10 Best Sewer Cameras for Pipe Inspection in Plumbing Industry

The use of the best sewer cameras is vital for the inspection of pipelines and sewer pipes. Plumbing problems are usually hard to detect from the outside. Therefore, it is best to use a sewer inspection camera to determine the cause of the problem and where it lies.

Sewer inspection cameras feature a long, flexible probe and a display screen. It is the operator who inserts the sewer camera through the drainage pipe with the help of a cable. The camera utilizes LEDs to illuminate the drain, enabling the user to see everything on the screen.

Several sewer cameras are available on the market, so choosing one can be difficult. But you need not worry; we are here to help you through this article. Listed below are the ten best sewer cameras that are worth trying.

Our Picks for the Best Sewer Camera for Pipe Inspection

What are the Different Types of Sewer Inspection Cameras?

Sewer cameras often help record video footage of sewer networks from underground pipes. Several types of sewer cameras are available that can help you record video footage of defects for analysis and fixing. The plumbing camera typically comes in the following types:

Crawler Cameras

Crawler cameras travel through pipes using remote control and wheels. Typically, they come with powerful lights that illuminate the inside of pipes.

In addition, they connect to a surface vehicle using a cable to transmit video to the computer. The crawler operates by live vision shown on a computer screen.

Furthermore, they are capable of panning, tilting, zooming, and adjusting speed. The inspection of pipe networks is popular around the world with crawler cameras.

Jetter Nozzle Cameras

Jetter nozzle is another type of sewer inspection camera. Clearing pipes of debris, obstructions, oils, etc., is possible using jetters. This camera type comes with nozzles to help the camera navigate pipes and pinpoint specific problems.

Furthermore, the camera can record video footage of the pipe post-cleaning to assess the effectiveness of the cleaning process and the state of the pipe.

Pole Cameras

A Pole nozzle is a sewer camera for the plumbing industry that collects video footage without passing through the pipe.

Besides, the Pole camera incorporates many zooming options, a focus adjustment, and bright lighting. Once the camera zooms in and reaches the bend at chainage zero, the video begins to record.

Detailed Reviews About the 10 Best Sewer Cameras for Pipe Inspection

1. Best Overall: Teslong MS450-50FT Dual Lens Sewer Inspection Camera

Teslong MS450-50FT Dual Lens Sewer Inspection Camera

Item Weight: 3 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 854×480 Pixels

Screen Size: 4.5 Inches

Cable Length: 15 Meters

Battery: 2500mAh Lithium-ion Battery

Memory Card: 32GB MicroSD Card

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

If you primarily work on smaller tasks or short-term projects, you might find the Teslong Inspection Camera useful. One of the things that makes this model so unique is the dual lenses. Instead of just one HD inspection camera, it has two integrated so it can cover a wider area.

You can switch between both if you need to see something in front of you or to the side. With this endoscope, sliding a button enables you to see from any angle. A side camera provides you with a 90-degree view from close range.

Besides this, the Teslong Dual Lens Camera supports a 15-meter-long cable, sufficient for DIY projects. You can considerably extend your field of vision with an IP67 waterproof camera and an extended 15M range. The extended cable makes it ideal for inspecting hard-to-reach areas.

Moreover, a MicroSD card with 32GB capacity is also built into this inspection sewer camera, capable of recording AVI video and JPG images. It also features a microphone and speaker, which allows you to record voice memos and review problems later.


  • Features zoom in/out function
  • Support wide viewing-angle
  • Offer waterproof probe
  • Durable IPS display
  • Portable


  • There is not enough stiffness in the cord

2. Best Waterproof: DXZtoz 50 FT Dual Lens Plumbing Sewer Camera

DXZtoz 50 FT Dual Lens Plumbing Sewer Camera

Item Weight: 3.03 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1920×1080 Pixels

Screen Size: 5 Inches

Cable Length: 15 Meters

Battery: 3500mAh

Memory Card: 32GB TF

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

DXZtoz 50 FT is a durable sewer inspection camera with a 5-inch large display. The device’s ergonomic design allows users to control all keys with one hand easily. It also features a hands-free screen holder, allowing for more comfortable inspections.

Besides, DXZtoz 50 FT is an innovative pipe inspection camera equipped with an IPS handheld screen that displays images gathered from a 15-meter cable sensor. The display also has a microphone that allows you to record videos with voiceovers.

Moreover, the sewer camera comes with an LED flashlight integrated into the device to assist users in working in dimly lit areas. Like other high-end sewer inspection cameras, DXZtoz 50 FT also supports plug-and-play functionality.

The plug-and-play option eliminates downloading any driver software or connecting via Wi-Fi with your smartphone. As a result, your expensive smartphone is no longer at risk of getting damaged or dirty while working with the inspection camera.


  • HD side-facing camera supported
  • 3X zoom-in/out function
  • Built-in microphone
  • Extended cord
  • Drop resistant


  • An ordinary camera head

3. Best with Locator: HBUDS IP68 Waterproof Sewer Line Camera

HBUDS IP68 Waterproof Sewer Line Camera

Item Weight: 23 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1920×1080 Pixels

Screen Size: 7 Inches

Cable Length: 165 Feet

Battery: 4500mAh

Memory Card: 32GB

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

You may want to consider the HBUDS Sewer Camera for a long sewer line and to get the best visual experience. With this camera for plumbing, you will receive a cable that extends to 165 ft.

Since sewer lines typically reach up to 125 feet in length, this system can effectively cover the majority of problem pipes. Besides, the HBUDS sewer inspection camera has a flexible design, LED lights for low-light conditions, and meets IP68 standards for waterproofing.

Also, there is no need to worry about the camera getting wet while using it in the sewer since it has an IP68 rating. In general, sewer lines measure about 4 inches in diameter, so submerging the camera shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Additionally, this plumbing camera includes a locator and a 7-inch screen.


  • Built-in 512 hertz transmitter
  • IP68 waterproof camera
  • Sturdy semi-rigid cable
  • High-capacity battery
  • HD color screen


  • Costly

4. Best Budget: DEPSTECH Industrial Dual Lens Sewer Camera

DEPSTECH Industrial Dual Lens Sewer Camera

Item Weight: 1.34 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1920×1080 Pixels

Screen Size: 4.3 Inches

Cable Length: 16.5 Feet

Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery

Memory Card: 32GB

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

If you need a durable sewer inspection camera for the plumbing industry at a reasonable cost, look no further than DEPSTECH Dual Lens Camera for Sewer. This inspection camera features two lenses to allow multiple views without requiring a side mirror.

The industrial sewer scope features a FOV 70° button, giving a wider view even in a restricted space. You can change between three observation modes by pushing a button.

Moreover, the DEPSTECH sewer camera has a 4.3 inches widescreen LCD that supports 1080P HD video and a powerful 2.0-megapixel camera. A Bluart 2.0 tech feature lets you adjust the seven LED lights to suit your inspection needs.

Furthermore, the plumbing camera has a CMOS sensor with a maximum frame rate for recording. Due to the high frame rate, picture delay is no longer an issue.


  • Fast CMOS chip supported
  • Durable snake camera
  • Built-in 32GB TF card
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • Comparatively shorter cord

5. Best with Large Monitor: Comstex 9-inch Sewer Inspection Camera

Comstex 9-inch Sewer Inspection Camera

Item Weight: 11.85 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1000TVL

Screen Size: 9 Inches

Cable Length: 100 Feet

Battery: Rechargeable Battery

Memory Card: 16GB

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0

This Comstex Sewer Inspection Camera is among the best sewer cameras with excellent specifications. It has a 9-inch screen, a 100-foot cable, an IP68-rated camera head, a plumbing snake with a camera, and 12 LEDs for lighting.

Moreover, the pipe inspection equipment runs continuously for 6 to 8 hours. You can see what the camera has captured by using the color monitor. The cable is 100 feet long, making it suitable for sewers of varying lengths.

With a rating of IP68, the cable can effectively withstand moisture and dust. Given the sewer’s wet environment and water, the sewer line camera must have an IP rating.

Besides, you will also get a distance counter with a Comstex Sewer Camera. The distance counter helps you know how long you have pulled the cable. It allows you to determine the camera head’s distance concerning the cable. With 12 LEDs, the camera illuminates the sewer pipes inside.


  • Big capacity battery
  • Durable semi-rigid cable
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Adjustable LED light
  • IP68 supported camera


  • Cannot record audio

6. Amazon’s Choice: Anysun 1000TVL Plumbing Sewer Camera (Industrial Endoscope)

Anysun 1000TVL Plumbing Sewer Camera (Industrial Endoscope)

Item Weight: 12.17 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1000TVL

Screen Size: 7 Inches

Cable Length: 100 Feet (30M)

Battery: 4500mAh Li-on Battery

Memory Card: 64GB Supported Max

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

The Anysun 1000TVL is the best choice if you want a sewer camera with a high-quality color monitor. This color monitor on the scope gives you a clear picture of the photo you are shooting with the camera.

Besides, you will receive an extended cable with this plumber camera. Its 100-feet cable is capable of covering varying sizes of sewer lines. It can reach a long distance with a cable length of 100 feet. An IP68 rating applies to the cable, making it highly resistant to dust and water.

Further, a 1000TVL monitor comes with this plumbing drain camera. You can easily view sewage inspection footage with its high-resolution display.

Anysun sewer inspection cameras can work with pipes ranging from 1 to 8 inches. There is a control box on the Anysun sewer camera to zoom in and out and check the battery life. Also included is the rotation screen feature to avoid taking upside-down photos.

Moreover, another great thing about the Anysun sewer camera is its high-capacity 4500mAh battery. A single charge of this device lasts for several hours. If the rechargeable battery is low on power, you can recharge it using the AC power cable attached to the supply.


  • Waterproof IP68 camera
  • Control box included
  • Adjustable LED lights
  • Flexible camera head
  • Exceptional battery


  • Such a long cable can be hard to manage

7. Best with Locator: Anysun Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera with 512Hz Sonde and Receiver

Anysun Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera with 512Hz Sonde and Receiver

Item Weight: 20.1 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1000TVL

Screen Size: 7 Inches

Cable Length: 100 Feet

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Memory Card: 16GB Supported

Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Another sewer inspection camera we recommend from the Anysun brand is the pipe video sewer camera with 512Hz Sonde and Receiver. If you want a pipe camera with a locator and sonde, you should choose Anysun 512Hz.

Further, this plumbing inspection camera makes it easy to inspect curved and dark corners. This best sewer camera with a locator can determine the location of a sewer or drain issue using the 512Hz Sonde Transmitter.
There is also an aluminum case that comes with the camera for protection and portability. The camera has an 8GB SD card capable of storing and transferring visual content.

This Anysun drain camera features 12 adjustable LED lights to illuminate low-light sewer areas. Water and dust cannot damage this plumber camera due to its IP68 waterproofing.

Besides, the sewer camera features a large 7-inch display that shows clear pictures and videos, making it easier to identify clogged drains. This camera for the sewer has a 100-ft semi-rigid cable, making it suitable for tight spaces and pipes.

In addition, it has a sun visor that lets the display remain visible under bright sunlight. Overall, you will find all the features you need with Anysun Sewer Inspection Camera. Aside from the inspection system, there is also a location indicator showing the location of the camera probe continuously.


  • Include a multi-function control box
  • Locator supported
  • IP68 waterproof camera
  • High-strength cable
  • Durable system


  • Costly

8. Best Portable: DEPSTECH DS300 DL-15M Drain Pipe Sewer Camera

DEPSTECH DS300 DL-15M Drain Pipe Sewer Camera

Item Weight: 3.84 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1920×1080

Screen Size: 4.3 Inches

Cable Length: 100 Feet

Battery: Lithium-ion Battery

Memory Card: 32GB TF card

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

This sewer camera from DEPSTECH is a unique product with several special features. The unit has a 4.3-inch screen and a semi-rigid cable connecting the viewing screen and control module.

This pipe camera has two 2 MP cameras with a diameter of over a quarter inch. It offers a split screen to view the front and side cameras simultaneously.

The DEPSTECH DS300 Camera also contains a button press feature and seven LED lights with adjustable brightness. Switching between the front and side view cameras simultaneously with a button press is possible.

This sewer pipe camera can also record 1080P videos and photos on the 32GB card. The borescope features cutting-edge technology and can record at the highest frame rate. By increasing the frame rate, you will be able to solve the problem of picture delay.

Moreover, it features a battery that can run continuously for approximately four hours. Also included is a 50-foot cable that is highly flexible and well-suited to various projects.

Due to its extended cable, you can easily reach confined areas. Adding a product such as DEPSTECH DS300 Sewer Camera to your home toolbox will be a wise choice.


  • Support 1080P HD smooth video
  • Offer scratch protection
  • Built-in 32GB TF card
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Ergonomic design


  • Less durable

9. Top Rated: Anysun IP68 Waterproof Industrial Plumbing Pipe Sewer Camera

Anysun IP68 Waterproof Industrial Plumbing Pipe Sewer Camera

Item Weight: 21 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1000TVL

Screen Size: 7 Inches

Cable Length: 100 Feet

Battery: Lithium-ion Battery

Memory Card: 8GB Card

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

Are you looking for a camera with a distance counter for inspections? If so, you must prefer the Anysun IP68 Waterproof Pipe Camera. This camera for plumbing comes with an inbuilt 512Hz sonde transmitter and receiver.

Sonde transmitters emit signals at 512Hz, which locator receivers receive and use to determine the inspection area. Further, the distance counter included in the Anysun Sewer Camera provides users with a feature that allows them to identify the problem more easily than ever.

The integrated distance counter will assist you in tracking the cable’s location within the pipe. It will also show the distance position graphically on the screen.

The camera head and cable also possess an IP68 rating, making them suitable for underwater use. The Anysun industrial drain camera captures the entire sewer pipe scene on its 1000TVL screen by utilizing a 120-degree view angle and multiple adjustable LEDs.

There is also a digital video recording feature on this sewer camera. While working on an inspection project, the 8GB SD cards help store video and share it with clients.


  • 1000TVL high-definition display
  • Distance counter included
  • Built-in 512Hz transmitter
  • 12 adjustable LEDs
  • IP68 waterproof


  • Price is high

10. Best Battery Life: Anysun Red-30M Pipe Inspection Sewer Camera

Anysun Red-30M Pipe Inspection Sewer Camera

Item Weight: 16.1 Pounds

Screen Resolution: 1000TVL

Screen Size: 7 Inches

Cable Length: 100 Feet

Battery: 4500mAh Battery

Memory Card: 8GB Card

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

The final product on our best sewer camera list is the Anysun Red-30M. It features a 7 inches monitor, the cable is 110 feet long, and the camera head is standard.

The homeowner should be able to get by with this one. With a 7-inch display, it’s easy to view the results of sewage inspection. With a cable length of 100 feet, it can reach far. Moreover, this pipe inspection camera features a flexible spring to navigate tight bends in drains and pipes.

Also, the Anysun Sewer Camera is waterproof, which is another great thing. Waterproofing the camera ensures that you won’t have any problems in terms of water damage in wet conditions.


  • IP68 waterproof pipe camera
  • 12 adjustable LEDs included
  • High battery life
  • Longer cable
  • Easy to use


  • The camera head is less durable

How to Choose the Right Sewer Camera for Pipe Inspection?

When choosing the best plumbing camera, it is critical to consider various factors. Following are some of these factors.


The sewer camera, as its name suggests, includes a built-in camera. It is an essential component of sewer inspections. An ideal sewer camera should be capable of capturing 360° of the forward and side views.

In addition, guiding the camera around sharp bends in pipes is difficult. When it comes to tackling this challenge, it is essential to have a high-quality camera.

Also, some manufacturers use robots to work with cameras to deal with such complications. One way is to design a camera that can operate at high levels of pipe traffic.

Moreover, it is also crucial that the camera is water-resistant. Ideally, the camera should be able to operate in an area that is wet or contains water. Sewer cameras must have an IP67 rating, at the very least in this case.

Furthermore, camera diameter is also an important aspect to take into consideration. There is a possibility that the diameter of the camera head may not fit the diameter of your sewer pipe as well.

It will prevent you from using the sewer camera in that sewer pipe. Therefore, before purchasing a camera, you should know the diameter of the camera and the size of your sewer.

Screen & Lightening

Choosing the best sewer cameras also involves considering a high-quality screen. The ability to capture a clear image and video of the condition inside the pipe is essential to understanding its necessity.

That’s what you’ve focused on most. It is also imperative that the screen is large enough to make the captured image easily visible to the users.
Besides this, you must ensure that the camera comes with proper lighting. The lack of lighting inside the pipe might make it impossible to observe the sewage system; hence LED lighting is vital.

Cable Length & Battery

Your inspection tool depends heavily on the cable length. Some sewer systems may have longer pipes, while others may have shorter pipes. For most sewer systems, a cable with an extension of 30 meters is suitable.

However, sewer cameras come with different cable lengths, so you should choose according to your need. In addition, choose a battery-powered system capable of running continuously for a long time. You should purchase those that will last for at least 8 hours.

How to Use a Sewer Camera?

A sewer pipe inspection involves using a sewer camera attached to a flexible cable. Using the camera, the plumber can see the sewer pipe inside on a screen from which he can identify the issue.

It will allow them to determine whether tree roots are blocking the pipe or other obstructions, such as collapsed pipes.

Further, it is easier for the plumber to utilize the cameras to inspect sewers, saving the homeowner’s lawn and money. The plumber can see the depth of the problem in the sewer line using a sewer camera with a locator.

Sewer Camera Inspection Limitations

The objective of an inspection camera is to inspect plumbing lines. Although it has many capabilities, it also has the following limitations.

You Cannot Send a Sewer Camera from Fixtures into the Drain Line

Tree roots and pipe collapse are not the only factors that cause sewer problems. Many issues, such as grease, hair, etc., may not appear in the sewer line. Your problem may be somewhere near the drain line. It is also essential to check the drain line.

Also, it will be best not to rely on sewer cameras to resolve all your plumbing problems. Let’s say you have a camera head with a large diameter. Additionally, you cannot bend your cable below 90 degrees.

In addition, remember that the camera heads on sewer cameras are too large to fit into fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, etc., which might cause the cable to break when inspecting plumbing problems. Pipes connecting these fixtures can vary from 3 to 0.5 inches in diameter.

The trap pipe makes things more difficult. However, you may still be able to use it, although there is no guarantee. It is necessary to use a smaller-diameter camera and a cable with greater flexibility to view drain lines.

Therefore, it is important to differentiate between sewer and drain cameras. A drain camera is necessary for a skilled plumbing professional with a good reputation.

Detecting Leaks with Sewer Cameras Isn’t 100% Accurate

There is a possibility of guessing, but it doesn’t guarantee that the leak is there. First of all, it has to do with the camera. It is because there is no microscopic recording of either image or video. So, a camera upgrade is necessary.

Moreover, you will not be able to detect small cracks under deposits of calcined discharges, grease, etc., unless you are a plumber with plenty of experience. As a homeowner, you may not be able to notice it.

There is a possibility that a crack that develops on the outside could also occur on the inside. There is no way your camera would be able to predict that.

FAQs About Sewer Cameras in the Plumbing Industry

1. How Much Does a Sewer Camera Cost?

The cost for sewer cameras may range from $50 to $1000 or even more. However, certain people prefer to hire third parties to inspect sewers instead of buying their sewer cameras.

In such a case, the cost may vary. An average residential home costs about $199 for cleaning pipes through a cleanout. At the same time, commercial properties cost an average of $299.

2. How Much Does a Sewer Camera Weigh?

Based on functionalities, the sewer camera can weigh as little as a couple of pounds or as much as 100 pounds. For instance, choosing a sewer camera with a larger probe would result in more weight than those with a short cable.

3. Can a Sewer Camera See Through Water?

Sewer cameras can see through clean water. Nevertheless, in the case of filthy water, there will be no way to see through it. Sewer cameras allow the detection of underground connections and fittings to help find the problem.

4. Can You Run a Camera Through a Toilet?

When your plumber inspects a sewer system using a camera system, they use a waterproof camera to diagnose any issues with the sewer system. A long cable connects the camera to a video display unit, which attaches to a long cable.

Furthermore, the camera slides slowly down the drain or sewer line to place it there. Using the monitor, the plumber determines whether there are any problems.

The plumber can examine the shower, sink, and toilet drain lines with the camera. So, it is possible to run a sewer camera through a toilet. However, the sewer camera you plan to use must be able to pass through the drain line of the toilet.

5. How Do You Clean a Sewer Camera?

You can clean the camera’s optical surface with an isopropyl ethanol solution. Make sure to clean the probe attached to the pipe inspection device by wiping it down.

Maintaining the camera’s cleanliness will extend its life. It will be best to keep a soft rag nearby and adequately clean the wire after removing it from the sewer line.

Also, remember that camera quality can be negatively affected by fingerprints and dirt. Therefore, cleaning the camera’s lens after each use is necessary.


Our review covers a range of sewer cameras that offer various features. You can choose whichever sewer camera fits your needs from this review. But I recommend selecting the Teslong MS450-50FT as your best sewer camera.

Teslong MS450-50 FT is one of the most reliable options you can choose from to make your sewer inspections much simpler. If you are looking for something more specific, you might want to check out the other sewer cameras in this review.

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