However, the only difference between them all is the lite line is thinner than the other line, and the shorty line is not as long as the GGT line. Having this in mind, the only difference of the Gorilla grow tent can only explain under the dimensions. There are various dimensions under the three types of lines of the Gorilla grow tent. GGT LINE TENT I suggest that any indoor grower goes for this Gorilla grow tent line because it is suitable for beginners and experts. Most times, the GGT is always around 6’11 and more. However, there is the 5’11 dimension series. However, under the 5’11 series, we have the 2’×2.5’×2’11 dimension. It is the only dimension under this series. It is the smallest GGT line and weighs around twenty-nine pounds. Under the 6’11 series, we have about nine dimensions, and they include; 2 × 4 feet 3 × 3 feet 4 × 4 feet 5 × 5 feet 4 × 8 feet 5 × 9 feet 8 × 8 feet 9 × 9 feet 10 × 10 feet 8 × 16 feet Under the 6’11 series of the GGT line grow tent, there are various dimensions to choose from. If your indoor space can contain a 6’11 feet grow tent, you should consider buying any one of the listed dimensions because not only do they make your plants grow effectively, they are also straightforward to use and set up. SHORTY LINE TENT It is another magnificent gorilla grow tent if you don’t need to use up your growing space. It is an excellent choice for short and small crops. This line tent has the same quality as the GGT line, but the only difference is the length. It is shorter than the GGT. Most shorty line tents are available in 4’11 feet. The following are the dimensions the shorty line tents come in. 2 × 2.5 feet 2 × 4 feet 3 × 3 feet 4 × 4 feet 5 × 4 feet 4 × 8 feet LITE LINE TENT As the name implies, the lite line tents us very light because of the thin fabric it has been made with. It is about fifty percent more delicate than the GGT and the short lines. This tent isn’t as good, strong, and durable as the shorty line and the GGT line, but it is far better than most other grow tents and affordable. That even means that even if you are on a low budget for grow tents, the Gorilla grows tent is still available for you.  The lite line tent comes in the least height of 5’7, and it has the dimension of 2′ × 2.5′. The other type of lite line is 6’7, and the following are some of the sizes available for lite line tents of 6’7. 2 × 4 feet 4 × 4 feet 4 × 8 feet 8 × 8 feet These are the types of Gorilla grow tents that are available for inside growers. There are many dimensions from which you can choose regarding the crop you want to plant. Gorilla grow tent is the best of all the growing tents, and it comes in different forms and sizes. ASSEMBLING None of the indoor grow tents come assembled, and the same goes for the popular Gorilla grow tent. You will have to make some assembling when you buy a grow tent. Even though building a Gorilla grow tent is very easy, some people still find it very difficult and get frustrated after trying. However, the following are some of the steps you need to when you want to assemble a gorilla grow tent. UNPACKING: This is the first thing you will have to do when assembling a gorilla grow tent. You unpack the Gorilla grow tent. It is the easiest part of making the Gorilla grow tent. CHECKING: You must check whether the equipment in the pack is complete. You must check for the practical tent, the spill pool, and the poles that would hold the tent after you set it up. After you have checked and everything is in order, you should move on to the next step. LAYOUT: After you have finished checking and found out that everything is in check, the next thing you do is bring out all these equipment and lay them out as you assemble them to build the perfect Gorilla grow tent for you. ASSEMBLE: After you have brought out all parts of the tent, you then begin to assemble. You start building from the inside of the tent. You start from the frame base of the tent, and you gradually move upwards. ROOFING: The next thing you need to do after assembling the tent to the top, you apply the roofing of the tent. You allow plenty of slack to fit into the corners of the tents carefully as you guide the corner of the roof over the corners of the frame you had assembled. When checking the roof, you shouldn’t fit in a corner and stretch it over to the other. Doing so might damage the frame you had assembled and the tent as a whole. Also, when roofing, you should not exert a lot of force. VELCRO ASSIST: This is the next step to take after you have successfully affixed the roof on the tent. After fixing the roofing, you bring the tent up to the Velcro assist strips before zipping the tent. SUPPORT BEAMS: After you have been able to bring the tent up to the Velcro assist strips, you add roof support beams – the E pole and F pole. Since the E pole is the load-bearing pole, you position it first before you position the F pole.  SPILL POOL: This is the last step you need to take before having a perfect working gorilla grow tent. It will help if you put the spill pool on the floor of the tent. After placing the spill pool, you will need to fasten the Velcro straps around the poles you had already set up. After you are done with this, you then have a good-to-go gorilla grow tent. For further knowledge on setting up your Gorilla grow tent, use the YouTube link below to get yourself acquainted with the visual and more practical assembly. However, if you strictly follow the assembling steps explained, you will have no problem setting up a gorilla grow tent effectively. COMPARING GORILLA GROW TENT WITH VIVOSUN MYLAR HYDROPONIC GROW TENT These are the two best grow tents in the hydro growing industry alongside tents such as Mars Hydro. These two growing tents will give you the satisfaction you need. However, which of these is the best-growing tent between the two? It is a question many people have asked, and there have been innumerable debates on which is best. However, there are various areas wherein these two tents beat themselves, and some of them will be discussed below.
Four by two Vivosun tent
4 x 4 indoor Gorilla grow tent CANVAS BUILD QUALITY: There is a huge difference between the canvas build quality of the Gorilla grow tent, and the Vivosun grow tents. The Gorilla grow tent has 1680D, while Vivosun grow tent has 600D, which means that the Gorilla grow tent has a thicker fabric than Vivosun. That makes it better as it is easier to regulate the temperature in the internal environment of the tent than that of Vivosun, which could be easily susceptible to external temperature. STRENGTH OF POLES The Gorilla grow tent has better and sturdier poles, making it more durable than the Vivosun grow tent. The Gorilla grow tent has poles of 300lbs as against the not-so-sturdy poles of the Vivosun grow tents which is just 88lbs. There are even reviews on Amazon where people have complained about the poles of Vivosun grow tents with claims that they collapse and bend. However, such a review has not been given as regards the effectiveness of the Gorilla grow tents. PRICE If you are looking for a low-budget tent that would do justice to what you are growing indoors, you can always go for Vivosun – it is the most affordable best grow tent you can get. However, with quality comes expense. The Gorilla grow tent is far more effective than the Vivosun tent, and that is why it is about three times the price of the Vivosun grow tent. CONCLUSION Getting a good grow tent has been a hassle. Many people get many complaints because they don’t know the best quality of grow tents and buy the first one that pleases their eyes.  For beginner to professional hydro growers, the best grow tent that you can use is the Gorilla grow tent. It has many good qualities that make it beat most other grow tents such as increment in height, best in thickness, the best fabric quality for indoor growing, the best equipment, very safe to use, and it is the most durable grow tent of them all. So, if you are a hydro grower who wants to start growing or having trouble with your grow tent, orderthe Gorilla grow tent now; you will not regret it.

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